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Found 16 results

  1. Hello OTS description IP : simsonots.eu - Latest News PORT : 7171 CLIENT : 8.60 Questy Zaoan Fist Quest (lvl 80 +) Behemoth Quest (lvl 80 +) Warlord Arena Quest (lvl 80 +) Annihilator Quest (lvl 100 +) Demon Helmet Quest (lvl 100 +) Summer Dress Quest (Ankaros lvl 130 +) Xerxes Quest (lvl 150 +) Pits of Inferno Quest (lvl 150 +) Demon Treasure Quest (lvl 150 +) Elvish Bow Quest (lvl 200 +) Inquisition Quest (lvl 200 +) Color Helmet Quest (lvl 250 +) Annihilator II Quest (lvl 250 +) Donator Boots Quest (lvl 250 +) Nightmare shield Quest (lvl 260 +) Flawless Ice Crystal Quest (lvl 260 +) Formorgar Mines Quest (lvl 280 +) Excavation Quest (lvl 280 +) Pits of Inferno II Quest (lvl 300 +) Demon Oak Quest (lvl 300 +) Magic Plate Armor Quest (lvl 320 +) Yalahari Quest (lvl 320 +) Golden Sword Quest (lvl 320 +) Ice Axe Quest (lvl 320 +) Girls Dress Quest (lvl 320 +) Demon Helmet II Quest (lvl 320 +) Dragon Scale Helmet Quest (lvl 330 +) Dark Tower Quest (lvl 333 +) Bunny Slippers Quest (lvl 333 +) Impaler Quest (lvl 340 +) Havoc Blade Quest (lvl 350 +) Demolandes Continuation Quest (lvl 350 +) Elven Armor Quest (lvl 355 +) Post Officers Quest (lvl 360 +) Juggernaut Quest (lvl 360 +) Drahalas Quest (lvl 360 +) Donator Shield Quest (lvl 360 +) Inquisition II Quest (lvl 360 +) Speed Helmet Quest (lvl 380 +) Orange Magic Amulet Quest (lvl 380 +) Golden Magnat Quest (lvl 380 +) Elven Legs Quest (lvl 380 +) Firewalker Boots Quest (lvl 400 +) Demon Legs Quest (lvl 400 +) Santa Teddy Quest (lvl 400 +) Brown Turban Quest (lvl 400 +) Golem Ring Quest (lvl 400 +) Brown Jacket Quest (lvl 400 +) Great Shield Quest (lvl 400 +) Underground Dragon Quest (lvl 400 +) Medusa Quest (lvl 400 +) Annihilator III Quest (lvl 400 +) Pits of Inferno III Quest (lvl 400 +) Source of Fire Quest (lvl 400 +) Average Arena Quest (lvl 400 +) Crystal Boots Quest (lvl 415 +) Guardian Boots Quest (lvl 420 +) Winged Helmet Quest (lvl 420 +) Ancient Tiara Quest (lvl 420 +) Speed Amulet Quest (lvl 430 +) Labirynt Quest (lvl 430 +) Galfactor Quest (lvl 440 +) Demon Helmet III Quest (lvl 440 +) Critical Axe Quest (lvl 440 +) Kosheis Ancient Amulet Quest (lvl 440 +) Golden Boots Quest (lvl 440 +) Pits of Inferno IV Quest (lvl 440 +) Nerol Quest (lvl 444 +) Mexcalibur Quest (lvl 444 +) Nighalak Quest (lvl 444 +) Firlefanz Quest (lvl 450 +) Natural Plant Quest (lvl 450 +) Crystal Arrow Quest (lvl 450 +) Eagle Shield Quest (lvl 450 +) Mag Master Quest (lvl 450 +) Annihilator IV Quest (lvl 450 +) Energy Underground Quest (lvl 450 +) Silkweaver Bow Quest (lvl 450 +) Inquisition III Quest (lvl 450 +) Diablo Amulet Quest (lvl 450 +) In Forgotten House Quest (lvl 450 +) Labirynt II Quest (lvl 480) Underground Tunnels Quest (lvl 500 +) Budder Helmet Quest (lvl 500 +) Mana Bucket Quest (lvl 500 +) Dwarven Helmet Quest (lvl 500 +) Hesperd Forgotten House Quest (lvl 500 +) Dragon Scale Boots Quest (lvl 500 +) Engine Quest (lvl 500 +) Magical Amulet Quest (lvl 520 +) Flame Ring Quest (lvl 520 +) Ferumbras Hat Quest (lvl 550 +) Underground House Quest (lvl 550 +) Annihilator V Quest (lvl 550 +) Diablo Mask Quest (lvl 550 +) Labirynt III Quest (lvl 550 +) Energetic Quest (lvl 555 +) Star Ring Quest (lvl 580 +) Draken Boots Quest (lvl 580 +) Dwarven Legs Quest (lvl 600 +) Starlight Amulet Quest (lvl 600 +) Inquisition IV Quest (lvl 600 +) Pits of Inferno V Quest (lvl 600 +) Nemiroz Quest (lvl 600 +) Fantastical Quest (lvl 600 +) Golden Gloves Quest (lvl 600 +) Dragon Scale Legs Quest (lvl 600 +) Demon Helmet IV Quest (lvl 600 +) Strong Arena Quest (lvl 600 +) Shield of Corruption Quest (lvl 600 +) Labirynt IV Quest (lvl 620 +) Magical Ring Quest (lvl 650 +) Magnetic Quest (lvl 650 +) Blue Ring Quest (lvl 650 +) Enigmatic Quest (lvl 650 +) Fist Claw Quest (lvl 666 +) Devil Tower Quest (lvl 666 +) Galactic Quest (lvl 666 +) Pits of Inferno VI Quest (lvl 700 +) Inquisition V Quest (lvl 700 +) Demon Helmet V Quest (lvl 750 +) Ruler of The Undead Quest (lvl 777 +) Chamber of Secrets Quest (lvl 777 +) Secret Underground Quest (lvl 777 +) Labirynt V Quest (lvl 800 +) Mystical Underworld Quest (lvl 800 +) Hard Arena Quest (lvl 800 +) Inquisition VI Quest (lvl 800 +) Levitation Quest (lvl 888 +) Labirynt VI Quest (lvl 900 +) Dungeon Quest (lvl 900 +) Arathar Quest (lvl 900 +) Imperial Quest (lvl 1000 +) Demon Helmet VI Quest (lvl 1000 +) Underground Jungle Quest (lvl 1000 +) Emporium Quest (lvl 1100 +) The Old Muses Quest (lvl 1200 +) Demon Helmet VII Quest (lvl 1400 +) Champion Underworld Quest (lvl 1500 +) Pits of Inferno VIII Quest (lvl 1500 +) Secret Catacombs Quest (lvl 1666 +) Lobotomy Quest (lvl 1777 +) Lord of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 1800 +) Secret of The King Quest (lvl 2000 +) Secret of The God Quest (lvl 2200 +) King of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 2400 +) Other informations Uptime 24/7 [/color] Fragi 12 = frags to Red Skull! 15 = frags to Black Skull! Exp Stages [1-50: x 400 50-150: x 350 150-200: x 300 200-350: x 250 350-500: x 200 500-750: x 50 750-1000: x 20 1000-1800: x 15 1800-2200: x 12 2200-2400: x 10 2400-2600: x 9 2600-2800: x 8 2800-3000: x 5 3000 +: x 2 Rates: Skills: x 50 Magic: x 10 Loot: x 2.0 Houses: 100 lvl + PvP: 100 lvl + PZ Lock: 60 seconds White Skull Time: 5 minutes from 50 lvl every next 50 lvl you get a certain amount of crystal coins! And here are a few Screenshots from the Server on Simson OTS https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu https://simsonots.eu Thank you for reading the Simson OTS Server We wish you a nice game !!! https://simsonots.eu
  2. http://axera.pl - This is an extensive Evolution map with teleports. Exp Stage : 1-50: x 400 50-150: x 350 150-200: x 320 200-300: x 300 300-400: x 200 400-500: x 100 500-600: x 50 600-700: x 25 700-1500: x 10 1500 +: x 5 IP: Axera.pl Skill: x30 Magic: x15 Loot: x3 Spawn: x 3 Client: 8.60 PvP: Od 100lvla RS: od 25+ fragów na dzien *Its worth mentioning that All items from the sms shop are available from quests. *Guild War System *Balanced professions - lots of events - lots of taks - new raids - auction system - outfit bonuses - Regroup System - House System - Predator System -new items -new quests -endless runes potiony WWW.AXERA.PL
  3. sornnaser

