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Found 48 results

  1. Hello, I wish to present a unique server that is https://openka.net This is tibia server ots for tibia 8.6. Without beating around the bush, some information: tibia 8.60 port 7171 ip openka.net Exp Stages 1-50: x 400 50-100: x 300 100-120: x 200 120-140: x 100 140-160: x 80 160-180: x 60 180-200: x 40 200-220: x 30 220-240: x 15 240-260: x 10 260-300: x 7 300-400: x 5 400-500: x 3 500 +: x 2 Skills: x 50 Magic Level: x 10 Loot: x 3 Houses: 200 lvl + Protection level: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes lvl 50 at every next lvl 50 you get a certain quantity of crystal coins! lvl 180 at every next lvl 20 get 30 points for premium sms shop! The first 20 people with lvl 100 will receive 300 premium points to sms shop and so that every next 100 lvl! [/ B] As you can see you do not need to send text messages or make transfers, for example, you get points. For Levels, but not only. DO NOT BUY THE BEST of items in SMS Shop! They feature is available only with exceptional own custom quests: As you can see there are quite a few, and they are 100% quests customowe. TASKS Ots has its own system tasks, from those who are on the Hellhounds RL tibia and Juggernauts. With better bosses fly shop items with sms and not only, for example: Loot of a Ethershreck: a frag remover, the calamity. Loot of a Jungler: a jewelled backpack, a demonbone, dragon scale legs, a addon doll. Loot of a Zanakeph: a random present bag, a demonwing axe, a frag remover, a upgrading rune, a addon doll Loot of a Kerberos: a fireborn giant armor, a solar axe. Loot of Demontero: a demon backpack, 5 crystal coins, a solar axe, an ornamented shield. Bothered you that after 2 weeks of the game you had a couple of backpacks CC and you do not what to do with them ??? -Nothing In this. On the Server Characters are upgrade runes, the 250cc one. Each item can be improved 6 times, so to improve the whole EQ have to be as many as 48! Each upgrade increases def fleece or attack the course of two, so you can feel the difference in the defense of having full on 6 eq. Example improved the course: invasions Dinera has a unique system of raids and bosses customowe challenging even for well well ripped and high-level team, here's an example of the fittest: 13:32 You lose 4688 mana blocking an attack by Infernatil. Server has 4 additional cities - Ghenov, Oken, Gengia, Pyre. Oken, Pyre Gengia and are very powerful, has added a huge amount of exp. Each city can move to another on foot - with Gengii to Oken, with Oken to Pyre, and Pyre to Ghenov. In addition, the Gengii can get to the Fibula: D Maps: I wrote many attractions not because there are just too much. At the start serva pockets probably about 600-1000 people Also, I would recommend a return to the old and some of the best times of Tibia: D https://openka.net
  2. Olá pessoal!! Este questionário tem como objetivo identificar quais são os ASPECTOS que um magnifico OTServer tem que ter para que possa trazer ao máximo a DIVERSÃO que você tanto deseja. Por isso agrademos pelo seu tempo e contamos com sua contribuição. QUESTIONÁRIO: https://goo.gl/forms/S4bF0zhNZ8N6EzYp1
  3. sornnaser

    [7.4] Tibia PVP

    [+] Server IP: tibiapvp.com [+] Client: 7.4 (need to download custom client from website, no ip changer) [+] 50x [+] Skill/Magic rate: 6x [+] !target system (earn coins by killing your target) [+] Upgrade your weapons, armours and buy amulet and rings [+] No item loss on death, space to use different amulets for more strategic PvP [+] NOT pay to win [+] NO server resets, unless major updates [+] Starting level: 50 [+] Visit www.tibiapvp.com for more Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Website: www.Frozeria.net IP: Frozeria.net Client: 8.60 Map: Evo&Custom Rune Type: Limited and Unlimited runes Port: 7171! Looking for a fun custom OT who can bring back your old evolution, armonia, roxor and all other map memories? Frozeria.net from the creators of original Frozeria, HelveticaOT, Loveria, Heroland, Carloria and others! We bring you the most unique and advanced developed custom map ever with over 200 + quests, 500 + spawns, 500 + missions, 100 + bosses, 100 + custom spells, more then 20 diffrent Equipment sets and much more. We also offer alot of diffrent unique Free Points system. For example if you are online for 12 hours you recieve 50 Premium Points, if you complete missions you recieve premium Points from 25-500. You can also kill bosses, do quests, level up, win events and do special stages to recieve Free Premium Points. These Free Points system makes this OT playable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server. (We have more Free Points System ingame) Alot of spawns and diffrent monsters We bring you 1 spawn room for level 100-2000 with 30 spawns, with missions for each spawn. Another spawn room will be unlocked once you reach level 2000 with 10 new spawns. (New missions is also available to get in this spawn room) Once you reach level 3000 you will be ready to enter Chryse. Chryse is a big custom Island where you can gather items to upgrade your Equipment, Gather creature Products to sustain your economy, kill bosses who drops premium Points and chance of dropping donate items. (Required a team to kill these bosses). Chryse also has a unique team hunt system where you can spawn monsters for Money to maximize your exp. (Power Hunting) On chryse you will find alot of unique quests but one outstanding quest is our second hourly furniture quest. You can complete this quest once every second hour. Reward is experience and you can complete and gain this experience every second hour. This is just a few things that Frozeria has to offer.... What are you waiting for invite ur friends and get online now! 1-500 15000x 501-1000 10000x 1001-1500 7500x 1501-2000 5000x 2001-2500 4000x 2501-3000 2500x 3001-3000 2000x 3501-4000 1500x 4001-4500 1250x 4501-5000 1000x 5001-5500 800x 5501-6000 500x 6001-7000 300x 7001-9999 200x 10000 + 100x Exp from players 1.2x Skill rate 20x Magic rate 15x Loot rate 3x Free Points At level : 200 Free premium points at level 3000! 