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Found 9 results

  1. Hello OTS description IP : simsonots.eu - Latest News PORT : 7171 CLIENT : 8.60 Questy Zaoan Fist Quest (lvl 80 +) Behemoth Quest (lvl 80 +) Warlord Arena Quest (lvl 80 +) Annihilator Quest (lvl 100 +) Demon Helmet Quest (lvl 100 +) Summer Dress Quest (Ankaros lvl 130 +) Xerxes Quest (lvl 150 +) Pits of Inferno Quest (lvl 150 +) Demon Treasure Quest (lvl 150 +) Elvish Bow Quest (lvl 200 +) Inquisition Quest (lvl 200 +) Color Helmet Quest (lvl 250 +) Annihilator II Quest (lvl 250 +) Donator Boots Quest (lvl 250 +) Nightmare shield Quest (lvl 260 +) Flawless Ice Crystal Quest (lvl 260 +) Formorgar Mines Quest (lvl 280 +) Excavation Quest (lvl 280 +) Pits of Inferno II Quest (lvl 300 +) Demon Oak Quest (lvl 300 +) Magic Plate Armor Quest (lvl 320 +) Yalahari Quest (lvl 320 +) Golden Sword Quest (lvl 320 +) Ice Axe Quest (lvl 320 +) Girls Dress Quest (lvl 320 +) Demon Helmet II Quest (lvl 320 +) Dragon Scale Helmet Quest (lvl 330 +) Dark Tower Quest (lvl 333 +) Bunny Slippers Quest (lvl 333 +) Impaler Quest (lvl 340 +) Havoc Blade Quest (lvl 350 +) Demolandes Continuation Quest (lvl 350 +) Elven Armor Quest (lvl 355 +) Post Officers Quest (lvl 360 +) Juggernaut Quest (lvl 360 +) Drahalas Quest (lvl 360 +) Donator Shield Quest (lvl 360 +) Inquisition II Quest (lvl 360 +) Speed Helmet Quest (lvl 380 +) Orange Magic Amulet Quest (lvl 380 +) Golden Magnat Quest (lvl 380 +) Elven Legs Quest (lvl 380 +) Firewalker Boots Quest (lvl 400 +) Demon Legs Quest (lvl 400 +) Santa Teddy Quest (lvl 400 +) Brown Turban Quest (lvl 400 +) Golem Ring Quest (lvl 400 +) Brown Jacket Quest (lvl 400 +) Great Shield Quest (lvl 400 +) Underground Dragon Quest (lvl 400 +) Medusa Quest (lvl 400 +) Annihilator III Quest (lvl 400 +) Pits of Inferno III Quest (lvl 400 +) Source of Fire Quest (lvl 400 +) Average Arena Quest (lvl 400 +) Crystal Boots Quest (lvl 415 +) Guardian Boots Quest (lvl 420 +) Winged Helmet Quest (lvl 420 +) Ancient Tiara Quest (lvl 420 +) Speed Amulet Quest (lvl 430 +) Labirynt Quest (lvl 430 +) Galfactor Quest (lvl 440 +) Demon Helmet III Quest (lvl 440 +) Critical Axe Quest (lvl 440 +) Kosheis Ancient Amulet Quest (lvl 440 +) Golden Boots Quest (lvl 440 +) Pits of Inferno IV Quest (lvl 440 +) Nerol Quest (lvl 444 +) Mexcalibur Quest (lvl 444 +) Nighalak Quest (lvl 444 +) Firlefanz Quest (lvl 450 +) Natural Plant Quest (lvl 450 +) Crystal Arrow Quest (lvl 450 +) Eagle Shield Quest (lvl 450 +) Mag Master Quest (lvl 450 +) Annihilator IV Quest (lvl 450 +) Energy Underground Quest (lvl 450 +) Silkweaver Bow Quest (lvl 450 +) Inquisition III Quest (lvl 450 +) Diablo Amulet Quest (lvl 450 +) In Forgotten House Quest (lvl 450 +) Labirynt II Quest (lvl 480) Underground Tunnels Quest (lvl 500 +) Budder Helmet Quest (lvl 500 +) Mana Bucket Quest (lvl 500 +) Dwarven Helmet Quest (lvl 500 +) Hesperd Forgotten House Quest (lvl 500 +) Dragon Scale Boots Quest (lvl 500 +) Engine Quest (lvl 500 +) Magical Amulet Quest (lvl 520 +) Flame Ring Quest (lvl 520 +) Ferumbras Hat Quest (lvl 550 +) Underground House Quest (lvl 550 +) Annihilator V Quest (lvl 550 +) Diablo Mask Quest (lvl 550 +) Labirynt III Quest (lvl 550 +) Energetic Quest (lvl 555 +) Star Ring Quest (lvl 580 +) Draken Boots Quest (lvl 580 +) Dwarven Legs Quest (lvl 600 +) Starlight Amulet Quest (lvl 600 +) Inquisition IV Quest (lvl 600 +) Pits of Inferno V Quest (lvl 600 +) Nemiroz Quest (lvl 600 +) Fantastical Quest (lvl 600 +) Golden Gloves Quest (lvl 600 +) Dragon Scale Legs Quest (lvl 600 +) Demon Helmet IV Quest (lvl 600 +) Strong Arena Quest (lvl 600 +) Shield of Corruption Quest (lvl 600 +) Labirynt IV Quest (lvl 