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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I wish to present a unique server that is https://dinera.net tibia server ots for tibia 8.6. Without beating around the bush, some information: tibia 8.60 port 7171 ip dinera.net Exp Stages 1-50: x 400 50-80: x 200 80-100: x 30 100-120: x 10 120-140: x 7 140-160: x 3 160-200: x 2.5 200-250: x 2.4 250-300: x 2.3 300-350: x 2.2 350-400: x 2.1 400 +: x 2 Skills: x 50 Magic Level: x 10 Loot: x 3 Houses: 200 lvl + Protection level: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes lvl 50 at every next lvl 50 you get a certain quantity of crystal coins! lvl 180 at every next lvl 20 get 30 points for premium sms shop! The first 20 people with lvl 100 will receive 300 premium points to sms shop and so that every next 100 lvl! [/ B] As you can see you do not need to send text messages or make transfers, for example, you get points. For Levels, but not only. DO NOT BUY THE BEST of items in SMS Shop! They feature is available only with exceptional own custom quests: As you can see there are quite a few, and they are 100% quests customowe. TASKS Ots has its own system tasks, from those who are on the Hellhounds RL tibia and Juggernauts. With better bosses fly shop items with sms and not only, for example: Loot of a Ethershreck: a frag remover, the calamity. Loot of a Jungler: a jewelled backpack, a demonbone, dragon scale legs, a addon doll. Loot of a Zanakeph: a random present bag, a demonwing axe, a frag remover, a upgrading rune, a addon doll Loot of a Kerberos: a fireborn giant armor, a solar axe. Loot of Demontero: a demon backpack, 5 crystal coins, a solar axe, an ornamented shield. Bothered you that after 2 weeks of the game you had a couple of backpacks CC and you do not what to do with them ??? -Nothing In this. On the Server Characters are upgrade runes, the 250cc one. Each item can be improved 6 times, so to improve the whole EQ have to be as many as 48! Each upgrade increases def fleece or attack the course of two, so you can feel the difference in the defense of having full on 6 eq. Example improved the course: invasions Dinera has a unique system of raids and bosses customowe challenging even for well well ripped and high-level team, here's an example of the fittest: 13:32 You lose 4688 mana blocking an attack by Infernatil. Server has 4 additional cities - Ghenov, Oken, Gengia, Pyre. Oken, Pyre Gengia and are very powerful, has added a huge amount of exp. Each city can move to another on foot - with Gengii to Oken, with Oken to Pyre, and Pyre to Ghenov. In addition, the Gengii can get to the Fibula: D Maps: I wrote many attractions not because there are just too much. At the start serva pockets probably about 600-1000 people Also, I would recommend a return to the old and some of the best times of Tibia: D https://dinera.net
  2. [poland][8.6] feba.mine.nu - the best real map legend server ever! https://feba.mine.nu/ new edition legend real map! New edition of the best real map server ever starts on 24.04.2017 at 20:00 polish time. lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Feba Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia servers world! We know how to protect our server against ddos attack so quality and stability are in the first place! table engine, which can handle 1000 players! We are prepared to welcome 1000 players from the whole world during the server start! o server DDoSing! How many times have you lost your items and got irritated because someone attacked the server you were playing on? Our current hosting data center HosTeam provides us with efficient firewall, which can prevent our server from DDoS attacks! ew 'Green Town' for players who have done Gengia Hardcour Quest. PvP Village is a island where you can learn how to doing wars and pk! It you die on this island you will not lose your lvls, skills and backpacks. This is not all, join us to see what a wonderful server it is! Server specification: Intel Xeon Processor X3440 4x 2x 2.53+ GHz 8 GB RAM 1 x 0.25 TB Connection: 1 Gbps Location: HosTeam Poland Poznan - Wielkopolska Client: Tibia 8.6 Exp stages: Level: 1-50 : 350x Level: 51-100 : 280x Level: 101-130 : 120x Level: 131-150 : 60x Level: 151-170 : 30x Level: 171-190 : 15x Level: 191-200 : 8x Level: 201-220 : 6x Level: 221-280 : 3x Level: 281+ : 2x PVP Protection: 100 lvl Skill