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Found 65 results

  1. http://otfans.net/threads/184891-Official-OTFans-Distro-Applications
  2. Heyoo I need suggestions from the greater XML/Lua scripters. I am working on an rookgaard for an specified OT on the client 8.00. And i got stuck with the thingy "town ID". For example; After you reach level 8 you can enter an door of expertise to a room with teleportals to the towns or an NPC which takes you to the town AND you get to choose Vocation. NPC; Somehow close to Real Tibias Oracle Teleportals; When you enter a certain portal for example "Thais TP" then it will automatically with a script change your Town ID to Thais. I have had this problem before. Please help!
  3. OTFans has grown yet another year and today we celebrate our 6th birthday as a community. Happy birthday to us! Every year we launch a new version of OTFans with some changes to the forum structure and design. This year is no different, OTFans v6 will be launched soon. Due to a lot of RL-related problems this years update is a bit delayed. Hopefully the new version will be beta tested by the staff during the next week and once all the bugs have been found and sorted out it will be released to the public. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  4. Mackan

    New moderators

    I'm happy to announce that the following members have joined the OTFans staff as Board Moderators. For the Technical area: iLeet Having much experience and a mature attitude despite his age we've decided that iLeet would fit as a Board Moderator for the Technical area. For Support & Resources: Darkheart A former staffmember is now back in business and he's still up for helping people with their problems. Having lots of experience he's is a clear choice for a Board Moderator of Support & Resources. R3ignlasting Also a person with much experience. We believe R3ignlasting will be another great addition to the team and he will join as a Board Moderator of Support & Resources. Please welcome the new members of the staff and don't be too hard on them the first weeks since it might take some time to get settled in. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  5. We would like to thank Evo for his 15 months as an administrator and for everything he's done at OTFans. We would also like to wish him the best of luck in the future. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  6. Hi there OTFans users, as of today 9th, 2010 each month there will be an update and an event in this thread to win yourself a Donator status for 45 days. FAQ: Q1: How do I join? A1: You don't have to do anything, 10 people will be chosen from the forums even if they don't post here, and yes their names will be listed here. Q2: What's the catch? A2: There is no catch, it's a free event that will be held once every month. Q3: How and how long for do I get the Donator Status? A3: Exactly 45 days, I will have few people mostly Mods and Admins deciding who deserves the Donator Status. Q4: What's in it for Anco? And why he's doing it? A4: One of my 2010 years resolutions is to be a kinder person, obviously I am not trying to show it by putting money into it although it was one of the mains ideas, also i do not want any thing in repayment for it. Q5: Do I think this will work out? A5: I totally do, why wouldn't it? Q6: How many people will be awarded and how will they be chosen? A6: Exact amount of people is 10/45 days. Which means 10 different people or some same who will get awarded. People will be chosen by their behaving and their passion for OTFans, it doesn't matter if you got few posts or few hundred, you won't by judged by that. So here ya go, all the questions are answered. Feel free to join this event, let's make OTFans a better place for us all. @Will edit it later for the list of people who will be chosen for the first 45 days. 09.01.2010 1. Lburn 2. R3ignlasting 3. Kamilon 4. Ragheed 5. Zisly 6. Mazen 7. Gunner 8. gerberos 9. Yuvbeen 10. Xivin 09.02.2010 1.SexyDevil 2.Kyoushirou 3.Avarian 4.Rhero 5.Lord 6.SirNuX 7.Leontjuh 8.Aerox 9.Fare-Fray 10.chrsman @25/03/2010 1.R3ignlasting 2.axas 3.ghamie 4.Lehnhardt 5.Colandus 6.Thror 7.Wasbo 8.kokokoko 9.Vatumok 10.Zalvak Regards, Anco. Money will be sent today to Grizzmo.
  7. Today we've promoted Mackan to an administrator. He is currently only a trial administrator which means he might get demoted in the near future if his services is no longer required. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  8. GriZzm0

    April fools!

    Ofcourse yesterdays announcement was a joke. We would never sell global moderator positions. It was kind of funny to see some of you actually falling for it, including one of the staff members. Fool you next year!
  9. As mentioned in yesterdays announcement changes around here is coming soon enough and today it's time for the first change. We will add a new form of user subscription. It's a user subscription just like donator status but instead of being added to the donator user-group you'll be added to the global moderator user-group. Don't worry about it being abused. We've ofcourse had that in mind and added some restrictions to prevent abuse. More info about this will be posted this Saturday. Prices 1 month - 49 USD 3 months - 119 USD 6 months - 199 USD Kind regards, the OTFans.net Staff.
  10. It's that time of the year again. I can't believe its been five years already... Sadly there wont be an update right now as usual due to a crashed hard drive and lack of time. But don't worry, you'll get some changes around here soon enough. Again, happy birthday OTFans and lets hope we have another great year together.
  11. Today OTFans were unavailable between 11:00-15:00 GMT+1 due to an DDoS attack against the data-center were the OTFans server is located. It looks like it's been taken care of now and we're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  12. GriZzm0

