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Found 22 results

  1. Olá pessoal!! Este questionário tem como objetivo identificar quais são os ASPECTOS que um magnifico OTServer tem que ter para que possa trazer ao máximo a DIVERSÃO que você tanto deseja. Por isso agrademos pelo seu tempo e contamos com sua contribuição. QUESTIONÁRIO: https://goo.gl/forms/S4bF0zhNZ8N6EzYp1
  2. * Online since: 15/04/2017 * 24 Horas dedicated for 500 players. * Map Global Full * With Krailos e Ferumbras Ascendant * SaveServer Global diarly as 06:00 hrs * 10.98~11+ UPDATED Main Quests: * Anihi * Demon Oak * Warzone * Pits of Inferno * Inquisition * Demon Helmet * Banshee Quest * Wrote * Hota * Outfits (all unlock) * Addons (all unlock - need bring items to Npc Addoner) * Mounts (all working) Rates: 1 - 8, 50x 9 - 50, 300x 51 - 80, 250x 81 - 100, 200x 101 - 120, 150x 121 - 140, 100x 141 - 160, 80x 161 - 180, 60x 181 - 200, 40x 201 - 220, 20x 221 - 240, 15x 241 - 260, 10x 261 - 280, 8x 281 - 300, 6x 301 - 320, 5x 321 - 340, 4x 341+, 3x Skill: 50x Magiclevel: 10x Loot 4x * More info in our site. IP: empire-global.servegame.com Site: http://empire-global.servegame.com Come play and have fun!
  3. Start 08/09/2016, Welcome Wartera World. Open Tibia 10.96, Exp 600x. ip: wartera.com port: 7171 WebAcc: www.wartera.com Inaugurado 07/09/2016
  4. Shadalan server has just been opened, but we only start announcing by today!! Enjoy this beggining!! Be the Top of this hot new Open Tibia Server !! Create your account now! http://shadalanot.zapto.org/?subtopic=createaccount Shadalan, a classic Tibia server. Client Version: 8.60 IP: shadalanot.zapto.org Port 7171 Shadalan OT, the server that includes the balance you always sought between difficulty and joy of accomplishment. With a Full Global Map, Shadalan OT is unique, and will bring you fantastic experiences! Website: http://shadalanot.zapto.org/ Download: http://goo.gl/7NLTUU(ShadalanOT Client) Rates: - Experience starts at: 20x. - Experience Average: 10x. - Skill Rate: 30x - Magic Rate: 10x - Loot Rate: 2.5x. Information: - Server Online 24H, Dedicated Hosted in Quebec, Canadá; - No Resets; - Full Map 100% Global Tibia (Cities, Quests, Spawns, Houses...); - Classic 8.60 Gameplay; - Vocations/Spells/Damages/Runes balanced and 100% Global; - Addons acquired only by items; - Starting Level: 8; - Protection Level: 50 (no loot drop until this level); - Premium Account free for all players; - Shop System for Guilds; Shadalan OT Server!! Global Dedicated 24H Join Us Now!
  5. The Chaotic Open Tibia's project is being developed by a team composed of three administrators, each of them responsible for two functions, a exclusive one and general management. Each administrator is responsible for one of those: Programming, Mapping and Webmaster. Our team was assembled in 2011, we had a server for a short period of time, but our metas were not met. In this year we came back with a better work, with an exceptional quality, with the objective of making a traditional and innovative server, as well as satisfying the needs of our future player base, which we'll dedicate this post. This post was made with the goal of showing some of our exclusives systems and features. (You can create your account on www.chaoticserver.com) The proposal of our server is to offer a exclusive and pleasant gameplay. With this in mind we choose our experience rate with an hard/medium gameplay in mind, using stages and with an average of 21x. We choose the following stages: There's in our server some exclusive systems idealized by our players early feedbacks and made by us, from Chaotic Server. We hope to continue this partnership, and reward players who actively give us new ideas with +30 points on the webshop. Some of our custom features and systems: New spell for sorcerer (Ultimate death strike) The ultimate death strike will have the same cooldown as every other ult. strikes. This spell was made so that we could balance the vocations, but we can make changes in case our objective is not met. New spell for paladinWill give a boost in attackspeed for a limited time, with drawbacks. New range for exeta res (Circle of 2x2 sqm) Exhausted of ultimate spells recued to 2s (the cooldown of the spell continues to be 30s) Enchanted staff The enchanted staff (spell) was replaced with a wand that each hit is stronger than a exori vis but weaker than a exori max vis, with the damage being based on level and magic level. Rare dropThere's a item (Diamond) that gives points on the webshop when used (1 item used = 1 premium point on the webshop), so that players that choose to play without paying have the chance to gain the advantage of a donator, or you can sell it. There will be too a special item that can be dropped: Experience Potion (gives experience instantly on use, you can use on yourself or on another player) On the images below you can see the Diamond and Experience Potion: (Diamond) (Experience Potion) Lucky AmuletIncrease drop chance in 20%, decay in 5 hours (starts as soon as used for the first time) and works as a Amulet of Loss (Aol), but you won't lose your Lucky Amulet on death. MountsRandom: On use, you can obtain any mount between the existings on Chaotic Server Chosen: On use, you can choose an existing mount on Chaotic Server to obtain Teleport SystemTeleport the player to a city chosen using the Atlas Book Dual wield Enabled to increased Knight's damage output.
