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Custom Server - Config.lua Source


I am creating an Open Tibia server (v 8.62) under the instructions given by Nevermore (http://otland.net/f479/your-first-open-tibia-server-140934/), and I am quite curious as to where the config.lua's variables are being used so I can edit some functions that inhibit smooth usage of the Account Manager and some other aspects of the game. Is there some type of master script that handles all of these variables? Also, how would one create a custom spell? And one last thing - where are the vocations handled? I found the file titled "Vocations.xml" but when I change the name of several vocations, it gives errors when I run the server. Help would be much appreciated.

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Config.lua is usually read into the source code and cannot be accessed except inside lua. (I assume you are using an web interface for creating accounts)

The errors that cause when you change the name of a vocation are often caused by multiple other sources using the "Name" as a linking part.

So incase you want to change the name of a vocation. You have to go inside, Actions.xml, Movements.xml, Spells.xml, Weapons.xml maybe some more and do a "find and replace (Ctrl + H)" From the old name to a new one.


if you are going to edit the files, I recommend you to use: Notepad++.

Creating custom spells, Well there are multiple ways of doing it.

You can use many tools provided by the forum ( I made a spellmaker, its in the downloads/tools section of this forum.)

You can also do it by changing values in the lua files from the spells.

OT servers are quite advanced so look into some tutorials provided in this forum and Otland.net

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