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Found 222 results

  1. Furora.net 10.00-11.47 Global Real Map! Furora OTS https://furora.net Tibia 10.00-11.57 port 7171 ip furora.net Exp Stages 1-50: x 400 50-100: x 300 100-120: x 200 120-140: x 100 140-160: x 80 160-180: x 60 180-200: x 40 200-220: x 30 220-240: x 15 240-260: x 10 260-300: x 5 300-400: x 3 400-500: x 2 500 +: x 1 Skills: x 50 Magic Level: x 10 Loot: x 3 Houses: 100 lvl + Protection level: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes Frags to Red Skull: 10 (Day) Frags to Black Skull: 15 (Day) the first 20 mounts is free for all players! from 30 lvl at every next 30 lvl receive certain quantity crystal coins! Commands: !serverinfo = server information !frags = Display's your current frags count. !aol = Buy aol. Cost 20000 gp. !bless = Buy all bless with twist of fate! (to 200 lvl bless are free). !go = Change of outfit everyone in the guild House Commands: !buyhouse = If you stand near the house doors, this command will buy house, if you have enough money. !leavehouse = If you stand in your house, you will leave it. All items will go to the inbox. aleta sio = set house guest list. aleta som = set house subowners list. aleta grav = when you stand before the door, set access to a door. alana sio = kick player out of your house. Here are some screenshots from the server: No wait! go https://furora.net and Make account now!
  2. https://Ots-List.org - Tibia, Ots, Otserv Open Tibia Server List, Otservlist Ots List. https://ots-list.org Ots List of database servers Otservlist Open Tibia with around the world. The Otserv list was created to facilitate the owners Ots advertising, and thus acquiring players. Adding server is completely free, and delivering the desired results - increase in the number of players online. The website has a search engine ots servers https://ots-list.org/search server through which you can find for himself and https://ots-list.org/download section where you can find a customer for each protocol Tibia .
  3. Hello, I wish to present a unique server that is https://dinera.net tibia server ots for tibia 8.6. Without beating around the bush, some information: tibia 8.60 port 7171 ip dinera.net Exp Stages 1-50: x 400 50-80: x 200 80-100: x 30 100-120: x 10 120-140: x 7 140-160: x 3 160-200: x 2.5 200-250: x 2.4 250-300: x 2.3 300-350: x 2.2 350-400: x 2.1 400 +: x 2 Skills: x 50 Magic Level: x 10 Loot: x 3 Houses: 200 lvl + Protection level: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes lvl 50 at every next lvl 50 you get a certain quantity of crystal coins! lvl 180 at every next lvl 20 get 30 points for premium sms shop! The first 20 people with lvl 100 will receive 300 premium points to sms shop and so that every next 100 lvl! [/ B] As you can see you do not need to send text messages or make transfers, for example, you get points. For Levels, but not only. DO NOT BUY THE BEST of items in SMS Shop! They feature is available only with exceptional own custom quests: As you can see there are quite a few, and they are 100% quests customowe. TASKS Ots has its own system tasks, from those who are on the Hellhounds RL tibia and Juggernauts. With better bosses fly shop items with sms and not only, for example: Loot of a Ethershreck: a frag remover, the calamity. Loot of a Jungler: a jewelled backpack, a demonbone, dragon scale legs, a addon doll. Loot of a Zanakeph: a random present bag, a demonwing axe, a frag remover, a upgrading rune, a addon doll Loot of a Kerberos: a fireborn giant armor, a solar axe. Loot of Demontero: a demon backpack, 5 crystal coins, a solar axe, an ornamented shield. Bothered you that after 2 weeks of the game you had a couple of backpacks CC and you do not what to do with them ??? -Nothing In this. On the Server Characters are upgrade runes, the 250cc one. Each item can be improved 6 times, so to improve the whole EQ have to be as many as 48! Each upgrade increases def fleece or attack the course of two, so you can feel the difference in the defense of having full on 6 eq. Example improved the course: invasions Dinera has a unique system of raids and bosses customowe challenging even for well well ripped and high-level team, here's an example of the fittest: 13:32 You lose 4688 mana blocking an attack by Infernatil. Server has 4 additional cities - Ghenov, Oken, Gengia, Pyre. Oken, Pyre Gengia and are very powerful, has added a huge amount of exp. Each city can move to another on foot - with Gengii to Oken, with Oken to Pyre, and Pyre to Ghenov. In addition, the Gengii can get to the Fibula: D Maps: I wrote many attractions not because there are just too much. At the start serva pockets probably about 600-1000 people Also, I would recommend a return to the old and some of the best times of Tibia: D https://dinera.net