620 +) Magical Ring Quest (lvl 650 +) Magnetic Quest (lvl 650 +) Blue Ring Quest (lvl 650 +) Enigmatic Quest (lvl 650 +) Fist Claw Quest (lvl 666 +) Devil Tower Quest (lvl 666 +) Galactic Quest (lvl 666 +) Pits of Inferno VI Quest (lvl 700 +) Inquisition V Quest (lvl 700 +) Demon Helmet V Quest (lvl 750 +) Ruler of The Undead Quest (lvl 777 +) Chamber of Secrets Quest (lvl 777 +) Secret Underground Quest (lvl 777 +) Labirynt V Quest (lvl 800 +) Mystical Underworld Quest (lvl 800 +) Hard Arena Quest (lvl 800 +) Inquisition VI Quest (lvl 800 +) Levitation Quest (lvl 888 +) Labirynt VI Quest (lvl 900 +) Dungeon Quest (lvl 900 +) Arathar Quest (lvl 900 +) Imperial Quest (lvl 1000 +) Demon Helmet VI Quest (lvl 1000 +) Underground Jungle Quest (lvl 1000 +) Emporium Quest (lvl 1100 +) The Old Muses Quest (lvl 1200 +) Demon Helmet VII Quest (lvl 1400 +) Champion Underworld Quest (lvl 1500 +) Pits of Inferno VIII Quest (lvl 1500 +) Secret Catacombs Quest (lvl 1666 +) Lobotomy Quest (lvl 1777 +) Lord of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 1800 +) Secret of The King Quest (lvl 2000 +) Secret of The God Quest (lvl 2200 +) King of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 2400 +) Other informations Uptime 24/7 [/color] Fragi 12 = frags to Red Skull! 15 = frags to Black Skull! Exp Stages [1-50: x 400 50-150: x 350 150-200: x 300 200-350: x 250 350-500: x 200 500-750: x 50 750-1000: x 20 1000-1800: x 15 1800-2200: x 12 2200-2400: x 10 2400-2600: x 9 2600-2800: x 8 2800-3000: x 5 3000 +: x 2 Rates: Skills: x 50 Magic: x 10 Loot: x 2.0 Houses: 100 lvl + PvP: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes from 50 lvl every next 50 lvl you get a certain amount of crystal coins! And here are a few Screenshots from the Server on Simson OTS https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu Thank you for reading the Simson OTS Server We wish you a nice game !!! https://simsonots.eu
  2. [poland][8.6] feba.mine.nu - the best real map legend server ever! https://feba.mine.nu/ new edition legend real map! New edition of the best real map server ever starts on 24.04.2017 at 20:00 polish time. lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Feba Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia servers world! We know how to protect our server against ddos attack so quality and stability are in the first place! table engine, which can handle 1000 players! We are prepared to welcome 1000 players from the whole world during the server start! o server DDoSing! How many times have you lost your items and got irritated because someone attacked the server you were playing on? Our current hosting data center HosTeam provides us with efficient firewall, which can prevent our server from DDoS attacks! ew 'Green Town' for players who have done Gengia Hardcour Quest. PvP Village is a island where you can learn how to doing wars and pk! It you die on this island you will not lose your lvls, skills and backpacks. This is not all, join us to see what a wonderful server it is! Client: Tibia 8.6 Exp stages: Level: 1-50 : 350x Level: 51-100 : 280x Level: 101-130 : 120x Level: 131-150 : 60x Level: 151-170 : 30x Level: 171-190 : 15x Level: 191-200 : 8x Level: 201-220 : 6x Level: 221-280 : 3x Level: 281+ : 2x PVP Protection: 100 lvl Skill Rate: 30x Magic Level Rate: 20x Loot Rate: 4x Frags & skull system # redSkullLength = 1day # blackSkullLength = 3 days # dailyFragsToRedSkull = 20 # dailyFragsToBlackSkull = 25 Map: Edited REAL MAP + ZAO + Farmine + Oken + Gengia + Pyre + Travora + Itea + Ithilien + Vinera + PVP Village + RAZACHAI + other smaller islands Other: # Free Pacc # Free 5cc in 45lvl # Free 5cc in 100lvl # Balanced vocations # Great guild wars # Top Frags # Top Guilds # Professional Mapping # All Working Potions # This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is! Restarts? As long as there are players on this server there will not be any restarts on FEBA OTS. This content is only visible to registered users. On Feba Ots when you are promoted to the specified lvl you reward points to sms shop which you can spent on a great and very powerfull items! Maps:
