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Found 5 results

  1. LiamHarter

    Blue Paradise Online

    Play this new sensation www.blueparadise.tk This game has the stile of tibia Automatic Spell, automatic attack... Automatic reset Automatic adition of points Spells in area Guild's war And a lot more!
  2. We made ArchLight to fill a need for a professional RPG server. A balanced server. A competitive server. And a long lasting server. Archlight has been developed by a professional mature group, one not here to launch an ot and take it offline 1 month later. A professional group not here to make outrageous donation items to make a quick buck. A group with a one year commitment to our dedicated server and project team. Our server is here to be enjoyable, balanced, exciting and clean. Not a server with crazy systems that cause crashes every 30 minutes, or a boring real map that has nothing to explore or learn. To avoid spoilers, we will not be giving away many things about our server, we want to keep this to a surprise. We hope you enjoy the following information about our server All dates below are confirmed and will happen on schedule. Third Alpha Test Date: July 17th Last Alpha Test Date: July 24th First Beta Test: July 31st Last Beta Test: August 7th Confirmed Release Date: August 14th - 18:00 CEST | 9:00am PST | 12:00pm (Noon) EST Website: ArchlightOnline.com Tibia: 10.77 IP: ArchlightOnline.com Guildhall War System Daily Dungeons The Ramparts Monster/Boss/Fishing Tasks Interactive Fishing System Fast Travel System Advanced Addon Bonus System *~* PvP ~*~ *~* Exp/Skill/Ml Rates: Medium ~*~ *~* Unique System To Achieve Addons ~*~ *~* Slot Machines / Casino ~*~ *~* Archlight tokens every 20 minutes to active players ~*~ *~* Many Team Quests ~*~ *~* Some real tibia quests added - POI, DHQ, Anni ~*~ *~* Massive Unique Custom Map ~*~ ~*~ 10.77 Mounts and Outfits ~*~ ~*~ Many Unique Events ~*~ ~*~ World Bosses ~*~ ~*~ Weekly PvP Events ~*~ ​ Our Addon system is a spin on the common addon bonus system out there. As we dont want to limit you to wearing an addon based on the benefits it grants to your class. We want you to wear whatever addon you enjoy! But also be rewarded for having multiple addons... For every addon you own you will receive a bonus. The more addons you on the most bonuses you will receive. For example.. if you have 1 full set of addons you will receive +50 health, if you have 2 sets of addons, +50 health and + 10 speed, up to a total of 20 set bonuses. ​ Our Find group system is a simple talkaction to open a command window allowing you to choose with ease exactly what you want to do, whether its find someone to invite for a Boss, Hunt, or Guild, or to put your name looking for group. Once a player is added their Name, Vocation and Level will be added to the list. A player can easily remove himself from the list. ​ On ArchLight we have multiple quests that can be repeated daily for a chance to retrieve donation items, in-game rare items, tokens (used to buy certain items, supplies) etc. These daily quests allow players who cannot dedicated as much time to ArchLight each day to stay somewhat competitive through these daily quests and the rewards they give. ​ * All of our vocations have been stress tested in many ways to assure balance in their respective roles, in both PVE and PVP. Archer ​ The archer is a ranged weapon specialist. He is there to rain fire down on the enemy while the tank holds the aggro off of them. The archer however also has a series of spells from self heals to combat spells that support his damage. The Archer on Archlight unlike the Paladin on Real Tibia has a stronger damage tray but lower healing tray. The Archer will have a high damage output with decent survivability allowing them to be a very powerful mixed threat from afar. Guardian ​ The Meat and Shield of Archlight. The Guardian is a powerful, high defense and high health melee weapon user. The Guardian has multiple moderate healing spells along with a strong taunt. The Guardians shielding skill rises faster than any other class on Archlight, however with high health and high defense the cost of weapon skill comes. Their weapon skill does not rise as fast as a Berserker and thus resorts more to magic damage along with the support of a 1 handed weapon. This class is a lower damage output but exceptionally hard to kill. A must have for a high level boss fight. Druid ​ The Druid is a combination of a natural damaging class, and a healer. The Druid has the utility of several large heals, allowing the Druid to support with large heals and a moderate amount of damage in boss fights. The druid makes a good solo hunter too with several strong damage spells. Sorcerer ​ The Sorcerer is a powerful magician, using the strongest elements are their disposal to inflict massive amounts of magic damage against their enemies. Sorcerers despite being the most powerful damage dealer in the game have the lowest survivability being a fragile target. Bard ​ The Bard is a unique player who is adept with the use of instruments in combat. These musicians use different sounds to fight, support, and heal allies. Bards are the primary support class in Archlight using a mixed variety of heal over time spells, party speed buffs, party damage and defense buffs, and regeneration buffs. A Bard is a key support class. Berserker ​ Raw Strength, The Berserker is a master of heavy weapons. Despite their slower shielding skill than that of the Guardian the Berserker has an exceptionally fast weapon skill. The Berserker is adept to using heavy 2 handed weapons to deal massive amounts of damage using AOE spells and powerful weapon skill buffs. Accompany the Berserker with a Bard to further support his damage buffs and speed and you will have one powerful killing machine. Our Mapper Threads: Divinum's Mapping Thread Godsu's Mapping Thread Thanks to the support of my fellow staff @uchiha1sasukee @RazorBlade @Colors @HalfAway @divinum @Synnical @Damon @MysteriousDot DISCLAIMER!! I am no way affiliated with the server, just a person who decided to repost to this beautiful forum! Get prepared guys!
  3. unrivaledneo1393156564

