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Found 57 results

  1. Olá pessoal!! Este questionário tem como objetivo identificar quais são os ASPECTOS que um magnifico OTServer tem que ter para que possa trazer ao máximo a DIVERSÃO que você tanto deseja. Por isso agrademos pelo seu tempo e contamos com sua contribuição. QUESTIONÁRIO: https://goo.gl/forms/S4bF0zhNZ8N6EzYp1
  2. sornnaser

    [7.4] Tibia PVP

    [+] Server IP: tibiapvp.com [+] Client: 7.4 (need to download custom client from website, no ip changer) [+] 50x [+] Skill/Magic rate: 6x [+] !target system (earn coins by killing your target) [+] Upgrade your weapons, armours and buy amulet and rings [+] No item loss on death, space to use different amulets for more strategic PvP [+] NOT pay to win [+] NO server resets, unless major updates [+] Starting level: 50 [+] Visit www.tibiapvp.com for more Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Do you miss the old days, were actual skill was required to PvP? And not just holding down hotkeys... Take a peek at: tibiapvp.com
  4. Welcome to Proudera! Proudera is an unique realmap with lots of full quests. You can rpg here and you can have nice wars here. We are still in beta so you can add suggestions. Unique features: * You can loot boosted items. * We have lots of events! * Dedicated ddos protected server! * No pay to win! * Money is valuable! * Normal blessing costs! * Many quests are detailed and extended! * Full quests! Frags: Frags with red skull per day: 6 Frags with red skull per week: 10 Frags with red skull per month: 20 Frags with black skull per day: 12 Frags with black skull per week: 20 Frags with black skull per month: 40 Red skull time: 3 days Black skull time: 6 days Exp stages: lvl 1-20 50x lvl 21-40 35x lvl 41-60 20x lvl 61-80 15x lvl 81-100 10x lvl 101-120 7x lvl 121-150 5x lvl 151-175 2x lvl 176-200 1.5x lvl 201-250 1x lvl 251-xxxx 0.7x Skills 11x, Magic rate: 6x, Loot rate: 2.2x
  5. * Online since: 15/04/2017 * 24 Horas dedicated for 500 players. * Map Global Full * With Krailos e Ferumbras Ascendant * SaveServer Global diarly as 06:00 hrs * 10.98~11+ UPDATED Main Quests: * Anihi * Demon Oak * Warzone * Pits of Inferno * Inquisition * Demon Helmet * Banshee Quest * Wrote * Hota * Outfits (all unlock) * Addons (all unlock - need bring items to Npc Addoner) * Mounts (all working) Rates: 1 - 8, 50x 9 - 50, 300x 51 - 80, 250x 81 - 100, 200x 101 - 120, 150x 121 - 140, 100x 141 - 160, 80x 161 - 180, 60x 181 - 200, 40x 201 - 220, 20x 221 - 240, 15x 241 - 260, 10x 261 - 280, 8x 281 - 300, 6x 301 - 320, 5x 321 - 340, 4x 341+, 3x Skill: 50x Magiclevel: 10x Loot 4x * More info in our site. IP: empire-global.servegame.com Site: http://empire-global.servegame.com Come play and have fun!
  6. Venho Trazer o melhor servidor de Tibia baiak! Online 24 horas, Baixa Latência! merlinpvp.servegame.com Versão: 8.6 Criar conta : digite 1 na account e 1 no password Fique por dentro das atualizações no link www.facebook.com/merlinbaiakteam See you
  7. Hello everyone! Just to clarify things first I do not own an account in Necronia (not yet) so if this system is already implemented please dismiss this suggestion. I have been thinking the last month about joining the fellow necronians in this epic journey, but first I would like to know what you think about this topic that bugged me so much when I played Tibia. Why are the death penalties so high for a new player? Shouldn't they have a place to practice if the death of your character means so much? Well the first question is easy to answer. I think now that it is fair that the percentage of dropping items is the same for everyone independent of the character level and it also makes the game so much more fun to play if you knew that dying means so much. It pushes you to make alliances with other people, this is how guilds started, it makes you not to trust everyone just like in real life because some may be willing to kill you for the experience or loot! This is just part of human nature and shouldn't be forgotten because you have a "nice community". It is just incredibly how much fun a penalty can add to the game. Well but the second questions still bothers me. A lot. Because how is it fair that killing people is so profitable (and fun) and you don't get a chance to practice that? What about self defense? Shouldn't I as a new player have a chance to learn how to defend myself against some other people to know their moves, their abilities, and how to fight them if the only way to survive is to fight back. And this my friends is why Tibia RL is so much more less fun to play nowadays. The problem of power abuse in a lot of servers is real. People started killing because it was fun and nobody could stand against them. The resistance was even weaker every day because people of the predominant guild would start to hunt their enemies, and the resistance would decrease constantly because of the death penalties. This arena idea I propose is also a way of a having a friendly fighting club where people could prove their strength without harming their other friends! So I suggest making a place (maybe called arena) where people could gather to fight each other without any death penalties. A place to have fun, to fight real life friends and practice self defense, maybe to decide which guild is strongest without having a blood bath. So yeah, I would like to know what you guys think about this idea, if it is even possible to implement it without breaking the game, or maybe trying it in the future. For me it sounds like a lot of fun but I could be wrong. See you in the comments!
