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  1. Welcome to Peora! What is Peora ? Peora is a heavily RPG focused 7.6 low rate game play server. As such, there are many quests, puzzles, secret areas, riddles, combined with large hunting areas and fun places to explore. Who is the target player? Of course everyone/anyone is welcome, but it has been our experience that low rate, low pvp, RPG puzzle type servers are not very popular; if you like a relaxed play, with puzzles and quests to keep exploring/hunts interesting, you might be the target player. Here are a a few screen shots, with more information below: Our client, available for download: A small look at one of the earlier quests to help improve equipment: Multi-part quests: With some deduction required: Many, Many, MANY hidden spots/items: Two clients to choose from; normal 7.6 looking sprites, and also 7.1: Game play information: Exp stages: 8 - 40: 4x 41-150: 3x 150 onward: 2x 2x rate for loot and respawn. Regeneration rates are from 7.4, as are the mana fluid amounts. Double charged runes can be conjured for single charge mana rates, and double charge runes can also be purchased at npc for double charge prices. Host location is Japan. Server starts July 15th, 9 am JST. Maximum players: 200. Maximum clients per person: 2. We don't expect anything near this amount; this is mostly built for our friends to play and have fun on, but as we searched for this type of server for a long period before deciding to make our own, it was thought it would be nice to open it in case other people are looking for this type of game play. We are very much aimed at a fun, fair, and non cheating game play experience. Premium: Every premium option (houses, boats, spells, etc) is available to all players; no real life transactions of money of any sort will occur on this server ever. We also expect to be so small as to not have any effect on the normal income earning hosters, many of whom have been very kind in helping us learn and get the server going. End goal: We hope to offer (and play!) a smoothly running, old school experience custom map with custom quests and items, a server where people can relax, enjoy figuring out quests, and generally have fun. We had earlier testing, and with kindness of many people were able to fix many things. We understand, and hopefully anyone who plays does as well, errors will inevitability be found and they will also be repaired as we progress. Much more information can be found on our website: Peora - OpenTibia Even if this type of server is not for you, we welcome all comments/criticisms/advice. We look forward to seeing you in game! Evan
  2. LeechBot

    Hovera Custom OT Map

    View File Hovera Custom OT Map Here's a map project I've mapped for a while ago witch wouldn't be any useful to me anymore. -Klonera Submitter LeechBot Submitted 04/17/2018 Category Maps  
  3. LeechBot

    Hovera Custom OT Map

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a map project I've mapped for a while ago witch wouldn't be any useful to me anymore. -Klonera


  4. LeechBot

    Collapser Zulu

    Version 1.0.0


    I am not going to go deep into description of the map as the people who will probably be downloading this are people who want to start their own Collapser server spinoff. As the owner of Collapser Zulu (now shutdown for many years), I have decided to post my map to the public so that anyone interested in using the Collapser map can do so without having to use a lower-quality tracked version. Please note that this map is the work of many people (you know who you are!), including myself. There are many areas in this map that are not accessible to normal players because they are either unfinished or were just not meant to be open to the public. This is the FULL map meaning that it includes all of the custom houses that were made over the years as well as their accompanying custom spawns. Some of these houses are amazing and should not go to waste! Thanks to all who helped with Collapser Zulu over the years! If anybody would like to post more screenshots that they have from when the game was live, please do! Good luck to all! ~Gut (God Guthead / COOL WOLF / Mike)


  5. LeechBot

    Collapser Zulu

    View File Collapser Zulu I am not going to go deep into description of the map as the people who will probably be downloading this are people who want to start their own Collapser server spinoff. As the owner of Collapser Zulu (now shutdown for many years), I have decided to post my map to the public so that anyone interested in using the Collapser map can do so without having to use a lower-quality tracked version. Please note that this map is the work of many people (you know who you are!), including myself. There are many areas in this map that are not accessible to normal players because they are either unfinished or were just not meant to be open to the public. This is the FULL map meaning that it includes all of the custom houses that were made over the years as well as their accompanying custom spawns. Some of these houses are amazing and should not go to waste! Thanks to all who helped with Collapser Zulu over the years! If anybody would like to post more screenshots that they have from when the game was live, please do! Good luck to all! ~Gut (God Guthead / COOL WOLF / Mike) Submitter LeechBot Submitted 04/17/2018 Category Maps  
  6. Prontera US