  4. http://axera.pl - This is an extensive Evolution map with teleports. Exp Stage : 1-50: x 400 50-150: x 350 150-200: x 320 200-300: x 300 300-400: x 200 400-500: x 100 500-600: x 50 600-700: x 25 700-1500: x 10 1500 +: x 5 IP: Axera.pl Skill: x30 Magic: x15 Loot: x3 Spawn: x 3 Client: 8.60 PvP: Od 100lvla RS: od 25+ fragów na dzien *Its worth mentioning that All items from the sms shop are available from quests. *Guild War System *Balanced professions - lots of events - lots of taks - new raids - auction system - outfit bonuses - Regroup System - House System - Predator System -new items -new quests -endless runes potiony WWW.AXERA.PL
  5. [poland][8.6] feba.mine.nu - the best real map legend server ever! https://feba.mine.nu/ new edition legend real map! New edition of the best real map server ever starts on 24.04.2017 at 20:00 polish time. lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Feba Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia servers world! We know how to protect our server against ddos attack so quality and stability are in the first place! table engine, which can handle 1000 players! We are prepared to welcome 1000 players from the whole world during the server start! o server DDoSing! How many times have you lost your items and got irritated because someone attacked the server you were playing on? Our current hosting data center HosTeam provides us with efficient firewall, which can prevent our server from DDoS attacks! ew 'Green Town' for players who have done Gengia Hardcour Quest. PvP Village is a island where you can learn how to doing wars and pk! It you die on this island you will not lose your lvls, skills and backpacks. This is not all, join us to see what a wonderful server it is! Server specification: Intel Xeon Processor X3440 4x 2x 2.53+ GHz 8 GB RAM 1 x 0.25 TB Connection: 1 Gbps Location: HosTeam Poland Poznan - Wielkopolska Client: Tibia 8.6 Exp stages: Level: 1-50 : 350x Level: 51-100 : 280x Level: 101-130 : 120x Level: 131-150 : 60x Level: 151-170 : 30x Level: 171-190 : 15x Level: 191-200 : 8x Level: 201-220 : 6x Level: 221-280 : 3x Level: 281+ : 2x PVP Protection: 100 lvl Skill Rate: 30x Magic Level Rate: 20x Loot Rate: 4x Frags & skull system # redSkullLength = 1day # blackSkullLength = 3 days # dailyFragsToRedSkull = 20 # dailyFragsToBlackSkull = 25 Map: Edited REAL MAP + ZAO + Farmine + Oken + Gengia + Pyre + Travora + Itea + Ithilien + Vinera + PVP Village + RAZACHAI + other smaller islands Other: # Free Pacc # Free 5cc in 45lvl # Free 5cc in 100lvl # Balanced vocations # Great guild wars # Top Frags # Top Guilds # Professional Mapping # All Working Potions # This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is! Restarts? As long as there are players on this server there will not be any restarts on FEBA OTS. This content is only visible to registered users. On Feba Ots when you are promoted to the specified lvl you reward points to sms shop which you can spent on a great and very powerfull items! Maps:
  6. Olá pessoal!! Este questionário tem como objetivo identificar quais são os ASPECTOS que um magnifico OTServer tem que ter para que possa trazer ao máximo a DIVERSÃO que você tanto deseja. Por isso agrademos pelo seu tempo e contamos com sua contribuição. QUESTIONÁRIO: https://goo.gl/forms/S4bF0zhNZ8N6EzYp1
  7. IP: betabaiak.servegame.com Hey, guys! Apresentando o mais novo Baiak 8.6, abriu dia 30/05 as 16h. SEM LAG, aberto 24h! Exp não é exagerada, pensado pra players ficarem na média do lvl 800-1000 Diversas quests & hunts. VIP free, área e armas donate baratinhas e balanceadas, pra não ficar injusto pra ninguém! COLA RAPAZIADA, AINDA SEM TOP! IP: betabaiak.servegame.com - Introducing a new Baiak 8.6, open at 05/30. NO LAG, 24h! Balanced exp, think to players keep on lv 800-1000 Many quests & hunts. VIP free, donate weapons n area cheap, to not be unfair to anyone!