250 Free premium points at level 3500! 300 Free premium points at level 4000! 400 Free premium points at level 4500! 500 Free premium points at level 5000! 750 Free premium points at level 5500! 1000 Free premium points at level 6000! 1500 Free premium points at level 6500! 2500 Free premium points at level 7000! Free Points on missions ! We offer 200 + custom mission who gives premium points. Mission manager I, Mission Manager II, Mission Manager III will give you missions where you can recieve premium points and more. On top of these mission's there is also Stage Missions, Team Hunt Missions, Boss Missions and alot of side mission NPC's all over the map. Completing missions is a great way to recieve free premium points. We offer you lots of different events on Frozeria. Exp event, Fire Storm Event, Last Man Standing, Mini battle event, Zombie event, run event and more. Zombie Event is hosted every third hour. Zombie event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against the zombies. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Mini Battle Event: 20:30 (CEST) Everyday. Mini Battle, at 20:30 (CEST) every day we gather up all players with a level of 100 or higher for a big war event. Players will be devided into 2 teams, where the goal for each team is to get 25 frags first. Each player in the winning team is rewarded with 300 Premium points. LMS is hosted every day at random times. Last man standing, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against in the arena against other players. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Exp Event is hosted every sixth hour. Exp Event, 1-5 exp events is spawning in an arena depending on how many players who joined the event. Kill the event bosses and gain exp. Reward: Experience and gold nuggets! Firestorm Event: 20:00 (CEST) Everyday. Firestorm event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor of a fire rain. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Run Event is hosted everyday 17:00 and 22:00(CEST) . Every participating players speed is the same, speed boosting items & spells have no effect. The whole event area is a no-pvp zone. A small tip is to have either "exani tera" or a rope in your hotkeys as you will need it. Crafting System You have the possibility to upgrade your current mythical item (to demonical), and demonical item (to iceborn, forestkeeper or flamebringer) with an NPC at Chyrse Boat, you do however need to bring him some items in exchange, talk to him to find out more. You can also upgrade your legendary runes with a similar system at rune crafter + 1 temple. After this you simply just chose the item you want to craft and type it to the npc.
  5. bakken

    Realistic-war 7.4 war

    Classic War-Server Protocol 7.4 whit DX9 & Open GL Level 50s Less delays to create smooth PvP Revamped Thais,Edron,Darashia,Rook,Venore Automatic Map-changer Custom Client Events and Arenas Visit the website to create an account and download the client. http://realistic-war.no-ip.org/ What are you waiting for? Sign up an account today and join us inside!
  6. Website: www.worldoflastwar.com IP: worldoflastwar.com Port: 7171 Client: 7.92 (use tibialoader->software->client 7.92->right-click->download) Screenshots Rates Skill - 15x Magic -6x Loot - 2x Spawn - 1x Stages 1 - 7 100x 8 - 19 80x 20 - 29 70x 30 - 49 60x 50 - 99 50x 100 - 119 40x 120 - 149 30x 150 - 500 10x PVP Protection Level - 15 Frags to Red Skull - 6 Frags to ban - 7 Ban Time - 1 week Game Info: World of Lastwar is a serious MMORPG-PVP Tibia server with adventures, wars, mysterious quests and a great map with 4 cities and over 4 000 living creatures! This server fits for you that loves Role-playing and Wars. Unjustified player-killing: In World of Lastwar we want to give you such a free experience as possible. Therefor we have set the redskull mark to 6 unjustified kills but also a clear limit of 7 for banishment. Features: *Gather up a party and do mysterious quests, slay cool monsters and kill overpowered bosses. *Create a guild with your allies and war against your most hated enemies. *Get a ingame money cost premium account to get new possibilities(visit new places, new monsters, use more cool spells, new outfits and possibility to get promoted). *Go underwater and slay water-living creatures. *Monsters are very much similar to Tibia's. *Protection system which makes you unattackable under level 15 if you are not in a party. *Smart monsters and NPCs. *Train(First server ever with a train that you can travel with to other cities). *Ban system which makes you banned for 7 days if you kill more than three unjustified players. *A realistic PvM and PvP-combat system. *Implented hotkey and aimbot system(Fair for everyone). See you online the 20th of december 2015. For a new beginning And one last war!