    Prontera 8.6 Real Map OTS

    e are glad to invite you to join one of the best Open Tibia Servers ever created - Prontera.us - Prontera is one of unique server that has been developed one year ago to be launched in 2018. We hope that you'll enjoy your stay here on Prontera! Server start: Saturday, 13.01.2018 19:00 CEST (Central European Time) Ip: Prontera.us Client: 8.6 What is Prontera? Prontera is a 8.6 real map Tibia server including: -3 Extra custom towns: (Oken, Pyre and gengia Full PVP-E, rate of exp by killing player) -Real Tibia Quests (95%). -Real Tibia Spell formulas (85%). -Real Tibia Weapon formulas (distance and melee). -Real Tibia NPC'S (100%). -Cast System -Depot password System -Skulled monsters System -Monsters outfit System -Auto Blessing System(free for limited time) List of upcoming war improvements (In order to improve the wars, we've created a special system just for you.) - Killing other players higher than yourself will grant you with some experience (Pvp-E mode). But you will still receive unjust (This means that you can get red skull.) -A special missions for killing players which gives you some premium points and EXP Experience Stages: 1 - 80 - 500x 81 - 145 - 200x 146 - 180 - 100x 181 - 200 - 80x 201 - 220 - 40x 221 - 250 - 20x 251 - 260 - 15x 261 - 299 - 10x 300 - 350 - 5x 351 - 400 - 3x 401 - 450 - 2x 451 - 500 - 1x 501+ - 0.5x Rates: Skills: 45x Magic: = 30x Loot: 3.5x Server info: Client: 8.60 IP: Prontera.us Port: 7171 Features: * Events: Weekly and daily events such as Massive Team Battle Event with great rewards in-game and a lot more different events we frequently organize * Raids: Hourly different raids, Real Tibia's raid system * The Cast system - Stream while you're gaming. * Real Map * Almost every quest! (Example: INQ, Poi, DH, Annihilator, Yalahari Quest, AND MORE! MUCH MORE!) * Free premium. * PVP * Hosted 24/7 * Great Wars Be there at the Opening of this great Real-Map 8.6 massive EDITION! I hope you find this new uprising OT meeting your expectations. We'll be delighted to accept your suggestions and comments, simply send us an email to: Prontera.net@gmail.com. We'll try to answer all of your emails as fast as we can. Please be patient since there might be alot of emails coming through! Kind Regards, Prontera US Team! Welcome to Prontera US ! COLOUR SHIFTING TILES IN TEMPLE ! CUSTOM MADE DONATION ITEMS...AND ALOT MORE TO COME ! DEPOT CUSTOM MAP EVENTS MAP ! CASTLES MAPS !! DEDICATED VIP MAP !
  7. Our website: http://guilcera.otrealm.com Guilcera will be launched Friday, 25 August 2017, 18:00 CET. Create your account now! Warsaw, Poland - 25 August 2017, 19:00 Stockholm, Sweden - 25 August 2017, 19:00 Paris, France - 25 August 2017, 19:00 Brasilia, Brazil - 25 August 2017, 14:00 Tokyo, Japan - 26 August 2017, 02:00 Washington, USA - 25 August 2017, 13:00 Mexico City, Mexico - 25 August 2017, 12:00 Guilcera is a old school OpenTibia server, with a custom map, the old gameplay we nostalgics love, and some surprises as well. It has the game mechanics from 7.72, spell system from 7.4 and monsters based on the 7.7 leaked files. We have a large number of hidden quests and secret areas that you will have to discover for yourself. Also, the entire experience is free, you won't need to pay/donate anything to fully experience the world of Guilcera. You need our custom client to play Guilcera. Download it here. It features: Skills and Magic rates are staged, you advance faster in the beginning. Game mechanics from 7.72. Spells system the same as 7.4 Tibia. Monsters from 7.7. Party can share exp. Knights and paladins damage is buffed. Mana regen is slightly faster. Loot message can be enabled/disabled. Exp Rate From 01 To 29 - x20 From 30 To 39 - x18 From 40 To 49 - x16 From 50 To 54 - x15 From 55 To 59 - x14 From 60 To 64 - x13 From 65 To 69 - x12 From 70 To 74 - x10 From 75 To 79 - x8 From 80 To 89 - x6 From 90 To 99 - x4 From 100 To 109 - x3 From 110 To 139 - x2 From 140 - x1 Starter city, Peonsville: Guilcera Minimap: Ingame screenshots: Join Guilcera now!
  8. Port: 7171 IP: warot.net client version: 8.6 Website: WarOT.net Opens today 18:00 Have you ever felt like there's something missing in your life? Well look no further! We bring you the most developed 8.6 noobwar ever created, with tons of advanced features which adds a fun & silly, yet serious feel to it. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a war OT. We also provide challenging quests, missions, fun events & even a dragons & DL's spawn. General Info: minlvl: 13 maxlvl: 40 maxskill/mlvl: 90 exprate: 0.15x skill rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down) magic rate: 1x (Boosted in trainers, more further down) Loot rate: 0.1x The main way to level is by killing players. Not only do you gain exp, but you also get a "heart of the deceased". 