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Berserker feedback/suggestions

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I feel like some of the berserker spells doenst work well with his theme. He should have more spells that can combo with this passive, like the lvl 100 one that buffs his skills.

Berserker is highly dependent of his itens, by that i mean that he need good/great equips, relics, etc to shiny. His damage comes basically only from this normal attacks and that makes his passive very important. If you want to increase your damage, you need to stay low, if you stay low, you are fucked (when you dont have the right itens).

Passive: Feral Rage. -- A two edged blade, it can help you a lot or can kill you a lot. I love it.

Calmness: still doenst heal you to full hp, its more like 90% i think. Good spell!

Cutthroat Swing: Since the first time i laid my eyes on this spell i kinda hate it. It doesnt make sense why would i have a small wave spell? Why even one of my first spells? I really really reallyyyy dont like this one.
Here it is a suggestion: do damage to a close target and his adjacents. Enraged: exori.

Axethrow: I like this spell. May i suggest that the Enraged mode cause bleed? A BERSERKER NEEDS TO MAKE THEM BLEED!!!!

Heroic Charge: Nice spell, no changes.

Blood Frenzy: Cool spell, but for how much time the Blood Blobs last? I think it could be increased a little. This spell shows the wrong mana requirement. It says 280, but a lvl 30 berserker only have 150 mana. I think it costs 135 mana. Cant it be reduced to 85? 135 is almost his full mana at this level, if you think about it, this is a healing spell (kinda), nobody will be full mana all the time just in case they need to cast this one.

Axereacher: I dont like this spell for the same reasons i dont like the cutthroat swing one. In my opinion this one could be changed.

War Cry: I like the idea, but not that this spell is shared with swordsman. What if all vocations had a unique spell for team hunts?
e.g.: Swordsman - Increase melee skills (not chaos)
Berserker - Increase lifesteal
Defender - Increase abs all
Wildheart - Increase reflection
Saint - Increase max hp and hp regen
Spellcaster - Increase max mana and mana regen
Necromancer - Increase wizardry
Hunter - Increase distance and chaos skills
Marksman - Increase critical chance
Shadowstriker - Increase dodge chance
Spearman - Increase movement speed

Grinder: Love this one. Another option for a bleed effect when enraged.

Decapitate: Completely useless spell. Having to wait 4s to do 6% or 10% damage of a creature hp and that creature have to be 4 sqm away AND it has restrictions, come on! You can hit more than 6% of most monsters with the initial weapon in 4s.
Suggestion: Powerful Jump: Junto into a creature, doing some damage, causing slow and taunting the creature. Enraged: Same thing, but 3x3 aoe(around the monster you jumped)

Burning Fury: I find the idea pretty cool. But again, i would rather see something like making you a mindless beast caunsing semi-blindness and burning to the berserker and giving him bonus fire damage. We would keep the random % of the spell and having to get to 100 rage to really go wild.

Ruthless Rage: I was so happy when i saw this spell xDDD

Butcher Slaughter: Its a very cool spell, specially when non enraged, but you see axes everywhere, passing through the monster and not hitting them, its pretty confusing. Both non enraged and enraged forms need better dmg, it does like 100-230 dmg, that too low. Another option for a bleed effect when enraged.

Some ideas for spells:

Blood hit: Do damage and causes bleed. Enraged: You do a full normal attack (literally, with elemantal damage and everything)plus bleed.

Frenzy: Gives critical chance and reduces your abs all by 5 for a few seconds. Enraged: Gives critical chance and lifesteal but reduces your abs all by 5 for a few seconds.

passive spells  that can be used on itens:
Peace and war: Berserker goes aganist his enjraged nature and loses 5% abs all while not enraged. While enraged the thrill for battle makes him stronger and careless, giving him critical chance, bonus damage and bleed effect on every hit (bleed stack max 5) and also 20% chance of losing hp on hit. (notice that this item would make him not to use any of his spells to stay enraged, thats why it gives such bonuses)

Prey on the weak: While attacking monsters with red hp you gain bonus damage.

Hate: Berserker gain rage when gets hitted.

In the end, Berserkers need more passives that works with his attack, giving bonus damage, stun and things like that.

@Beastmode Observations: single target dmg's should include more bleed dot's, AoE sweeps should be the 3 horizontal tiles infront of player... instead of blood blobs sprouted, they should be instantly absorbed because sometimes they spawn offmap where you cant reach... axe reacher is completely useless. why do zerkers need a beam-type spell when they have on-target weapon throw and sweep already...? lol

Burning fury is awesome, just missing areas of dmg in the diagnals, a cool spell idea could be a revenge spell similar to cyclops smith's vengeful fart where the more dmg you take the more you explode with revenge dmg. upon activation -cant use heal spells? of course cant be as op as the boss

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