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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, dear forum members. I would like to introduce to you, operating since January 1, 2017, a server created for players who have fallen in love with the pre-Mainland island - Rookgaard. You will not find here a vocation or a paid store, and to spice up the game next to the island that everyone knows we have added the second, also the starting one - Luminis. Below is a brief summary of the server, followed by a longer description. Server: Website & IP: rookgaard.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 (also for Android platform) (description of Android client) Location: Europe, Poland + USA proxy from players in both America (description of proxy mechanism) Availability: 24/7 Rates: experience: 10x, constant skill: 7x magic: 3x loot: 2x Gameworld: SMS shop: none, points to the store acquired exclusively in the game (description of earning points) PACC: yes, to buy for points earned only in the game (description of the PACC benefit) map: original Rookgaard + modifications (map with spawns) world type: nonPvP with some areas with active PvP starting islands: Rookgaard and Luminis (both do not require PACC and allow you to get the first equipment and experience) (beginner's guide) quests: all like real Rookgaard and many more (list of visible quests) addons: yes, individual outfits with addons give different benefits (list of outfits with bonuses) server save: yes, every day at 06:00 in the morning blessings: yes, up to 24 level free houses: yes spells: yes raids: many bosses and field raids (list of launched raids from a given day) tasks: yes, both for killing a certain number of monsters and for bringing a certain number of items (tasks description) What else you can find at Rookgaard.pl? Daily Bonuses - the ability to earn points for daily login lottery - select 3 numbers correctly to win the pot (lottery description) offline messages - player is out of the game, and you would like to give him a message? use offline messages (description of using the system) bug reward system - report a map error, get 2k; report a game error, you will receive 5k Crafting system - create your armor and make it even better (description of using the system) Paintball Event - meet other players in the arena and show that you have better reflex and a better eye (event description) Minesweeper - think logically and make no mistake (description of the Minesweeper game) tutorials - do you want to know how to start, but not only? check what we had prepared for you statistics - check how you have compared to others in the extensive statistics menu surveys - the best way to influence the server development CAM system - do you want to immortalize a quest or exp with friends? it's there, watch when you want Discord bots - ability to read ingame channels and access to bacis server info (Discord bots description) Contact: Discord: Join link e-mail: info@rookgaard.pl FB: Rookgaard.pl forum: Rookgaard.pl - Forum 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds 2. Starting islands 3. Quests 4. Website shop and points 5. Raids 6. Available areas 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds The server started on January 1, 2017 as a hobby project of the Rookgaard player both on RL and on several OTS with Rookgaard. Initially, there were two worlds, Legera with lower exp rate and Hegera with higher. Such action was intentional, because the first two months were to show which version of the world attracts a larger number of players. March 1, due to the lower popularity of Legera was turned off, and all characters were transferred to Fixera, a new server with a fixed exp rate 10x. The levels, of course, have been converted in the way players would gain experience playing 10x from the start. In this way, no one lost his character and there were two servers in parallel - Hegera and Fixera. Such a state of affairs did not last long, because on May 1, Hegera was also closed, and players (also after the conversion of experience) were transferred to Fixera, where as the entire community of Rookstayers continued their adventures. All of these servers were in version 8.60, but to be more flexible we started working on the server in the latest possible version supported by TFS. And so, on January 1, 2018, in other words, on its first birthday, Xyla in version 10.98 started, which is in the public testing phase to this day. 2. Starting islands Creating a character, a player can pick one of two cities. In addition to the Rookgaard island that every Rookstayer knows, the island of Luminis operates. It is not a city for more advanced players, but it was prepared so that both functioned as the first, the initial ones. Each city has its own rulers, initial quests and similar levels of spawns with monsters. 3. Quests On the server, in addition to all the quests available on the real Rookgaard (along with those involving the exchange of items) is available fully operational Quest Log. In addition to them, there are also added quests with better weapons, or to buy better quality potions and many more, specially adapted to the needs of the islands. 4. Website shop and points On the server does not exist and there will be no SMS (or any other real-currency based) store, and players can earn points only for their activity in the game. Points are awarded for participation in events on the server, bosses and as well as daily logging. A wider description is available on the server forum in this thread. 