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  1. Tibia Server Lych This server focuses on a storyline with lots of quests and incoming sidequests as well to level up. We have added dungeons and a petsystem and are going to add more dungeons ,quests and raids. Currently we have also added a starter tutorial island wich should clear up most of the functions we have. It's still in beta, because we haven't had any time to look for all the bugs, but currently we can't find any. I hope to see you in-game and please report it to the bugtracker on the website if you find anything wrong. Suggestions are also welcome there. Thank you! Student Company Lych We are using the name of our officially registered Student Company name at Vlajo: Lych This Student Company Is currently in on two projects: Tibia Server Lych Android game: Panda Muffin Wars ~*Ip*~: lych.servegame.com ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60/own client ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Belgium, on a dedicated server with 125 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: http://lych.servegame.com ~*Exp rate*~: Stages: lvl 1 to 100 = x40 lvl 101 to 200 = x30 lvl 201 to 300 = x20 lvl 301 to 400 = x10 lvl 401 to 800 = x100 ~*Map*~: Real Tibia map with self custom made dungeons and raids ~*Runes*~: Normal charges and prices ~*Loot rate*~: 5x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. 20 frags to red skull ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 10x Skill and 3x Magic. ~*Losses*~: You won't lose items or levels on death, but you do lose skill levels ~*Pets exp rate*~: x80 ~*Protection level*~: you are protected untill you are lvl 100 giving you a chance to do our quests in peace. you can make your pets battle each other, there is no level restriction to that. ~*VIP System*~: VIP currently only gives you 200% exp, but we'll be adding more VIP features later. Currently we are not focusing on paid features. for more server info visit: http://lych.servegame.com/?subtopic=serverinfo More Features: ~*Dungeons*~ ~*Questline*~ ~*Storyline*~ ~*Working Pet system*~ ~*Addons system (rl tibia)*~ ~*Upgrade (armor&weapons) System*~ ~*Working Shop System via website*~ ~*Weekly updates on Quests and Dungeons*~ ~*Client installer with Launcher/Updater*~ ~*Normal Client installer*~ Upcoming Features: ~*Raids*~ ~*More Quests*~ ~*More Story*~ ~*More Dungeons*~ ~*New hunting areas*~ ~*New Epic and Legendary armor & weapons*~ ~*NPC for raid and dungeon system*~ ~*More VIP features*~ *adding snapshots later* Come check it out, and please keep in mind that it's BETA so there will be ALOT of changes later on, on the actual opening of the game, beta testers who aren't bugged or something will keep all they own. Also this Tibia server is my integrated Project for school, so I will be working on it whenever I get home. (It's a wonder they let me use a Tibia server as integrated project, I love it! ) Hope to see you ingame! [GOD] The Pony of Doom

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