  8. Baiak Retro RPG/PvP Server! Server in Beta Test (more information ingame - !info) IP: baiakretro.servegame.com Version: 8.6 Port: 7171 Features: * NO Pots! Only Mana Fluids (like 7.6) * Unique addons system * Medium Rates (very easy at beginning) * Only 7.6 spells/runes * Knights with explo/uh * Equipments 7.6 like (database ingame) * NO VIPS! Only Premium ACC (with ingame gold for now) * AUTO Events (WAR, Bosses, etc..) * Exclusive systems (custom and new systems) * Weed System * Fishing System * Enchant System * Mining System (soon) Rates: * XP lv 1~200+ = 100x/50x/10x/1x * Skills = 10x * Magic lv = 7x * Protection/Bless Free = lv.50 * Loot = 100% Custom Images:
  9. Full Global Map 10.37 - 10.41- <Fast exp RATES> http://global-ot.net/ Map has some editions made by me to make your game easier and funnier. ALOT OF BOSSES FROM TIBIA RL! "Devovorga. Gaz'haragoth, Apocalypse, etc... " PVP ENFORCED 24/7 -LEVEL REWARDS!! (PREMIOS) level 100 - soft boots level 150 - addon doll level 200 - mount doll level 350 - vip mount doll level 500 - global ring! CLIENT OWN PROPIO! -War system! -Market system! -Tibia Version: 10.41 -IP: global-ot.net -Skill Rate: 10 -Magic Level Rate: 7 -Loot Rate: 4 -Experience stages! http://global-ot.net/?subtopic=serverinfo -EXP STAGES AVERGE: 93x -Exhausted reduced! (80%) -Free travel! (boats) -All Tibia RL mounts! -All Tibia Rl outfits! -All Tibia Rl cities! -Roshamuul! -Grey Island! -Zao! -Farmine! -War Zone! -Demon helmet quest! -Tasks (killing in the name of)! -Automatic raids! -Warth of the emperor quest! -Annihilator quest! -Pits of inferno! -Inquisition! -Svargrond arena! -Razachai & Quirefang! -Demon Oak! -Yalahar quest! -Start lvl 20 with nice items! -Quests for low levels! -Alot of FUN! -And alot more! Waiting for you
  10. Looking for an Open Tibia Server with RL Map and with custom items / hunting places? This is the place you are looking for! Minimap ​ Server starts on the 25th of July 2014 at 16:00 CEST Global Information We are currently using tibia 8.60 and pvp-enforced WITH skull system and EXP for killing players! Materia Enforced is the evolution of both, Materia Real and Materia Custom. If you liked our custom map or real map, you will definitely adore our enforced map. It's a combination of the best from real and the best from custom. Over the years we have perfected our vision about pvp and due lot of user testings on the custom and real map we can finally present to you our latest and greatest pvp experience. Materia Enforced offers you known real tibia quests, such as Inquisition Quest, but also well known Materia Custom quests like the Jungle Quest. * Great hunting spots and pvp/war-areas * Custom cities and real cities combined to a huge mainland! * Over 800 houses * Balanced Vocations for a perfect PvP Experience * Detailed Spells * Weapon enchanting * Usage of spells and potion at the same * No delay between runes & bolts * Real Tibia Frag System (frags per day/week/month) * 8.42 blessing system * Slightly fast attack * Own made addon and task system Rates * Exp: staged from 750x - 1x * Magic Rate: 5x * Loot Rate: 3x * Skill Rate: 15x * House level: 100 * Protection level: 100 * Guild creation level: 100 Connection Information * IP: materia-rpg.hopto.org * Account: Materia Enforced - Create Account * Server Info: Materia Enforced - Server Info * Client: 8.60 * Daily server save: 10:00 CEST What are you waiting for? Join now the Materia Community Kind regards, Materia Team​ Hello, guys finally materia is back after a lonh time and I'd like to advertise it some more. Most people who used to play here don't even know that it is back, I as well just like bumped into it randomly and am starting to play tibia aghain after 2 years. So if you enjoy real map with some custom parts, questing and of course the most important part pvp, then just join, the server just needs more people once again.