    Evolution server

    Does anyone have the old evolution server for 8.0/8.1?
  4. sornnaser

    Evolution server

    Does anyone have the old evolution server for 8.0/8.1?
  5. Welcome to my thread! Hello players, as requested by many of our loyal players we will start xanteria.hopto.org once again! At this moment, the server is located in Sweden, since we have a lot of players from Sweden, Germany, France, Poland etc.. So most likely you have played our last version of xanteria (V3), it went a little wrong when we got carried away by the number of donations we were receiving... So we have removed most of the donation items as requested! - We removed the unfair donation set (armor,legs,helmet,boots & shield) - We removed he donation healing runes (such as mana,uh & don pally) - We remapped the temple & the hunt zones as requested by our players, to freshen up the server a little We have also learned from our past mistakes, we will be collecting ideas from our players more often... A big update will be implemented every week or two! Connection IP: xanteria.hopto.org Website: http://xanteria.hopto.org Client Protocol: 8.60 Port: 7171 **** 02.13.2015***** begin your next Year with Xanteria !! Try out xanteria now ! Give xanteria a try and you will love it, we promise ! Our lovely Temple Xanteria Shops Xanteria Hunting Teleports Xanteria Missions and Quests there's tons of quests for you !! War Event, 3 different maps, Everyday 3 war events at 3 different Maps ! Map 1, Thais map Map 2, Ice Map Map 3, Nature Map More screeeeeeeeeenshots here ! a great new Dragon Lord spawn a amazing new Dragon + Dragon Lord spawn a second new Dragon Lord spawn a new huge Finger Killer spawn ! a new small Pirate Spawn Outfits, added more 5 new Outfits ! Free 200 Premium Points for everyone ! only follow this 2 steps : Create your account here: http://xanteria.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount After you created your character write your character name in THIS TOPIC : http://otland.net/threads/sweden-xanteria-v3-come-back-8-6-custom-evo-map.226266/ Then send a message to our Facebook Page with your character name Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ohyeahs-OTS/255159094555289 IMPORTANT: If you dont send us message in Facebook and post your character name in this Topic, you will not get any free points Xanteria.net Starts in: 2 Days, 18 Hours, 24 Minutes 21 Seconds!
  6. www.zavar.eu On January 2nd, at 21:00 CEST a brand new Evolution server will launch. Zavar is a European Open Tibia Server, started and developed by experienced people who has spent several years with tibia. The server is based on a Evolution with a lot of features - EXTREMELY customized - many spawns, quests and events. This server is designed to keep people entertained. Do you like EXTREMELY customized servers? Then Zavar is the right server for you! Our staff team have been working for several months to make this server perfect, stable and made in the best way to make it fun and enjoyable for you players. We have many special events such as Last man standing, Zombie, Fire storm, Castle war, 8v8 war arena and Mysterious Island. Among tons of others things is Zavar the only Open Tibia server with a fully custom made system: Through a ITEM Event you can collect emblems which you later can switch to an amulet. With the amulet you can access a special Island with a lot of houses and hard monsters. There is