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Found 11 results

  1. Aashora.net Starts 1st September 18:00 CEST!! Server Information Like Our Facebook Page!! Introduction, Dear Visitors! Aashora - The Final Version is the last launch of Aashora.net, it is an 8.60 Real-Map server with all towns (full zao), unique events & almost all of the quests are done, we also have Gengia, Oken & Pyre (Revamped)... do you want to experience this??! Then what are you waiting for? Go create your account now! And don't miss the opening date! Also we would like to tell you that there is plenty unique features in progress that will be published in further updates. General Information, IP: Aashora.net Website: Aashora - Latest News Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Game type: Low Pvp-enforced with skulls! & GUILDWAR system! Online 24/7 No Lagg & 100% free from bugs!! Rates, Skills: 40x Magic: 30x Loot: 2x Exp Stages: (Can be changed) 1 - 50lvl = 600x 51 - 130lvl = 280x 131 - 150lvl = 140x 151 - 170lvl = 70x 171 - 200lvl = 40x 201 - 230lvl = 20x 231 - 260lvl = 10x 261 - 300lvl = 5x 301 - ~~ = 2x What Is So Special About Aashora? - Working hard on everything thats needed to be fixed or are being request! - A loyal & respectfull team working (Staff) - Custom Quests! - Marriage system! - Unique house system, by that we mean if a player doesnt enter in-game within 7 days.. the house will go lost. - Balanced vocations - A great training system (15min afk kick if not using any bot) - 99% uptime (Only offline when updating) - KillingInTheNameOf Quest tasks with npc!! - Aashora - Guildwars - Guildwar System - Aashora - Top fragers - Top Fraggers System(Only unjustified will counts) - Aashora - Lottery - Lottery system(Every 6 hours) - Aashora - Events - LastManAlive Event! - Aashora - Jail Records - Jailsystem (12h jail for any rule-violation!) - Aashora - Addon Bonuses - Benefits when wearing full addons! - Aashora - Raid Schedule - Raids everyday like real-tibia! - Aashora - Character Auctions - You can sell your character for gift points! The PvP System, Low pvp-enforced with skulls! Thats mean youll get frag when killing people and just recieve an amount of experience when player dies at yours level range! The red skull will remove within 24hr The black skull will remove within 2 days Frags for red skull = 7 Frags for black skull = 14 Frags are removed every 24 hour PZ Time is 10 minutes The Quests, -Annihlator 100% -Demon Helmet Quest 100% -Inquisition 100% -Demon Oak 100% -Banshee Quest 100% -Pits of inferno 100% -Yalahari Quest 100% -Hat of the mad 100% -Behemoth Quest 100% -Firewalker Boots Quest 100% -Ultimate Challange Quest 100% -Blue Legs Quest 100% -Banshee Quest 100% -AND OFCOURSE MORE! So we hope you'll enjoy this server & will bring your team to play against other teams, We can promise that you'll not regret it. Sincerely, Aashora team.
  2. http://otfans.net/threads/184891-Official-OTFans-Distro-Applications
  3. Maveria The Legend - Ultimate Real Map Website: www.maveria.net IP: maveria.net Client: 9.10 Hosted: In Europe, Fast Connection Teaser Video: Server: 100% Clean Real Map Zao + Razachai Complete Real Guild War System (With Shields) Lottery (For Donators Only) Addon Bonuses Full Mount system (Just like real tibia) 8.70 Tibia Player Killer System (Orange Skull) Free Premium Account Full Tibia Raid System Full Addon System Spell Icon/Cooldown System Never before seen Arena System! Earn PvP rating to buy items and become the superior PvP New balanced PvP spells Fair donator accounts to support the server Quests: Annihilator Quest Demon Helmet Quest Demon Oak Quest Blue Legs Quest Pits of Inferno Quest Inquisition Banshee Quest Arena Quests Yalaharian Quest Pythius the Rotten and much much more! Rates: Magic Rate: 10x Skill Rate: 20x Loot Rate: 3.5x Experience Stages: (8 to 50: 130x) (51 to 80: 100x) (81 to 100: 70x) (101 to 130: 40x) (131 to 150: 30x) (151 to 180: 20x) (181 to 210: 15x) (211 to 220: 10x) (221+ : 5x) Others: Well Tested Server 100% Dedicated Server and Community Good staff Fair Game-Play Fast connection, stable platform. Look forward to seeing you there. Join the Legacy, prepare for battle!
  4. Hello there I've been into OT servers alot in the past years, but now it been awhile since I last made one myself. I got the basics to handle scripts and so on. I got in mind to make an unique 8.6 open Tibia server but I got some questions before I will take start. 1. I'm using right now NaxedOT 8.6(http://otfans.net/showthread.php?168924-8.60-NaxedOt-8-mysql-amp-sqlite). It's good or should I change? Why? 2. I'm going for kinda advanced scripts, and looking for some more experienced people to help me once now and than. 3. Setting up an fully working homepage? How? Any good guide? 4. How do I create an own login with my own background? I've seen it on other server so it must be possible. Also going to have my own sprite file for the server, it's possible to make that it get's in automatic when installing this "home-made" client? I guess more questions will pop up soon, also if you know anything more that could be good for me to know to ease the work for my project are welcome! I will keep this post updated with what I need help with and so on.. Thanks alot (First I was going for a 7.6 server so the second post in this thread are an answer for that)
  5. This is teaser II of Lands Of Forsaken Kingdom ill show you here 2 quest's:) Hope you like it Demon Castle Next page more!
  6. Fare-Fray