  11. Greeting's Open Tibia Members, Today we would like to invite you to join the worldwide Open Tibia Server 8.6 Hellsway.net. The server was basically founded around 2 years ago and it's been online for several editions since this time. However, this summer we decided to bring up the server with new features such as weekly Massive Team Battle and way more attractive Exp Stages. Let's head over the server details: The Official Server START will take place on 9 June 2014 16:00 CET. [Connection]: IP: Hellsway.net Client: Tibia 8.6 Port: 7171 Create Account Here Visit Forums Like our Facebook Page [server Info]: Exp Rate Average 300x. Loot Rate 5x. Skill Rate 35x. Magic Rate 20x [Features] Penalty of Quests and infinity challenge. 100% Full RealMap Server. Wrath of the Emperor (starts at mission 6). Unnatural Selection Quest. Children of the Revolution Quest (you need this quest to start Wrath). Tomes of Knowledge Quest. Zao and Razachai. Houses At all Cities are Working 100%. Active Support Team in game. Balanced Vocations. [Events] Bomberman Event. Massive Team Battle Event (Weekly). Guild War Event (Weekly). [Advance Rewards] Level 200 20 Free Premium Points. Level 300 25 Free Premium Points. Level 350 25 Free Premium Points. Level 400 25 Free Premium Points. Level 500 40 Free Premium Points [Gallery] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_TPbUBJsGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzUzRo81aGA [Player Support] Email: Support@hellsway.net Follow our thread on Otland.net and vouch for us, there will be giveaways for codes that can be exchanged into VIP items through the following page. List of codes will be given at the start of the server, stay tuned! The Hellsway has began, this is your opportunity to rule this edition of Hellsway-OTS. Glory is your's but you can't achieve it without your guild mates, make sure to invite all of them! Have Fun! Hellsway-OTS Staff.
  12. Hello im requesting this. im planning to do a CvCRPG(city vs city role playing game) Server Well. if somebody can help me to do this. i will be glad with him. My server has 5 cities. I want City Protection (Residence Protection) If im from thais, i CANT kill people from thais, but i can kill people from another city (Carlin, Edron, Kazz etc.) If its possible to add something like this You see yourself. you are druid, you are from Thais. Thank you. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Iz01

    Euphoria [PVP/RPG]

    Hello! I'm iz01, and I am looking for members to my project! So what I need is a mapper or two plus me (mapper). Scripters for quest, items, monsters, npc.. Well, u name it! A perfect balance, between players, and the creators. Between man. And his God. To apply, leave a PM containing Name/nickname: Applying for: (please give example of maps you've done.) Timezone (I'm GMT+1: Languages: (I will not accept you if you don't know proper English) Age (18+): * -If you are a mapper ** - If you are a scripter Euphoria will have: Low rate exp. (Like real Tibia!) A nice map, with hidden treasures, quests and much much more! Custom vocations, spells and well balanced weapons. New currency (So instead of gold>platinum>crystal - it will be other sorts of coins) New loot on monsters. A lot of quests (I've planned 100+ quests.)
  14. SOLBIA Server Info: Ip: Solbia.servegame.com Acc page: http://solbia.servegame.com/ Server started 01.12.2011 Connection: 1000 mbit! 24/7 Client: Tibia 7.6 Port: 7171 PVP Protection Level: 50 Exp: Exp stage Over 200 houses Red skull: 7 kills Ban: 15 kills EXP Rates: From level 8 to 50 = 30x From level 50 to 100 = 20x From level 100 to 150 = 15x From level 150 to 200 = 12x From level 200 to 250 = 9x From level 250 to 300 = 6x From level 300 to 400 = 4x From level 400 to 1000 = 3x http://solbia.servegame.com/ Enjoy your stay here in Solbia Fast-Attack Server.
