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Found 23 results

  1. LiamHarter

    Blue Paradise Online

    Play this new sensation www.blueparadise.tk This game has the stile of tibia Automatic Spell, automatic attack... Automatic reset Automatic adition of points Spells in area Guild's war And a lot more!
  2. [Server Information]Website: valoronline.servegame.com Distro: TFS 1.3 Client: 10.98 Location: NYC, New York Map: Customized RPG Evolutions Rates: Stages 1-7 70x 8-49 60x 50-79 50x 80-99 40x 100-129 30x 130-149 20x 150-Unlimited 10xSkills rate: 50xMagic rate: 25xLoot rate: 10x Join Our Discord! Valor is a new, fast growing community of people who love the game, with new spells and new content! A completely new custom client! And many many more features! Such as the Cock Fight! Place Your Bets! Come join the community today at valoronline.servegame.com! We welcome you all!
  3. Website: www.worldoflastwar.com IP: worldoflastwar.com Port: 7171 Client: 7.92 (use tibialoader->software->client 7.92->right-click->download) Screenshots Rates Skill - 15x Magic -6x Loot - 2x Spawn - 1x Stages 1 - 7 100x 8 - 19 80x 20 - 29 70x 30 - 49 60x 50 - 99 50x 100 - 119 40x 120 - 149 30x 150 - 500 10x PVP Protection Level - 15 Frags to Red Skull - 6 Frags to ban - 7 Ban Time - 1 week Game Info: World of Lastwar is a serious MMORPG-PVP Tibia server with adventures, wars, mysterious quests and a great map with 4 cities and over 4 000 living creatures! This server fits for you that loves Role-playing and Wars. Unjustified player-killing: In World of Lastwar we want to give you such a free experience as possible. Therefor we have set the redskull mark to 6 unjustified kills but also a clear limit of 7 for banishment. Features: *Gather up a party and do mysterious quests, slay cool monsters and kill overpowered bosses. *Create a guild with your allies and war against your most hated enemies. *Get a ingame money cost premium account to get new possibilities(visit new places, new monsters, use more cool spells, new outfits and possibility to get promoted). *Go underwater and slay water-living creatures. *Monsters are very much similar to Tibia's. *Protection system which makes you unattackable under level 15 if you are not in a party. *Smart monsters and NPCs. *Train(First server ever with a train that you can travel with to other cities). *Ban system which makes you banned for 7 days if you kill more than three unjustified players. *A realistic PvM and PvP-combat system. *Implented hotkey and aimbot system(Fair for everyone). See you online the 20th of december 2015. For a new beginning And one last war!
  4. venom.spider

    PSoul Pokemon Online

    Hey guys! I come across this post to talk about a project that will excite Pokemon series fans. Especially the people who played (or still play, why not ) GB/GBA versions. A project called PSoul is being developed for some time, an MMORPG based on the Pokemon world. The project is already at a very mature stage, has a developed and participatory community, since it is maintained for about five years. The difference in the loyalty it takes in the series in both systems and the data. For those who always dreamed of being able to walk through Kanto towns and battle against other players, be exciting! Another very interesting fact is that, unlike the original games, PSoul has the Orange Archipelago, very loyal to the anime. Systems that are worth mentioning: - Region of Kanto and Orange Islands available. - 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon with their respective Shiny versions. - Pokemon and moves totally faithful to the original games. - Immersive and realistic real-time battle, unlike the original games. - Classical systems of the original series: TMs, HMs, Berries, Daycare, Safari Zone, Seals in Pokeballs, Pokemon's Egg, Special Abilities, Gyms, etc. - Innovative systems: Duels (solo or group up to 6x6), TV (shows what you do for other people), Masterys (elemental specialization), Tournaments, Guilds, etc. Anyway, I ask for everyone that give a look. Currently it is very difficult to see one such initiative to be taken seriously for so long the way it is taken. The game is totally free and just keeps with the donations they receive. Thank you for your attention. Additional Information: Website http://www.psoul.net Video Images
  5. danilinho79

    Hogwarts Online ATS (i'm Brazilian!)