  3. Ip heros-ot.ddns.net Website http://heros-ot.ddns.net/ - Currently Editing Website To Look Better - Port 7171 Client Tibia 7.6/custom client- You can use our .SPR and .DAT Files! (Recommenced or you will debug) Dont forget to collect your hero coins! 25000 Exp Each! (Collect them and trade for donation items) http://heros-ot.ddns.net/downloads.php (YOU MUST USE OUR .SPR AND .DAT OR YOU WILL DEBUG) (any questions feel free to msg me) http://heros-ot.ddns.net/downloads.php (YOU MUST USE OUR .SPR AND .DAT OR YOU WILL DEBUG) (any questions feel free to msg me) ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 (Downtime for restarts 10-20 minutes a day) ~*Hosted in*~: Canada, on a quard core 16GB ram server with 50 mbits Internet connection. ~*Exp rate*~: Stages -35x to 3x (3x at level 400+) ~*Spells*~: Exori Gran - Exori Hur - Exori Mas ~ 8.6 spells added custom. (Adding mages spells soon) ~*Map*~: Custom, Home made, And RL Map inported, As well as YurOTS for fun =-p! ~*Runes*~: High Prices, Due to high loot rate!, Manarunes, And Teleport runes as well! ~*Ammunition*~ Infinite. ~*Amulets*~ 4 varies of aol, Some include speed, some include speed and regains! ~*Loot rate*~: 3x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg custom and real maps 7.6. 3 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban. ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 45x Skill and 30x Magic. Please gain some levels before you leave Vernair the main town..and explore, The deeper you go the harder it gets. More Features: Player Commands: !bless !information !help !spells !quests ~*Custom Towns*~ ~*Poi Quest*~ 7.6 stype (Working on a single player anni right now) ~*INQ (Currently being edited) 7.6 style ~*Annihilator*~ Over 250 Quests! And Counting! ~*Balanced Custom Vocations*~ ~*Donation Areas, Items and spells!*~ New Training Spells! Spell: waste mana - Waste alot of mana : 2500 Spell: waste mana 1000 - Waste 1000 mana : 1000 Spell: waste mana 2000 - Waste 2000 mana : 2000 Spell: waste mana 3000 - Waste 300 mana : 3000 This server is a re-make of desolation's 7.6, It has the same base but A-lot of changes. (YOU MUST USE OUR .SPR AND .DAT FOR 7.6 OR YOU WILL DEBUG) 7.6 with 8.6 sprites, as well as custom ones! I have over 1800 Hours of my time invested into this servers edits. Working experience coin system!, The harder the creature... The more the coins!!!!
  4. Firstly I apologize if this thread is not in the right forum, didn't know where to put it. Hello everyone. I'm the owner and developer of the omegaservers.org and I'm here to present it. What is omegaservers.org? Omegaservers is a website where people are able to advertise their Open Tibia Server freely. What is the current state of the website? The website is currently stable and completelly set for everyone to advertise their server in every way, however we are still implementing new features every month. List of upcoming features: Omega Room - Special room for coupon giveaways (currently in progress).Servers of the month (based on progress) - with rewards.Server even more detailed statistics.... and some more surprises. If you're interested, come and add your server. Access www.omegaservers.org today!
  5. Mackan