  6. *[Canada]: The server is hosted on a dedicated server in Montreal, Canada, 100Mbits/sec >24/7! With more than 99% uptime, less than 1% for maintance and restart!< *Tibiawar ( A realmap rpg project that is daily upgraded to add every missing quests/npcs). 99,9 % uptime ~*Ip*~: tibiawar.net ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60/real tibia client ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Website*~: tibiawar.net ~*Exp rate*~: 3x alwlays -- ~*Map*~: Real tibia map 8.60 [including Zao & Yalahar] [ There is no Vip island nor Costum cities] ~*Runes*~: Normal charges and prices ~*Loot rate*~: 1,2x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. 3 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban. ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 2x Skill and 2x Magic. ~*Mana & Health regen*~: 5 hp/mp per second --> 10 hp/mp per second if promote More Features: ~*Poi Quest*~ ~*Annihilator*~ ~*Balanced vocations*~ ~*Inquisition*~ ~*Svargrond Arena*~ ~*Addons system (rl tibia)*~ Futur Features: ~*Postman Quest*~ ~*Acces to Nargor*~ ~*Access to yalahar -- [Explorer Society]*~ ~*Access to Farmine*~ Note : For now, every access are given but will be removed when the quest are added! Remember :This server is free to play, and not a pay to win, this mean every donation will be obtainable in-game and premium is free for everyone. there will not be any vip island or thing that give an advantage to anyone.
  7. tibiafacil

    [BRAZIL] Draven Global 8.6

    Fala galera, Draven Global Inaugurado 13/2 O Draven Global é um servidor 8.6 hospedado em um dedicado de alta qualidade, ficamos online 24hpor dia, o mapa é o Global mas possui diversas cidades novas para exploração. A exp é estagiada e bem equilibrada, as vocações são levemente mais fortes, deixando o PVP mais dinâmico e divertido. Temos diversos eventos como Battlefield, Castle of Honor, Zombie Arena, Last Man Standing, e outros. O servidor já passou por meses de testes, e concluímos que está bem preparado para receber o público com excelência. Confira abaixo mais informações. Informações técnicas » IP: dravenot.com » Porta: 7171 » Versão: 8.6 » Site: http://www.dravenot.com » Dedicado 24h ServerSoft Informações do Jogo » EXP Stages (Começa em 400x) » Mapa Global (Com Citys Extras) » Guild Shop (Chame sua Guild e ganhe Itens) » Diversos Eventos (Battlefield, Castle, Zombie, etc) » Runas e Munições Infinitas » Fast Attack (Balanceado) » Vocações balanceadas (E mais fortes) » Spells atualizadas » Muitas WARs » Novas Cidades » Atendimento Excelente Está esperando o quê? Entre agora! WWW.DRAVENOT.COM
  8. Full Global Map 10.37 - 10.41- <Fast exp RATES> http://global-ot.net/ Map has some editions made by me to make your game easier and funnier. ALOT OF BOSSES FROM TIBIA RL! "Devovorga. Gaz'haragoth, Apocalypse, etc... " PVP ENFORCED 24/7 -LEVEL REWARDS!! (PREMIOS) level 100 - soft boots level 150 - addon doll level 200 - mount doll level 350 - vip mount doll level 500 - global ring! CLIENT OWN PROPIO! -War system! -Market system! -Tibia Version: 10.41 -IP: global-ot.net -Skill Rate: 10 -Magic Level Rate: 7 -Loot Rate: 4 -Experience stages! http://global-ot.net/?subtopic=serverinfo -EXP STAGES AVERGE: 93x -Exhausted reduced! (80%) -Free travel! (boats) -All Tibia RL mounts! -All Tibia Rl outfits! -All Tibia Rl cities! -Roshamuul! -Grey Island! -Zao! -Farmine! -War Zone! -Demon helmet quest! -Tasks (killing in the name of)! -Automatic raids! -Warth of the emperor quest! -Annihilator quest! -Pits of inferno! -Inquisition! -Svargrond arena! -Razachai & Quirefang! -Demon Oak! -Yalahar quest! -Start lvl 20 with nice items! -Quests for low levels! -Alot of FUN! -And alot more! Waiting for you
