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Poi gravestone 7.6 bug


Im trying use vial of blood on gravestone and wont work and dont get any error on console


http://4.1m.yt/ahVEPtqMS.pnghere i image

here the script gravestone.lua

function onAddItem(moveitem, tileitem, pos, cid)
    print(moveitem.itemid, moveitem.type)
    if moveitem.itemid == 2025 and moveitem.type == 2 then
        local pid = getTopCreature({x=32791,y=32334,z=9}).uid
        if not isPlayer(pid) then
            return false
        doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(pid), CONST_ME_DRAWBLOOD)
        doTeleportThing(pid, {x=32791, y=32334, z=10})
        doSendMagicEffect({x=32791, y=32334, z=10}, 10)
        doCreatureSay(pid, "Muahahahaha...", 1)
    return false

btw use avesta otserver 7.60 repp++ help!

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