  7. Starts Friday 17th of July (2015,07,17) 18:00 CEST Website: http://noob-war.eu/ Ip: noob-war.eu Port: 7171 Version: 8.6 __________________________________________________________________​ Hosted from a powerful dedicated server Uptime: 24/7 Connection: 1gb/sec Rates Start at lvl 13 (min lvl) 13 - 20, 0.25x 21 - 30, 0.2x 31 - 40, 0.1x 41-45, 0.5x 46 - 50, 0.2x 51 - 55, 0.1x (Max lvl 55) If you advance to lvl 56 you will be automatically downgraded to 55 Exp from players: 8x Skill rate: 40x Magic rate: 10x Loot rate: 0.1x Note: Scarabs don't drop heavy machete MARIJUANA SYSTEM Each time you kill a player you are rewarded with 1 marijuana. You can exchange 100 marijuana for 25 exp eggs (300exp each) with Npc rasta. Else you can sell them to your local Pot Head. Skull System! 300 frags = 800 frags = 2000 frags = 5000 frags = 10000 frags = Several ways to obtain free points Free points for guilds: Leaders of guilds with a minimum of 12 members online at level 20+ can use the commands "!guildpoints". This will give each member with the requried level 150 points. The guild leader will receive 300 points. You can only receive points once. Missions: Speak with Gandalf (temple -1) & complete missions to receive money & points Events: Firestorm, read more about it here Run event, read more about it here Added Multi-Client restrictions You can't login with more than 2 chars at the same time (3rd char gets booted automatically). Also you can only gain frag rewards from killing your own chars once every 80 seconds. Temple We gladly welcome you & your friends. Hope you enjoy your stay Some vids from previous versions: ​
  8. After almost 5 years, UmbyWAR will return on April 24th, 2015! UmbyWAR is a WAR server IP: war.umbyots.net Supported Clients: 8.60 Custom Clients: Coming Soon! Start Level: 100 Website: http://war.umbyots.net/ Forum: UmbyWAR Forum UmbyWAR will be hosted on a Dedicated Server! Public account information: Account: 123 Password: 123 20 Characters of each vocation available (Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer) About UmbyWAR: UmbyWAR is a very unique war server. We are using an edited Edron map, we recently added most of the Fibula map as well! All characters start at level 100. Skills, Magic Levels, and Exp does not save on death or logging out. Skills and Magic Level increase by leveling not training. We have very balanced vocations and use most spell found in real tibia (8.60 era). There are many weapons and other items you are able to obtain from several NPCs located around town. There is a variety of quests which are very difficult, some which require a group to begin. You will recognize some from real tibia. Quests are a very good way to obtain unique items and rare addons. The first addon of each outfit requires a different item. Addons are added to the player instantly and if it is a Personal Account the addon will save to the player. Soul orbs are used as currency. With each kill, you are rewarded one soul orb. Once you reach 10 kills you may enter a door in the temple and make your Personal Account. Personal Account addons will save, along with whatever outfit you were dressed in when you last logged off. Soul points can be converted into Umby Points at a 1:1 ratio! Earn soul points at 10 kills (without dying) per soul point! Quests: Level 100 Annihilator Level 110 Annihilator Demon Helmet Quest Pits of Inferno Ghazbaran True Hunter Quest The Ancients' Quest Warrior's Steel Quest Jester's Guessing Game Quest (Addon 1 and 2 for Jester Outfit) NOTE: Quests in blue are based on real tibia. Boss Monsters: Jack Sparrow Orshabaal Morgaroth Ghazbaran Ferumbras (spawn and raid) Demodras (random spawn) Dracola (random spawn) Mr. Punish (random spawn) Features: Personal Account System - Accounts are created instantly after speaking to the Account Maker Individual addons - Each addon has a item or set of items you will need to find. Addons will save if you have a personal account. Random boss spawns - Bosses such as 'Demodras' spawn very rarely and randomly. They usually drop addon items that cannot be found elsewhere. Depots - Players are given a single depot slot on creation. Most quests grant at least 1 more slot, allowing players to store items they wish to use later. Custom Spells - Three spells have been added to help keep the vocations balanced. A list of custom spells are available Here: Custom Spells Rules: A list of rules can be found here: Server Rules The UmbyWAR Mission: Since Umby created UmbyWAR, it has been our focus to 1)keep PvP balanced and 2) keep PvP focused on skill rather than numbers. With a focus on involved quests, UmbyWAR has provided both a great PvP environment, and fun, interesting, and challenging quests. None of my (Senior)GameMasters had to ask to be one. Please do not mention it in game.
  9. OsoSangre


    Version 1.0


    This is the custom 8.60 client for UmbyWAR by UmbyOTs.


  10. ~ Tempia OT ~ New Evolution Server >CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE< BASIC INFORMATION IP Adress: TempiaOT.com (Starts 6 March 19:00(GMT+1)) Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Map: 30mb (Evolution) EXP, VOCATIONS & SPELLS Exp: Start at 900x - End at 2.5x Players Skill Rate: 15x PVP Experience Rate: 1x Players Skill Rate: 15x Player Magic Rate: 20x Player Loot Rate: 3x Player Spawn Rate: 2x Vocations: Balanced (done) Spells: Balanced (done) EVENTS & WARS Events: (Works) Zombie Event Last Man Standing Fire Storm Team Battle (with frags) Wars: (in progress) Real Tibia Guild Wars Open Battle Team Battle War TEMPIA SCREENSHOTS (11 IMG) More screenshots will be added later. If you wonder anything, please post or PM. If you have any idéas or improvements, please post or PM! Server Owners Zerak & Zoom Iker