    [Germany] Epic OTS 8.54

    ong time ago in this world everyone was living in peace with each other. But everything what was normal for people living in this world disappeared with attack of gruesome creatures. Villages were burnt... People were murdered... Children were abandoned... Situation was worse and worse with every second. Wizards of the First Order had to make very hard decision. They knew how to make an ancient ritual that could save their world. But nothing went like they wanted. During the ritual on of their brotherhood betrayed them and intercepted the ritual with a terrific cause. All the power gathered by the magicians disturbed the structure of the world and caused it to explode and split onto small pieces. After cataclysm the rest of Wizards of the First Order made portals leading to different parts of world to make searching easier but unfortunately most of them were taken over by wild beasts. You are one of the survivors and you have to help protecting what is left of your old world. Here you can download out client! Some basic info about server: Join us! Webpage: Epic OTS. Client version: 8.54 - 8.55 We have a FULLY CUSTOM and HUGE map with teleports to special hunting and quest grounds. Experience gain has a different formula than normal tibia but it is something like x50 where the maximum level will be 1000. As we used every possible item, we have over 400(!) equipment pieces which can be upgraded in-game with various abilities like chance to deal critical hits, chance to dodge the enemy attack, chance to heal yourself, chance to protect against physical hits, protection against magic and so on. Or maybe you want to forge a dual wield-able sword? All those stats can be changed in-game for every single item, same as basic stats like attack and defense, so there are really A LOT of items and every item can be unique. Each of those items are dropped by, also fully custom, monsters. We have customized them all so you have something to do on all levels, there are always some better items, some stronger monster, some harder quests. You always will have new goals. It may of course feel a little dizzy because most of you are used to real tibia creatures. That's why our monsters have levels which show at around which level you can hunt those creatures. Those levels show also how strong items those creatures can drop. Level 100 creature drops items for characters around this level. To balance them we have used innovating system of damage. If monsters have higher level than you, it deals additional damage percent equal to level difference between you and monster. It also works in opposite way, so if it’s becomes hard for you to hunt equal leveled monsters, there is something for you too. Some more special features, just to let you know, that this server is really worth trying: re you bored of wasting a lot of time selling your loot? Not anymore! We have developed a new item selling system. To sell an item you just need to drop it on a blue flame which you can find in every depot. You can also drop whole backpack of items there and they will be all sold in a blink of eye. Does it take you 5 minutes to find in which backpack you have mana potions? Not on this server! You can stack your runes and potions up to 100 charges in one item! We offer you an insane variety of spells you have never seen before. Additionally, all of them have «clever» formulas, so don’t be afraid that some players will be overpowered. We are expecting fair and interesting PvP wars. Our city is divided on different zones for players on different levels. In each zone you will find new houses, new monsters, new shops and of course new quests and events zones. We have pretty much of those. Have you ever wanted to have a pet in-game? Maybe you wanted to name it? Or you wanted to level up your pet? Now your dreams come true! Only here you can pick any type of pet (dogs, cats, bugs, frogs, snakes and more, name it (name is displayed in-game!), level it up (the pet earn exp when it helps you to kill creatures). (Click for bigger resolution => ) P.S. Hello everyone once again, that’s me – Fare. This is my upcoming project, which I would like to launch as soon as possible. Thanks for your time which you spent for reading my teaser, but I want to mention some more things: This project is not really done as I wanted, there are still a lot of things which I really want to implement, and they will be done soon. Epic OTS is not pretending to be the best open tibia server ever made, but it’s really a great piece of my work, I’m sure you will see unique features(of course I haven't listed everything inside the teaser), nice game-play and perfect balance. I really hope that we will make a great community there. Let it be the place, where you can rest and get some fun after boring days of studying, working etc. Have fun!
  7. Well i was wondering how do you use action id and unique id is there some list to show how each id works?
  8. Hello! The original thread was made as a monthly thing that would have a new theme each month. I support this and therefore I'm going to bring activity into it. There will be a new thread each month, with a new theme every time. When a new one is created the old one will be closed. The link to the previous months thread will be posted in the new thread aswell. Link to Thread; Mapping styles [Depot/Temple/Houses] (month: December 2007) For this month, which will be the next month; August, the styles you can show in this thread are: Bridges (Maybe you've made a cool bridge in a unique way) Crossings (A rivercross is surely a bridge, but it can also be a canyoncrossing. or maybe an underground path through a deep mine?) The original idea was Sizaro's, thread organized by Silverstone (Silent Reaper) and now I take the part of organizer of this great idea which will give you a chance to show your uniqueness. Keep to this months topic and don't post any other themes, they will be deleted! You may comment posted screenshots and what to improve as well. constructive criticism is always appreciated. Posts containing flaming against anyone will be deleted. Also the general board and forum rules apply here. Sincerely Mackan
  9. aquaboem

    OT unique monster system hepl

    Hi people, I was wondering if it is possible if a monster is killed it get broadcast who killed him.
  10. Roki PL

    [Request]Easy script!

  11. Yakushi

    Quests doesn't work

    Help pls!! My server is ready but one problem is there: The Noobquests doesn't work. I write in the chests Uniqueid the item id. it doesn't work... then i write it in action.. doesn't work. Then in both, doesn't work and then in uniqueid item id and in action 2000. doesn't work. But why??? Please help! PS: When i open it in game there is: Can not use this object. Man please help!!!!! PLEASE! PS²: I use TFS 0.3b2 client 8.4

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