  8. Do you miss the old days, were actual skill was required to PvP? And not just holding down hotkeys... Take a peek at: tibiapvp.com
  9. Amiroslo


    OTMarket is here! The first and one of a kind market for selling and buying OT related stuff. Login with your PayPal and set your username! Benefits of using it???! No chargebacks Middleman All the information are securely stored Encrypted files See what people say! and much more! For a full description of OTMarket, Check https://otmarket.me/info/about
  10. Website: www.Frozeria.net IP: Frozeria.net Client: 8.60 Map: Evo&Custom Rune Type: Limited and Unlimited runes Port: 7171! Looking for a fun custom OT who can bring back your old evolution, armonia, roxor and all other map memories? Frozeria.net from the creators of original Frozeria, HelveticaOT, Loveria, Heroland, Carloria and others! We bring you the most unique and advanced developed custom map ever with over 200 + quests, 500 + spawns, 500 + missions, 100 + bosses, 100 + custom spells, more then 20 diffrent Equipment sets and much more. We also offer alot of diffrent unique Free Points system. For example if you are online for 12 hours you recieve 50 Premium Points, if you complete missions you recieve premium Points from 25-500. You can also kill bosses, do quests, level up, win events and do special stages to recieve Free Premium Points. These Free Points system makes this OT playable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server. (We have more Free Points System ingame) Alot of spawns and diffrent monsters We bring you 1 spawn room for level 100-2000 with 30 spawns, with missions for each spawn. Another spawn room will be unlocked once you reach level 2000 with 10 new spawns. (New missions is also available to get in this spawn room) Once you reach level 3000 you will be ready to enter Chryse. Chryse is a big custom Island where you can gather items to upgrade your Equipment, Gather creature Products to sustain your economy, kill bosses who drops premium Points and chance of dropping donate items. (Required a team to kill these bosses). Chryse also has a unique team hunt system where you can spawn monsters for Money to maximize your exp. (Power Hunting) On chryse you will find alot of unique quests but one outstanding quest is our second hourly furniture quest. You can complete this quest once every second hour. Reward is experience and you can complete and gain this experience every second hour. This is just a few things that Frozeria has to offer.... What are you waiting for invite ur friends and get online now! 1-500 15000x 501-1000 10000x 1001-1500 7500x 1501-2000 5000x 2001-2500 4000x 2501-3000 2500x 3001-3000 2000x 3501-4000 1500x 4001-4500 1250x 4501-5000 1000x 5001-5500 800x 5501-6000 500x 6001-7000 300x 7001-9999 200x 10000 + 100x Exp from players 1.2x Skill rate 20x Magic rate 15x Loot rate 3x Free Points At level : 200 Free premium points at level 3000! 250 Free premium points at level 3500! 300 Free premium points at level 4000! 400 Free premium points at level 4500! 500 Free premium points at level 5000! 750 Free premium points at level 5500! 1000 Free premium points at level 6000! 1500 Free premium points at level 6500! 2500 Free premium points at level 7000! Free Points on missions ! We offer 200 + custom mission who gives premium points. Mission manager I, Mission Manager II, Mission Manager III will give you missions where you can recieve premium points and more. On top of these mission's there is also Stage Missions, Team Hunt Missions, Boss Missions and alot of side mission NPC's all over the map. Completing missions is a great way to recieve free premium points. We offer you lots of different events on Frozeria. Exp event, Fire Storm Event, Last Man Standing, Mini battle event, Zombie event, run event and more. Zombie Event is hosted every third hour. Zombie event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against the zombies. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Mini Battle Event: 20:30 (CEST) Everyday. Mini Battle, at 20:30 (CEST) every day we gather up all players with a level of 100 or higher for a big war event. Players will be devided into 2 teams, where the goal for each team is to get 25 frags first. Each player in the winning team is rewarded with 300 Premium points. LMS is hosted every day at random times. Last man standing, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against in the arena against other players. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Exp Event is hosted every sixth hour. Exp Event, 1-5 exp events is spawning in an arena depending on how many players who joined the event. Kill the event bosses and gain exp. Reward: Experience and gold nuggets! Firestorm Event: 20:00 (CEST) Everyday. Firestorm event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor of a fire rain. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Run Event is hosted everyday 17:00 and 22:00(CEST) . Every participating players speed is the same, speed boosting items & spells have no effect. The whole event area is a no-pvp zone. A small tip is to have either "exani tera" or a rope in your hotkeys as you will need it. Crafting System You have the possibility to upgrade your current mythical item (to demonical), and demonical item (to iceborn, forestkeeper or flamebringer) with an NPC at Chyrse Boat, you do however need to bring him some items in exchange, talk to him to find out more. You can also upgrade your legendary runes with a similar system at rune crafter + 1 temple. After this you simply just chose the item you want to craft and type it to the npc.