5. Raids On the server at the moment there are several dozen invasions of bosses on both islands and several field raids. The invasions are drawn with the start of the server, and on the Rookgaard.pl page appears an hour after launching it on the server. Participation in raids, in addition to strong and useful items, is also rewarded with points - the appropriate % for taking part in the fight with the boss and points for killing the monster during a field attack. 6. Available areas On the server, in addition to the fact that the entire Rookgaard is added, many new hunting areas are added. To preserve the balance of both islands, the following are added: - Dwarf mine south of the Rookgaard Temple - Elven village, further south than the mine - Cyclops cave in the east of Rookgaard - Rotworm caves under Katana Quest - Tarantul caves with the giant spider respawn deep in the underground of Posion Cave on Rookgaard - Amazon village east of the city on Luminis - Minotaur fortress to the north-east of the city on Luminis - Orc fortress north-west of the city on Luminis - Dworcs mine near the Minotaur fortress - Wyvern hill to the north of Luminis - and much more In addition, there is the ice island Glacius, which can be reached by ships from both islands, which include Mammoths, Frost Giants, Chakoyas, and after performing the more difficult quest Ice Witches and Crystal Spiders. The map with the location of the monsters can be found here. 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers On the server there are many statistics available to players, and one of them is the tab for how much the player is online. The system downloads a list of players every 3 minutes and lists them here Rookgaard.pl, and additionally on the online list Rookgaard.pl is a graph that measures the players' activity. The bookmark of completed quests Rookgaard.pl includes all possible quests that are constantly being developed with new entries. Every day during server save the powegrames rankings for both worlds are generated, where everyone can check how high the place occupied on a given day and the Top100 Powergamers list is updated. See you in the game, hear you in the chat! Rookgaard.pl
  2. After almost 5 years, UmbyWAR will return on April 24th, 2015! UmbyWAR is a WAR server IP: war.umbyots.net Supported Clients: 8.60 Custom Clients: Coming Soon! Start Level: 100 Website: http://war.umbyots.net/ Forum: UmbyWAR Forum UmbyWAR will be hosted on a Dedicated Server! Public account information: Account: 123 Password: 123 20 Characters of each vocation available (Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer) About UmbyWAR: UmbyWAR is a very unique war server. We are using an edited Edron map, we recently added most of the Fibula map as well! All characters start at level 100. Skills, Magic Levels, and Exp does not save on death or logging out. Skills and Magic Level increase by leveling not training. We have very balanced vocations and use most spell found in real tibia (8.60 era). There are many weapons and other items you are able to obtain from several NPCs located around town. There is a variety of quests which are very difficult, some which require a group to begin. You will recognize some from real tibia. Quests are a very good way to obtain unique items and rare addons. The first addon of each outfit requires a different item. Addons are added to the player instantly and if it is a Personal Account the addon will save to the player. Soul orbs are used as currency. With each kill, you are rewarded one soul orb. Once you reach 10 kills you may enter a door in the temple and make your Personal Account. Personal Account addons will save, along with whatever outfit you were dressed in when you last logged off. Soul points can be converted into Umby Points at a 1:1 ratio! Earn soul points at 10 kills (without dying) per soul point! Quests: Level 100 Annihilator Level 110 Annihilator Demon Helmet Quest Pits of Inferno Ghazbaran True Hunter Quest The Ancients' Quest Warrior's Steel Quest Jester's Guessing Game Quest (Addon 1 and 2 for Jester Outfit) NOTE: Quests in blue are based on real tibia. Boss Monsters: Jack Sparrow Orshabaal Morgaroth Ghazbaran Ferumbras (spawn and raid) Demodras (random spawn) Dracola (random spawn) Mr. Punish (random spawn) Features: Personal Account System - Accounts are created instantly after speaking to the Account Maker Individual addons - Each addon has a item or set of items you will need to find. Addons will save if you have a personal account. Random boss spawns - Bosses such as 'Demodras' spawn very rarely and randomly. They usually drop addon items that cannot be found elsewhere. Depots - Players are given a single depot slot on creation. Most quests grant at least 1 more slot, allowing players to store items they wish to use later. Custom Spells - Three spells have been added to help keep the vocations balanced. A list of custom spells are available Here: Custom Spells Rules: A list of rules can be found here: Server Rules The UmbyWAR Mission: Since Umby created UmbyWAR, it has been our focus to 1)keep PvP balanced and 2) keep PvP focused on skill rather than numbers. With a focus on involved quests, UmbyWAR has provided both a great PvP environment, and fun, interesting, and challenging quests. None of my (Senior)GameMasters had to ask to be one. Please do not mention it in game.