also new contets such as the city Armonia which is made for players over level 550 and Lavana for 700+ In both of these areas there is custom made monsters with special loots and plenty of hidden quests. In this situation you have to be patience, because it might take a bit of time to find these hidden quests and solve them. In this server it's pretty easy to gain points without having to buy on the donation page, read this page for more information: here Fan pages Support and contact us Login details IP-Adress zavar.eu Port 7171 Website: www.zavar.eu Client 8.60 The server is hosted in France on a dedicated server. It consists of SSD disks and DDoS protection and a 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon CPU (4 cores) processor. Meaning that there will be no laggs and no kicks whatsoever. Server Information Experience Rates 1-99 450x 100-149 250x 150-199 150x 200-249 75x 250-299 35x 300-349 22x 350-399 12x 400-449 5x 450-499 2x 500-599 1x 600-699 0.5x 700-759 0.2x 760-799 0.1x 800 0.05x Skill: 15x Magic: 25x Loot: 3x General Information Hidden quests keeps you motivated. Custom spells, monsters and hard quests keeps you challenged. The server is hosted 24/7. The fraglimit for red skull is 35/day and for black skull it's 50/day. PvP is set to Open-PvP but you gain experience from killing players. Unique features There's a well-functioning guildwar system. House Island The vocations are very balanced. Alot of citites, etc Armonia 500+ and Lavana 700+ and Thais New and custom bosses that are related to the main story! Special war system You can collect free points! Events to win prizes like donation points or coins to spend on different items. Active updating! 1-2 patches every week! And much, much more! Raids & Events You can find different boss monsters in the teleport "Raids" which is located in the temple. These bosses are very hard so make sure you bring a team with high level players. You get a lot of experience and the loot contains very rare items. Check this page for more information: Raids There are seven automatic events; Last man standing, Zombie survival, Egg search, Team battle, Mysterious Island, Lottery system and Fire Storm. Other than those, there are manual events hosted by our staff such as; Football, Tic-tac-toe, Hide and seek, Snake, Castle war and more. Check this page for more information: Events Pictures This server will not let you down. Face your destiny together with us! Yours sincerely, Staff Team of Zavar More information may be added.
  7. Nadszedł już czas ogłoszenia wyników konkursu na Najładniejszy Domek. Wybaczcie, że tak późno, jednak mieliśmy nawał pracy w związku z updatem, jaki dla Was szykujemy. Jesteśmy zadowoleni z ilości oraz jakości Waszych prac. Wybór oczywiście nie był łatwy. Poniżej prezentujemy listę zwycięzców wraz z ich pracami: 1. miejsce: Yeebaka 75 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + sVIP 2. miejsce: Kyotashika 50 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + 5x Ivory Bones 3. miejsce: Theleniu 25 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + 3x Ivory Bones Dziękujemy wszystkim za udział, zaangażowanie, rywalizację. Punkty postaramy się jak najszybciej rozdać. Dodatkowo wszyscy uczestnicy konkursu otrzymają od nas unikatowy przedmiot dekoracyjny oraz dyplom uczestnictwa w poniedziałek tuż po shutdownie! Jeszcze raz gratulujemy zwycięzcom! Swoje nagrody znajdziecie w depozycie.
  8. CrisX