    Lost emails

    Due to some faulty configuration-files all emails that was sent between the day we moved our server (January 28th) until today has not reached their destination and are forever lost. We know that some people use the email subscription option to keep track of topics and we are truly sorry that these emails haven't been delivered. All email confirmation emails for our newly registered members has been resent. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Kind regards, the OTFans.net Staff.
  13. Back in December we moved OTFans to its new server but with a temporary location (my apartment). After a month the server has FINALLY been moved to the data-center which means I can sleep again (Yeah, a rack-server ain't quiet). The actual move and racking of the server didn't take more than 45 minutes but due to an error in one of the switches the server didn't have access to the internet for two hours. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  14. As Zelest (our current hoster) is moving at the end of the month and will no longer be able to host the OTFans server I decided to buy the old OTFans server (which is a desktop computer) and rebuild it to a gaming computer for myself as I were going to buy a new gaming computer anyway. With the money I bought the old server for, some donation money and some money from the ads we've bought a new server again. And this time it's a real rack server and not a desktop computer. The new server (reptile) is a modified Dell PowerEdge R200 with Intel Core 2 Quad Xeon @ 2.4GHz with 4GB RAM and 2x250GB HDD. Some images of the server for the g33ks can be found at http://otfans.net/images/reptile/. Once we've co-located the new server and installed everything that's needed to run OTFans we'll move the site which hopefully wont cause more than an hour downtime. Kind regards, the OTFans.net Staff.
  15. Your name and where you come from. Name:Jared Canada AB , Grande prairie How do you work with other people? Very good I'm very respectfull and input my opionions on stuff and I'm very fair when it comes to the ots Which languages to you speak? I speak pure english and would like to help on it a mostly english server Skills? What are your strong sides? Im really good at mapping and would like to map for any server *Once i start mapping i dont stop untill i finish and it looks good* Also i can help in coding, scripting somewhat Experience Have you worked on any server before? Not really but ive worked on my own high exp and low exp servers mapping. (for years) Looking for a hoster or to be part of a team Msn: Jared.Labrecque@hotmail.com <-- add me on all the time
  16. The OpenTibia.net team is in need of some content designers and brainstormers. Your job would be to come up with game-play ideas, map areas, quests, spells, monsters and everything else that has to do with the content of the game. Are you up for the job? Leave a reply here and tell us what experience you've had in the past, what you can do for this server and why you want to work for us. Kind regards, the OpenTibia.net Staff.
  17. The teaser article can be found here! Taken from: Portal Tibia - Update Teaser II OTFans | Tibia Winter Update 2009
  18. Yesterday we removed yet another section of the forum as a step in our "clean up the forum" plan which has been going on for a while. The whole "Other places" section which contained the "Websites", "OTServNews Discussion" and "OTServlist Discussion" forums has been archived. Some of these forums might show up again, but under another category in the future. We would also like to inform you that the rules page has been removed for now as the rules were poorly written and not up to date. However... This does not make it okay to act like a total jerk. You should still use common sense while browsing the forum, create and reply to threads. Kind regards, the OTFans.net Staff.
  19. Pictures of the most well known peoples from OTFans at Youtube, check it out. Youtube Link Sincerly, Kattmaten Note: Do not feel offended if your picture is not in the video. I just didn't find your picture.
  20. Today the "otserv85" branch at the OTServ SVN repository has been merged with the OTServ SVN trunk. This means that anyone checking out the trunk from now on will get a 8.50 server instead of 8.42 and that OTServ 0.6.3 will have support for the 8.50 protocol. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  21. Are you interested in mapping for a serious custom 8.42+ RPG server with low custom experience rate and long, hard and complicated quests which does not sell items? Yes? Well, why don't you apply for a mapping position!? We're looking for a couple of mappers with a good eye for details which makes playing the map a great experience. Remember that it should be a playable map and not over detailed which is hardly walkable. If you're interested use the template below and reply to this thread. [noparse][b]Active within the OTServ scene since:[/b] [b]Active mapper since:[/b] [b]Previous servers I've mapped for:[/b] [b]Link(s) to images/threads containing some examples of my mapping skills:[/b] [b]I would fit as a mapper for this server because:[/b][/noparse] Kind regards, The OTFans.net and OpenTibia.net Staff.
  22. Sometime around 16:00 on July 19th our server crashed by an unknown reason and was unreachable for several hours. The only person who has physical access to the machine was sleeping at the time of the crash and therefore it took a while before we could start investigating what happen. Once we got the server back online we found out that the database was crashed and beyond repair. One of our harddrives was also corrupt and needed to be repaired. Once everything was fixed and we tried to import the backups we noticed that MySQL didn't really like our backups and refused to import them. After a few hours and some tweaks we finally managed to import the database. At this point we also suspected that one of our RAM modules was broken and needed to be replaced. After some test it seams like everything is ok tho and the site is now back online. Due to the crashed database we lost about 4 hours worth of post when we reset to a previous backup. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  23. Today we've lowered the session timeout which makes you stay logged in and show as online for a shorter period of time. As our new server can handle it we've also enabled database based forum/thread read marking instead of cookie based. Even if you're log out from the forum and log back in some hours later all threads and forums you haven't read will still be shown as unread. Once a thread is read it will disappear from the "new posts" page until there's a new post and is once again marked as unread. To mark all threads in a forum read you can simply double click the icon next to the forum link while viewing the forum home or click "forum tools" -> "mark forum as read" while viewing the forum itself. You can also mark all forums as read be clicking at "Mark Forums Read" at the bottom of the forum home. Similar threads has also been activated and will be shown in a list at the bottom of each thread. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  24. The reported posts forum has been replaced with a plugin which makes it easier for our moderators to handle them. You can see all your reported posts as well as current status and any comment from our moderators under "Quick Links" -> "Your post reports". Keep in mind that this is a 3rd party plugin and might fail to function and be removed after any vBulletin update. Kind regards, The OTFans.net Staff.
  25. What kind of map would you like to see? One big main continent and several small islands, several medium sized islands and a couple of small islands or perhaps something else? Tell us what you would like to play and we'll try to do our best of all the ideas. Kind regards, the OTFans.net Staff.

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