  15. Welcome to Elox RPG-PVP! 6th edition. SERVER IS NOW OPEN! Server updates frequently. Uptime 24/7 You can go ahead and make your own suggestions at the forum. Information: • IP: elox.se • Ports: 7171 • Website: http://elox.se • Client: 8.60 • Hosted in Sweden • An old custom map called Dovux that has been edited a lot. • Vocations bit stronger than normal to make them balanced. • Daily frags to red skull: 4 (8 frags -> Black skull) • Weekly frags to red skull: 35 • Monthly frags to red skull: 135 • Red skull time: 48 hours • Black skull time: 120 hours Rates: • Experience - Stages from 150x to 2x. (Full list of the stages can be found at our website) • Loot - 2x • Magic - 8x • Skills - 18x Other: • Teleport room • Railroad quest • Potion stack • Guild war system • Huge map with a lot of quests • Lever system (When buying runes & potions) • Frag nugget when killing a level 140+ (Can be used to get PvP items) Frag system like real Tibia, use guildwar function to avoid getting unjustified kills when having a war. Protection level until level 80 If a level 80- is blocking, use !tp [name] to teleport him to the temple (Costs: 100soul)
  16. Evulclown.no-ip.org -- is back, this time with the -- Aurean Alliance War. To bring you pure skill-driven old-school PvP! Relive the epic battles in the biggest war that shaped Aurea -- The Alliance war 2007. Evulclown 7.6! Step back and play legendry characters such as Liam Darkcrosser and Fast'molt. And enjoy the fun you once had! ONE OF THE ONLY OLDSCHOOL WAR OTS AROUND. IP: Evulclown.no-ip.org Client: 7.6 Server type: PvP War: 1/1 log in and auto-select team Features: Map clicking is disabled. Everyone fights in the same conditions! Stair jumping is delayed. Fight like a man! Over 200 real characters from the Alliance war. Acurate Levels, skills and magiclevels collected during the war! Organised open battles and events. To keep the fighting fun and epic! Gamemasters check for cheaters on regular basis. Botters and bug abusers will be punished! Downloads: Client (.EXE) IP changer (.RAR) Spread the word to get this WAR server as popular again as it once was! (aureawar.no-ip.org / evulclown.no-ip.org direct to the same place, i'm lazy -- Sue me ) List of character and levels: [b][u][size=2]Alliance (ROM / Suave / Pirates):[/size][/b][/u] [i](Blue)[/i] [b][u]SORCERERS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Liam darkcrosser - 153 Zevs Mighty Thunder - 147 Vesz - 144 Qwenball Toots - 137 Mage jon - 120 Ozur - 115 Mips - 113 Frosta - 112 Henkie El'Bagus - 105 Natalon - 103 Tricky the Magician - 102 Van Tristan - 101 Linglifer - 98 Lithros Lome - 96 Palaianius Ravioulkan - 94 Dektral - 93 Dronec - 90 Ranilcurre - 89 Slowbo Toots - 88 Kimahirii - 87 Cassixx - 86 Beldare 83 Demon Mwardish - 81 Lord Dolkaj 81 Aabla - 80 Mazzieh Guliaur - 77 Konikoza - 73 Mixor Korkeror - 69 Ragnar de Venici - 69 Zimbli - 60[/color] [b][u]DRUIDS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Juhuzia - 111 Dikkeri - 110 Iros jaba - 98 Justys Druidka - 89 Aqitas - 80 Rhymes Toots - 78 Zibbensur - 71[/color] [b][u]PALADINS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Soldek - 137 Tooki Toots - 135 Lecther Tirado - 132 Zanxon Elvenwing - 122 Uncle Jakob - 120 Rikser - 119 Ulrig - 119 Lagurus - 118 - 21 Darkness Sixis - 118 Cervik - 115 Alrig - 113 Maxpoder Avatars - 110 Joker Poker - 109 Cahir the Dark Archer - 105 Duwe - 105 Rusikow - 104 Deltarius - 104 Blaze'kan - 101 Robin Hood The Fair - 101 Edelwise - 100 Nitearth'Ave - 100 Skoffer Boltalot - 99 Loratho Lome - 98 Pa Xuck - 97 Wollt - 95 Dedeh'The Legend - 93 Reveries - 90 Emod Ashenvale - 89 Korr Nulk'Chaos 88 Tageho Toots - 87 Morixar - 86 Dolkie - 85 Waldy Lome - 82 Tootsie Toots - 75[/color] [b][u]KNIGHTS:[/u][/b] [color=Blue]Warrior Futurity - 141 Forteniel - 135 Julia Deathblade - 133 Nozimu - 130 Valhiru - 127 Xuzav - 125 Dekos Wakusei 124 Zekiv - 122 Riptur - 121 Bodzix Can Allister - 115 Isaris - 114 James Lome - 111 Oaken - 110 Zeus of Infierno - 109 Rhy Holy'Assiar - 107 Xarcus - 106 Greyman - 106 Xerkan - 106 Ziruks - 106 Nina'The Legend - 105 Haklia - 105 Ninnix - 105 Nena Toots - 105 Pat'Primo - 105 Speed'Mono Sucio - 103 Dracozius - 100 Verduro - 99 Feruis Oak - 96 Xevedo - 88 Konuwed - 85[/color] [b][u][size=2]Principality of Destination (POD / FAG):[/size][/u][/b] [i](Green)[/i] [b][u]SORCERERS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Fast'molt - 172 Hellah - 143 Mastro Scue - 119 Lukcik Almighty - 113 Vladislavus Dragulia - 113 Iron Nostradamus - 111 Piaty Jezdziec Apokalipsy - 111 Dorkiz - 108 Dark Skejcik - 103 Lord of Sorccer - 102 Mc Woody Magus - 99 Nicco of Aurea - 99 Bud'bundy - 99 Gamroth the Behemoth - 95 Aimar de'Vrie - 94 Lord of Sorce - 93 Therrax - 92 Talantyr - 89 Magus Julion - 88 Kapek Aurea - 88 Thor Eleniah - 87 Thozo - 87 Van'lian - 83 Strong Noer - 82[/color] [b][u]DRUIDS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Mamilup - 131 Druid Karolka - 130 Kodek the Cursed - 95 Dzut - 89 Bulldog Fool - 86 Lesik - 85 Medinka - 82 Jacq First - 82[/color] [b][u]PALADINS:[/u][/b] [color=Green]Folari - 141 Deeco - 131 Cavesi - 129 Sting Ninja - 127 Beru Senwin - 125 Soulcrasher - 124 Kilipukki - 121 Xydrus - 119 Asagi - 119 Thor Arteva - 117 Golden Rasel - 117 Nexoriu - 116 Endrox - 114 Apollo Archanista - 109 Eldero Tashfael - 109 Gex Darkblade - 105 Gruzin bro'war - 105 Mastro Morbid - 103 Fafis Eleandril - 101 Saint Gorgio - 100 Arqueiro de aurea - 100 Malathore - 97 Dofazi - 96 Kosidudki - 95 Denza - 91 Alex Fast Hunter - 89 Almeca - 88 Lord Sogan - 87 Kuldiseyto Verdiwerr - 84 Quenthel - 83 Elzagii - 80 Fast'keff - 79 Noxarystul Thirkaight - 79[/color] [b][u]KNIGHTS:[/u] [/b] [color=Green]Pikapo Eleandril - 173 Butibof - 171 Beznickos - 156 Joixazi - 149 Warriors Adu - 142 Wojowniq - 137 Theruviel - 137 Saori Mia - 135 Izmoks - 133 Guaio - 133 Arieswar sumo - 133 Tamapu - 132 Cromak - 129 Arkanjus Fighter - 126 Nasaged - 123 Elmo Blackknight - 121 Nervy - 120 Deesan - 120 Larus Romar - 117 Mariel Zori - 116 Xilef-Cat - 116 Sinister Serpent - 113 Jerolek - 111 Ryan van Hellsing - 110 Kseniks - 110 Vanrox - 109 Nokis - 109 Map-ed - 107 Solidbaka - 105 Jareckii - 101 Elwinga - 101 Marcin-Bartas - 100 Skullzinhu - 99 Felix - 99 Jevino - 93[/color] Disabled 131+ Characters for now! Attack exhaust = 1 Heal exhaust = 0.5 E-wave / P-storm = 1.5 UE exhaust = 2
  17. ZionOt

    [USA] ZionOnline 8.60

    ZionOnline To make account Visit our website: http://ziononline.no-ip.org/ OR use 1/1 to make an account in-game! Thanks for participating in our 2 day event! Now, a new Offer! If you bring your friends, you can earn Donation points for each person! Limited Time Offer! (1 week) Lets Begin, Welcome to Zion Online. A new adventure. Here in Zion, we try our best to make your dream, come true. Days, Months, Years of fun to come. wether it be a tricky quest to a hard boss, to a team game, to wars. Its all here. I have been working very hard on this server come and enjoy it. I guarantee satisfaction if you like challenging low exp servers, this is the one. As i can imagine, many of you don't want to waste your time to find yet another lame open tibia server. Well in order to help you evade that mistake here, i will tell you everything you need to know. At the end of our session, you can decide :]. Ok, Enough small take, i want to know what makes this so "Great". Well, you can read my words, but you decide to agree. The Server is TFS 8.6, Fully made custom map, made from scratch. 100%. Scripts made by OT land, friends, or myself. You wont find another like it. I could tell you how great it is, but everyone does that. The rates are balanced, and don't ruin the gameplay and PvP. Starting Point/Ingame ---------------------- The word "Rook" may bring terror to your mind. "NO NOT GOING TO SPEND HRS IN ROOK!". Fear not! It only takes about 2 min to get out of rook and on your way to main! :], The reason there is a rook is because IF there was not a rook, It would be very confusing. Joining a custom map in which you have never seen nor played before, can be really tricky. You will just acquire equipment in rook, talk to the oracle and WOOT! you are in mainland. Zion Rates ---------------------- Experience Stages: 100x(8) 80x(9-25) 60x(26-50) 40x(51-100) 20x(101-125) 10x(126-175) 5x(176-200) 3x(201+) Skill Rates: Skills: 16x Magic: 14x Loot: 2x Vocations ---------------------- In Zion, You pick your vocation once you have finished getting your equipment in rook. You can use the oracle to pick from the 4 vocations. Regain and Skills will change, depending on the picked vocation, and yes everything is balanced. Knight Druid Paladin Sorcerer Uptime ---------------------- The uptime is 24hrs a day. Everyday of the week. Every week of the year. The only time we go off, is for updates, or a crash, crashes are