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[Sweden]World of Lastwar :: Official server opening ||20th DEC || New Beginning

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demons.png?o=2&res=10&cdn=ec&p=y&pid=750 hydras.png?o=2&res=14&cdn=ec&p=y&pid=750 templepiest3.png?o=2&res=22&cdn=ec&p=y&ptemplepiest2.png?o=2&res=21&cdn=ec&p=y&p
IP: worldoflastwar.com
Port: 7171
Client7.92 (use tibialoader->software->client 7.92->right-click->download)


Rates Stages: PVP
Skill - 15x 1 - 7 100x Protection Level - 15
Magic -6
8 - 19 80x Frags to Red Skull - 6 
Loot - 2x 20 - 29 70x Frags to ban - 7
Spawn - 1x 30 - 49 60x Ban Time - 1 week
50 - 99 50x
100 - 119 40x
120 - 149 30x
150 - 500 10x

Game Info:
World of Lastwar is a serious MMORPG-PVP Tibia server with adventures, wars, mysterious quests and a great map with 4 cities and over 4 000 living creatures! This server fits for you that loves Role-playing and Wars.

Unjustified player-killing:
In World of Lastwar we want to give you such a free experience as possible. Therefor we have set the redskull mark to 6 unjustified kills but also a clear limit of 7 for banishment.

*Gather up a party and do mysterious quests, slay cool monsters and kill overpowered bosses.
*Create a guild with your allies and war against your most hated enemies.
*Get a ingame money cost premium account to get new possibilities(visit new places, new monsters, use more cool spells, new outfits and possibility to get promoted).
*Go underwater and slay water-living creatures.
*Monsters are very much similar to Tibia's.
*Protection system which makes you unattackable under level 15 if you are not in a party.
*Smart monsters and NPCs.
*Train(First server ever with a train that you can travel with to other cities).
*Ban system which makes you banned for 7 days if you kill more than three unjustified players.
*A realistic PvM and PvP-combat system.
*Implented hotkey and aimbot system(Fair for everyone).

See you online the 20th of december 2015. 

For a new beginning
And one last war!

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