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Tito Mazapan

[Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 3 - the return of RPG (Low rate)

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What is Ruthless Chaos?
Ruthless Chaos is a low-rate RPG server project that strives to make players recover the unique feeling of playing a brand-new game, while maintaining the important core elements of Tibian gameplay. With 6 years of expertise in development, we can guarantee you that feeling.
This is the third season of Ruthless Chaos. Every season brings tons of new content and improves the existing one, assuring a better experience to its players.


We are glad to present:



Release Date: Friday, 4th March 2016, at 17:00 CET

20% extra points for donations before the release of the season.




Short Summary


Client: Custom Client
Website: http://www.ruthlesschaos.com
Experience: Custom, similar to a range from 7x to 5x
Skills: 7x
Magic: 5x
Loot: 1.5x
Open PvP (with war system)
Protection level: 50
Starting guilds recieve special advantages
100% Custom map with lots of places to explore
Custom profession system
Unique storyline and RPG elements
More than 400 quests
Over 300 custom creatures
Lots of custom items and mounts
World Events
Daily Challenges and Lottery
Balanced Vocations
Scripted bossfights
Dedicated 24/7 server with no lag
No overpowered donations (mostly cosmetic)


Play now!




Unique spells
In order to minimize the learning curve for new players, the four tibian vocations and their concepts remain unchanged. However, we have added several new spells with custom mechanics and tweaked existing ones to add variety and introduce new playstyles. You can read all the details here.


Profession system
Mine ores around the world to forge unique and powerful items as a blacksmith. Or maybe collect rare herbs to brew magical elixirs and beverages as an alchemist. Or maybe both?


Dungeons are special quests, designed for groups of 5 players. Along each dungeon, each filled with custom-made monsters, you will find some bosses, which drop special pieces of equipment. These quests require strategy and teamwork, however, the rewards you get out of them are far better.
Every dungeon can be completed by a player as many times he wants.


The Ruthless Chaos Quest
This is the final challenge of this server. In this quest, you will wander deep into the core of Hell itself, to find and slay the Ruthless Seven, to secure the new human kingdom from the terrible influence of the demons.
Expect a brutal challenge which envolves strategy, teamwork, a good and large team and courage!


Other features
You can read more about these topics here.



Elites: Every monster on the server, has the chance to spawn as an elite, with improved strength and loot.


Feats of Strength: Be the first one to complete the most epic challenges in the game to earn a mention on the hall of fame on the website. You can see the challenges that are awaiting you here.


Guild Bonuses scaling with online guild members



Special daily quests



Goblin Raffle for online players


New content of Season 3


  • The profession system with hundreds of new craftable items.
  • The undead city of Azara, in Frisiga, containing a hunting area and a major questline.
  • Realm of Khur'obaros, a new underwater-themed dungeon.
  • The Battle Arena, where teams of up to 5 players can battle with no death penalty. They are automatically provided with equipment and supplies for the battle.
  • The Deathmatch event, which is scheduled at certain times during the week.
  • Five new unique spells: Shield Bash, Seizure, Overload, Conflagration and Blessing of protection.
  • Lots of new smaller areas and quests around the world.




Play now!
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Subscribe to see our videos. We will upload update teasers and all kinds of server-related videos.

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With today's patch, the following things have been added into the game:

  • The amount of herbs obtained from harvesting plants has been substantially increased.
  • The weekly frag limit in order to get a red skull has been increased to 7. The monthly frag limit has been removed.
  • Dragon Pickaxes and Aether Scythes now have 80 fixed uses rather than a breakchace.
  • Mystic blades crafted via blacksmithing are now sellable to Norbert like the ones obtained from creatures/quests.
  • All magic shop NPCs should now refill your refillable potions.
  • Some new items have been made sellable at NPCs.
  • Several mapbugs and typos have been fixed.

We hope you enjoy these changes. Good luck on your adventures! :)

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With today's patch, the following things have been added into the game:

  • Several elements of Frisiga have been modified and some new routes have been added in order to make navigation through the icy steppes a bit easier.
  • An emergency exit has been added to Tauren Dungeon just before the bossfight against General Murius.
  • Added a new guild command: !bonus or !bonuses now displays your active guild bonuses when said in guild chat.
  • Added the new spell Conjure Blank Rune (adori blank), which conjures a blank rune for 70 mana.
  • Players taking the "Amphibian threat" task (slaying Korzar) now get a mapmark with a hint about his hideout.
  • Copper tier items and other special items should now be sellable to NPCs.
  • Added a level requirement to some quests to prevent abuse.
  • Desintegrate runes should now destroy all movable items from a field, as intended.
  • Alchemy potions that provide health/mana regeneration should now be working properly.
  • Several mapbugs and typos have been fixed.

We hope you enjoy the changes! Good luck ingame :)

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