extremely rare and wont happen very often. When that happens, the server is back up in less then 10 seconds. PvP Fun: Please, come back! ---------------------- We all miss the great 7.6 wars and pking some would say 8.1 but we can agree it was better in the past. I am slowly bringing it back. Slowly. I have been modifying scripts, movements, and allot of other things. Here are some bonus's to PvP. Runes dont have a "Level Requirement" Equipment does not have a "Level Requirement" OR "Vocation Requirement" Only regular potions are ingame, unless you loot it. Otherwise, you use regular potions and runes. And More.. Ammunition ---------------------- Most of the ammo never runs out. Assassin stars do run out. Runes also run out. Potions run out as well. Quests ---------------------- There are many quests to keep you busy. More to come.. NOTE: There are multiple quests in the quests! Games&Events ---------------------- We have games and events! Many of which players love, here is a list. Bomber Man Arena Wars Kill that creature Exiva Football Raids Last man standing More to come.. Map ---------------------- The map is 100% custom made by me. Hundreds of monters to kill, and lots of quest to complete. If you like to explore, you will be busy :]. Miss anything? ---------------------- If i missed anything, or have any errors, let me know. Ill add it OR fix it Connection Information ---------------------- Ip: ziononline.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 NEW!: PS3 GAME TOURNAMENTS! Games we have tournaments in: Split Second Battle Field Bad Company 2 Sol Caliber 4 More coming soon. Rewards to winning teams/player! At least give us a chance. I really think that This server has potential.
  18. Forge of Death Forge of Death is a PVP custom map OT with many features and entertaining aspects. Rates 1 - 50 = 999x 51 - 100 = 555x 101 - 150 = 333x 151 - 200 = 111x 201 - 250 = 99x 251 - 300 = 77x 301 - 350 = 55x 351 - 400 = 33x 401 - 450 = 11x 451 - 500 = 5x 501 = 1x Skills = 9x Magic = 9x Loot = 2x ~~Some of the Quests Included~~ ~~Awesome Extra Features~~ Free Premium VIP System Player Broadcast Guild Broadcast Mining Herbalism Blacksmithing Alchemy Wood cutting Wood carving Farming Berserk command Buyitem command Teleport command Stamina Scrolls Exp Scrolls Exp Rings Second Promotion GM-Made Events Reputation System Donor Currency give-away for bringing friends with you Other info ~~Website : Forge of Souls - Latest News ~~Account: 1 ~~Password: 1 ~~IP : souls.forgeofelements.com ~~Port : 7171 Create an account on the site or ingame and download our custom client and your ready to start your adventure into Forge of Souls and Forge of Death!
  19. SolusOT An OT experience like none other. 4x experience - with guild, party, and rank bonuses! (plays like 8-10x) 20-100x skills (skill rings increase skill gains) 20-100x magic level (items increase gains) Old school feel Balanced vocations SolusOT has five new vocations: * Samurai, a highly offensive melee user with mediocre shielding but decent spells * Necromancer, able to command 6 undead minions at a time, the necromancer wields dark spells and his evil army to kill * Pirate, a dual-wielding slice and dice machine with poor defense and magic but excellent hp and the ability to use either distance/melee or melee/melee dual weapons. * Archer, an extraordinarily high damage sniper, minimal magic abilities and defense, but a true glass cannon with high damage and low cost hunting. * Rooker, play the old-school way with a true rooker for the ultimate challenge! SolusOT features: * Custom client with over 100 new items, and all monsters through 8.3! * Over 100 quests! * Improved combat system, faster hits, higher damage, more exciting gameplay! * Experience sharing! * Over 40 custom monsters * Epic versions of all monsters! * Paragon abilities! * Rebirth system for even more power! Tradeskills! * Farming * Fishing * Mining * Bread-making Special items like these: * Amulet of life, no loss on death! * Cape of invisibility, permanently become invisible any time! * Mana shield, permanent mana shield whenever you wear this shield! * Winged helmet, +30 levels of run speed * Pendant of rejuvenation, instantly fill your belly - use as much as you'd like! * More wands, rods, weapons and equipment Join over 8000 player files and over 3500 accounts on a server that has been around for nearly a year! Play now! Try it out!