    Map: Diagon Alley - 90% Hogwarts - 60% London - 50% Hogwarts Express - 0% [/ COLOR] Sprites: Hogwarts Express - 100% Hogwarts - 20% London - 80% The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts, Hogwarts, or simply, is a magical boarding school for wizards and witches aged between eleven and seventeen. It is the main stage for the first six Harry Potter books, JK Rowling, each book equivalent to a full year. Property of Hogwarts is vast, covering the huge castle, which houses the classrooms and teachers, the communal lounges and student dormitories, kitchens of Hogwarts, the Great Hall, the Lobby, in short, all the rooms frequented daily by students and staff. It also has the outside of the castle, which covers the Forbidden Forest, the Field Quidditch, Hagrid's Hut, Lake, greenhouses, and the Whomping Willow Owlery. How Disapparate apparatus and is not allowed on the school grounds due to security enchantments, the Hogwarts Express carries students to Hogsmeade station. The first-year students come to school across the lake in wooden boats. While the other students will appear in carriages without horses, but in reality, drawn Thestrals, which can only be seen by anyone who has seen death up close. The lake contains many Hogwarts magical creatures such as giant squid, merpeople, Grindylows, among others. History There are over a thousand years Griffyndor Godric, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin, the biggest and best magicians of the time, joined to form a school of witchcraft and wizardry. Together, they built the castle of Hogwarts, with the goal of educating young people to submit some magical talent. Everyone had unique and distinct qualities, and rightly so they created homes to divide students according to their own interests. The history of Hogwarts is preserved in the castle in various ways, whether in paintings, in books, ghosts, or at the magical device used to divide students into houses, the Sorting Hat, which was the old hat of Godric Gryffindor. But one of Salazar Slytherin (founder of Slytherin) did not get along with the other three founders, only because she wanted to be accepted thoroughbred and fought with others building a secret chamber that would only be open for its descendant to the monster she kept eliminate all born haters (Muggle-born) who had at school. This camera is a women's restroom and in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Director: danilinho79, Karius Scripter: VAGUE, VAGUE, VAGUE, VAGUE Sprite: Elochim, Insaend, danilinho79, VAGUE Client Maker: VAGUE Spell Maker: VAGUE Mapper: danilonilo, Karius, matheusot, VAGUE Designer: VAGUE, VAGUE RPG Maker: danilonilo, VAGUE Other: ... As many know, on 15/07/2011 debuted the latest film in the Harry Potter series, many fans are sad, like me, who accompanied him seriously for a long time and I've read all books, of course many are homesick. What fan does not dream of one day to go to Hogwarts? So, folks, let's cheer, here comes the server from Harry Potter to kill this yearning that torments us Registration Form: Name: Occupation / Session: Age: MSN: Why do you want to join the team: Experience: His work:
  6. Bayern Munich and Barcelona claimed the 2011 championship final Click to watch the game here Watch, watch, game, match, meeting, final, final, championship Audi, 2011, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, broadcast, direct, online, targets, p-line over the Internet, for free, without download, links, move, Sport, Issam Parazoa, Al Jazeera, FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, the scene of Barcelona and Bayern match, vs Barcelona and Bayern Moenk, Spain, Germany, Korh Live, vs Bayern Munich and Barcelona
  7. zulffy


    Hello, I created my own map, placed temple position and all i need. I tried this: But, now I don't know what must I do... Would someone help me please? http://screenshooter.net/2660967/crvtjjn link to photo: http://screenshooter.net/2660967/crvtjjn
  8. How many players will I be able to have online without lagg if I host my custom map 8.0 SQL server on first option vps on this website: http://www.vpsland.com/hosting.php 1.0GHZ Processor 1GB Ram Bandwidth 250GB Any help is welcome, thank you!
  9. ZionOt