  11. Closed out of respect for OsoSangre. Big news regarding the original UmbyOTs! Stay tuned.
  12. Full Global Map 10.37 - 10.41- <Fast exp RATES> http://global-ot.net/ Map has some editions made by me to make your game easier and funnier. ALOT OF BOSSES FROM TIBIA RL! "Devovorga. Gaz'haragoth, Apocalypse, etc... " PVP ENFORCED 24/7 -LEVEL REWARDS!! (PREMIOS) level 100 - soft boots level 150 - addon doll level 200 - mount doll level 350 - vip mount doll level 500 - global ring! CLIENT OWN PROPIO! -War system! -Market system! -Tibia Version: 10.41 -IP: global-ot.net -Skill Rate: 10 -Magic Level Rate: 7 -Loot Rate: 4 -Experience stages! http://global-ot.net/?subtopic=serverinfo -EXP STAGES AVERGE: 93x -Exhausted reduced! (80%) -Free travel! (boats) -All Tibia RL mounts! -All Tibia Rl outfits! -All Tibia Rl cities! -Roshamuul! -Grey Island! -Zao! -Farmine! -War Zone! -Demon helmet quest! -Tasks (killing in the name of)! -Automatic raids! -Warth of the emperor quest! -Annihilator quest! -Pits of inferno! -Inquisition! -Svargrond arena! -Razachai & Quirefang! -Demon Oak! -Yalahar quest! -Start lvl 20 with nice items! -Quests for low levels! -Alot of FUN! -And alot more! Waiting for you
  13. Looking for an Open Tibia Server with RL Map and with custom items / hunting places? This is the place you are looking for! Minimap ​ Server starts on the 25th of July 2014 at 16:00 CEST Global Information We are currently using tibia 8.60 and pvp-enforced WITH skull system and EXP for killing players! Materia Enforced is the evolution of both, Materia Real and Materia Custom. If you liked our custom map or real map, you will definitely adore our enforced map. It's a combination of the best from real and the best from custom. Over the years we have perfected our vision about pvp and due lot of user testings on the custom and real map we can finally present to you our latest and greatest pvp experience. Materia Enforced offers you known real tibia quests, such as Inquisition Quest, but also well known Materia Custom quests like the Jungle Quest. * Great hunting spots and pvp/war-areas * Custom cities and real cities combined to a huge mainland! * Over 800 houses * Balanced Vocations for a perfect PvP Experience * Detailed Spells * Weapon enchanting * Usage of spells and potion at the same * No delay between runes & bolts * Real Tibia Frag System (frags per day/week/month) * 8.42 blessing system * Slightly fast attack * Own made addon and task system Rates * Exp: staged from 750x - 1x * Magic Rate: 5x * Loot Rate: 3x * Skill Rate: 15x * House level: 100 * Protection level: 100 * Guild creation level: 100 Connection Information * IP: materia-rpg.hopto.org * Account: Materia Enforced - Create Account * Server Info: Materia Enforced - Server Info * Client: 8.60 * Daily server save: 10:00 CEST What are you waiting for? Join now the Materia Community Kind regards, Materia Team​ Hello, guys finally materia is back after a lonh time and I'd like to advertise it some more. Most people who used to play here don't even know that it is back, I as well just like bumped into it randomly and am starting to play tibia aghain after 2 years. So if you enjoy real map with some custom parts, questing and of course the most important part pvp, then just join, the server just needs more people once again.
  14. Greeting's Open Tibia Members, Today we would like to invite you to join the worldwide Open Tibia Server 8.6 Hellsway.net. The server was basically founded around 2 years ago and it's been online for several editions since this time. However, this summer we decided to bring up the server with new features such as weekly Massive Team Battle and way more attractive Exp Stages. Let's head over the server details: The Official Server START will take place on 9 June 2014 16:00 CET. [Connection]: IP: Hellsway.net Client: Tibia 8.6 Port: 7171 Create Account Here Visit Forums Like our Facebook Page [server Info]: Exp Rate Average 300x. Loot Rate 5x. Skill Rate 35x. Magic Rate 20x [Features] Penalty of Quests and infinity challenge. 100% Full RealMap Server. Wrath of the Emperor (starts at mission 6). Unnatural Selection Quest. Children of the Revolution Quest (you need this quest to start Wrath). Tomes of Knowledge Quest. Zao and Razachai. Houses At all Cities are Working 100%. Active Support Team in game. Balanced Vocations. [Events] Bomberman Event. Massive Team Battle Event (Weekly). Guild War Event (Weekly). [Advance Rewards] Level 200 20 Free Premium Points. Level 300 25 Free Premium Points. Level 350 25 Free Premium Points. Level 400 25 Free Premium Points. Level 500 40 Free Premium Points [Gallery] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_TPbUBJsGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzUzRo81aGA [Player Support] Email: Support@hellsway.net Follow our thread on Otland.net and vouch for us, there will be giveaways for codes that can be exchanged into VIP items through the following page. List of codes will be given at the start of the server, stay tuned! The Hellsway has began, this is your opportunity to rule this edition of Hellsway-OTS. Glory is your's but you can't achieve it without your guild mates, make sure to invite all of them! Have Fun! Hellsway-OTS Staff.