100 hearts can be exchanged for exp eggs or gold. Have in mind that killing your own/your friends character to abuse this system may result in ban. Anti Stairjump Not only is The map is specially designed to prevent stairjumping, we've also created a unique anti stairjumping system. Soul training system Skilling/mlvling in a training spot boosts your skill & mlvl rate. The boosted rates are stages, so the higher skill/mlvl you get the lower your rates become. It costs 1 soul per 6 minutes to stand in a training spot (max 10h) and there's several ways to refill your soul. 1. Kill players (4 kills = 1 soul). 2. All players receive 10 soul by the end of the day. 3. Use a soul doll (limited to 1 per day) Unique Paralyze Paralyze is weaker now, but it stacks, and don't worry, it can only be healed with haste spells. This makes paraheal pretty useless and it becomes more fair to players without it. Events Team Battle CTF Paintball Firestorm Castle War More info: Click Here Free Points When you kill a player they drop a random amount of deathnotes. Stack 100 of these and click it to get some donate points. Participate in events and you have a chance of getting points & other great rewards. Most quests will reward you some points and other good items.
  9. We made ArchLight to fill a need for a professional RPG server. A balanced server. A competitive server. And a long lasting server. Archlight has been developed by a professional mature group, one not here to launch an ot and take it offline 1 month later. A professional group not here to make outrageous donation items to make a quick buck. A group with a one year commitment to our dedicated server and project team. Our server is here to be enjoyable, balanced, exciting and clean. Not a server with crazy systems that cause crashes every 30 minutes, or a boring real map that has nothing to explore or learn. To avoid spoilers, we will not be giving away many things about our server, we want to keep this to a surprise. We hope you enjoy the following information about our server All dates below are confirmed and will happen on schedule. Third Alpha Test Date: July 17th Last Alpha Test Date: July 24th First Beta Test: July 31st Last Beta Test: August 7th Confirmed Release Date: August 14th - 18:00 CEST | 9:00am PST | 12:00pm (Noon) EST Website: ArchlightOnline.com Tibia: 10.77 IP: ArchlightOnline.com Guildhall War System Daily Dungeons The Ramparts Monster/Boss/Fishing Tasks Interactive Fishing System Fast Travel System Advanced Addon Bonus System *~* PvP ~*~ *~* Exp/Skill/Ml Rates: Medium ~*~ *~* Unique System To Achieve Addons ~*~ *~* Slot Machines / Casino ~*~ *~* Archlight tokens every 20 minutes to active players ~*~ *~* Many Team Quests ~*~ *~* Some real tibia quests added - POI, DHQ, Anni ~*~ *~* Massive Unique Custom Map ~*~ ~*~ 10.77 Mounts and Outfits ~*~ ~*~ Many Unique Events ~*~ ~*~ World Bosses ~*~ ~*~ Weekly PvP Events ~*~ ​ Our Addon system is a spin on the common addon bonus system out there. As we dont want to limit you to wearing an addon based on the benefits it grants to your class. We want you to wear whatever addon you enjoy! But also be rewarded for having multiple addons... For every addon you own you will receive a bonus. The more addons you on the most bonuses you will receive. For example.. if you have 1 full set of addons you will receive +50 health, if you have 2 sets of addons, +50 health and + 10 speed, up to a total of 20 set bonuses. ​ Our Find group system is a simple talkaction to open a command window allowing you to choose with ease exactly what you want to do, whether its find someone to invite for a Boss, Hunt, or Guild, or to put your name looking for group. Once a player is added their Name, Vocation and Level will be added to the list. A player can easily remove himself from the list. ​ On ArchLight we have multiple quests that can be repeated daily for a chance to retrieve donation items, in-game rare items, tokens (used to buy certain items, supplies) etc. These daily quests allow players who cannot dedicated as much time to ArchLight each day to stay somewhat competitive through these daily quests and the rewards they give. ​ * All of our vocations have been stress tested in many ways to assure balance in their respective roles, in both PVE and PVP. Archer ​ The archer is a ranged weapon specialist. He is there to rain fire down on the enemy while the tank holds the aggro off of them. The archer however also has a series of spells from self heals to combat spells that support his damage. The Archer on Archlight unlike the Paladin on Real Tibia has a stronger damage tray but lower healing tray. The Archer will have a high damage output with decent survivability allowing them to be a very powerful mixed threat from afar. Guardian ​ The Meat and Shield of Archlight. The Guardian is a powerful, high defense and high health melee weapon user. The Guardian has multiple moderate healing spells along with a strong taunt. The Guardians shielding skill rises faster than any other class on Archlight, however with high health and high defense the cost of weapon skill comes. Their weapon skill does not rise as fast as a Berserker and thus resorts more to magic damage along with the support of a 1 handed weapon. This class is a lower damage output but exceptionally hard to kill. A