Rate: 30x Magic Level Rate: 20x Loot Rate: 4x Frags & skull system # redSkullLength = 1day # blackSkullLength = 3 days # dailyFragsToRedSkull = 20 # dailyFragsToBlackSkull = 25 Map: Edited REAL MAP + ZAO + Farmine + Oken + Gengia + Pyre + Travora + Itea + Ithilien + Vinera + PVP Village + RAZACHAI + other smaller islands Other: # Free Pacc # Free 5cc in 45lvl # Free 5cc in 100lvl # Balanced vocations # Great guild wars # Top Frags # Top Guilds # Professional Mapping # All Working Potions # This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is! Restarts? As long as there are players on this server there will not be any restarts on FEBA OTS. This content is only visible to registered users. On Feba Ots when you are promoted to the specified lvl you reward points to sms shop which you can spent on a great and very powerfull items! Maps:
  3. karolek890

    BeamOTS RL MAP 100% 10.8

    100% RL TIBIA MAP 10.8 SERVER SERVER START DATE 13.09.2015 18:00 POINTS FOR GUILDS!! Its time for best choice! http://beamots.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount Let’s start! What is mort important for You, rest players, Us and server? That why we created server and provied especially for You! · Superior feeling · Security, no resets, uptime SLA 99,99% · RL Tibia feeling · Recognition · Weekly updates and improvements · RPG, PVP and PowerGaming exhibition ability · Dynamic RPG, PVP, PG, Guild Wars statistics · Intense experience · Events, raids, lotteries · No OverPower Shop · Experienced and helpful OTS makers team · Great society and guilds Thats why, BeamOTS ensure that You will be observed and appreaciated. About map and quests · All Monsters from RL · Cast System · Market System · All Mounts, Outfits and Addons · Trainer system offline · War System RL · Bank System RL · Reward System · Warzones 1, 2, 3 · Task system, with bosses and ranks · New Venore 100% RL · New Ab'dendriel 100% RL · Monsters 100% RL · Trainer Offline 100% RL · Taming system · All New cities look and full 100% RL: Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Yalahar, Beach Island, Roshamuul, Edron, Gray Beach City, Venore, Zao , Oramond, Wrath of Emperor Quest, POI, Zao, Chayenne Realm Quest (Music Box Quest), Pythius The Rotten Quest, wrath of the emperor, he inquisition, what a foolish, the djinn war, the ancient tombs, demon oak, isle of evil, hot cuisine, in service of yalahar, a father's burden, dreamer's challenge, the unnatural selection, svargrond arena AND MANY MORE Team We are designers team from Poland-Wrocław. We loved to play Tibia when we were young. BeamOTS is our baby borned from passion. Server BeamOts is hosted on dedicated server located in France. · Xeon 2 x E5504 8 cores 2 GHz+ · RAM 16 GB ECC · 100GB SSD · INTERNET 100 Mbps You Are Welcome! Create account link http://beamots.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount
  4. Wielki start nowego Ziberia Rl Map OT www.Ziberia.pl Exp stages: - 1-50:100x - 50-100:50x - 100-130:40x - 130-150:35x - 150-170:30x - 170-200:25x - 200-300:20x - 300-400:10x - 400-600:5x - 600+ 2x Rate: Skills: 40x Magic level: 30x Loot: 3.0x IP: Ziberia.pl PvP level: 80 Skull System: Red Skull (48h): 15 unjustified kills per a day, 80 per week, 280 per month White skull length: 5 min Mapa - Real Map + Oken, Pyre, Newest. - Yalahar, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordon, Thais, Venore, Darashia, Ankramun, Goroma, Edron, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Cormaya, Tiquanda, Razachai, Zao, Farmine, Zenit, Vinea, Ilania. + Points For Guilds: Każda gildia licząca minimum 10 osób ( osoby muszą być online i mieć minimum 100 lvl), po wpisaniu komendy !guildpoints przez Leadera Gildii, każdy członek gildii dostaje 30 Punktów Premium, a Leader 50 Punktów. + Cast System + 100% Bless Chance + PvP Bless + Real Addon System + Task System + Pandora box Event + Zombie Event + Good Time Event + Metin2 Stone Event + Capture the Flags Event + Defense the base Event + Hunting Arena Room + Offline Training System + Upgrade Items System + Casino System + Auction System + New npc Jony - Dzięki niemu możesz zdobyć przedmioty z Sms Shop. + Darmowe punkty: po wbiciu 300 lvl - 10 Punktów, 400 lvl - 15 Punktów, 500 lvl - 20 Punktów. + 30 Nowych Questów ! +1000 Domków ! Galeria ! Zapraszam do Rejestracji, Oceniani, Komentowania, Oraz zapraszania znajomych! Do zobaczenia w grze!