    Sacred Lands Graphic Request

    The Sacred Lands is a post apocalyptic game set in a distant future. And now is looking for talented artist to help bring the world to live. Instead of hiring a pixel artist or two to help create the Sacred Lands we “AngelFox Studios” Have decided to open up to anyone willing to donate any graphical resources to the game. Let it be tiles/items/Monster/NPC or Player clothing. Seeing how OT is working with very similar graphical styles to what we are using I thought Id make a post here. Though No this is NOT a OTServer. This is a MMORPG game create with a open source engine called VBgore. Story Clip: Humanity has come to the an age of technology, they have clones humans, create cyborgs and robot to protect us and now trying to create a way to travel to different places of the world in a blink of an eye. But something has gone wrong, instead we have found a way to travel to different world, and now has opened up a gateway to our own demises, War broke out, Earth was invaded. Now it is time for us to fight back, to reclaim our home, but will you fight....or die? Some Features You will see in the game: Bloody Gore effects: See Blood fly across the screen as you cut down your enemy Advanced Paperdoll system: Have have 6 layers of clothing on your character. Helm, Shirt, Pants, Back, Main hand, Off Hand layers Intense PVP Player Housing Player Built Shops: No more advertising to sell stuff place item up for sale and let them come looking for you Particle Effects: Enjoy great 3D effect for spells Mount/Vehicles: Hope on a bike or travel the desert on the back of a camel Crafting: Create new and unique weapon/armor to help you on your way. These are just a few of the features you can find in game. Though I don’t want to get into it to much, cause im not trying to advertise our game. All Artwork style must resemble a work much like the Fallout series meet Mad Max with a twist of any zombie move. The perception is that of Ultima 6 and of course Tibia. If templates are needs im sure i can make/find some. Stuff We are Looking For. Players: Male/Female Naked Player Templates Poses for attacking Weapons w/32x32 icon: (Right Hand Worn) Baseball Bat Nailed Base Ball bat Pistol Rusty Sword Monsters:(Can be any size multiple of 32 ETC 32x32, 32x64 64x64 96x96 128x128 you get the idea) Mutated Bug:64 x 32 Zombie:32x32 Wild Dog Mutated Dog Jumper: 64x64 or Bigger This is a Long legged creature whos mouth is on its belly it jumps on it prey and bites down. Tiles Interior Town Items(worn out items) Chairs, tables, beds, couches Wastelands Furturistic Boot Camp camp Mountain set Ruined town set Idea 1 Think Fallout/mad max towns Burnt down Airport Exterior/interior of plane Right now just working on stuff for the first part of the game. After completion we will be releaseing a open server stress test to find any bugs and errors we havnt seen before Ideas for for Monsters/item etc etc are also ways welcome. Please note: Not all submission will be added into the game but any that do will be given full credit on the credit page so what means we will need a name to give credit to if different from your screen name. Also note than anything submitted to The Sacred Lands becomes legal to use incase we do decide to go commercial some day.(Have "premium features) But for the moment the game will be completely free.
  4. unrivaledneo1393156564