    [USA] ZionOnline 8.60

    ZionOnline To make account Visit our website: http://ziononline.no-ip.org/ OR use 1/1 to make an account in-game! Thanks for participating in our 2 day event! Now, a new Offer! If you bring your friends, you can earn Donation points for each person! Limited Time Offer! (1 week) Lets Begin, Welcome to Zion Online. A new adventure. Here in Zion, we try our best to make your dream, come true. Days, Months, Years of fun to come. wether it be a tricky quest to a hard boss, to a team game, to wars. Its all here. I have been working very hard on this server come and enjoy it. I guarantee satisfaction if you like challenging low exp servers, this is the one. As i can imagine, many of you don't want to waste your time to find yet another lame open tibia server. Well in order to help you evade that mistake here, i will tell you everything you need to know. At the end of our session, you can decide :]. Ok, Enough small take, i want to know what makes this so "Great". Well, you can read my words, but you decide to agree. The Server is TFS 8.6, Fully made custom map, made from scratch. 100%. Scripts made by OT land, friends, or myself. You wont find another like it. I could tell you how great it is, but everyone does that. The rates are balanced, and don't ruin the gameplay and PvP. Starting Point/Ingame ---------------------- The word "Rook" may bring terror to your mind. "NO NOT GOING TO SPEND HRS IN ROOK!". Fear not! It only takes about 2 min to get out of rook and on your way to main! :], The reason there is a rook is because IF there was not a rook, It would be very confusing. Joining a custom map in which you have never seen nor played before, can be really tricky. You will just acquire equipment in rook, talk to the oracle and WOOT! you are in mainland. Zion Rates ---------------------- Experience Stages: 100x(8) 80x(9-25) 60x(26-50) 40x(51-100) 20x(101-125) 10x(126-175) 5x(176-200) 3x(201+) Skill Rates: Skills: 16x Magic: 14x Loot: 2x Vocations ---------------------- In Zion, You pick your vocation once you have finished getting your equipment in rook. You can use the oracle to pick from the 4 vocations. Regain and Skills will change, depending on the picked vocation, and yes everything is balanced. Knight Druid Paladin Sorcerer Uptime ---------------------- The uptime is 24hrs a day. Everyday of the week. Every week of the year. The only time we go off, is for updates, or a crash, crashes are extremely rare and wont happen very often. When that happens, the server is back up in less then 10 seconds. PvP Fun: Please, come back! ---------------------- We all miss the great 7.6 wars and pking some would say 8.1 but we can agree it was better in the past. I am slowly bringing it back. Slowly. I have been modifying scripts, movements, and allot of other things. Here are some bonus's to PvP. Runes dont have a "Level Requirement" Equipment does not have a "Level Requirement" OR "Vocation Requirement" Only regular potions are ingame, unless you loot it. Otherwise, you use regular potions and runes. And More.. Ammunition ---------------------- Most of the ammo never runs out. Assassin stars do run out. Runes also run out. Potions run out as well. Quests ---------------------- There are many quests to keep you busy. More to come.. NOTE: There are multiple quests in the quests! Games&Events ---------------------- We have games and events! Many of which players love, here is a list. Bomber Man Arena Wars Kill that creature Exiva Football Raids Last man standing More to come.. Map ---------------------- The map is 100% custom made by me. Hundreds of monters to kill, and lots of quest to complete. If you like to explore, you will be busy :]. Miss anything? ---------------------- If i missed anything, or have any errors, let me know. Ill add it OR fix it Connection Information ---------------------- Ip: ziononline.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 NEW!: PS3 GAME TOURNAMENTS! Games we have tournaments in: Split Second Battle Field Bad Company 2 Sol Caliber 4 More coming soon. Rewards to winning teams/player! At least give us a chance. I really think that This server has potential.
  10. samxix

    is it really online?

    okay ive had my ot server on and off for the past week or so and i have had 0 people come on and from the past ive learned at least 1 or 2 will come check it out but i was wondering if someone can come check and see if they can get on it and im not trying to premote this or advertise this in anyway but the stuff is 7171 anyways thanks for all the support and if you cant get on leave feedback and if you can i will close this anyways thanks for everything o and its 8.55
  11. Hello people.. this a proyect that I am doing alone.. why?.. I like do it like this .. and i want to demostrate all that I do starting in my first picture of muy map.. I don't know how I hide the pictures and when you do click, the picture be showed.. here I go.. Other thing.. I take Ideas for other people.. One of them was Chauz.. I think that he is the best.. First picture.. All of the pictures is when I start.. Here is the second post that I do.. All will see how change the map.. here is other pictures of other post.. All can see that there I start doing the ghostland..
  12. Me and my friends creating a new pokemon game but we need help creating it so far we have: Mappers:0 Spriters:1 Developers/Programmers: 3 So if you know how to sprite,map,develop/program, will you please come join also if your not a mapper,spriter,developer you can join anway . Please help in the new Pokemon Poison Online MMORPG. Link: http://pokemonpoisononline.freeforums.org/
  13. Old Jobs
  14. hiperkarma

    Conquer Online

    Hey-ho! Is here anyone who is playing CO? If yes, post your world/server, your vocation and your level. If not, you can join by me, link in my signature. I play at Celebrities -> Fury I'm a level Non-Reborn 116 WaterSaint. My equipment: EliteStarCap(+2) EliteRosyBag(+2) EliteDiamondBracelet(+2) SuperConBacksword(+3) Socket 1 gem(s) SuperPhoenixGem EHP: 142 EliteConquestGown(+2) EliteDeftBoots(+2) EHP: 132 EliteHeavenFan(+4) Progress: 205/8000 UniqueStarTower(+3) Progress: 0/8000
  15. malleta

