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Week 11 - 2017: Forum Overhaul

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  • Primarily user-facing:
    • Upgraded registration to use reCAPTCHA 2 instead of reCAPTCHA 1
    • Enabled a Leaderboard system based on reputation
      • Each day, three members with the most reputation for the day are stored in a leaderboard
      • You can also see Top Members, based on overall reputation
      • I was was considering running it on a content-to-likes ratio, but this would disadvantage our legacy members
      • I feel this system should put a higher focus on quality content, over quantity of posts (as it was prior)
    • Enabled 2-factor authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator
    • Made both e-mail and notification list notifications optional and adjustable for all notifications, sans administrator-triggered e-mails
    • Disable advertisement (only guests could see prior)
    • Disabled Pinterest sharing
    • Disable Google Plus One sharing
    • Added Spoiler button to 'Large' toolbar
    • Pasting text will now give you the option to strip the formatting
    • Return key now starts a new line rather than a new paragraph
    • Added Discord integration
    • Old themes have been disabled, they do not support the current forum setup - but we may revisit them and update them in the future
    • New theme!
    • Some existing forums have been updated with question and answer functionality
      • You can up and down vote answers
      • You can up and down vote questions (up vote if you have the same question!)
      • Topic author and select staff can select Best Answer
      • Sections have been added for 'Questions with no best answer' and 'Popular questions from the past month'
    • Enabled browser notifications
    • Created a new landing page
  • Internal:
    • Linked images are now served securely from local server and are cached for 7 days
    • Upgraded database store and forum to leverage UTF-8 (specifically, 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci')
    • Enabled SSL
    • Updated Steam authentication method
      • Note that if you use this login method and have 2FA enabled on both your and Steam account, you'll need to complete it for both
      • You may need to decouple and resync your profile, however
    • Updated Facebook authentication method

Feedback Wanted:

  • Reputation System
    • Current have the 'Like'-based reputation system turned on
    • I'd be open to moving to the positive only reputation system being enabled instead if there is a preference for it
    • rep.png
  • Warnings
    • Users must acknowledge issued warnings before posting again?
      • I'm concerned this might put our non-English members at risk if they don't see and comprehend the warning
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • Prompt users to set-up 2FA when first accessing a secure page, if not already set-up? (eg. password reset, e-mail change)
      • Currently, users can opt to enable it - but are never prompted
    • Enable Security Questions as an alternate 2FA source?
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