must have for a high level boss fight. Druid ​ The Druid is a combination of a natural damaging class, and a healer. The Druid has the utility of several large heals, allowing the Druid to support with large heals and a moderate amount of damage in boss fights. The druid makes a good solo hunter too with several strong damage spells. Sorcerer ​ The Sorcerer is a powerful magician, using the strongest elements are their disposal to inflict massive amounts of magic damage against their enemies. Sorcerers despite being the most powerful damage dealer in the game have the lowest survivability being a fragile target. Bard ​ The Bard is a unique player who is adept with the use of instruments in combat. These musicians use different sounds to fight, support, and heal allies. Bards are the primary support class in Archlight using a mixed variety of heal over time spells, party speed buffs, party damage and defense buffs, and regeneration buffs. A Bard is a key support class. Berserker ​ Raw Strength, The Berserker is a master of heavy weapons. Despite their slower shielding skill than that of the Guardian the Berserker has an exceptionally fast weapon skill. The Berserker is adept to using heavy 2 handed weapons to deal massive amounts of damage using AOE spells and powerful weapon skill buffs. Accompany the Berserker with a Bard to further support his damage buffs and speed and you will have one powerful killing machine. Our Mapper Threads: Divinum's Mapping Thread Godsu's Mapping Thread Thanks to the support of my fellow staff @uchiha1sasukee @RazorBlade @Colors @HalfAway @divinum @Synnical @Damon @MysteriousDot DISCLAIMER!! I am no way affiliated with the server, just a person who decided to repost to this beautiful forum! Get prepared guys!
  10. Welcome to Project-RL Project-Rl is a custom real map with the integration of spells from newer tibia client versions along with some of our very own custom spells some of which have 7.6 no target attack styling. While we utilize the ever so popular "real map" the main focus is to bring back the thrill for exploration and adventuring, By now most of us are very familiar with the "real map" there for making hunting,questing and boss hunting a bit average and predictable.. on our server Project-RL you wont know whats around every corner, this brings back that sense of exploration along with the hopes of stumbling upon a hidden spawn that you were the first to discover! Bosses dropping items that are actually worth looting . Quest with awesome payouts that will truly effect game play! We are willing to grow with our community and supply the demands requested by our players While joining us, join with an open mind because the possibilities are endless! Connection Info IP: projectrl.sytes.net Website: projectrl.sytes.net Port:7171 Version: 8.6 Rates 1-99 300x 100-150 100x 150-199 30x 200-255 15x 255-299 8x 300-399: 5x 400-???: 2x Skills: 15x Magic: 10x Loot: 2x Features Pvpe What would a good rpg server with countless char lovers be without pvpe, this feature has been incorporated solely because pvp is a part of tibia and is always in correspondence with loss.. pvpe lets you gain... gain a bit more than ego... Red Skull:10 Frags Daily Black Skull: 20 Frags Daily Custom Spells Custom spells added for each vocation that will surely intensify game play . ex."Druids have a spell that allows them to buff them self or another players hit points for a period of time" To compensate for the higher attack weapons available in game for Knights and Pallys, Mages were awarded with an alternative solution for the sudden death rune achievable in game "Karma Blast" purchased from the "Karma" npc in thais Or made with spell "Shadoll Mort" via Blank rune Paladin AoE Spell "Exevo Fear" Sorcerer DPS Spell "Haduken" Inspiriton goes to jon aka Kio Druid Hitpoit Boost Spell "Tempo Sio" Knight AoE Spell "Exori Blaze" Insprition goes to There are many more! Modified Quest /Rewards Your average quest happen to not be so average anymore! quest such as black knight boss's,POI,INQ....I don't want to spoil it for you! Custom Bosses/Creatures Bosses can have a lair hidden thought the world of tibia or be spawned via raid. Custom Creatures can be found just about anywhere keep your eyes pealed! Warning! Some Creatures may not be as weak as you remember! After reaching level 250 you gain access to a shortcut which allows you to teleport to a select few of the custom spawns. Location "Yalahar" Runes/Potions Runes are Unlimited, Potions are not On Project-Rl We have decided to do something with our potion system, with the potential high damage output from spells, custom monsters and bosses the choice has been made to make Greater Healing Potions heal Much higher but.. for a hefty fee from the local mana shop, dont worry these potions can still be looted, ie Great mana potion,Ultimate Potions. Strong potions have been modified to heal equal to the old great potion! Message God Nirvana or Gm Amara in game OR post on the server forums with any question or concerns See you online GOD Nirvana
  11. OsoSangre