  11. OpenTibianin?

    Open source tibia + server ?

    Hello, im understand properly ? Here i can download sources of tibia and play with it of servers what are listed here ? and is server software open source too ?
  12. Start 08/09/2016, Welcome Wartera World. Open Tibia 10.96, Exp 600x. ip: wartera.com port: 7171 WebAcc: www.wartera.com Inaugurado 07/09/2016
  13. What is Ruthless Chaos? Ruthless Chaos is a low-rate RPG server project that strives to make players recover the unique feeling of playing a brand-new game, while maintaining the important core elements of Tibian gameplay. With 6 years of expertise in development, we can guarantee you that feeling. This is the third season of Ruthless Chaos. Every season brings tons of new content and improves the existing one, assuring a better experience to its players. We are glad to present: Release Date: Friday, 4th March 2016, at 17:00 CET 20% extra points for donations before the release of the season. Short Summary Client: Custom Client Website: http://www.ruthlesschaos.com Experience: Custom, similar to a range from 7x to 5x Skills: 7x Magic: 5x Loot: 1.5x Open PvP (with war system) Protection level: 50 Starting guilds recieve special advantages 100% Custom map with lots of places to explore Custom profession system Unique storyline and RPG elements More than 400 quests Over 300 custom creatures Lots of custom items and mounts World Events Daily Challenges and Lottery Balanced Vocations Scripted bossfights Dedicated 24/7 server with no lag No overpowered donations (mostly cosmetic) Play now! www.ruthlesschaos.com/play Unique spells In order to minimize the learning curve for new players, the four tibian vocations and their concepts remain unchanged. However, we have added several new spells with custom mechanics and tweaked existing ones to add variety and introduce new playstyles. You can read all the details here. Profession system Mine ores around the world to forge unique and powerful items as a blacksmith. Or maybe collect rare herbs to brew magical elixirs and beverages as an alchemist. Or maybe both? Dungeons Dungeons are special quests, designed for groups of 5 players. Along each dungeon, each filled with custom-made monsters, you will find some bosses, which drop special pieces of equipment. These quests require strategy and teamwork, however, the rewards you get out of them are far better. Every dungeon can be completed by a player as many times he wants. The Ruthless Chaos Quest This is the final challenge of this server. In this quest, you will wander deep into the core of Hell itself, to find and slay the Ruthless Seven, to secure the new human kingdom from the terrible influence of the demons. Expect a brutal challenge which envolves strategy, teamwork, a good and large team and courage! Other features You can read more about these topics here. Elites: Every monster on the server, has the chance to spawn as an elite, with improved strength and loot. Feats of Strength: Be the first one to complete the most epic challenges in the game to earn a mention on the hall of fame on the website. You can see the challenges that are awaiting you here. Guild Bonuses scaling with online guild members Special daily quests Goblin Raffle for online players New content of Season 3 The profession system with hundreds of new craftable items.The undead city of Azara, in Frisiga, containing a hunting area and a major questline.Realm of Khur'obaros, a new underwater-themed dungeon.The Battle Arena, where teams of up to 5 players can battle with no death penalty. They are automatically provided with equipment and supplies for the battle.The Deathmatch event, which is scheduled at certain times during the week.Five new unique spells: Shield Bash, Seizure, Overload, Conflagration and Blessing of protection.Lots of new smaller areas and quests around the world. Play now! www.ruthlesschaos.com/play Follow us! Like us to be the first one to know about upcoming updates and news. Subscribe to see our videos. We will upload update teasers and all kinds of server-related videos.
  14. WEBSITE: www.otroot.com IP: otroot.com Port: 7171 Version: 10.90 Server: # Krailos # Drefia! # Roshamuul! # Zao # Gray Beach # Gnome Base! # Razachai # Quirefang. # Todos Npcs # 100% quests # Killing in the Name of quest (Tasks) # Warzone I, II, III! # Oramond # Spells! # 100% Boats, Carpets e etc! # Offline training! # Tame System! # Kazordoon Wagons System! # Bank System! New Spells New Respaw's New Quests New Runes E muito mais.. Protection level: 20 Exp: 400x [stages] Skill: 80x Magic: 40x Loot: 6x We Picture's: Venha Jogar Ot-Root. Crescendo Junto com você!