  20. Welcome to Elox RPG-PVP! Edition 5 Connection information: • IP - ELOX OT CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE • URL - ELOX OT CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE • Client - 8.54 • Uptime - 24/7 • An Custom map, Old Dovux map. That has been edited a lot. Rates: • Experience - Stages (Starts at 150x, ends at 2x) • Loot - 2x • Magic - 8x • Skills - 18x Other: • Teleport room (All quests and spawns are not added) • Guild war system • Huge map with a lot of quests • Lever system (When buying runes & potions) • Frag nugget when killing a level 120+ (Can be used to get PvP items) • Vocations bit stronger than normal to make them balanced. • Daily frags to red skull: 4 (8 frags -> Black skull) • Weekly frags to red skull: 35 • Monthly frags to red skull: 135 • Red skull time: 48 hours • Black skull time: 120 hours • Skullsystem with experience for killing players • Protection level until level 60. If a level -60 is blocking, use !tp [name] to teleport him to the temple (Costs: 100soul) Frag system is like real Tibia, use guildwar function to avoid getting unjustified kills when having a war. The server uses donation, but pretty much all donation items can be found in-game without giving a donation! Minimap: (Keep in mind that this is over the MAIN floor only, there are way more places than this.)
  21. knightxd

    [REQUEST] No-pvp scroll

    are there any way to make out an script that when used sets the player pvp type to non-pvp.. it works like this, the world is pvp, every player can attack each other, but when a player uses this scroll he become like "away" from pvp, like if he is playing in a non-pvp world but the others can attack themselves.. is this script possible?
  22. IP: Evonia.net | PORT: 7171 | CLIENT: 8.54/8.55 EVONIAONLINE BEST PVP-EVOLUTION SERVER! CREATED BY ZONET, EXIT & WINNERANDY START: SERVER ONLINE! GENERAL INFORMATIONS: •Evonia - Latest News •Normal and well balanced EXP. • Many new and custom monsters with amazing exp and drops! • More than 30 quests! • More than 50 hunt places with amazing mapping and monsters! • Balanced Manarunes! • Useful and cheap items in shop! • Extra cities for houses! • Amazing commands like !aol | !backpack ect..! • Amazing events and wars! • FAIR STAFF! • Well balanced PVP & Vocations.. SYSTEMS AVAILABLE ON THE SERVER: (Some events will come in updates) • Amazing events and wars! • Guild Wars.. • Fastest Finger.. • Castle Wars.. • Auctions.. • Full Heal / Mana in temple.. • Lotteries with amazing rewards! • VIP system! MORE INFORMATION ABOUT QUESTS: • More than 30 quests - 20+ Quests if VIP. [TOTAL: 50+ Quests] • More than 10 TEAM Quests, Including POI | INQ | ANNIH | DHQ | DEMON OAK ect.. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HUNT PLACES: • More than 50 teleports - 30+ teleports if VIP. [TOTAL: 80+ Teleports] • Custom monster drops with amazing EXP! Explore the hunt places and find the hidden chests! PvP, EXP & WORLD TYPE: • WORLD TYPE.. World Type is set to open pvp(Also pvp with skulls, but you'll still gain experience from killing players, current player killing exp is at 1x) • PvP.. ○ RED SKULL Daily - 15frags Weekly - 60frags Monthly - 250frags ○ BLACK SKULL Daily - 30frags Weekly - 120frags Monthly - 500frags • EXP.. Experience: By stages, starts at 500x, end 10x. PICTURES: See you ingame! START: SERVER ONLINE! Evonia - Latest News REGARDS, Evonia STAFF
  23. Dawn of War Online: Website: DoW - Latest News Ip: dawnofwar854.servegame.com In-game Account Manager 1/1 or Website Manager Dedicated Server Stable 24/7 High Speed Connection Description: -PvP War server, -Large custom map including 7 different battle areas with more to come, -Balanced Pvp, -Full addon system, -Fun events (Team war), -Decent experience from players, -Custom Client, -Fair game play, -Bounty hunter system, -full Darashia map, -training monks, -Top frag system. ~~Updated Frequently~~ Join Dawn of War Today!
