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Hey guys lemme explain first (to mods) i made thread here cause discussion wasnt fit to it.



So the main reason im making this thread is to learn all spells.


As creator of thread ill begin:


Description requirments:


[center:3pyistlo]Spell branch:


mana usage:


additional info: (range, price, usefulness)




[center:3pyistlo]Spell branch: Nova

Name: Fire Ball

mana usage: 20



additional info: Range: 6 Price: 5 orbs Usefulness: very usefully.




[center:3pyistlo]Spell branch: Demonic

Name: Life Drain

mana usage: 20



additional info: Range: max Price: 5 orbs Usefulness: very usefully.

Hits 5 times on mob each hit does 15 damage and revive you 15 hp.




[center:3pyistlo]Spell branch: Demonic

Name: Burning Souls

mana usage: 350



additional info: Range: n/a Price: 10 orbs Usefulness:very usefully

Hits multiple with dead and fire, can save your ass when ure crowded.


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I've gotten the second Nova one, which is basically the same as the second demonic spell but is purely fire, and I've also started the first and second morphing which the first being a Grim Reaper Morph, which gives +5 ml for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and the second being an Earth Elemental Morph which I see no visible change but I can only assume it would help with your blocking, while not raising the shielding skill... Also the first healing spell is just a regular exura which heals based on ml.


I would get screen shots of everything but I can't seem to log in right now.

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Could tell almost everything ... but no screens :x

Well, can't recommend demonic...15 hp is not...the world.. Probably pretty nice in beginning, but later I didn't use it anymore.

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Sorry for no screens at the moment.

Fire branch tree:


1. Fire ball (1st spell, 1 rank)

Causes small damage info 1 target and half damage on " + " area.

5 orbs, 20mana


2. greater fire ball (4th spell, 2 rank)

Causes proper damage into 1 target and half damage on 1sqm around target.

25 mana


3. ultimate fire ball (7th spell, 3 rank)

causes hugh damage into 1 target and half damage on 'big plus' area (like DL's firebomb).

30 mana


4. fire nova (2nd spell, 1 rank)

causes damage at peroid of time (total 6 hits in small "+" area and 3 in big "+" area) //gonna make some gfis

120 mana


5. greater fire nova (5th spell, 2 rank)

better version of fire nova.

160 mana


6. immolation (8th spell, 3 rank)

great version of fire nova

200 mana


7. infernal blaze (3rd spell, 1 rank)

aka hell's core, large damage

250 mana


8. greater infernal blaze (6th spell, 2 rank)

greater version of infernal blaze

250 mana


9. pyromaniac (9th spell, 3 rank)

overpowered hell's core, large damage

20 mana ?! - real master of fire ;D

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Focused Aim:

Snipe Shot (First spell, rank 1)

Working like all the strike spells, dealing damage to a targeted enemy.

5 orbs, 15 mana.

Note: On of the best spells to buy, cheap and nice damage output.


Heart Shot (Fourth spell, rank 2)

Snipe shot with more damage.

25 orbs, 15 mana.

Note: The only thing a high level ranger can rely on at the moment, biggest damage output on ranger spells, least mana needed.


Instant Kill (Sixth spell, rank 3)

Last rank of snipe shot (-----> CARE, IT'S BUGGED!! Dealing a lot less damage then the other ranks!!)

60 orbs, 15 mana.

Note: Not worth getting, since it's bugged. The spell after it won't make a difference, it will be a waste of 160 orbs getting both.


Leg Snare (Second spell, on and only rank)

The targeted enemy will get it's legs snared, making it less mobile (paralyze).

Works on most monsters untill giant spiders, useless on higher monsters like frost dragons, behemoths etc.

10 orbs, 20 mana.

Note: Pretty nice until a point where the monsters you can paralyze won't deal much damage on you, or are dead after 2 hits. Probably useful at PvP later on.


Burst arrow (Third spell, rank 1)

AoE damage around the targeted enemy. Around as big as great fireball runes field. Dealing physical damage, has fire animation, though.

15 orbs, 40 mana.

Note: Good to get, can wipe out some small camps of weaker monsters, or dealing damage to more enemies.


Greater burst arrow (Fifth spell, rank 2)

Burst arrow's second rank. Working as burst arrow, dealing slightly more damage.

40 orbs, 40 mana.

Note: Still worth getting, but not really that much better than burst arrow.


Explosive arrow (Seventh spell, rank 3)

Last rank of burst arrow, dealing really slightly more damage than the ranks before.

100 orbs, 40 mana.

Note: Waste of orbs, you can do way better stuff with 100 orbs than getting this spell. Makes the tree complete, but that's the only thing this spell is worth, since it deals less to about 20 damage more to enemies (tested on level 105).

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