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Furora.net 10.00-11.47 Global Real Map!

Furora OTS


Tibia 10.00-11.57

port 7171

ip furora.net

Exp Stages

1-50: x 400

50-100: x 300

100-120: x 200

120-140: x 100

140-160: x 80

160-180: x 60

180-200: x 40

200-220: x 30

220-240: x 15

240-260: x 10

260-300: x 5

300-400: x 3

400-500: x 2

500 +: x 1

Skills: x 50

Magic Level: x 10

Loot: x 3

Houses: 100 lvl +

Protection level: 100 lvl +

PZ Lock: 60 seconds

White Skull Time: 5 minutes

Frags to Red Skull: 10 (Day)

Frags to Black Skull: 15 (Day)

the first 20 mounts is free for all players!

from 30 lvl at every next 30 lvl receive certain quantity crystal coins!


!serverinfo = server information

!frags = Display's your current frags count.

!aol = Buy aol. Cost 20000 gp.

!bless = Buy all bless with twist of fate! (to 200 lvl bless are free).

!go = Change of outfit everyone in the guild

House Commands:

!buyhouse = If you stand near the house doors, this command will buy house, if you have enough money.

!leavehouse = If you stand in your house, you will leave it. All items will go to the inbox.

aleta sio = set house guest list.

aleta som = set house subowners list.

aleta grav = when you stand before the door, set access to a door.

alana sio = kick player out of your house.

Here are some screenshots from the server:


No wait! go https://furora.net and Make account now!

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