  5. SITE: VINERAOTS.COM START Login Info: *IP: vineraots.com *Port: 7171 *Client Version 8.60 EXPERIENCE: 1-50:x999 50-100:x500 101-130:x300 131-150:x250 151-170:x240 171-190:x220 191-200:x100 201-250:x50 251-300:x15 301-350:x10 351-400:x5 SKILLS: Skills:x50 Magic Level:x30 Loot:x3 Houses:100 lvl + Protection level :100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 sekund White Skull Time: 5 minuts FFRAG/SKULL SYSTEM: * RED SKULL: * Red skull lenght: 1 day + 20 kill in day + 400 kill in week + 800 kill in month * BLACK SKULL: * Black skull lenght: 2 day + 20 kill in day + 400 kill in week + 800 kill in month MAP: 99% RL map 8.6 Raids 99% RL Map + Standard + Ekstra New Monsters OKEN, GENGIA, PYRE, RAZAHAI and more! ENJOY IN GAME 15.08.2014 AT 6PM!
  6. The server is starting on Friday 2014-07-25 REGISTER NOW! Server starts on 25th of July 6 p.m.(GMT +1) Swedish time. Arozia Information: ~IP: Arozia.net ~Port: 7171 ~Client: 8.6 ~Uptime 99.x% ~World Type: PVP(Experience for killing others) ~Protection Level: 100 ~Map: 99% Real Map with Edited Pyre, Oken, Gengia and Zao. With Custom Cities, Hidden Spawns and Quests! ~Balanced Vocations with all spells tested! Dedicated Server Specifications: ~ 16 GB RAM ~ Xeon E3-1270 4 x 3.4 Ghz ~ 1 Gbps uplink Connection (DDoS Protected) ~ SSD: 500 GB Rates Skill: 30x | Magic: 20x | Loot: 3x Frags White Skull Time: 4 minutes Red Skull Length: 1 days Frags(Daily: 12 | Weekly: 60 | Monthly: 150) Black Skull Length: 2 days Frags(Daily: 20 | Weekly: 80 | Monthly: 160) Experience Stages Level 1 - 80 800x 81 - 120 500x 121 - 145 300x 146 - 205 200x 206 - 215 125x 216 - 229 80x 230 - 260 60x 261 - 280 40x 281 - 300 30x 301 - 320 15x 321 - 350 10x 351 - 375 5x 376 - 400 3x 401+ 2x You get free Premium points: On Level 200, 50 pts On Level 250, 65 pts On Level 300, 85 pts On Level 375, 100 pts On Level 425, 150 pts GAMES/EVENTS: Casino Bomberman Last Man Standing [Reward: 10 Crystal Coins] SNAKE Game Zombie Event [Reward: 2 Donate tokens and 5 Crystal Coins] Fire Storm Event (Monday, Friday 18:00) [Reward: Donate token] Rush War Event (Everyday 20:00)[Reward: Donate Token] Wars(All the commands are in site) Redskull Length: 1 days Blackskull Length: 2 days If you need the player commands just type in /commands in-game and you'll get a list of commands that are useful. We hope to see you in-game! // Staff Members of Arozia
  7. First Swedish server with protocol 8.40! 2nd in the world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to SoftCores RPG-PvP server! We, the SoftCores GM's, are hardcore workers. Making all the scripts ourself, and working everyday to eliminate all bugs that exist! We work fast, and hard, to satisfy you as a player, to enjoy your game play and have a real good time on our server! Protocol: 8.40 Hosted in Sweden on a dedicated server with 100mbs Internet connection Server IP: - softcores.otland.net Port: - 7171 Server type: - RPG-PVP. 3 unjustified kills leads to red skull, 6 leads to ban for 48hours Experience rate: - Starts at 70x, ends at 5x(lvl 150+). We are trying to make a fun real-like tibia server, which means you do level fast, but not so fast so you will be able to get level 200+ within a day or 2, you have to put some work into it! Skillrate: - 30x Magic rate: - 15x Loot rate: - 3x PvP starts when you reach main. Those with "[X]" means: Tested and working Server information: - RL-Tibia Map [X] - All cities [X] - All needed NPC's included [X] - Annhilator Quest [X] - Demon Helmet Quest [X] - Pits of Inferno [X] - Svargrond Arena [X] - Demon Oak quest [X] - Inquisition quest [X] - Weapon enchanting [X] - Your able to buy all the 5 blessings with 1 command [X] - Loads of raids [X] - Loads of random quests [X] - Usage of potion and spells at the same time [X] - Tortoise island like real tibia [X] - Serversave everyday at 20:00(Swedish time) [X] - Party-Chat Channel [X] - Loot message [X] - Shared experience bonus