  15. Vightrain.net Starts 6th May 20:00 CEST!! Delayed to 16th May 17:00 CEST!! Introduction, As many of you know, we started this server before at 4th May 19:00 CEST.. but we failed & closed it directly so no one would be mad & we decided to work on it more, therefor we decided to move the release date until 6th May 20:00 CEST. So now after many many hours of work non-stop, we are finally done with the testing. Atleast with the big bugs/issues. So we hope you will enjoy this server since it's going to be awesome! Website & Login, We have a website for our server called Vightrain.net where you can create account & character to join the game. You will need tibia client 8.60 & IP-Changer to join this server, You can ofcourse download it on our site. To join in-game, please use, Vightrain.net as IP & 7171 as PORT. Server Uptime, We would like to present you a server without bugs/laggs or crashes, therefor we have bought a very good dedicated server with very good specifications, ddos protection and high network connection.. So we hope that the pros wont attack with thier heavy attacks:rolleyes: Otherwise the server should have 100% uptime with only update restart once in a while. Map Info, When it comes to our server we do NOT have any custom continents/towns, We stick to the real map which includes, Thais, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Venore, Kazordoon, Edron, Port Hope, Cormaya, Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Goroma, Darashia, Farmine, Svargrond, Northen Zao & Okolnir. This is becouse we want people to hunt more on these places more than only Gengia, Pyre & Oken. Also this brings a very good RPG feeling. We have also fixed boat & carpet NPC's like real-tibia, included kicks. Gameplay, Once you enter Thais temple you will not see any teleports so don't get any panic... We do have training monks but NO custom events. We are mostly aiming for Hard Work & Guild Wars, So we have made some changes to the PVP System. First is that there is protection level until level 8 & we will not use black skull at all so there is only red skull & to gain red skull you need 3 frags & to gain banishment you need 15 frags, PZ time is 15 minutes to. Secondly once you are in a guild war you can't leave or delete the guild within 1 week from the start. Thirdly we have remapped the original defences in Thais & some other places, we like it to be more open wars. Spells, When it comes to the spells on our server we find it very important since without good spells there is no balanced vocations and no good wars so we have tested the runes & spells. We made so ues & waves hits a LITTLE less than normal with more exhaustion. We don't want people to run into a war and ue & then run from there, where brings us to the paralyze rune that paralyze you 2 seconds with no possibilities to cure, but you can spell spells. Also we have made so you wont be able to mana pot other players BUT you can heal pot them. Other changes is small spells changes like "Aaaah..." mode & exura sio which you'll notice later. The mana regain is 15mana/sec on unpromoted players and 30mana/sec on promoted players. Rates, Since there is a training room/trainers, we have lowered the skill rates, skill rate is 15x & magic rate is 7x. We also have 3x loot rate which is needed to gain faster(?) money & items. Additional Changes/Info, We have additional changes like Soya npc is removed from the whole map, Rashid Npc moved to port hope, You can only buy bless at Henricus Npc outside Inquistion reward room in south thais, You will only be able to buy Amule of loss at Eremo Npc at Eremo island, Stone skin amulet & Might ring effects are removed from the server, You will recieve 5 crystal coins at level 45 & You need level 100 to buy a house. Shop, We only have the shop mostly becouse to keep our dedicated server that makes it possible for us to have this server online & ofcourse to gain money from it so therefor we have a unique payment/shop system that saves all purchases made. So there is no way to be scammed or being scammed. So we hope you'll enjoy this server & will bring your team to play against other teams, We can promise that you'll not regret it. Sincerely, Vightrain team.
  16. Welcome, After weeks of hard work the Noobwar team finally released thenoobwar.net! Their goal is to be the best noobwar server out there and to provide a stable server that will provide you with endless of PvP fun! An awesome edited rook, which able you to Pvp even better. At thenoobwar.net you start at level 45 and advance in levels by killing other players. You play the OT by simply connecting to thenoobwar.net and login with 1/1 or create an account at the site. Choose a vocation and go out there and show your PvP skills! You start with the EQ as shown on the picture below and your runes and potions last forever. Killing other players grants you experience and is the only way to level up your character. Addon system: Killing other players will award you with one talon. By clicking the talon you will recieve 1 random addon item! Collect addon items and or trade them with other players and then turn them in to a NPC to get the addons! Info about Server: IP: thenoobwar.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.6 Hosted in: Netherlands, dedicated server with 100/100 connection. Server will be on 24/7 (Aiming for 100% uptime). Server type: Hardcore PvP. You earn exp by killing other players. Features: Vocation balancing: All vocations have been balanced to be viable in PvP. Top fragger system: The website features a Top Fragger system to follow who currently is the most badass PvP player on the server. Guild Frag System: Become the strongest guild on the server and track your score on the website! Custom PvP adapted map: Including completely revamped Rookgard, Desert, Boat town, Ice city, Bridge/Venore/Swamp town and an Elf town. All these maps are custom made to make the PvP experience as good as it can possibly be. Yakchal Boss Fight Yakchal Reward Room Hope U got some spare time to check it out, since it's really worth trying. Kind regards, Illusion. (All right go to the original owner of the OT - Original thread: Click here) and no, I'm not a member of the the noobwar team, just a player who loves this ot.