  9. Global-Pesado Contagem Regressiva! E com Maior Satisfação Que apresento novo OTSERV RLMAP. Informations : Site: global-pesado.sytes.net IP: global-pesado.sytes.net Porta: 7171 Versão: 10,41 EM BREVE Versão: 10,50 Quest sem missão: Demon Helmet Quest Annihilator Quest Yalahar Quest Inquisition Quest (Addon no NPC Henricus) Warzone 1,2 e 3 Demon oak Quest Banshee Quest Svargrond Arena Quest Demais Quest: Chayenne's Realm Quest RL Wrath of The Emperor 10, 11 e 12ª missao. Isle of Evil The Djinn War The Ancient Tombs Dreamer's Challenge Bright Sword Tumba Horestis The Unnatural entre outras... Novos Mapas: New Ab'Dendriel New Venore Roshamuul The Spike (Sendo Finalizada) Tortoise islands. Razachai e Quirefang Outras Info: Cast System 100% Magias com 50% menos cooldown New Outfit Jersey Montarias 100% RL, algumas com invasões Djinn em Thais compra items Fast respawns Free premium (!buypremium) OFF training ON training Rates: exp: Stages Skill: 25 Magic: 10 Loot: 4 Rates: exp: Estágios de habilidade: 25 Magia: 10 Loot: 4 é hoje a abertura correm! contas criadas hoje ganhará 9 dias premium! e com premium voçê tmb ganhará 20% a mais de exp!
  10. Kaul OTServ Server Description Tired of newest versions? Try Kaul! A 7.6 global map, with EVERY SINGLE QUEST in the map, including Full Banshee Quest, HOTA Quest and so on. Also, new features like Sword of Fury Quest (rook), POI Quest, Inquisition Quest, etc. Come here and have some fun! Server Specifications Website: click here IP Address: kaul.servegame.com Port: 7171 Client Version: 7.6 Experience Rate: 10x Skill & Magic Rate: 8x / 3.5x Type of Server: RPG PVP Language of Server: English / Portuguese Open Time: 24/7 Hosting Specifications: Hosted on Denver, Colorado Server Features More than 70 quests. All houses on map. Whole tibia map (Carlin, Ab, Kaz, Thais, Venore, Edron, Port Hope, Darashia, Ankh)
  11. [ATTACH]4836[/ATTACH] i was wonndering if anyone knew how to fix this?! im using 8.55 server
  12. Well, some advanced scripts may need to share a big table between a spell and a creaturescript, for example. The current design of otserv doesn't allow it (a declaration like my_table={} at global.lua would create a DIFFERENT table for creaturescripts, another for talkactions, and etc). So, I made this code. Not such a big deal, but it may be helpful to someone. It basically creates some new lua functions that emulates a global lua list. Currently, the name of a list has to be a string and both things (key and the value) needs to be a string or a number (I don't see much need for other cases) The functions are explained above: createNewGlobalList(tablename) --it would be like a lua declaration tablename = {} (creates a list with the name tablename --it returns LUA_ERROR if there is already a list with that name getGlobalListValue(tablename, key) -- returns the value of tablename[key] -- as in lua, if the value of tablename[key] was never setted, it will return nil setGlobalListValue(tablename,key,value) -- sets the value of tablename[key] deleteGlobalList(tablename) --completely destroy the global list tablename and all its contents An example of usage: local status = createNewGlobalList("MyList") -- MyList={} if status==LUA_ERROR then print("Why are you trying to create a list that already exists?!") else for aux=1, 10 do setGlobalListValue("MyList",aux,aux*aux) -- MyList[aux]=aux*aux end local x = math.random(1,10) print("The square of "..x.." is "..getGlobalListValue("MyList",x)) print("Now we will store cubes intead:") for aux=1, 10 do setGlobalListValue("MyList",aux,aux*aux*aux) -- MyList[aux]=aux*aux*aux end for aux=1, 10 do print("The cube of ".. aux .. " is "..getGlobalListValue("MyList",aux)) end print("Hmmm, we don't need to know about the cubes of numbers above 5. Let's erase it?") for aux=6, 10 do setGlobalListValue("MyList",aux,nil) -- MyList[aux]=nil end print("We can set the key and values as strings too: ") setGlobalListValue("MyList","myRandomString","MyRandomValue") --"MyList[myRandomString]="MyRandomValue" print("And we can also mix up them: ") setGlobalListValue("MyList","myRandomString2",3.1415) --MyList[myRandomString1]=3.1415 setGlobalListValue("MyList",2.71828,"someString") --MyList[2.71828]="someString" print("I won't need this list anymore, so I will delete it and save memory.") deleteGlobalList("MyList") end The code is like above. You need to add a file named abstract_lua_t.h: #ifndef __ABSTRACT_LUA_T__ #define __ABSTRACT_LUA_T__ #include <map> #include <string> #include <iostream> enum type_abstract_lua { NONE_LUA_T, REAL_LUA_T, STRING_LUA_T }; class abstract_lua_t { type_abstract_lua tipo; double d; std::string s; public: abstract_lua_t() { tipo=NONE_LUA_T; }; bool operator == (abstract_lua_t &x) { return((!((*this)<x)) && (!(x<(*this))));}; bool isString(void) const { return(tipo==STRING_LUA_T); }; bool isReal(void) const { return(tipo==REAL_LUA_T); }; bool isNil(void) const { return(tipo==NONE_LUA_T);}; bool getString (std::string &v) const ; bool getReal (double &v) const; void set(std::string s); void set(double d); friend std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream &s, abstract_lua_t x); friend bool operator < (abstract_lua_t a,abstract_lua_t ; }; #endif A file abstract_lua_t.cpp: #include "abstract_lua_t.h" #include <iostream> bool abstract_lua_t::getString (std::string &v) const { if (isString()) { v = s; return(true); } else return(false); } bool abstract_lua_t::getReal (double &v) const { if (isReal()) { v = d; return(true); } else return(false); } void abstract_lua_t::set(std::string v) { tipo = STRING_LUA_T; s = v; } void abstract_lua_t::set(double v) { tipo = REAL_LUA_T; d = v; } bool operator < (abstract_lua_t a,abstract_lua_t { if (int(a.tipo)!=int(b.tipo)) return(a.tipo<b.tipo); if (a.isReal()) return(a.d<b.d); if (a.isString()) return (a.s<b.s); return(false); //both are empty } std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream &c, abstract_lua_t x) { if (x.isString()) return(c << x.s); if (x.isReal()) return(c << x.d); return(c<<"nil"); } a file global_list_lua_manager.h #ifndef __global_list_lua_manager__ #define __global_list_lua_manager__ #include "abstract_lua_t.h" #include <iostream> class global_list_lua_manager { protected: std::map <abstract_lua_t ,abstract_lua_t> list; public: ~global_list_lua_manager(); bool getValue(abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t &result); void setValue(abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t value); bool deleteValue(abstract_lua_t key); void deleteAll(void); //deletes all items at the list }; #endif a file global_list_lua_manager.cpp #include "global_list_lua_manager.h" /******beginning of the global_list_lua_manager********/ global_list_lua_manager::~global_list_lua_manager() { deleteAll(); } void global_list_lua_manager::deleteAll(void) { list.erase(list.begin(),list.end()); } bool global_list_lua_manager::deleteValue(abstract_lua_t key) { std::map<abstract_lua_t,abstract_lua_t>::iterator it = list.find(key); if (it!=list.end()) { list.erase(it); return(true); } return(false); } bool global_list_lua_manager::getValue(abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t &result) { std::map<abstract_lua_t,abstract_lua_t>::iterator it = list.find(key); if (it!