    Creating an 8.60 Custom Client

    This tutorial covers the following: Changing the client icon (using Resource Hacker) Changing the client's default IP address (using a HEX editor) Adding MC support to the client (using a HEX editor) Changing the client's name (using a HEX editor) NOTES: This tutorial only covers the above for the 8.60 client version. Each step is written so it can be done independently of the other steps. Whether you only want a couple of things, or you had to stop working on it after a step. Each step assumes you have not done the previous steps. Except for step 0. You have to do that... Step 0 - Download Required Programs Before we can get started making changes, we have to make sure you have all the right software. He's a list of the software you're going to need: Download Notepad++ with HEX-Editor Plugin Download Page Direct Download v6.7.4 NOTE: You will need to install the HEX-Editor plugin using the plugin manger: "Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager" Download Resource Hacker Download Page (located at the bottom) Direct Download Download Tibia client 8.60 Direct Download (FYI download is from tibia.com so it's clean) Step 1 - Change Client Icon Now that we have all the required programs, we going to do the easiest step first: change the client icon. Open Resource Hacker Click "File -> Open ..." Navigate to Tibia.exe and click "Open" Click "Action -> Replace Icon ..." Find the .ico (or other accepted file type) and click "Open" Confirm the image on the left is correct, and click "Replace" Save and exit the program Step 2 - Change Client's default IP Address Once we have changed the client icon, we now need to make sure the custom client is sending the players to the right IP address. To do this, we'll first replace the RSA key, and then change the default IP address. Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the unicode string "1247" You should see something like this: Highlight all the numbers, including "1247", and replace them with this: 109120132967399429278860960508995541528237502902798129123468757937266291492576446330739696001110603907230888610072655818825358503429057592827629436413108566029093628212635953836686562675849720620786279431090218017681061521755056710823876476444260558147179707119674283982419152118103759076030616683978566631413What it was before (left) and what it should look like after you replace it (right) Open the Find window(ctrl+f) again and search for the unicode string "cipsoft.com" NOTE: The first string you find should be tibia05.cipsoft.com Starting at the first caracter, "t", type the IP or domain you want the client to default to in the unicode side (right). On the HEX side (left), starting right after the last character of your domain/IP address, set the HEX values to 00 until all the other domains are gone. Save the executable(ctrl+s) Step 3 - Add Multi-Client Support Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the hexadecimal string "755268fc" Replace the hex value "75" with "eb" on the HEX side (left) Save the executable(ctrl+s) Step 4 - Change the Client Name The last step in this tutorial is to change the name of the client, in the task bar and the top left section of the window (near the icon), so it has your custom client name instead of "Tibia". Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the hexadecimal string "54 69 62 69 61 00 00 00 54 69 62 69 61 43 6c 69 65 6e 74" Starting at the first "T", type the new name for your custom client. Save the executable(ctrl+s) Conclusion Now that we have followed the 4 steps, this is what your client should look like now: If you have any questions, comments, requests, concerns, or issues, please post them below and I'll update this as I answer questions. Thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hoped it helped you on your endeavours!
  12. Welcome to my thread! Hello players, as requested by many of our loyal players we will start xanteria.hopto.org once again! At this moment, the server is located in Sweden, since we have a lot of players from Sweden, Germany, France, Poland etc.. So most likely you have played our last version of xanteria (V3), it went a little wrong when we got carried away by the number of donations we were receiving... So we have removed most of the donation items as requested! - We removed the unfair donation set (armor,legs,helmet,boots & shield) - We removed he donation healing runes (such as mana,uh & don pally) - We remapped the temple & the hunt zones as requested by our players, to freshen up the server a little We have also learned from our past mistakes, we will be collecting ideas from our players more often... A big update will be implemented every week or two! Connection IP: xanteria.hopto.org Website: http://xanteria.hopto.org Client Protocol: 8.60 Port: 7171 **** 02.13.2015***** begin your next Year with Xanteria !! Try out xanteria now ! Give xanteria a try and you will love it, we promise ! Our lovely Temple Xanteria Shops Xanteria Hunting Teleports Xanteria Missions and Quests there's tons of quests for you !! War Event, 3 different maps, Everyday 3 war events at 3 different Maps ! Map 1, Thais map Map 2, Ice Map Map 3, Nature Map More screeeeeeeeeenshots here ! a great new Dragon Lord spawn a amazing new Dragon + Dragon Lord spawn a second new Dragon Lord spawn a new huge Finger Killer spawn ! a new small Pirate Spawn Outfits, added more 5 new Outfits ! Free 200 Premium Points for everyone ! only follow this 2 steps : Create your account here: http://xanteria.net/index.php?subtopic=createaccount After you created your character write your character name in THIS TOPIC : http://otland.net/threads/sweden-xanteria-v3-come-back-8-6-custom-evo-map.226266/ Then send a message to our Facebook Page with your character name Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ohyeahs-OTS/255159094555289 IMPORTANT: If you dont send us message in Facebook and post your character name in this Topic, you will not get any free points Xanteria.net Starts in: 2 Days, 18 Hours, 24 Minutes 21 Seconds!
  13. LeechBot


