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my first map

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First of all: present your map in a proper way. There's a guideline for it, please follow it (see link below). Not following those guidelines will cause less or no people to feedback on your map. YOU want the help, YOU make it as convenient as possible for us. While the video surely was a nice idea and you might have put some effort into it, it wasn't the optimal way to present your map.

Link: http://otfans.net/threads/164072-The-Ultimate-Ruleguide?p=1403056#post1403056



About the map...

Major problem: it's a teleporter map and it contains stuff you didn't do yourself.


Now, there are a lot of things I could criticise, but get this:


  1. Teleporter maps are boring to play, leave no challenges for very high levels, are even more repetitive than Tibia already is and thus... have ZERO replay value
  2. Teleporter maps are unaesthetic
  3. Teleporter maps are uncreative


The sole fact that teleporters can... no, HAVE to... be used to get to the action, tells the player you didn't put any love, didn't put any thought and didn't put any imagination in your creation. There is no exploration, there is no curiousity, there is only routine. There's nothing new. Even worse, nobody would ever hope to find something new.


Aesthetic values:

- very squarisch

- undetailed

- repetitive, no diversification

- everything looks the same. Without minimap, you wouldn't realize if you were running in circles.



I was once known for doing very constructive and detailed criticism on maps. However, with such a map you'll have to be satisfied with this. Look at reknown mappers showoffs to see how they do it.

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