=list.end()) { result = it->second; return(true); } return(false); } void global_list_lua_manager::setValue(abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t value) { list[key] = value; } a file global_lists_lua_manager.h #ifndef __global_lists_lua_manager__ #define __global_lists_lua_manager__ #include <iostream> #include "global_list_lua_manager.h" #include "abstract_lua_t.h" class global_lists_lua_manager { typedef std::map <std::string,global_list_lua_manager*> ListOfLists; protected: ListOfLists listOfLists; public: ~global_lists_lua_manager(); bool createNewList(std::string name); bool deleteValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key); bool deleteList(std::string name); void deleteAll(void); bool setValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t value); bool getValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t &result); }; #endif and a file global_lists_lua_manager.cpp #include "global_lists_lua_manager.h" #include "global_list_lua_manager.h" #include "abstract_lua_t.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <iostream> //it returns false if there is already a list with that name bool global_lists_lua_manager::createNewList(std::string name) { if (listOfLists.find(name)==listOfLists.end()) { global_list_lua_manager* g=new global_list_lua_manager; if (g) { listOfLists[name]=g; return(true); } else std::cout << "Error creating new list named "<< name << "\n."; } return(false); } bool global_lists_lua_manager::deleteList(std::string name) { ListOfLists::iterator it = listOfLists.find(name); if (it!=listOfLists.end()) { (it->second)->deleteAll(); delete(it->second); listOfLists.erase(it); return(true); } else return(false); } global_lists_lua_manager::~global_lists_lua_manager() { deleteAll(); } bool global_lists_lua_manager::deleteValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key) { bool ret; ListOfLists::iterator list = listOfLists.find(name); if (list!=listOfLists.end()) { ret=(list->second)->deleteValue(key); return(ret); } return(false); } void global_lists_lua_manager::deleteAll(void) { for (ListOfLists::iterator it=listOfLists.begin();it!=listOfLists.end();it++) { (it->second)->deleteAll(); delete(it->second); } listOfLists.erase(listOfLists.begin(),listOfLists.end()); } bool global_lists_lua_manager::setValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t value) { std::map<std::string,global_list_lua_manager*>::iterator it = listOfLists.find(name); if (it!=listOfLists.end()) { (it->second)->setValue(key,value); return(true); } return(false); } bool global_lists_lua_manager::getValue(std::string name, abstract_lua_t key, abstract_lua_t &result) { std::map<std::string,global_list_lua_manager*>::iterator it = listOfLists.find(name); if (it!=listOfLists.end()) { (it->second)->getValue(key,result); return(true); } return(false); } add this to definitions.h #define __GLOBAL_LIST_LUA_INTERFACE__ //ativa global_list lua interface and at luascript.h, after static int luaBitRightShift(lua_State *L); add this #ifdef __GLOBAL_LIST_LUA_INTERFACE__ static int luaCreateNewGlobalList(lua_State *L); static int luaGetGlobalListValue(lua_State *L); static int luaSetGlobalListValue(lua_State *L); static int luaDeleteGlobalList(lua_State *L); static abstract_lua_t popAbstract_lua_t(lua_State *L); #endif At the same file, add this #ifdef __GLOBAL_LIST_LUA_INTERFACE__ #include "abstract_lua_t.h" #endif right after the #include "definitions.h" (at the beginning of the file). At luascript.cpp, after the line lua_register(m_luaState, "debugPrint", LuaScriptInterface::luaDebugPrint); add this: #ifdef __GLOBAL_LIST_LUA_INTERFACE__ //createNewGlobalList(name) lua_register(m_luaState, "createNewGlobalList",LuaScriptInterface::luaCreateNewGlobalList); //deleteGlobalList(name) lua_register(m_luaState, "deleteGlobalList",LuaScriptInterface::luaDeleteGlobalList); //setGlobalListValue(name, key, value) lua_register(m_luaState, "setGlobalListValue",LuaScriptInterface::luaSetGlobalListValue); //getGlobalListValue(name, key) lua_register(m_luaState, "getGlobalListValue",LuaScriptInterface::luaGetGlobalListValue); #endif Finally, add this at the end (still at luascript.cpp): #ifdef __GLOBAL_LIST_LUA_INTERFACE__ #include "global_lists_lua_manager.h" global_lists_lua_manager global_lists_manager; abstract_lua_t LuaScriptInterface::popAbstract_lua_t(lua_State *L) { abstract_lua_t ret; int tipo=lua_type(L,-1); if (tipo==LUA_TNUMBER) { ret.set(popFloatNumber(L)); } else if (tipo==LUA_TSTRING) { ret.set(popString(L)); } else if (tipo==LUA_TNIL) { lua_pop(L,1); } else std::cout << "Wrong parameter type. You should use only strings or numbers as keys or values for a global list.\n"; return(ret); } int LuaScriptInterface::luaCreateNewGlobalList(lua_State *L) { //createNewGlobalList(name) std::string name = popString(L); if (global_lists_manager.createNewList(name)) lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_NO_ERROR); else lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_ERROR); return 1; } int LuaScriptInterface::luaDeleteGlobalList(lua_State *L) { //deleteGlobalList(name) std::string name = popString(L); if (global_lists_manager.deleteList(name)) lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_NO_ERROR); else lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_ERROR); return 1; } int LuaScriptInterface::luaSetGlobalListValue(lua_State *L) { //setGlobalListValue(name,key,value) abstract_lua_t value; bool nao_deu_erro = false; uint32_t parameters = lua_gettop(L); if (parameters > 3) std::cout << "Too many parameters at setGlobalListValue.\n"; else if (parameters<2) std::cout << "Missing parameters at setGlobalListValue.\n"; else if (parameters == 3) { value = popAbstract_lua_t(L); } if ((parameters!=3) && (parameters!=2)) { lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_ERROR); return(1); } abstract_lua_t key = popAbstract_lua_t(L); std::string name = popString(L); if ((!key.isNil()) && (!value.isNil())) { nao_deu_erro = global_lists_manager.setValue(name,key,value); } if ((!key.isNil()) && (value.isNil())) { nao_deu_erro = global_lists_manager.deleteValue(name, key); } if (nao_deu_erro) lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_NO_ERROR); else lua_pushnumber(L,LUA_ERROR); return 1; } int LuaScriptInterface::luaGetGlobalListValue(lua_State *L) { //getGlobalListValue(name,key) uint32_t parameters = lua_gettop(L); if (parameters>2) std::cout << "Too many parameters at getGlobalListValue.\n"; else if (parameters<2) std::cout << "Missing parameters at getGlobalListValue.\n"; if (parameters != 2) { lua_pushnil(L); return(1); } std::string s; double d; abstract_lua_t result,key; bool nao_deu_erro = false; key = popAbstract_lua_t(L); if (!key.isNil()) { std::string name = popString(L); nao_deu_erro = global_lists_manager.getValue(name,key,result); } else std::cout << "Missing parameters at getGlobalListValue.\n"; if (!nao_deu_erro) { lua_pushnil(L); return(1); } if (result.getReal(d)) { lua_pushnumber(L,d); } else if (result.getString(s)) { lua_pushstring(L,s.c_str()); } else { lua_pushnil(L); } return(1); } #endif That is it. This is a very simple code, and I don't believe that I left a lot of bugs at this, but as I've just made it (and it is almost 7 am here and I haven't slept yet ) it should still be considered unstable. I hope you like it. My way of contributing at least a little bit with this community that help me so often. Cheers, Assassina Mutante.