  24. Awesome Slayer

    [Request] PvP-E Area

    Hi i was wondering its possible to make a script that will allow an area to act as a PVP E area, like between xxxx,yyyy,z to xxxx,yyyy,z PvP/PvP-E is enabled and deaths occuring in that area will tp player to xxxx,yyyy,z and they will not suffer exp/skill or item losses.
  25. From the makers of the old popular Evulclown PvP server: Valoria-War.no-ip.org Valoria War (2004) for client 7.6, hosted on a 50mbit connection - Before Tibia became easy mode... When PvP and being a level 100 or a Mage meant something! !!!!(THERE WILL BE A MEET UP AT 4PM GMT+1 ON WEDNESDAY 9TH DECEMBER!)!!!! Re-fight the famous battles between Bound and Nobelis that gave Valoria the nickname Warloria! -- Play as legendry fighters such as Huch'net, Ravnar or Dimnariel in old school PvP. This is a pure pvp oldschool server. -Stair jumping -No Botting. -No Bug abusing. -No Spell spamming. -No Cheating. -Map click is turned off. Login: 1 / 1 -- Auto team balance. (Exhaust is 1 second for now, this will rise to 2 seconds like Tibia was when the server gets a bigger population, so don't get used to it!) Spread the word to get this WAR server popular again as it was in the past. (Previously: evulclown.no-ip.org and Aureawar.no-ip.org) :mad:If you want to map click around on level 200's aimbotting and spell spamming each other, this server isn't for you. Only oldschool PvPers will enjoy it!:mad: List of character vocations: [b][u]1st GUILD, 'BOUND':[/u][/b] KNIGHTS: Lanzelot 110 knight Knight Rebecca 107 knight Zalmere 96 knight Divario 79 knight Moandor Greenleaf 77 knight Chaz Astaroth 76 knight Lithros 73 knight Flaa 71 knight Jen Teal 67 knight Master Dany 67 knight Sergio Demonslayer 66 knight Mikuni 62 knight Mok Kheltar 62 knight Warren gray 60 knight Ardanis 59 knight Valorian Spirit 59 knight Polekatt 52 knight Niels Highwind 42 knight PALLYS: Ravnar 101 pally Apitov 93 pally Darren Haste 86 pally Gatekeeper 78 pally Memphiz 72 pally Cleano 71 pally Xehehuh 67 pally Frozenn 61 pally Papper 61 pally Paryeen 58 pally Stormbolt 58 pally Hope Capulet 56 pally Alexander Halle 50 pally Venzek 45 pally Alzdar Blackblade 43 pally Gigiante Blackhand 40 pally MAGES: Dimnariel 88 sorcerer Searomir 57 sorcerer Marvin Greenleaf 53 sorcerer Storm Cauldron 53 sorcerer Falerwa 51 sorcerer Yahuu 50 sorcerer Hexlor 49 sorcerer Chupinazo 47 druid Arf Arf 47 druid Lord Mort 46 sorcerer Bloody-Geezah 45 druid Tuzak 44 druid Polo Periculo 41 Druid [b][u]2nd GUILD, 'NOBELIS':[/u][/b] KNIGHTS: Lord Of Mexites 106 knight Dragon Kurtty 102 knight Venzak 95 knight Muchie 89 knight Eydol 71 knight Nelaith 70 knight Uptha Duffer 68 knight Adrian Vorner 66 knight Scare 66 knight El titan 66 knight Xato 61 knight Mufutado 60 knight Betoman 58 knight Blixxten 56 knight Lentina 56 knight Sephius Havarian 38 knight PALADINS: Huch'net 111 pally Tooget 86 pally Sir Smoky 81 pally Mitzuru 79 pally Tissia 77 pally Chirad 75 pally Therion Archons 71 pally Belfegor dev 68 pally Infernal neil 68 pally Sir'Lio 67 pally Hakla 63 pally Tookorky 62 pally Kloo Fairlane 62 pally Lady Ni 60 pally Xor Soulblinder 59 pally Hank Hawk 59 pally Lady Flying Sky 59 pally Eggther pally Arthanian 54 pally Er xinote rojo 54 pally Enuar 45 pally Tamerlone 45 pally MAGES: Floody 69 sorcerer Harvestman 65 sorcerer Geoto 64 sorcerer Tapestry 63 sorcerer Romerales 55 sorcerer Nitrams Heart 46 sorcerer Enigmatta 37 sorcerer (The server may close some nights from 11pm - 9am GMT+1 to save electricity)

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