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Chaos aka Jason

Chaos OT 10.1

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I Finally Decided To Bring Back Chaos OT And To An Updated Version Of 10.1 Along With Some Massive Help From A Good Old Friend. Feel Free To Join And Enjoy Old School Chaos At A New Client With Amazing Updates.

~*IP*~: otchaos.no-ip.org
~*Website*~: otchaos.no-ip.org / specialchaos.withme.us (forum) 
~*Port*~: 7171 
~*Client*~: Custom client
~*Uptime*~: 24/7 so far unless theres an update
~*Hosted in*~: USA 100MB fiber line 99.9% uptime 
~*Exp rate*~:50x 
~*Map*~: Custom, comes with 7 cities with TONS of custom monsters and more. 
~*Runes*~: Some custom mixed in with normal. Buy able from shop in 100x. 
~*Loot rate*~: Custom 
~*Server type*~: Extremely Custom MUST play to understand 
~*Skills & Magic rates*~: Different for each vocation 

E-Mail of Chaos OT
(Don't Add For Rubbish or I Will Seriously Ban You)

More Features: 
~*Looking for some tutors*~ 
~*Lots of custom features, you wont know until you join us!*~ 


~*Admins on Chaos*~
1. Admin Chaos
2. Admin

~*GameMasters on Chaos*~
None at the moment

~*Counsellors on Chaos*~
None at the moment

~*Tutors on Chaos*~
None at the moment

- Top Equipment Stats - 


When asked what they like about the server, players said this:
19:37 Heatfield: I like I can get high lvls and the monsters its the best ot ever really
19:44 Wabby: I like the way you level here and get a high level well waring with other players and friend's
19:48 Cruppet: I like Chaos because there is a place to hunt no matter what level u are, and there is always somone to pk if you want to pk.
19:52 Lucky: everything is custom unlike most ot's
19:57 Zanthium: Custom Spells, Custom Mapping Custom Monsters, Custom Items Everything an OT needs because its Private I like that feel away from Real Tibia
19:60 Sir Basher: "Great community always players willing to give a helping hand"
19:31 Shado the ninja: special quests ... and .. Oblivion Halls
20:10 Shikita: It's a large map and many areas to go to and find
20:32 Sir Basher: "Show off your pvp skills against other players in the arena!"
20:42 Nubosal: I like chaos because it is a professional OT.
20:55 Nubosal: I also like chaos cause to the custom monsters, like the lizard
20:59 Nubosal: other thing that i like of OT Chaos is the Crafting Ores
21:11 Exorcist: it isnt the same old thing; it has custom maps, a friendly and activecommunity, and non power abusing admins. And its just a good way to enjoy a good game
21:33 Shadowstalker knight: We have a very detailed map complete with challenging monsters and exciting quests just waiting to be found
21:44 Ricey: its good because it easy to understand and people are nice on the server! )

Chaos OT is a well-developped server, with challenges to suit all levels of players, even right to the top. The map is a large, custom map, updated regularly, for the various seasons and sometimes for holidays. 

The fast-paced lifestyle will appeal to people who want to have fun, and enjoy themselves.

Custom monsters make it challenging even to the highest of the high levels.

Custom Currency makes carrying millions of dollars easy. Instead of filling up your backpacks with cash, you use a single square for 100 million gold!

The Admins are on frequently, and there is NO staff that will power abuse you.

Sound like fun? Come see for yourself!!

Yours sincerely,
Chaos aka Jason.

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