    Post Apocoliptic Game

    Howdy Yall, Im creating a new game Called Sacred Lands, though this is not a OT Server but written in VB6. I started using the Ultima 6 Graphics as a template and I found this site, seen alot of interesting work that has help give me idea. NOTE: Now before Trip gets his panties in a bunch Simon Turnbull is a Artist for Sacred Lands, whcih means YEs Mr Trip these graphics are mine! So before you start calling out names do a little reseach like the dude first before you throw up stuipid shit like that again. Please all suggestion and comments on improving be great Also Have any feel like distruting Post Apoc work for use in the game can feel free to post here, full credit be given of course Take care. EDIT: Also The Character sprite is the only thing not mine, borrwed it cause I couldnt find a good Naked man/women template
  5. Ok ok, Now I know what you are all thinking. "Aww another noob wasting our time with illusions of a 3d Tibia". Well don't worry, I am not going to waste your time. All I am asking is for you to read over this and maybe post a comment on your thoughts or ideas,mindless/not constructive flames are not welcome here. Ok so I was chatting with a friend on msn and we starting thinking of Ideas for a new game with Tibia like concepts. 2.5d or 3d environment. Tibia is set in a 2 dimensions. This new game will be from a 3rd person perspective(viewing your character from behind, or possible in front depending on if the camera angle is changeable). If anybody is wondering on what 2.5d is and if there has ever been a game made in the history of time set in it that was remotely successful. Well yes there was, several in fact. Many of which are rpg like Tibia. Some examples are Diablo 1 and 2(massively popular, still played today),THE ENTIRE:Icewind dale(1,2)Baldur's Gate(1,2) series, there are many more but these are just some personal favorites of mine. So what exactly is 2.5d? Heres what wikipedia says about it. So I understand 2.5d but I hate the concept, I want moar modern graphics!!! While it is entirely possibly to make something like this with next-gen graphics, it would also take much longer and cost a lot more. Maybe the same kind of graphics, 3d effects, visuals and effects of games from 2000-2003 Game play: -Possibly a tile based environment, this would induce a tibia like effect where 1 character per square, make the area of effect of spells much more clear also, would put some limits on types of graphics and models used(Again is a possibility). -Monsters and players would be target able, which would deviate it from the Diablo series if it was set in 2.5d, again tibia like effect where the characters perform the attacks automatically(YES I know tons of games use this). -Trainable skills like in tibia, however the amount you can train to is limited by your level. Same with magic level. -Very very few of this WoW bullshit level requirement on weapons;if you loot it and your a guy who like swinging swords then you can damm well swing it. -Death penalty; loose experience, skills and possibly items when you die. However, for example if you are just level 13 and a level 159 kills you the penalty will be practically 0, increased if you die from a player many levels lower. -Tibia chat system, or something very similar. -Jobs, or professions. Something like enchanting, tailoring etc etc, this is important as it gives the players another reason to go out and level up, continue playing, adds to the economy, and gives the players something to do in between leveling and training. -bounty system for player killers i.e. broadcast message etc or some kind of notice board. -Similar inventory system to tibia. -Similar fighting system to tibia, but made more complex, dodge, block and critical chance. -More classes/vocations that Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer, Druid. Promotions would still be present in it, however each basic class would have multiple promotions. I.e. Could choose Mage for example and he might promote into a Priest, Wizard or a Sorcerer. -Straight into action, no rook guard, choose your class at level 1, maybe a tutorial for the first time a player creates a character, skip able after that. -Rewards for the top 10 players on each server, depending on how long they keep the position. So what do you guys think? Post your comments or further ideas here, once again flames are not welcome in this thread, and please try to refrain from bashing me or any other users.

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