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[7.4] Nastarius RPG - Oldschool Tibia - OPENING A NEW WORLD SATURDAY 29 APRIL!

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We are thrilled to announce a new world opening next Saturday 29 April 18:00 CEST! The new world, Apollo, is identical in rates, content and client to that of the old/first world Mytica. 

If you register your character before the world opens you will receive an exclusive outfit only available to early adopters! Also make sure to like us on Facebook to stay updated. 

Check our website for more information at!



Key Features
- Full Tibia 7.4 - Nastarius in it first place is a Tibia 7.4 realmap server having all NPC's, monsters, quests, mechanics, formula's and even books like back in Tibia 7.4.
- New Client - We offer the standard Tibia 7.4 client but we also offer a totally new client where you will enjoy new client features and smoother gameplay.
- New Content - We offer loads of new content with over 30+ new creatures, 10+ new quests and much more.
- Dungeons - We offer you 5 dungeons which you are able to complete with your team getting rewarded in exp and items. Dungeons are repeatable.
- New Mechanics - Explore new content and get into lava fishing, crafting armors or even enchanting armors.
- Outfits - Gather creature products with your skinning knife and collect over 10+ new outfits/addons.
- Revamped Graphics - Enjoy oldschool Tibia in a new fashion, we have replaced almost all older sprites by new sprites (which still fit in the old style). 

Exp Rate: 3x
Loot Rate: 1.5x
Magic Rate: 1x
Skill Rate: 2x
Regeneration Rate: 2x


Cya guys Saturday 29 APRIL!



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