  17. 10/8/2011 Promotions are now available! Working on the Unique Spells for these promotions! Log in and have fun =] 10/5/2011 Working on the first promotions now =]. Hurry up and get level 200 so you will be ready to experience the update and all its awesomeness ☼Ip☼: species.no-ip.biz ☼Port☼: 7171 ☼Client☼: Tibia 8.6 ☼Uptime☼: 24/7 ☼Hosted in☼: United States (Texas) ☼Website☼: Species - Latest News (Website will be custom-made later on) ☼Exp rate☼: War Server (Custom Scripted Exp Rates) ☼Map☼: Custom, It contains 3 bases (Orc, Minotaur, Elves), Shops and Quests ☼Runes☼: Infinate (War Server) ☼Server type☼: War Server (Killing people gives experience) ☼Skills & Magic rates☼: Custom Skill Gaining System (You buy skills in the shop) Custom Scripts by Flatlander Outpost System (Defend your base by protecting generators that power your gates) King System (Killing the enemy-team's king will wipe their entire team, and give you experience and money depending on how many you killed) Updated Every Weekend (New Updates Every Week! Keeping the server balanced, and fun) Giant shop system (Hundreds of custom-scripted items and choices, there will always be a new goal to add to your arsenal) Custom Enchant System (Buy gems to enchant your weapons or arrows [ice = Chance of Paralyze, Energy - Chance of High Damage, Fire - Chance of Splash Damage, Earth - Chance of poison and Drowning]) Coming Soon Tons More Quests (You will be able to do each quest once a day, and these quests will get harder each time you do them) MORE Custom Items (Custom Scripted items that give you new abilities, or are usable and cast unique spells) Weather (Tornados, Lightning Storms, Blizzards, and Rain more will effect the battlefield) Events (Tons of Custom-Scripted events are being worked on. Coming Soon: Zombie Infection) New Update: 10/1/2011 Server Accounts were Reset and the server is now Live with no more resets.
  18. Welcome to Elox RPG-PVP! 6th edition. SERVER IS NOW OPEN! Server updates frequently. Uptime 24/7 You can go ahead and make your own suggestions at the forum. Information: • IP: elox.se • Ports: 7171 • Website: http://elox.se • Client: 8.60 • Hosted in Sweden • An old custom map called Dovux that has been edited a lot. • Vocations bit stronger than normal to make them balanced. • Daily frags to red skull: 4 (8 frags -> Black skull) • Weekly frags to red skull: 35 • Monthly frags to red skull: 135 • Red skull time: 48 hours • Black skull time: 120 hours Rates: • Experience - Stages from 150x to 2x. (Full list of the stages can be found at our website) • Loot - 2x • Magic - 8x • Skills - 18x Other: • Teleport room • Railroad quest • Potion stack • Guild war system • Huge map with a lot of quests • Lever system (When buying runes & potions) • Frag nugget when killing a level 140+ (Can be used to get PvP items) Frag system like real Tibia, use guildwar function to avoid getting unjustified kills when having a war. Protection level until level 80 If a level 80- is blocking, use !tp [name] to teleport him to the temple (Costs: 100soul)
  19. Evulclown.no-ip.org -- is back, this time with the -- Aurean Alliance War. To bring you pure skill-driven old-school PvP! Relive the epic battles in the biggest war that shaped Aurea -- The Alliance war 2007. Evulclown 7.6! Step back and play legendry characters such as Liam Darkcrosser and Fast'molt. And enjoy the fun you once had! ONE OF THE ONLY OLDSCHOOL WAR OTS AROUND. IP: Evulclown.no-ip.org Client: 7.6 Server type: PvP War: 1/1 log in and auto-select team Features: Map clicking is disabled. Everyone fights in the same conditions! Stair jumping is delayed. Fight like a man! Over 200 real characters from the Alliance war. Acurate Levels, skills and magiclevels collected during the war! Organised open battles and events. To keep the fighting fun and epic! Gamemasters check for cheaters on regular basis. Botters and bug abusers will be punished! Downloads: Client (.EXE) IP changer (.RAR) Spread the word to get this WAR server as popular again as it once was! (aureawar.no-ip.org / evulclown.no-ip.org direct to the same place, i'm lazy -- Sue me ) List of character and levels: [b][u][size=2]Alliance (ROM / Suave / Pirates):[/size][/b][/u] [i](Blue)[/i] [b][u]SORCERERS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Liam darkcrosser - 153 Zevs Mighty Thunder - 147 Vesz - 144 Qwenball Toots - 137 Mage jon - 120 Ozur - 115 Mips - 113 Frosta - 112 Henkie El'Bagus - 105 Natalon - 103 Tricky the Magician - 102 Van Tristan - 101 Linglifer - 98 Lithros Lome - 96 Palaianius Ravioulkan - 94 Dektral - 93 Dronec - 90 Ranilcurre - 89 Slowbo Toots - 88 Kimahirii - 87 Cassixx - 86 Beldare 83 Demon Mwardish - 81 Lord