of 5% [X] - Addon system [X] - The new 8.40 outfit [X] We are currently working on a amazing war script, heres the description about this war script and a few other descriptions: The ultimate war script: - You will now be able to declare war against other guilds at our website. Everyone who is in this war will have Yellow Skull at each other. Which means for example: If Masterminds and Alliance of Nubhell has declared war against each other, everyone in these 2 guilds will ALWAYS have yellow skull at each other, until they leave the war. All kills in the war battle will be automatically updated at our war page on our website, so you don't need to count frags yourself anymore. Addon system: - You are able to buy both addons. You buy these for currency. 500k for the first addon, and 1million(1kk) for the second addon. You can find the addon NPC at each temple. Weapon Enchanting: - You are now able to buy enchanting to your weapons, including fire, earth, energy and ice. NPC for these enchants are found at the thais temple. Enter respective teleport depending on which kind of enchant you want. The quests, raid and map - Too many to mention. Find them yourself! Buy all blessings with 1 command: - Now you will be able to just say "all" to buy all the 5 blessings. 50k will be charged for all the blessings. Party-Chat channel: - Name in Client: "Party"; is locked automatically when the party is disbanded - Upon joining a party, the player is also informed in green that there is a party chat Loot message: - White message in party chat stating "loot of monster: list of items and amounts" - Appears only on owned containers (monsters with a body that can be opened) of the owner of the container is the respective party Shared Experience Bonus of 5% - The bonus is rounded down to the nearest full experience point (players will only profit from this with monsters that yield at least 20 experience points) 8.40 outfit: - You can use the new 8.40 outfit. Addons for the new outfit is working properly as well. All the new 8.40 features will be added as soon as we have more information about the new spells, quest, map etc. Computer information: - 2.6ghz dual core - 4gig ram - Always online(only offline incase of updating map, serversave or accidently crash) There are no corrupted GM's on the server(GM's dont have a second char). We dont teleport, summon items, kill/ban peoples for stupid reasons, we want the server to be fair to everyone. We are working on the server and map everyday! We are also currently recruiting Tutors to our server. Here you can download the 8.40 client: Cipsofts website: - http://download.cipsoft.com/tibiatestserver840.exe SoftCores website: - http://softcores.otland.net/client840.exe Here you can download the IP Changer for the protocol 8.40: - IP Changer: http://softcores.otland.net/ipchanger.7z - DLL files required for the IP Changer: http://softcores.otland.net/dllfiles.7z Server website: - http://Softcores.otland.net Server forum: - otland.net/f305 Any suggestions, questions or support goes to GM Vanderlay: - You can contact me(GM Vanderlay) either in-game, emailing me or adding me to msn at: ldaniel@live.se Please be patient, as i might be busy and wont be able to answer your questions all the time. Also all non-understandable English speaking will be ignored. I talk English and Swedish. GMs: - GM Talaturen(main coder/scripter) - GM Vanderlay(main supporter, semi coder(just started learning) and allaround stuff) - GM Tertius(mapper) - GM Aezol(handling cheaters) - GM Kyoshiro(handling cheaters)
  8. DeeJay

    Rl Map Project