  13. FIRST OF ALL, THIS RATES ARE BEIGN REVIEWED BECAUSE WE ARE CONSIDERING RAISING THEM. -- SERVER EMPIRE JUST OPENED MAY 17th 2011 - CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW ON http://server-empire.com -- Connect Information ·IP: server-empire.com ·Port: 7171 ·Page: http://www.server-empire.com ·Client: 8.60 -- Server Hosting & Network Details ·Intel Dual Xeon© 4MB L CACHE - 3.0Ghz ·DUAL DDR3 1333FSB 4GB x2 ·Hosted in USA ·Premium 10GB Download/upload Bandwidth -- Rate system & Ingame Information ·Rookgaard experience (Level 1-8): 9x ·Mainland experience (Level 9-220): 12x ·Mainland experience (Level 220-XXX): 10x ·SkillRate: 9x ·MagicRate: 6x ·LootRate: 3x ·ProtectionLevel: 8 -- Cities Availables ·Ab'dendriel ·Carlin ·Darashia ·Edron <br />·Yalahar ·Svargrond ·Port Hope ·Zao Complete ·Kazordoon ·Venore ·Ankrahmun ·Thais ·95% Tibia Global Island are complete including: Fenrock, Mistrock, Goroma and more. ·And much more cities/spawn/islands will be added soon! -- GOLD RULE DO NOT BOT AFK Remember that botting afk is not allowed on our servers, please respect this rule. -- Game Features ·Rookgaard System as TRUE RPG Challenge before main! ·Addons working ·Automatic Raids Randomly ·Uptime: 101% ·PVP World ·Balanced vocations ·Quest works 100% ·Full Northen Zao, Rachazai Islands. ·Fenrock Mines 100% -- Ingame systems ·Real Tibia War System // With Fraglimits, and money! ·Top-Fragers system ·Enchanted Items full working ·Upgrade Weapons and equipment. ·Houses with monthly rent period working ·And more! -- Experience System ·Skull/Frags System ·WhiteSkullTime = 15 Minutes ·RedSkullLength = 3 Days ·DailyFragsToRedSkull = 8 Frags ·WeeklyFragsToRedSkull = 50 Frags ·MonthlyFragsToRedSkull = 230 Frags THIS SERVER IS HOSTED BY RETIRED GAMERS WHO ARE WILLING TO INVEST AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE SERVER EMPIRE 101% BUG FREE! PLEASE REPORT ANY INCONVENIENCE TO THE SUPPORT STAFF. Enjoy!
  14. Hello brothers.. I am here making a team for my otserver: RansemiK. Its a global map server, 8.7, already with 50 players online but with lots of bugs because of new 8.7 OT version, so I was needing a team, for assisting my Ot, with editions and several stuff.. By the way, the otserver have lots of features like: Upgrade weapon/armor/shield system: till +5 for free accounts, cooper vip +7, platinum vips +9 and golden vip account +12. Slot sytem: Profession enchanter open a slot at some armor or equipment on a high level needing several resources for it, when a slot is filled, depending on what it was filled with you gain a bonus when wearing the equipment, like +50 hp or something like it. Professions System: Lumberjack, Miner, Smelter, Enchanter, Alchemist, Farmer, and others. Pet system: Advanced pet system, free accounts will have access to one race, and VIP to 8 or more, you get a pet in a pet trainer npc, use it like a helper, not the one used in pokemon system, one better. Vip System and others as well a blog to see somethings that already happen in the server: ransemikot.blogspot.com anyone who would like to be a part of the team, please leave a message in the topic and add me on msn: akira_koto@hotmail.com
  15. Real Tibia, Global Tibia MAP 8.6 Exp Stages: 1-20: x100 20-50: x80 50-80: x70 80-100: x60 100-120: x40 120-150: x20 150+: x10 Magic x10 Skill x25 Loot x3 Working Zao! Website for more info: http://realtibia.sytes.net/
  16. jakehop22

    Global Timer

    This is for a quest. I need a script that will count down after entering a certain portal. After they enter the portal, a timer will count down to 30 minutes, after the time is up; it will send them back to the home town. All I need is the timing part and when the timer is up, it sends you to a location.
  17. andyj986


    Myself and many others are looking for "Globalevents" scripts/lua, (which runs at intervals of say 5 mins or 3 hours etc.) I have so far managed to find a Voting script, but thats as far as i have got in the past 5 days or so. If anyone has seen or has working Globalevents scripts/lua, id certainly like to hear where their hiding lol. If you do post them, please remember to credit accordingly.
  18. TheInvisibleOne

    Next in line for an ADMIN?