Dolkaj 81 Aabla - 80 Mazzieh Guliaur - 77 Konikoza - 73 Mixor Korkeror - 69 Ragnar de Venici - 69 Zimbli - 60[/color] [b][u]DRUIDS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Juhuzia - 111 Dikkeri - 110 Iros jaba - 98 Justys Druidka - 89 Aqitas - 80 Rhymes Toots - 78 Zibbensur - 71[/color] [b][u]PALADINS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Soldek - 137 Tooki Toots - 135 Lecther Tirado - 132 Zanxon Elvenwing - 122 Uncle Jakob - 120 Rikser - 119 Ulrig - 119 Lagurus - 118 - 21 Darkness Sixis - 118 Cervik - 115 Alrig - 113 Maxpoder Avatars - 110 Joker Poker - 109 Cahir the Dark Archer - 105 Duwe - 105 Rusikow - 104 Deltarius - 104 Blaze'kan - 101 Robin Hood The Fair - 101 Edelwise - 100 Nitearth'Ave - 100 Skoffer Boltalot - 99 Loratho Lome - 98 Pa Xuck - 97 Wollt - 95 Dedeh'The Legend - 93 Reveries - 90 Emod Ashenvale - 89 Korr Nulk'Chaos 88 Tageho Toots - 87 Morixar - 86 Dolkie - 85 Waldy Lome - 82 Tootsie Toots - 75[/color] [b][u]KNIGHTS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Warrior Futurity - 141 Forteniel - 135 Julia Deathblade - 133 Nozimu - 130 Valhiru - 127 Xuzav - 125 Dekos Wakusei 124 Zekiv - 122 Riptur - 121 Bodzix Can Allister - 115 Isaris - 114 James Lome - 111 Oaken - 110 Zeus of Infierno - 109 Rhy Holy'Assiar - 107 Xarcus - 106 Greyman - 106 Xerkan - 106 Ziruks - 106 Nina'The Legend - 105 Haklia - 105 Ninnix - 105 Nena Toots - 105 Pat'Primo - 105 Speed'Mono Sucio - 103 Dracozius - 100 Verduro - 99 Feruis Oak - 96 Xevedo - 88 Konuwed - 85[/color] [b][u][size=2]Principality of Destination (POD / FAG):[/size][/u][/b] [i](Green)[/i] [b][u]SORCERERS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Fast'molt - 172 Hellah - 143 Mastro Scue - 119 Lukcik Almighty - 113 Vladislavus Dragulia - 113 Iron Nostradamus - 111 Piaty Jezdziec Apokalipsy - 111 Dorkiz - 108 Dark Skejcik - 103 Lord of Sorccer - 102 Mc Woody Magus - 99 Nicco of Aurea - 99 Bud'bundy - 99 Gamroth the Behemoth - 95 Aimar de'Vrie - 94 Lord of Sorce - 93 Therrax - 92 Talantyr - 89 Magus Julion - 88 Kapek Aurea - 88 Thor Eleniah - 87 Thozo - 87 Van'lian - 83 Strong Noer - 82[/color] [b][u]DRUIDS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Mamilup - 131 Druid Karolka - 130 Kodek the Cursed - 95 Dzut - 89 Bulldog Fool - 86 Lesik - 85 Medinka - 82 Jacq First - 82[/color] [b][u]PALADINS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Folari - 141 Deeco - 131 Cavesi - 129 Sting Ninja - 127 Beru Senwin - 125 Soulcrasher - 124 Kilipukki - 121 Xydrus - 119 Asagi - 119 Thor Arteva - 117 Golden Rasel - 117 Nexoriu - 116 Endrox - 114 Apollo Archanista - 109 Eldero Tashfael - 109 Gex Darkblade - 105 Gruzin bro'war - 105 Mastro Morbid - 103 Fafis Eleandril - 101 Saint Gorgio - 100 Arqueiro de aurea - 100 Malathore - 97 Dofazi - 96 Kosidudki - 95 Denza - 91 Alex Fast Hunter - 89 Almeca - 88 Lord Sogan - 87 Kuldiseyto Verdiwerr - 84 Quenthel - 83 Elzagii - 80 Fast'keff - 79 Noxarystul Thirkaight - 79[/color] [b][u]KNIGHTS:[/u] [/b] [color=Green]Pikapo Eleandril - 173 Butibof - 171 Beznickos - 156 Joixazi - 149 Warriors Adu - 142 Wojowniq - 137 Theruviel - 137 Saori Mia - 135 Izmoks - 133 Guaio - 133 Arieswar sumo - 133 Tamapu - 132 Cromak - 129 Arkanjus Fighter - 126 Nasaged - 123 Elmo Blackknight - 121 Nervy - 120 Deesan - 120 Larus Romar - 117 Mariel Zori - 116 Xilef-Cat - 116 Sinister Serpent - 113 Jerolek - 111 Ryan van Hellsing - 110 Kseniks - 110 Vanrox - 109 Nokis - 109 Map-ed - 107 Solidbaka - 105 Jareckii - 101 Elwinga - 101 Marcin-Bartas - 100 Skullzinhu - 99 Felix - 99 Jevino - 93[/color] Disabled 131+ Characters for now! Attack exhaust = 1 Heal exhaust = 0.5 E-wave / P-storm = 1.5 UE exhaust = 2
  20. Hello I am a new mapper and this is my first ever custom map I Made, Im not finished yet and if you could give me some ideas I will use them if I like them, I need some ideas XD It would be nice if you guys could give me some feedback and what do you think about the map? I will show you some map parts as. Full Screen, Temple, Pvp Buildings, Anni, Waterfall and Some Random. Full Screen: Temple: Some Pvp Buildings: After I uploaded these images on the forum i noticed that they were really big and I dont know how to make them smaller so I could not post that many parts as I wanted to Thanks For your time watching the photos 31 views and no comments?:/
  21. Joffily

    Downgrade version 8.61 -> 8.60

    Hello otfans users, I've compilled the last trunk and I see its works just 8.61 and 8.62 but much players don't like that version, my question is how downgrade the last trunk to works with 8.60 client? I've compilete it but all msg console, quests, msg foods have issues, if someone have one solution please, write here.