  3. FIRST OF ALL, THIS RATES ARE BEIGN REVIEWED BECAUSE WE ARE CONSIDERING RAISING THEM. -- SERVER EMPIRE JUST OPENED MAY 17th 2011 - CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW ON http://server-empire.com -- Connect Information ·IP: server-empire.com ·Port: 7171 ·Page: http://www.server-empire.com ·Client: 8.60 -- Server Hosting & Network Details ·Intel Dual Xeon© 4MB L CACHE - 3.0Ghz ·DUAL DDR3 1333FSB 4GB x2 ·Hosted in USA ·Premium 10GB Download/upload Bandwidth -- Rate system & Ingame Information ·Rookgaard experience (Level 1-8): 9x ·Mainland experience (Level 9-220): 12x ·Mainland experience (Level 220-XXX): 10x ·SkillRate: 9x ·MagicRate: 6x ·LootRate: 3x ·ProtectionLevel: 8 -- Cities Availables ·Ab'dendriel ·Carlin ·Darashia ·Edron <br />·Yalahar ·Svargrond ·Port Hope ·Zao Complete ·Kazordoon ·Venore ·Ankrahmun ·Thais ·95% Tibia Global Island are complete including: Fenrock, Mistrock, Goroma and more. ·And much more cities/spawn/islands will be added soon! -- GOLD RULE DO NOT BOT AFK Remember that botting afk is not allowed on our servers, please respect this rule. -- Game Features ·Rookgaard System as TRUE RPG Challenge before main! ·Addons working ·Automatic Raids Randomly ·Uptime: 101% ·PVP World ·Balanced vocations ·Quest works 100% ·Full Northen Zao, Rachazai Islands. ·Fenrock Mines 100% -- Ingame systems ·Real Tibia War System // With Fraglimits, and money! ·Top-Fragers system ·Enchanted Items full working ·Upgrade Weapons and equipment. ·Houses with monthly rent period working ·And more! -- Experience System ·Skull/Frags System ·WhiteSkullTime = 15 Minutes ·RedSkullLength = 3 Days ·DailyFragsToRedSkull = 8 Frags ·WeeklyFragsToRedSkull = 50 Frags ·MonthlyFragsToRedSkull = 230 Frags THIS SERVER IS HOSTED BY RETIRED GAMERS WHO ARE WILLING TO INVEST AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE SERVER EMPIRE 101% BUG FREE! PLEASE REPORT ANY INCONVENIENCE TO THE SUPPORT STAFF. Enjoy!
  4. SolusOT An OT experience like none other. 4x experience - with guild, party, and rank bonuses! (plays like 8-10x) 20-100x skills (skill rings increase skill gains) 20-100x magic level (items increase gains) Old school feel Balanced vocations SolusOT has five new vocations: * Samurai, a highly offensive melee user with mediocre shielding but decent spells * Necromancer, able to command 6 undead minions at a time, the necromancer wields dark spells and his evil army to kill * Pirate, a dual-wielding slice and dice machine with poor defense and magic but excellent hp and the ability to use either distance/melee or melee/melee dual weapons. * Archer, an extraordinarily high damage sniper, minimal magic abilities and defense, but a true glass cannon with high damage and low cost hunting. * Rooker, play the old-school way with a true rooker for the ultimate challenge! SolusOT features: * Custom client with over 100 new items, and all monsters through 8.3! * Over 100 quests! * Improved combat system, faster hits, higher damage, more exciting gameplay! * Experience sharing! * Over 40 custom monsters * Epic versions of all monsters! * Paragon abilities! * Rebirth system for even more power! Tradeskills! * Farming * Fishing * Mining * Bread-making Special items like these: * Amulet of life, no loss on death! * Cape of invisibility, permanently become invisible any time! * Mana shield, permanent mana shield whenever you wear this shield! * Winged helmet, +30 levels of run speed * Pendant of rejuvenation, instantly fill your belly - use as much as you'd like! * More wands, rods, weapons and equipment Join over 8000 player files and over 3500 accounts on a server that has been around for nearly a year! Play now! Try it out!
