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[France] WarOT 8.6| noobwar | Start today!

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Port: 7171
client version: 8.6
Opens today 18:00
Have you ever felt like there's something missing in your life?
Well look no further! We bring you the most developed 8.6 noobwar ever created, with tons of advanced features which adds a fun & silly, yet serious feel to it.
Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a war OT.
We also provide challenging quests, missions, fun events & even a dragons & DL's spawn.
General Info:
  • minlvl: 13
  • maxlvl: 40
  • maxskill/mlvl: 90
  • exprate: 0.15x
  • skill rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down)
  • magic rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down)
  • Loot rate: 0.1x
The main way to level is by killing players. Not only do you gain exp, but you also get a "heart of the deceased".
100 hearts can be exchanged for exp eggs or gold.
Have in mind that killing your own/your friends character to abuse this system may result in ban.
Anti Stairjump
Not only is The map is specially designed to prevent stairjumping, we've also created a unique anti stairjumping system.
Soul training system
Skilling/mlvling in a training spot boosts your skill & mlvl rate.
The boosted rates are stages, so the higher skill/mlvl you get the lower your rates become.
It costs 1 soul per 6 minutes to stand in a training spot (max 10h)
and there's several ways to refill your soul.
1. Kill players (4 kills = 1 soul).
2. All players receive 10 soul by the end of the day.
3. Use a soul doll (limited to 1 per day)
Unique Paralyze
Paralyze is weaker now, but it stacks, and don't worry, it can only be healed with haste spells.
This makes paraheal pretty useless and it becomes more fair to players without it.
Team Battle
Castle War
More info: Click Here
Free Points
When you kill a player they drop a random amount of deathnotes. Stack 100 of these and click it to get some donate points.
Participate in events and you have a chance of getting points & other great rewards.
Most quests will reward you some points and other good items.

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