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[10.41][Sweden]Nevrath Low rate Real map!

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Nevrath. Start 17/08/14 at. 14.00. Welcome!


Server Info


IP: Nevrath.com (Port: 7171)

Online: 24/7

Global save: 10:00

World type: PVP (Protection level: >25)

House rent: disabled.

Slot: 10000

The server without lags and crashes. DDOS protection!




Client: 10.41

Magic Level: x3

Skills: x6

Loot: x2

Spawn: x2

Houses: 120 level

Guilds: 30 level


EXP Stages


~1-30 ~ 8x

~31-100 ~ 6x

~101-150 ~ 4x

~151-200 ~ 3x

~201-xxx ~ 2x


White.JPG Skulle_Black_Skull.gif Red_Skull.png Frags & Skull SystemRed_Skull.png Skulle_Black_Skull.gif White.JPG


White Skull Time: 15 minutes

Red skull length: 30 days


Red skull:

3 frags daily

5 frags weekly

20 frags monthly


Some informations

~All quest from real tibia!~

~Great Support!~

~No more pay2win!~

~All look like real tibia!~

~Low exp stages!~

~No more restarts!~

~No custom items!~

~Balanced vocations!~

~- Item drop disabled for people under level 60~


Join us!


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