  5. Devmo

    [USA] war server

    I am not the owner of this server just a player. Ip: penatonicwar.servegame.com Website: penatonicwar.servegame.com:8080 Port: 7171 This server is new and it is a war server. right now the server is dead the server has a few quests but they are working on to get more. they have 3 different annis custom DHQ and a custom INQ~ a custom hunting spot for low levels every time you kill a person you will get a Soul and if you collect enough you can trade them for items. exp is 250 some commands are... !aol Will cost 10k to use. !hunt allows you to put a bounty on a player. !go Will allow the guild leader to change his whole guilds outfit at any time. Server is looking for tutors. there are donations and a vip island with custom trainers and custom hunting spots try the server out.
  6. Dipsetrpg.no-ip.org | Dipsetrpg.no-ip.org | Dipsetrpg.no-ip.org **New Server** **New Server** **New Server** ------------------------------------------------------------ Server Details IP: Dipsetrpg.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.42 Acc : http://dipsetrpg.no-ip.org/ Forums: Dipset Forum ------------------------------------------------------------ - Welcome To Dipset RPG Full Real Map Server - - Experience Stages = 10-50 x 70, 51-100 x 50, 101-150 x10, 151-200 x 7, 200-"xxx" x 5. - Well balanced PVP. - Promoted Knights/Paladins increased attack speeds - working quests (Anni,Poi,Dhq,Inquisition,Yalahar +many more) - full real map (including yalahar) - Custom City w/ Spawns - No Stairhop Delay - PvP Skull System (7 Frags To Red Skull , 12 to Ban.) - 1400 houses - Friendly Staff, And Growing Community! - Server Rules: Have fun! - Good Uptime! ------------------------------------------------------------ If you encounter a bug or any problems should arise, please contact: Owner - Martin Gamemaster - Cody Tell your friends about us! Have Fun, Enjoy! Tags: Dipset , Rpg , Real map , PvP , 8.42, 8.42 server Keywords: Rpg, PVP , Real map , 8.42 server
  7. L i n u k Online Name: Linuk Online OT (A.K.A. LOOT) Website: L i n u k online - Latest News Protocol: Tibia 8.40 (soon to be 8.42) Nationality: Mexican developers Host: USA (Florida), paid dedicated server IP/Port: http://www.linukonline.com / 7171 Uptime: 24/7 (dedicated server) Map: Huge and detailed custom map with taken parts from RL Tibia (Edron, PoH and Yalahar) Houses: 350+ Monsters: 6500+ (many new and custom) Exp rate: Stages (ends in 5x after level 250+) Runes: 7x Loot rate: 3x Server type: regular PvP Premium system: enabled (check website) Quests: - Many custom quests (up to 40+) - PoI - Annihilator - Demon Helmet - Inquisition - Ferumbras Tower PvP: We LOVE fighting in wars, but we certainly hate OT's in which some vocation is better than the others because then wars are made fought only by those vocations. For that reason we put many hours of our lives trying to reach the perfect balance between all vocations. But don't let me brag about it, go try it yourself! Feel free to invite all your friends. Any doubts or problems can be reported to any of our friendly team, you can find out who we are in our website. I'll post some screenshots taken earlier today right after posting this thread. With kind regards and hoping to see you online soon your friend Beatlz

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