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Found 4 results

  1. Mannen med brillorna

    The Lost Lands - We are back.

    http://lostlands-rpg.com/ Do you remember The Lost Lands? We sure do. Not only did we enjoy playing it, we loved creating it. As we now stare into the past, at these fading memories, we begin to remember The Lost Lands. The world itself, its vast expanses to this day fully unexplored, and its rich landscapes, riddled with secret caves and perilous hunting grounds, areas in which players never ceased to find wonders. It is with desire I gaze back in retrospect, remembering the players exploring this world, sometimes where no one had ever tread before. It is with longing I recall the teams of explorers fighting their way through the plethora of challenging quests and difficult riddles in their tireless attempts to unravel yet another secret or seize yet another reward, and it is with excitement I realize that it is all about to come back. During the last couple of weeks a private party of ten persons close to the original members of TLL (MmB, Steven & Keth), have spent hours and hours beta-testing, finding and reporting bugs, which have then been solved by Keth and Kristoffer (an old player and a new addition to the crew). The server is coming back together, stronger and more reliable than ever before, with many of the old problems entirely eradicated. With new found interest the members of the crew are joining once more, owing to the determination of Keth and Kristoffer who have managed to solve many of the bugs that we simply could not overcome before. So I would ask for your attention, if just for a while, to refresh your memories. Hereto follows a teaser of traditional sense, a set of pictures with some text, as some of you have come to remember it like. The old players might know each scene, while the new player will in time be able to reach these locations in-game. For, my friends, the Lost Lands is finally coming back. In Casteldine, Celeres, Adanac and Tha'Reen, people once found their respective homes. Each city adjacent to a wealth of hunting grounds, quests, mysteries and other means of entertainment, the players never have to tire of their surroundings. Each town is brimful of rentable houses, trading NPCs and secret areas. The gross amount of NPCs all have something to say. Most of them know their neighbors and gladly speak of them, be it facts, gossip or lies. Many of them have missions or quests for you to undertake, each with such variety you would be hard-pressed to grow bored of them. Some NPCs, like Lad Nacs, have such extensive quest lines, that finishing them entirely will take you days or perhaps even weeks. Suffice to say, the inhabitants of Lithaton will never give you the chance of boredom. The continent of The Lost Lands, Lithaton, has a total cave surface size that is several times as large as the mainland itself. You can find every traditional monster here and more thereto, in the seemingly endless grottos below the surface. You would do wisely in remembering that even the most fanatic players ultimately failed at exploring it all. There are hunting grounds for every taste, each tailored specifically to offer a perpetually diverse experience within a wide range of difficulties. Wherever you are, there is always a chance to find something special, a secret, a quest or an entrance to something yet unexplored. Around the world, you will find hundreds of quests. Some are easy, some are hard, and while some challenge your intellect, others will challenge your strength. There are riddles in abundance, and although many quests are linear, there are also meta-puzzles that require you to think far outside the box. Some quests seemed downright impossible to figure out, we realized as we implemented them, but to our satisfaction even some of these were solved - truly nothing is impossible. Players start on Flantania Island. Here they will be trained sufficiently to survive on the mainland, but this is nowhere near a dull experience. The isle of Flantania sports many quests for adventurers, a wide range of hunting grounds and secrets to find. As I seem to recall, there was even one person who ultimately managed to find the fabled and elusive blade; the legendary Sword of Fury. 1/11/11, though melodramatic as it may seem, is the day when old and new players alike converge on the doorsteps of our world, and begin their journey on Lithaton. We hereby invite you to The Lost Lands. With regards, MmB (Project Founder & story writer) Keth (Project Leader) Steven (Project Founder) Kristoffer (Project Manager) Support us by adding this to your signature.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z7jPxbJiu8 Quick video I recorded and put some music too.
  3. robson10

    Lost Account Bug.

    I do not know if this is the right area for me to post. and .... I need a tutorial that teaches me to configure the system lost account. I use the nicaw acc web site. I have already set up this party with my data: # Enable extension = php_openssl.dll in php.ini in order to use gmail $ cfg [ 'SMTP_Host'] = 'smtp.gmail.com'; $ cfg [ 'SMTP_Port'] = 465; $ cfg [ 'SMTP_Auth'] = true; $ cfg [ 'SMTP_User'] =''; $ cfg [ 'SMTP_Password'] =''; $ cfg [ 'SMTP_From'] =''; But every time I give the use an error! I have already set up my pop3 email to receive Connections. need to do something more? someone has a complete tutorial teaching?
  4. 5776837

    [USA] The Lost Server

    Ip: lost-server.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.31 Client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: On a home computer well equipped to host lag free, unless complications arise. I will deal with that as I encounter it though. Website: http://lost-server.no-ip.org/ Exp rate: 100x ML rate: 10x Skill rate: 20x Loot rate: 5x Map: TFS Runes: Infinite Ammo: Infinite Server type: PvP. 50 kills for RS. GODS: GOD Crazed GOD Madness Admin Valor

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