  15. bakken

    Realistic-war 7.4 war

    Classic War-Server Protocol 7.4 whit DX9 & Open GL Level 50s Less delays to create smooth PvP Revamped Thais,Edron,Darashia,Rook,Venore Automatic Map-changer Custom Client Events and Arenas Visit the website to create an account and download the client. http://realistic-war.no-ip.org/ What are you waiting for? Sign up an account today and join us inside!
  16. We made ArchLight to fill a need for a professional RPG server. A balanced server. A competitive server. And a long lasting server. Archlight has been developed by a professional mature group, one not here to launch an ot and take it offline 1 month later. A professional group not here to make outrageous donation items to make a quick buck. A group with a one year commitment to our dedicated server and project team. Our server is here to be enjoyable, balanced, exciting and clean. Not a server with crazy systems that cause crashes every 30 minutes, or a boring real map that has nothing to explore or learn. To avoid spoilers, we will not be giving away many things about our server, we want to keep this to a surprise. We hope you enjoy the following information about our server All dates below are confirmed and will happen on schedule. Third Alpha Test Date: July 17th Last Alpha Test Date: July 24th First Beta Test: July 31st Last Beta Test: August 7th Confirmed Release Date: August 14th - 18:00 CEST | 9:00am PST | 12:00pm (Noon) EST Website: ArchlightOnline.com Tibia: 10.77 IP: ArchlightOnline.com Guildhall War System Daily Dungeons The Ramparts Monster/Boss/Fishing Tasks Interactive Fishing System Fast Travel System Advanced Addon Bonus System *~* PvP ~*~ *~* Exp/Skill/Ml Rates: Medium ~*~ *~* Unique System To Achieve Addons ~*~ *~* Slot Machines / Casino ~*~ *~* Archlight tokens every 20 minutes to active players ~*~ *~* Many Team Quests ~*~ *~* Some real tibia quests added - POI, DHQ, Anni ~*~ *~* Massive Unique Custom Map ~*~ ~*~ 10.77 Mounts and Outfits ~*~ ~*~ Many Unique Events ~*~ ~*~ World Bosses ~*~ ~*~ Weekly PvP Events ~*~ ​ Our Addon system is a spin on the common addon bonus system out there. As we dont want to limit you to wearing an addon based on the benefits it grants to your class. We want you to wear whatever addon you enjoy! But also be rewarded for having multiple addons... For every addon you own you will receive a bonus. The more addons you on the most bonuses you will receive. For example.. if you have 1 full set of addons you will receive +50 health, if you have 2 sets of addons, +50 health and + 10 speed, up to a total of 20 set bonuses. ​ Our Find group system is a simple talkaction to open a command window allowing you to choose with ease exactly what you want to do, whether its find someone to invite for a Boss, Hunt, or Guild, or to put your name looking for group. Once a player is added their Name, Vocation and Level will be added to the list. A player can easily remove himself from the list. ​ On ArchLight we have multiple quests that can be repeated daily for a chance to retrieve donation items, in-game rare items, tokens (used to buy certain items, supplies) etc. These daily quests allow players who cannot dedicated as much time to ArchLight each day to stay somewhat competitive through these daily quests and the rewards they give. ​ * All of our vocations have been stress tested in many ways to assure balance in their respective roles, in both PVE and PVP. Archer ​ The archer is a ranged weapon specialist. He is there to rain fire down on the enemy while the tank holds the aggro off of them. The archer however also has a series of spells from self heals to combat spells that support his damage. The Archer on Archlight unlike the Paladin on Real Tibia has a stronger damage tray but lower healing tray. The Archer will have a high damage output with decent survivability allowing them to be a very powerful mixed threat from afar. Guardian ​ The Meat and Shield of Archlight. The Guardian is a powerful, high defense and high health melee weapon user. The Guardian has multiple moderate healing spells along with a strong taunt. The Guardians shielding skill rises faster than any other class on Archlight, however with high health and high defense the cost of weapon skill comes. Their weapon skill does not rise as fast as a Berserker and thus resorts more to magic damage along with the support of a 1 handed weapon. This class is a lower damage output but exceptionally hard to kill. A must have for a high level boss fight. Druid ​ The Druid is a combination of a natural damaging class, and a healer. The Druid has the utility of several large heals, allowing the Druid to support with large heals and a moderate amount of damage in boss fights. The druid makes a good solo hunter too with several strong damage spells. Sorcerer ​ The Sorcerer is a powerful magician, using the strongest elements are their disposal to inflict massive amounts of magic damage against their enemies. Sorcerers despite being the most powerful damage dealer in the game have the lowest survivability being a fragile target. Bard ​ The Bard is a unique player who is adept with the use of instruments in combat. These musicians use different sounds to fight, support, and heal allies. Bards are the primary support class in Archlight using a mixed variety of heal over time spells, party speed buffs, party damage and defense buffs, and regeneration buffs. A Bard is a key support class. Berserker ​ Raw Strength, The Berserker is a master of heavy weapons. Despite their slower shielding skill than that of the Guardian the Berserker has an exceptionally fast weapon skill. The Berserker is adept to using heavy 2 handed weapons to deal massive amounts of damage using AOE spells and powerful weapon skill buffs. Accompany the Berserker with a Bard to further support his damage buffs and speed and you will have one powerful killing machine. Our Mapper Threads: Divinum's Mapping Thread Godsu's Mapping Thread Thanks to the support of my fellow staff @uchiha1sasukee @RazorBlade @Colors @HalfAway @divinum @Synnical @Damon @MysteriousDot DISCLAIMER!! I am no way affiliated with the server, just a person who decided to repost to this beautiful forum! Get prepared guys!
  17. karolek890

    BeamOTS RL MAP 100% 10.8

    100% RL TIBIA MAP 10.8 SERVER SERVER START DATE 13.09.2015 18:00 POINTS FOR GUILDS!! Its time for best choice! http://beamots.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount Let’s start! What is mort important for You, rest players, Us and server? That why we created server and provied especially for You! · Superior feeling · Security, no resets, uptime SLA 99,99% · RL Tibia feeling · Recognition · Weekly updates and improvements · RPG, PVP and PowerGaming exhibition ability · Dynamic RPG, PVP, PG, Guild Wars statistics · Intense experience · Events, raids, lotteries · No OverPower Shop · Experienced and helpful OTS makers team · Great society and guilds Thats why, BeamOTS ensure that You will be observed and appreaciated. About map and quests · All Monsters from RL · Cast System · Market System · All Mounts, Outfits and Addons · Trainer system offline · War System RL · Bank System RL · Reward System · Warzones 1, 2, 3 · Task system, with bosses and ranks · New Venore 100% RL · New Ab'dendriel 100% RL · Monsters 100% RL · Trainer Offline 100% RL · Taming system · All New cities look and full 100% RL: Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Yalahar, Beach Island, Roshamuul, Edron, Gray Beach City, Venore, Zao , Oramond, Wrath of Emperor Quest, POI, Zao, Chayenne Realm Quest (Music Box Quest), Pythius The Rotten Quest, wrath of the emperor, he inquisition, what a foolish, the djinn war, the ancient tombs, demon oak, isle of evil, hot cuisine, in service of yalahar, a father's burden, dreamer's challenge, the unnatural selection, svargrond arena AND MANY MORE Team We are designers team from Poland-Wrocław. We loved to play Tibia when we were young. BeamOTS is our baby borned from passion. Server BeamOts is hosted on dedicated server located in France. · Xeon 2 x E5504 8 cores 2 GHz+ · RAM 16 GB ECC · 100GB SSD · INTERNET 100 Mbps You Are Welcome! Create account link http://beamots.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount
  18. As the title explains, this thread will be a list of suggestions/feedback and bugs I find throughout my time on the Necronia BETA. This will get updated as I find more things and progress further into Necronia, hopefully the list will hurt your eyes it's so long. FIND ALL THE THINGS! Stage 1: Bawfuria Other Comments: 1.) Classes a.) Ranger i.) Slingshot - Hits very low, and not very often (values scale based upon Rangery level) ii.) Throwable Shivs - Does not hit at all, misses every time (Due to low Rangery level?) b.) Warrior i.) Basic Axe/Mace/Sword - Hits very low, and often (values scale based on Slashing, Mashing, Chopping level) c.) Mage i.) Magic Stick - Hits fairly high, every time; causes an unbalance between the opening levels of the 3 starter classes (can cause an influx in mages vs warriors and rangers) ii.) 2.) Environment a.) Too much clutter - Hard to read walking paths; Unnecessary amount of up/down paths around the town; This can discourage the player from wanting to play, if having to spend too much time to decipher where to go (I personally think the previous Bawfuria is far better) b.) Blocked pathways/doorways 3.) Crafting System 4.) Quests
