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[USA] [7.6~ / Custom] Classic Old School War Server

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Classic War
War and only war!
Map changes every 30 minutes. Real tibia map with custom areas.*1 see below
Custom anti-bot client, smooth running while using items
Very small decrease in attack spells. (1.8 seconds) 
Extra cap for leveling up
Soul points for kills, use them for powerful spells*2 see below
Items for kills

No donor items


1 * The maps currently include; Thais, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Edron, Darashia, and Rookguard. As of now, these towns are unfinished and have only been edited a small amount. There are plans to add at least 1 custom map.

2 * 1 soul point for each frag. 3 soul points for ultimate explosion, 1 for energy wave, 1 soul points for paralyze, 1 soul point for poison storm. Currently planning to make 1 power bolt conjurable with soul points (ex. 80-120?)


IP = classicwar.zapto.org
Port = 7171
Client = 7.4-7.72/Custom
Hosted = USA
Exp rate = Staged/Custom
Runes/Ammo = Infinite
Loot rate = 1x
Server Type = War
Skills/Magic = 0


Tips & Tricks
Try out our target practice dummies to practice your aim !



and make sure to check out this website!
Tips & Tricks


Soul points have been disabled and Items on frag amount severely decreased for beta server.


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