    Memsoria Client 8.6

    File Name: Memsoria Client 8.6 File Submitter: CrisX File Submitted: 24 Jul 2014 File Category: Clients MemsoriaOT - Our private game client. Download and play! IP: memsoria.pl Click here to download this file
  9. CrisX

    Memsoria Client 8.6

    Version 8.6


    MemsoriaOT - Our private game client. Download and play! IP: memsoria.pl


  10. Information about the server: Evolutions is a Custom Server, Map is evolution, There is a maximum of 8 public spawns (other spawns you will have to walk there) There is 11 quests (More are being made). -Server Information- IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Site: Experience Stages: Exp: 300x - 8x at level 301+ Skill rate: 50x Magic rate: 25x Loot rate: 5x -PvP- Protection Level: 100 Red Skull: 12 frags in 24 hours, lasts 24 hours PZ lock: 60 seconds White skull: 7 minutes Experience gain from PvP: 5x Black Skull: Disabled Free Points Level 150 15 Points Level 200 25 Points Level 250 35 Points Level 300 45 Points Level 350 55 Points -More Information- Over 100 houses 20x Training Spots 8 Public Spawns (Max 12) 11 Custom Quests (More being made) (Max 20)
  11. IP: Evonia.net | PORT: 7171 | CLIENT: 8.54/8.55 EVONIAONLINE BEST PVP-EVOLUTION SERVER! CREATED BY ZONET, EXIT & WINNERANDY START: SERVER ONLINE! GENERAL INFORMATIONS: •Evonia - Latest News •Normal and well balanced EXP. • Many new and custom monsters with amazing exp and drops! • More than 30 quests! • More than 50 hunt places with amazing mapping and monsters! • Balanced Manarunes! • Useful and cheap items in shop! • Extra cities for houses! • Amazing commands like !aol | !backpack ect..! • Amazing events and wars! • FAIR STAFF! • Well balanced PVP & Vocations.. SYSTEMS AVAILABLE ON THE SERVER: (Some events will come in updates) • Amazing events and wars! • Guild Wars.. • Fastest Finger.. • Castle Wars.. • Auctions.. • Full Heal / Mana in temple.. • Lotteries with amazing rewards! • VIP system! MORE INFORMATION ABOUT QUESTS: • More than 30 quests - 20+ Quests if VIP. [TOTAL: 50+ Quests] • More than 10 TEAM Quests, Including POI | INQ | ANNIH | DHQ | DEMON OAK ect.. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HUNT PLACES: • More than 50 teleports - 30+ teleports if VIP. [TOTAL: 80+ Teleports] • Custom monster drops with amazing EXP! Explore the hunt places and find the hidden chests! PvP, EXP & WORLD TYPE: • WORLD TYPE.. World Type is set to open pvp(Also pvp with skulls, but you'll still gain experience from killing players, current player killing exp is at 1x) • PvP.. ○ RED SKULL Daily - 15frags Weekly - 60frags Monthly - 250frags ○ BLACK SKULL Daily - 30frags Weekly - 120frags Monthly - 500frags • EXP.. Experience: By stages, starts at 500x, end 10x. PICTURES: See you ingame! START: SERVER ONLINE! Evonia - Latest News REGARDS, Evonia STAFF
  12. Hello! Crossoria is a new project that I think will be great! Right now we only have a scripter (Megic) and we really needs a good mapper with good experience and a lot fantasy! I want It to be a pretty much custom map, but based on Evolution. Its going to be a fun ot to play, but pretty serious! I think aboute a re-maped Evolution and 2 more citys, 1 thats a VIP The Evolution city will be for low levels and the other city will be great to hunt in when you reach the higher levels. Its going to be hosted by GZH (GreenZebraHosting) = online 24/7 and no laggs! More information for the intrested later I hope to find a good team! If you feel intrested, sen me a PM including: *Your name: *Contry/language: *Experiences: *Some pics of work you've done: *Contact: Thats all, hope you are intresterd
  13. Krusty

    Random PKing

    Nevermind. this is a useless thread.
  14. 888462

    Everything shoots spears!!

    I have some BIG troubles!! Im working on a 8.0 Evolution OT server. Alot of cool custom items, spells, runes and other stuff. Anyways, im a little new to this but.. All my Distance Fighting items thats not ammo (Arrows, Bolts etc..) shoots spear and sadly enought they damage even LESS than spears. Changing their attacks wont work at all. I've changed what they shoot. My Assassin star that's supposed to shoot "REDSTAR" can't. It just continue shooting spears. Same with Viper Star, Enchanted Spear Royal Spear. Everything! If anyone have ANY kind of idea to fix this, please post how to do. Thanks in advance. I have XML server. (Sorry for bad English, Im Swedish and not that old)
  15. 888462

    Problems, UH Script..

    Okay, i have decided to host my own server (Evolution 8.0) But i want to have a diffrent server, with alot of custom monsters and alot of custom wands and runes! But i need help making a Ultimate UH Now i already have the script local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TARGETCASTERORTOPMOST, 1) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, 0) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISPEL, CONDITION_PARALYZE) --setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC, 1.3, -30, 1.7, 0) function onGetFormulaValues(cid, level, maglevel) min = (level * 2 + maglevel * 3) * 2.3 - 25 max = (level * 2 + maglevel * 3) * 2.6 if min < 250 then min = 250 end return min, max end setCombatCallback(combat, CALLBACK_PARAM_LEVELMAGICVALUE, "onGetFormulaValues") function onCastSpell(cid, var) return doCombat(cid, combat, var) end Becouse using a normal UH would be a good start right? So, i started to think. What do i need to edit here to make it heal more? I'm not that experienced with scripting and my brain is soon going to smelt. So i would appreciate help Thanks for your time and i hope you can help me, see you in game ^^ PS: Sorry for my bad English, im not that old and im Swedish so
  16. thepogge

    Need Evolution Mapper

    Hello People, I need a good Mapper. Who can mapp a regular Evolution map. With some tps , quest, and GM Shop,( In bank ) Training monks, And ofcourse 2 Prisons xD Bye / Pogge , PS, E-Mail/MSN: game_rico@hotmail.com Opps forgott to tell ya, Evolution 8.10 - 8.00 -

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