  19. Shadalan server has just been opened, but we only start announcing by today!! Enjoy this beggining!! Be the Top of this hot new Open Tibia Server !! Create your account now! http://shadalanot.zapto.org/?subtopic=createaccount Shadalan, a classic Tibia server. Client Version: 8.60 IP: shadalanot.zapto.org Port 7171 Shadalan OT, the server that includes the balance you always sought between difficulty and joy of accomplishment. With a Full Global Map, Shadalan OT is unique, and will bring you fantastic experiences! Website: http://shadalanot.zapto.org/ Download: http://goo.gl/7NLTUU(ShadalanOT Client) Rates: - Experience starts at: 20x. - Experience Average: 10x. - Skill Rate: 30x - Magic Rate: 10x - Loot Rate: 2.5x. Information: - Server Online 24H, Dedicated Hosted in Quebec, Canadá; - No Resets; - Full Map 100% Global Tibia (Cities, Quests, Spawns, Houses...); - Classic 8.60 Gameplay; - Vocations/Spells/Damages/Runes balanced and 100% Global; - Addons acquired only by items; - Starting Level: 8; - Protection Level: 50 (no loot drop until this level); - Premium Account free for all players; - Shop System for Guilds; Shadalan OT Server!! Global Dedicated 24H Join Us Now!
  20. Venho Trazer o melhor servidor de Tibia baiak! Online 24 horas, Baixa Latência! merlinpvp.servegame.com Versão: 8.6 Criar conta : digite 1 na account e 1 no password Fique por dentro das atualizações no link www.facebook.com/merlinbaiakteam See you
  21. All accounts created with ONE ip will receive 5 shop points when the server is online! ~*Ip*~: helysia.ddns.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 10.76 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: USA ~*Website*~: helysia.ddns.net ~*Exp rate*~: 250x - 1x at 350+ ~*Map*~: Realmap 10.76 with Roshamuul and Oramond ~*Runes*~: Normal charges and prices ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. 15 kills gives you Red skull and 30 gives you Black skull. Rates: Skill Rate - 30x Magic Rate - 10x Loot Rate - 6x Exp from Players - Enabled Experience Stages: 1 - 7 50x 8 - 29 500x 30 - 49 300x 50 - 79 200x 80 - 119 100x 120 - 139 75x 140 - 159 50x 160 - 179 25x 180 - 219 15x 220 - 279 7x 280 - 319 4x 320 - 349 3x 350+ 1.5x More Features: ~*Poi Quest*~ ~*Annihilator*~ ~*Inquisition*~ ~*Demon Helmet Quest*~ ~*Balanced vocations*~ ~*Addons system (rl tibia)*~ Free Points: ~*Level 80 = donkey mount*~ ~*Level 100 1 shop point*~ ~*Level 150 = 3 shop points*~ ~*Level 250 = 5 shop points*~ ~*Level 300 = 7 shop points*~ Guild Points: ~*You must have 10+ players online with atleast 8 different ip's and you can receive 4 shop points every 12 hours*~ Shop System:
  22. *[Canada]: The server is hosted on a dedicated server in Montreal, Canada, 100Mbits/sec >24/7! With more than 99% uptime, less than 1% for maintance and restart!< *Tibiawar ( A realmap rpg project that is daily upgraded to add every missing quests/npcs). 99,9 % uptime ~*Ip*~: tibiawar.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60/real tibia client ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Website*~: tibiawar.net ~*Exp rate*~: 3x alwlays -- ~*Map*~: Real tibia map 8.60 [including Zao & Yalahar] [ There is no Vip island nor Costum cities] ~*Runes*~: Normal charges and prices ~*Loot rate*~: 1,2x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. 3 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban. ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 2x Skill and 2x Magic. ~*Mana & Health regen*~: 5 hp/mp per second --> 10 hp/mp per second if promote More Features: ~*Poi Quest*~ ~*Annihilator*~ ~*Balanced vocations*~ ~*Inquisition*~ ~*Svargrond Arena*~ ~*Addons system (rl tibia)*~ Futur Features: ~*Postman Quest*~ ~*Acces to Nargor*~ ~*Access to yalahar -- [Explorer Society]*~ ~*Access to Farmine*~ Note : For now, every access are given but will be removed when the quest are added! Remember :This server is free to play, and not a pay to win, this mean every donation will be obtainable in-game and premium is free for everyone. there will not be any vip island or thing that give an advantage to anyone.
