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[10.77] Chaotic Server (Real map, inauguração dia 07/05)

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The Chaotic Open Tibia's project is being developed by a team composed of three administrators, each of them responsible for two functions, a exclusive one and general management. Each administrator is responsible for one of those: Programming, Mapping and Webmaster.

Our team was assembled in 2011, we had a server for a short period of time, but our metas were not met. In this year we came back with a better work, with an exceptional quality, with the objective of making a traditional and innovative server, as well as satisfying the needs of our future player base, which we'll dedicate this post.


This post was made with the goal of showing some of our exclusives systems and features.

(You can create your account on www.chaoticserver.com)




The proposal of our server is to offer a exclusive and pleasant gameplay. With this in mind we choose our experience rate with an hard/medium gameplay in mind, using stages and with an average of 21x.


We choose the following stages:




There's in our server some exclusive systems idealized by our players early feedbacks and made by us, from Chaotic Server. We hope to continue this partnership, and reward players who actively give us new ideas with +30 points on the webshop.


Some of our custom features and systems:


  • New spell for sorcerer (Ultimate death strike)

The ultimate death strike will have the same cooldown as every other ult. strikes. This spell was made so that we could balance the vocations, but we can make changes in case our objective is not met.


  • New spell for paladin

Will give a boost in attackspeed for a limited time, with drawbacks.


  • New range for exeta res (Circle of 2x2 sqm)
  • Exhausted of ultimate spells recued to 2s (the cooldown of the spell continues to be 30s)
  • Enchanted staff

The enchanted staff (spell) was replaced with a wand that each hit is stronger than a exori vis but weaker than a exori max vis, with the damage being based on level and magic level.

  • Rare drop

There's a item (Diamond) that gives points on the webshop when used (1 item used = 1 premium point on the webshop), so that players that choose to play without paying have the chance to gain the advantage of a donator, or you can sell it. There will be too a special item that can be dropped: Experience Potion (gives experience instantly on use, you can use on yourself or on another player)
On the images below you can see the Diamond and Experience Potion:
Cyan_Crystal_Fragment.gif (Diamond)
Essence_of_Dread.gif (Experience Potion)


  • Lucky Amulet

Increase drop chance in 20%, decay in 5 hours (starts as soon as used for the first time) and works as a Amulet of Loss (Aol), but you won't lose your Lucky Amulet on death. zFP7j4o.gif


  • Mounts

Random: On use, you can obtain any mount between the existings on Chaotic Server zfZrK0P.gif
Chosen: On use, you can choose an existing mount on Chaotic Server to obtain 2D7IMCp.gif


  • Teleport System

Teleport the player to a city chosen using the Atlas Book enXUsgi.gif


  • Dual wield

Enabled to increased Knight's damage output.

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