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Found 2 results

  1. Mannen med brillorna

    The Heart of All Evil - teaser

    For signup, please go here This server contains one place; one objective to fulfill; one quest to undertake. It will be open for preselected persons at predetermined dates and times. Those of you who deem themselves suitable to embark on this quest will have the opportunity to apply for certain dates when you together with a team will login and try to worm your way through this maze of challenges. _______________________________________________________________ James Gireoux, your king, is lying on his death bed. Doctors deem his heart disease uncurable, magicians stand powerless, and already the realm has began mourning the inevitable passing of their king. But a man steps forward, claiming to have had a vision. He says that in this revelation he saw an ancient beast; a creature so gruesome and grotesque its like has never been seen before. He also says that this creature's magical heart can replace that of James', and thereby cure him. Those who hear word of this peculiar prophecy laughingly discard it as lie and vagary. But some men, those who so desperately crave the leadership of their king, step forward and vow to seek this creature out, to kill it and dissect its heart, and finally to bring it back to James. These people are you. So a journey begins, where in savage lands a place of ancient-old evil is navigated. In grottos so old and dark that the world itself has forgotten them you will have to descend in order to find out whether your last hope of saving James Gireoux is naught but superstition, or if it actually withholds truth. You will notice that the creatures who dwell in these cavities are merely marionettes under a terrible dark force. Forced to the bidding of their master, they confront you with the blackest of magic and foulest of tricks. Sealing shut the entrance that leads to your final goal are four guardians, controlling their own little realms. In time, you will learn that these guardians are not like anything you ever faced before, and in the end, you will realize you are playing a wicked game and that you are just pawns in the twisted pastime of a horrendous puppeteer, just like every other creature around you in the citadel that threatens to become your tomb. For your entertainment, MmB Forbidden Me again
  2. ehehehehehe... Congratulations and happy birthday too Sebbe, a.k.a Mannen med Brillorna! Yay, happy b-day, hurray! And so on..!!

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