    A small news update

    We have now fixed a few things in our server. Upon the launch of BETA we will have client 10.53 support A major tease of the bridge between the Southern Outskirts and the Broken Highlands showing the new sprites: Regards, The SweSoft Team
  6. Hello Everyone! I would like to make you aware of our website. http://Swe-soft.se It is already up and running, this will be the landing page for all our projects as well as the team. You can already find a lot of content on the page, at the moment mostly images from Therran but we update with more content all the time. So make sure to visit it today (the image is also a link)! Sincerely, Swe-soft Team.
  7. Blitzer2354

    [USA] Xoria 8.42 staged exp

    Hey Guys, Xoria is a new server we have now openly planned on launching considering the alpha series of the 0.3 development of the forgotten server is now finished. Throughout the weeks you will notice lots and lots of updates which will hopefully entice you into joining the server. We are constantly looking for staff members so if you believe you have something to offer to the team and would like to help out you are more than welcome to give us a message, as always any help is appreciated. You can now gain experience from killing players, hopefully this will bring in fun and exciting wars, you can choose how you want to level, slay dangerous creatures, or slay those that are a higher level than you for quick loot and experience Welcome and thanks for looking here! Website - xoria.no-ip.org Server name - Xoria Map Style - RPG Custom Style Map Server Database - Forgotten Server 0.3 Client - 8.42 Experience rates - 1 - 100 = 200x 101 - 150 = 100x 151 - 200 = 50x 201 - 250 = 25x 251 + = 10x Skill Rate - 70x Magic Rate - 35x Loot Rate - 5x Good balanced vocations and regenerations and fast attack! Trainers, go to the boat and say trainers. Blessing NPC's can be found in each city! Server is constantly updated Very good and active staff members, only two of us and no Abusing at all!! We strive for the RPG feel yet we hope to have fun and exciting wars!! Protection level 30 Buy house level 100 We hope to see you in the server soon!! What are you waiting for?? Be on the highscores today!! Sincerely, Xoria Staff Some Screen shots
  8. Hello! Me and some friends has always wanted a server and now we finally are going to make it true. We wanted to make a serious server (No free items, free levels, etc.) but with unserious rates. We got this idea from an other server we played once. With the high rates it will become much wars and other funny stuffs. It's atleast what I want when I'm playing an OT. Getting high-level, gather a team and make war against the others on the server. =D So here it is! IP: johanspresserver.servegame.com CLIENT: 8.1 MAP: A remapped YurOTS, with some TPs. When the player amount is increasing more TPs and bigger spawn will come. HOST: 4GB RAM, 2,4GHz Intel Core Duo, 100/100mbit. Based on XML because we are not so good on SQL. You make your account at the account page http://johanspresserver.servegame.com/ The account page needs a better layout and if someone could help us with this please message CM Tidorian in-game. CMs are: CM Suada Hoster, Owner CM Tidorian Mapper, Scripter CM Schteker Help and support. Thanks in advance for joining our server!
  9. iffixy

    ot problem

    Svenska: Jag har lite problem med att fixxa egen OT serv (open tibia)för det kvittar vilken jag laddar ner så står det alltid " Det gick inte att komma åt en angivna enheten, sökvägen eller filen. du har kanske inte rätt behörighet att komma åt objektet" jag behöver hjälp med detta på dirren plx English: I have a little problem with the Fixing own OT (open tibia) it dosen't matter wich server I download, it is always "Unable to access a specified device, path or file. You may not have legal permission to access the item "I need help with this at once plx

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