    Hello all. I wanna show you my RL Map Project. I have RL Map with NPC, quest etc. I have dedicated server, so don't worry about it.(but when you'' be a sponsor, tell me in a PM) I have accmaker from Gesior, but with layout edited by me. Rates we can change, but we need to talk about it d; We need: - Few Tutors, to answer the questions in Help-Channel, and report bugs, namelocks etc. - Graphic Designer, we need to make our logo, new design for site and forum. - Scripter, we need to add new, good scripts, only for our OTS. Your declaration send there, or in PM. In your declaration you must write: Name: How old are you?: Your job(Tutor,Graphic Designer,Scripter): Experience: MSN, ICQ, MAIL(or whatever): Why you?: Yours, DeeJay [x
  9. Exorz

    Need Hoster (Swe)

    Jag Behöver en svensk hoster som är snäll och kan ta imott frågor från andra och mig servern är 7.6 En som låter mig va owner för min god ska heta GOD Owner han som e hoster hans god ska heta GOD Hoster om vi skaffar en till GM,GOD,TUTOR heter han tutor,GOD,GM sen ett namn Det är en Rookgaard map med tps till hunt jag har gjort hella mappen själv jag tror den är 100% rook 10 x exp på monster 1 x exp på Players Skull system funkar inte och premium outfits funkar inte man kan premium spellsen men inte outfiten men jag kommer fixa det nån gång xD Hostern måste ha den on 24/7 och inte ha laggs / jag mappar Och du får inte ändra nåt som config eller så allt e klart förutom din god Jag hade denna server on för typ 1 månad sen men har rauter nu så kan inte fick 30 players på 2 dar så ni vet hmm.. inget mer å säga tror ja skriv så här om du vill bli hoster Om du låter mig va owner om det är ok om vi heter god,gm,tutor sen namnet annars kan vi ändra det om du vill spelar ej nån roll din msn så addar ja dig och sen skriv övrigt om du vill ses!
  10. close please. otserver has shutdown
  11. website for account: http://sandarica.no-ip.org --> ip: sandarica.no-ip.org A DEDICATED HOSTER! This is a RL map server with NO LAG! All Real tibia quest are fully working, including POI and, DHQ, ANNHI, and ARENA. This server is updated constantly! Exp Stage: 1-40 = 80x 40-60 = 50x 60-80 = 30x 80-100 = 20x 100-135 = 18x 135-150 = 15x 150-250 = 10x 250+ = 5x Skills Rate: 58x Magic level: 8x Running Intel Core2 Quad CPU, Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2.00GB of DDR2 RAM THIS SERVER IS GREAT FOR RPG, PVP, WAR, OR WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE DOING! COME CHECK US OUT! website for account: http://sandarica.no-ip.org --> ip: sandarica.no-ip.org
  12. IP: Iastemnz Server PVP-RPG REAL TIBIA MAP! TIBIA 8.11! Server 24/7, good host (no lags) One of the best rl map servers! (77mb, around 30k resps!) All real citys! -ROOK (with ORACLE) -Carlin -Ab'dendriel -Kazo -Thais -Venore -Darashia -Ankrahmun -Edron (from Edron u can travel to Cormaya to buy AOL and one of the blessings) -Port Hope -Liberty Bay -Svargrond MONSTER RAIDS! There is 57 raids, all of them are automatically and random like on rl Tibia. example: -Ghazbaran -Orshabaal -Morgaroth -Ferumbras -Orcs in Thais -Piraty with bosses on Liberty Bay -Elfs in venore And much more! A lot of hunting grounds! (99% rl tibia!) -Bonebeast Island -Hydra Island -Gs Iasland -Ferumbras Tower -Nargor with pirates! -Goroma (cults, demons, there is a Morgaroth raid also!) -all Svargrond Islands (Frost Dragons, Frost Giants) -Svargrond Mines (Yakhala and Ghazbaran raids are there) -Barbarians and Ice Witches -Banuta -Cyclopolis (with the new cyclops) -Poh -Dark Cathedral -Tombs (Ankrahmun) -Draconia (above Ab'dendriel) + much more We have around 70 quests, one of them is POI! -working real Addon System -workingy EXP SHARE system! -Bless System (like on rl!) -working Obsidian Knife & Blessed wooden stake (u can buy them at Djinns) -Parcel System! -NPC Rashid and NPC Djinns. -Assassin stars / royal spears. -Newest potions! (little better then on rl Tibia) Server is being updated very often. Many events! (double exp, double loot itp.) PVP from 30 lvl. Exp stage: 1-8 lvl - 7x exp 8-20 lvl - 6x exp 21-80lvl - 5x exp 81-150lvl - 4x exp 151-250lvl - 3x exp 251+ - 4x exp Skills & Mlvl - 5x Loot - 1x You can see a video about this ot on the homepage!! Have fun!

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