  23. webiste : Helera.com Protocol : 8.60 Are you tired of stages? This is your server, This server has a double second promotion system, in wich you can choose two paths at the level of 1500. Discover this and more on our website. Join us. You wont regret.
  24. The time has come fellow oldschool enthusiasts! We have finished polishing and editing Faloria to fit a more fast paced play style, including elements such as higher experience, double rune charges, lower fragtimes and low experience from player killings! Looking for a good fight on a server that has been running since September last year without major complications? Do you want to get into the later stages of the 7.4 gameplay without spending too much time? Is your team the one strong enough to rule the new Faloria world? We are a dedicated time working around the clock to make sure you and your friends get the absolutely best experience while playing Faloria, as long as you do so fairly. Website: www.faloria.eu (highrate.faloria.eu) Client: highrate.faloria.eu/downloads Create account: http://highrate.faloria.eu/account/create Features Complete 7.4 map with 7.4 sprites Complete NPCs with real dialogs and functions All quests from 7.4 Daily serversave system All oldschool runes and correct formulas Custom client with real anti-bot features! Personal TibiaCam available for all players Experienced and fair staff Shared experienced for all party members within the correct level range Unique and custom made website Hosted in the Netherlands by one of the leading companies when it comes to DDoS handling. Task system Bank system Ability to trade with Rashid Free premium for everyone! Experience from player killings (depending on levels of killer/killed player) Double rune charges on all runes Click on gold to change it into platinum -> crystal Experience rates Since our experience table is a bit special, there is no static experience stage as on most other servers. People who played our lowrate server might remember that you got 1x experience from the monsters, but less experience was needed per level. On this server you will get 2x experience from all monsters, and we will use the same experience table as before. This means that you will level twice as fast on this new server! A full experience table can be seen on the forums, here. Other rates Loot rate: 3x Skills: 10x Magic rate: 6x Server save every day at 10.00 GMT+1 All tasks will have twice the experience reward and increased item (gold) rewards (Want more information about things such as Golden Account, Task rewards etc, check out www.faloria.eu/faq) PvP config You need 4 frags for Red Skull. When you get 8 frags, you get banished. Each frag lasts for 10 hours. Banishment for excessive killing will last one week. Only two people will get a frag per kill. The one who gets the last hit and the one dealing most damage. There wont be any war system on this server, and you will have to fight like in the old days. [/b] Again, this server will in no way interfere with our current lowrate server, which will still be ran for a very long time. Perhaps you are more interested in the RPG elements of 7.4 and want it to be tougher in general, then you should visit www.faloria.eu and try the lowrate version which has been running for over seven month and still has an active and friendly community! Check our facebook page for the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/faloria.eu For those looking for a fresh start with blasting wars and a more PvP oriented enviroment, we hope to see you on Saturday at 18.00 GMT+1!
  25. tibiafacil

    [BRAZIL] Draven Global 8.6

    Fala galera, Draven Global Inaugurado 13/2 O Draven Global é um servidor 8.6 hospedado em um dedicado de alta qualidade, ficamos online 24hpor dia, o mapa é o Global mas possui diversas cidades novas para exploração. A exp é estagiada e bem equilibrada, as vocações são levemente mais fortes, deixando o PVP mais dinâmico e divertido. Temos diversos eventos como Battlefield, Castle of Honor, Zombie Arena, Last Man Standing, e outros. O servidor já passou por meses de testes, e concluímos que está bem preparado para receber o público com excelência. Confira abaixo mais informações. Informações técnicas » IP: dravenot.com » Porta: 7171 » Versão: 8.6 » Site: http://www.dravenot.com » Dedicado 24h ServerSoft Informações do Jogo » EXP Stages (Começa em 400x) » Mapa Global (Com Citys Extras) » Guild Shop (Chame sua Guild e ganhe Itens) » Diversos Eventos (Battlefield, Castle, Zombie, etc) » Runas e Munições Infinitas » Fast Attack (Balanceado) » Vocações balanceadas (E mais fortes) » Spells atualizadas » Muitas WARs » Novas Cidades » Atendimento Excelente Está esperando o quê? Entre agora! WWW.DRAVENOT.COM

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