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[Brazil][8.6] BigWar OT / Global + Custom / Started 30/11/2018

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BigWar ATS (Alternative Tibia Server) is a new OtServer 8.6, which will be released on 11/30/2018. BigWar can carry all the essence of Tibia with its Wars,
Arranged for power and more.

We bring you, after developing the community, an extremely complete server.

• comprehensive global map (with added detail and updates to make the server more complete).
• 4 exclusive VIP cities.
• Quest's complete (Svargrond Arena, Demon Oak, Inquisition and so many others).
• CAST (TV) system by Enter (NEW).
• Raides
• Assignment.
• BOT allowed.
• Defend the Towers
• Capture the Flag (CTF)
• battle field
• snowball
• Desert War
• War Castle
Wars of guild (with shield).
• Spells and Cooldowns 100%.
• Counseling balanced meticulously.
• Committed staff (in the game / Forum).
• Exp through well-crafted steps.
• Constant updates to satifaze them.
• Promotions and giveaways for players.
• You can find the menu of our website and in the game.

Officials: Kouta and Gunex.
Server is hosted on a reliable machine, free of delays and with anti-nuker system.

Website: go.bigwar.com.br
Create an account: go.bigwar.com.br/?subtopic=createaccount
Forum: Go to the top of the page
IP: go.bigwar.com.br
Door: 7171
Version: 8.6
Type: Open PVP / RPG

Emails to meet your needs, with many battles,
seek great strenuous challenges than wisdom and dedication. All with focus and interaction and without work in equito.
Join our community, bring your companions and prove their power!

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