    Vote for who you think will most likely be the next Global Moderator to join the ranks of OTF Administrating staff team. Or just vote for your favourite! +1 STiX Editz. votes aren't made public and mods, don't influence the poll by any means
  19. Delete Please..
  20. I dont know if this is right place to post so if this is wrong please move it to right place. Thanks. This is utility i made for myself. It puts right IP in config.lua if u got dynamic ip. It check for right ip from 'http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp'. You need PHP support to do it (if you are using xampp its ok) So lets begin. First open your servers directory. Make 'fix.php'. Put this inside: <?php $file = "config.lua"; $ip=file_get_contents("http://ip1.dynupdate.no-ip.com/"); $ir = 'ip = "'.$ip.'"'; $handle = fopen($file, 'r'); $contents = fread($handle, filesize($file)); fclose($handle); $handle = fopen($file, 'w'); $test = preg_replace('/ip \= \"(.*?)\"/', $ir, $contents); fwrite($handle, $test); fclose($handle); ?> - Make 'start.bat'. Put this inside: cls @echo off echo Putting right IP in config. C:/xampp/php/php.exe fix.php YurOTS.exe To edit path where php.exe is, change this C:/xampp/php/php.exe. For example your xampp directory is in D: so it would be D:/xampp/php/php.exe To edit name of servers file edit this YurOTS.exe. That would be it. I made this for 7.6 version and could work for higher versions. If you got server restarter, simply instead of YurOTS.exe put Restarter.bat or how it is called. -- Credits: Holix (me)
  21. This idea is originally from sebastianraszka. well this thread is an easy version of all those C++ auto save threads I have seen that it has to posted, here you don't have to compile. WHAT DOES IT DO? Modifies CONFIG.LUA so you don't have to update manually the global ip to restart your server. So, you just turn on the pc, open the restarter and play! First, open notepad, paste this code inside, and save it as .js file(JAVASCRIPT) var request = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"); var notyetready = 1; request.onreadystatechange=function(){ if(request.readyState==4) { notyetready = 0; fs = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); f = fs.GetFile("config.lua"); newfile = fs.CreateTextFile("new.txt", true); // Open the file is = f.OpenAsTextStream( 1, 0 ); while( !is.AtEndOfStream ) { look_1 = -1; rline = is.ReadLine(); look_1 = rline.indexOf("ip = \"") if (look_1 == 0) { newfile.writeLine("ip = \"" + request.responseText + "\""); } else { newfile.writeLine(rline); } } newfile.close(); is.close(); f.Delete(); fs.moveFile("new.txt", "config.lua"); } } request.open( "GET", "http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp", true ); request.send(null); while( notyetready ) { WScript.Sleep( 100 ); } Next,open your CONFIG.LUA and change this -- server ip (the ip that server listens on) ip = "" -- server port (the port that server listens on) port = "7171" for this (NOTE there is no spaces near ip in config.lua) -- Commands displayGamemastersWithOnlineCommand = "no" -- Connection Config ip = "" port = 7171 loginTries = 1000 (don't know what that command means, this is sebastianraszka's idea he will response here why do we need that code there) finally make or update the restarter.bat (open notepad, paste the code and save it as restarter.bat) @echo off "ip.js" "YourOTS.exe" ---REMEMBER TO RENAME THIS TO YOUR .EXE SERVER @echo \n *** Server Restart *** \n restarter.bat and DONE! quick auto ip without C++. oh and credits too for those who posted this in C++ form first.
  22. Piltera Server Game Hello! We wish to invite you and your friends to play on Piltera Server Game! Server Features: Host:Dedicated on USA! Processor: Intel Xenon 3.0Ghz 3060! Ram Size: 3 Gbytes! Conection: 1 gbps! Max Players Capacity 350 Info Server: Piltera Server Game IP: piltera.servegame.com Website: http://piltera.servegame.com OT Server Version: 8.22 Experience Rates Level 1 to 7 = 15X Level 8 to 49 = 12X Level 50 to 79 = 10X Level 80 to 99 = 7X Level 100 to 119 = 5X Level 120 and else = 4X Other Rates Magic Level = 2x Skills = 10x Drop = 2x Our Bests: Website and Map: Global. Quests: Global Quest and much more. Vip System: With new vocations Templar Knight, Divine Paladin, High Sorcerer, Acient Druid, new areas, spells and a great online e-shop (in beta version). Uptime: 24/7! Administration Policies:We do not interfere on game play, we do punish players according with the server rules, we do analize logs, we try to fix all reported(or not) bugs, and we want to better our experience with the partipation of our players in our server. The crew: Administrator: Wandrey e Bruney Scripter: Doug Mapper: Doug Designer: Wandrey Web-master: Wandrey RPG Maker: Bruney Programmer: Bruney e Doug Good luck to all! We see you in Piltera!

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