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Erpegia 11.75 - Hardcore RPG RetroPVP - Old times in modern client.

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Newer, Better Erpegia!
 Erpegia is an unique style RPG, Retro-PVP Server - created for players, by players. We are offering huge custom map, balanced gameplay, many quests and secrets to be found! Thanks for our approach and balance, both RPG-player and PVP-Tryhard will fit yourself there.  Server will start on 19.05.2018, 17:00
Since last start we have fixed shitton of bugs, released many updates, new quests and place, imporoved gameplay and security.

latest?cb=20161111164256  J1ucxsi.png

Homepage: Erpegia.net - Sign up
Discord Server: KLIK 
Client: 11.75
PVP: Retro Open-PVP (with few our tweaks)
Exp: x2
Magic: x2
Skill: x2
Loot: Custom + We have system to monitor monster drops and kills to balance it real-time
Premium: Free
PVP: from level 15
White Skull: 15 minutes
Red Skull: 4 / 10 / no month limit - 4 days duration
Black Skull: 8 / 14 / no month limit - 10 days duration
Only two player killers receive unjustified frag (most damage one, and last hit one)
Rules: Serverrules - Erpegia


What do we offer:

And furthermore:

  • Unique boss system and special rewards for completing tasks
  • Reward system for being active: chests and keys with addon items.
  • House bidding system
  • Daily Tasks
  • Raid system with prizes for participation
  • Four custom 4fun events (more in-work) and one PVP:
    -Burning Man
    -Floor is Lava
  • Imbuing System
  • Full Prey System
  • Mount System (with correct monsters and items behaviour)
  • Offline training (only for houses owners)
  • War system and shared experience (with fixed bugs)
  • Many engine features that are missing on other servers:
    -Correct monsters behaviour versus fire/energy/poison fields
    -Anti-lure system like on RL Tibia
    -Correct shield system
    -Correct stairhop exhaust (only single target runes may be casted at only players without exhaust - checked with RL Tibia)
    -Correct counting tasks when in party
    -Fixes in PVP System
  • Stamina regeneration in PZ and on Training Dummies - two times slower.
  • Training Dummies (tp in temple) require 1 soul point per 1 minute of training. When you run out of souls, you may not use them.
  • Facilities for low-level characters
    -Free Adventurer Blessing till 30 lvl - it works as all 5 blessings, but you will lose it if you: get skull (temporary) or kill anyone unjustifiably (permanent).
    -Free ships under 20 level
    -Special training spots for below 15 lvl
    -Heals from few NPCs
  • World light system synced with CET time - with sunrise, sunset, night and sometimes full moon. Light changes also during few raids.
  • Easy contact with adminstration - in-game, Discord, Teamspeak or just e-mail
  • Occasional events and contests with prizes.
  • For willing possibility to play on Rookgaard (custom).

Our changes to Retro-PVP:
- Added Twist of Fate Blessing that protects all of your other blessings in PVP. It costs half of all 5 blessings for your level. Additionaly, you are required to complete a custom quest for that blessing.
- Possibility to defend yourself without PZ block (if someone start aggression on you and you fight back). However, if you kill the attacker justifiably, you will receive 15 minutes PZ lock.


HeFuR63.png wnZUb4u.png

fv4Dael.png DXj3OQJ.png

TQ7P0iS.png IIyEfL9.png

07MWU8V.png kLOFZiI.png

nevUVa6.png Lz1rqal.png

3uOBQ6y.png MILDA9u.png

4Lky0Gd.png ciGPCFg.png

s7qXqRe.png jAa5kfh.png


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