  22. New OT server wait for You ! The server is typically designed into guild wars - only best can run the server highscores... Information: Ip: redy.hopto.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.54 - 8.57 Protection level: 50 Houses from: 100 lvl Single frag time: 4 godziny. Exp. stages: 1 - 50 - 150x 51 - 100 - 100x 101 - 130 - 75x 131 - 150 - 50x 151 - 180 - 25x 181 - 200 - 9x 201 - 250 - 5x 251+ - 3x Rates: Skill: 20x Magic: 7x Loot: 2.5x City: Thais Venore Carlin Ab'dendriel Kazordoon Edron Cormaya Darashia Ankrahmun Port Hope Liberty Bay Yalahar Farmine+ZAO Gengia New Oken New Pyre New Quests: Annihilator Pits Of Inferno Demon Helmet In Service of Yalahar Inquisition Demon Oak Arena Svargrond Blue Legs And many other ! Server: Intel Xeon L3426, 4-Core, HT CPU 8.000MB RAM, DDRIII ECC Ram 1000 GB SATAII HDD 100 MBit Connection Professional service, good configuration provides the game with no lag and bugs . The server will never be reset characters - the game is to roll your own life. And: From 50lvl - 10cc From 100lvl - 50cc From 200lvl - 150 Premium points Commands: !aol - buy aol !go - change outfit in guild !saveme - character save !softboots - softboots repair !promotion - buy promotion !bless - buy bless We invite all the teams and individual players! [/center][/size]
  23. Join the bloodshed today! BALLS OF STEEL 8.54 - 8.57 Player vs Player Enabled + Skull System dailyFragsToRedSkull = 15 weeklyFragsToRedSkull = 1000 monthlyFragsToRedSkull = 1000 Alot of features added to the server. Rebirth right now at level 375. Stay tuned for updates on re birthing specifics. More intelligent addon system implemented in Thais depo Real "Elf" Guild war system All features included. Added 4-28-10 Ability to bind your characters name and add your own description via The Item Binder to any non stackable item so if you ever loose your item you will eventually find out who has it! Server runs on a Level 3 connection Server is Really Dedicated! "no cost cutting vps or home computer jobs" --- WEBSITE INFO --- Ballsofsteelrealm - Latest News --- SERVER INFO --- IP: ballsofsteelrealm.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Holiday and weekend Double experience events regularly We DO NOT INTERFERE WITH REGULAR GAME PLAY, only on very rare occasions. * updates every week * laid back, hard working staff members * response to player feedback on most occasions. VIP Area Available with Intense hunting areas and a teleport room to most locations/hunting grounds around the map + EASY ADDONS via VIP FREE PACC for everyone There are a broad range of In game commands a lot of the information is already implemented on the website. !aol !bless !backpack !changender (sex change)-costs premium days !buypremium (buys premium days) --- EXP STAGES --- Level 1-50 -- x145 Level 51-100 -- x85 Level 101-150 -- x60 Level 191-195 -- x25 Level 196-200 -- x5 Level 201+ -- x2.5 --- MAP --- * 20+ towns 85% are Free adding free content and premium content at an even rate. Cities being built and modified under strict consideration for pvpers * unique weapon system some 2 handers changed to one handers etc for balance and fun * Zao mobs and loot * custom mobs * Expanded hunting areas ie. Edron demon hell. * Guild War System event added 4/08/10 100% ingame + guild page with special ingame flags. Event Token Exchange The first available option to spend your tokens is to exchange them for a temporary outfit change. The outfit is randomly generated from a pool of all the creatures in the game. Also use your tokens at the Item Binder Event Store Buy donor items with tokens. MISSION NPC ADDED 4/17/10 Do random killing missions to attain wealth and items! and to warm up for intense PVPE battles! * real map PLUS new spawns * All of the important quests plus custom quests - Easy access POI in thais for free players and there are portals in thais to other towns * 100% real NPCs + custom * 38 automatic raids * professionally balanced vocations - On advance to your first vocation you will notice an overall increase in performance from your character -> Second vocations coming later * always under construction but not alot of downtime. Join Today! --- CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT AT --- LOGIN - ballsofsteelrealm.no-ip.org AND I HOPE EVERYBODY HAS A BLAST! [/center]
  24. Joffily

    War System

    Hello otfans users, I have one problem to start wars in guild war system and I need help of community, if someone can post here and say for me how add manualy Wars I'll be happy 4ever. thanks
  25. Welcome to Elox RPG-PVP! Edition 5 Connection information: • IP - ELOX OT CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE • URL - ELOX OT CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE • Client - 8.54 • Uptime - 24/7 • An Custom map, Old Dovux map. That has been edited a lot. Rates: • Experience - Stages (Starts at 150x, ends at 2x) • Loot - 2x • Magic - 8x • Skills - 18x Other: • Teleport room (All quests and spawns are not added) • Guild war system • Huge map with a lot of quests • Lever system (When buying runes & potions) • Frag nugget when killing a level 120+ (Can be used to get PvP items) • Vocations bit stronger than normal to make them balanced. • Daily frags to red skull: 4 (8 frags -> Black skull) • Weekly frags to red skull: 35 • Monthly frags to red skull: 135 • Red skull time: 48 hours • Black skull time: 120 hours • Skullsystem with experience for killing players • Protection level until level 60. If a level -60 is blocking, use !tp [name] to teleport him to the temple (Costs: 100soul) Frag system is like real Tibia, use guildwar function to avoid getting unjustified kills when having a war. The server uses donation, but pretty much all donation items can be found in-game without giving a donation! Minimap: (Keep in mind that this is over the MAIN floor only, there are way more places than this.)

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