    Pokémon Legend Online

    Well, this is a dedicated project, which will raise the game Pokémon. With many systems and news. Current team: Systems: Map: Evolution System: Form for registration: Contact! Some screens! PLO Fórum: Fórum Now we are a small team, but soon we will grow! I accept criticism, suggestions, questions and compliments! Regards, Malleta
  16. Hi, i want to show you my ot... doesnt look really so bad V V V ● Website: http://www.holy-ots.com/ or http://www.holy-ots.de/ ● Acc Making: http://holy-ots.com/?subtopic=createaccount ● Rates: 1 - 50 -> 150x 51 - 100 -> 75x 101 - 150 -> 50x 151 - 200 -> 25x 201 - 250 -> 15x 251 - 300 -> 10x 301 - 350 -> 5x 351 - 400 -> 4x 401+ -> 3x Skills x 10 Magic x 8 Loot x 2 ● Features: 99% no lags FULL Custom Map Many Cities Balanced Vocations Detailed Spells Weapon Enchanting Second Promotion Core System New Spells New Quests etc... ● Real Tibia Quests: Annihilator, Demon Helmet, Demon Oak, Inquisition, Banshee, Pits of Inferno, Blue Legs and a lot more! Always online(only offline in case of Updates or Crashes) Serversave everyday at 03:00 CET (Central European Time)
  17. mitch4ll


    I seem to have a bad problem... I can get my server up and running its just gettin people on it.. I havent port forwarded since my parent nor i, know the admin user and password.. Is there another way to forward my ports??? if not, we have recently been given a new bt home hub 2.0 i think its called, which has the admin user & password on the hub box. but the problem with that is it shows up on our computer with signal just when i click connect it takes a long time and after a while it just stops connecting and nothing happens.. we can't use the cd because my computerdisktray was broken so we put in a different tray but the computer doesnt read the dics so its pointless really.. but if anyone has any idea on either the 1st or 2nd problem Please don't hesitate to help me. many thanks if you help me overcome this problem and to all those that try.
  18. Hello first of all, im new, I got my own OT with some friends and i will host the server! Map, monsters, etc are easy to make for me and are running on the OT, the only problem is... no one of my freinds can log in to the OT!! I opened the Config.lua and changed the ip from to my adress from whatismyip.com. After that i tried to log in with my ip! Doesnt work! after this i tried to log in with my redirecting "No-ip.biz" adress: doesnt work! Then last but not leats i treied to log in with and: It works. But with this ip only i can log in so.... My question is: How can i do the right changes and where do i change the things like the ip, that my friends and other people could join my Server??? Please help me im Frustrated of Working so long on it with my friends and thats nearly the only last problem for now >.< Greetings Rundas PS: Sorry if there is already a thread but i didnt got the time for Searching sorry....
  19. OldXar

    Command !online

    Heya all, I'm using The Forgotten Server, Mysql, Version 0.2. This server is for the tibia client protocol 8.4. I can use the !online command but I don't like the way it gets displayed, it gets displayed in a white text above the chat channels,... I would like to change this to a diffirent colour and in the default channel, is this possible withouth source changing ? Since I don't have the source... Kind regards, OldXar
  20. Terraki

    Power Soccer

    Power Soccer is a football online game, you can play leagues, coups, matchs, with other people or with friends. It has a lot of things for pay, like equipment and tactics, but they are not useful (I use 4-4-2). It's funny and you don't need to download nothing (just need Java) Want to see more enter here: English Spanish Doesn't know more links, search it in your mother language ^^. Some thinks maybe are bad: You can't buy players. There aren't real players name. The game is using levels, you gain level playing versus people, and then you can add abilities to your players. Try it, if anyone wanna play vs me, my name is Terraki and my team name is ChuckNorris Kicks lol
  21. Chrsman

    Monster vs Monster

    Hello, I was wonder how to get a certain race [like blood] only attack another certain race [like undead]. I heard Real Tibia had it by a friend. If someone could help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Chrsman
  22. j1nth3d3m0n

    [Help] Putting my server online!

    This is really starting to tick me off because I keep trying to log-in to my server, but I don't think its online. For example, when I try to add it to otservlist..org/ it says that your server must be online to post it. Can someone tell me how to put my server online. I have already imported my files and all into phpmyadmin and created an admin for it. Someone please help me!
  23. ----------------------------------------------------------- Program: With the IP-Changer. Function: Check status of a server (Online/Offline). ----------------------------------------------------------- My suggestion is a option to check the server are ONLINE or OFFLINE when you change the ip or clicking in a buttom.

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