    File Name: OTPokeW File Submitter: LeechBot File Submitted: 23 Jan 2015 File Category: Distributions & Data Packs TM System Boat Travel Train Travel Air VIP Cloned Pokemon 1°, 2°, 3° and some 4° generation Pokemon 80 Shiny Pokemon Click here to download this file
  14. LeechBot


    Version 1.00


    TM System Boat Travel Train Travel Air VIP Cloned Pokemon 1°, 2°, 3° and some 4° generation Pokemon 80 Shiny Pokemon


  15. www.zavar.eu On January 2nd, at 21:00 CEST a brand new Evolution server will launch. Zavar is a European Open Tibia Server, started and developed by experienced people who has spent several years with tibia. The server is based on a Evolution with a lot of features - EXTREMELY customized - many spawns, quests and events. This server is designed to keep people entertained. Do you like EXTREMELY customized servers? Then Zavar is the right server for you! Our staff team have been working for several months to make this server perfect, stable and made in the best way to make it fun and enjoyable for you players. We have many special events such as Last man standing, Zombie, Fire storm, Castle war, 8v8 war arena and Mysterious Island. Among tons of others things is Zavar the only Open Tibia server with a fully custom made system: Through a ITEM Event you can collect emblems which you later can switch to an amulet. With the amulet you can access a special Island with a lot of houses and hard monsters. There is also new contets such as the city Armonia which is made for players over level 550 and Lavana for 700+ In both of these areas there is custom made monsters with special loots and plenty of hidden quests. In this situation you have to be patience, because it might take a bit of time to find these hidden quests and solve them. In this server it's pretty easy to gain points without having to buy on the donation page, read this page for more information: here Fan pages Support and contact us Login details IP-Adress zavar.eu Port 7171 Website: www.zavar.eu Client 8.60 The server is hosted in France on a dedicated server. It consists of SSD disks and DDoS protection and a 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon CPU (4 cores) processor. Meaning that there will be no laggs and no kicks whatsoever. Server Information Experience Rates 1-99 450x 100-149 250x 150-199 150x 200-249 75x 250-299 35x 300-349 22x 350-399 12x 400-449 5x 450-499 2x 500-599 1x 600-699 0.5x 700-759 0.2x 760-799 0.1x 800 0.05x Skill: 15x Magic: 25x Loot: 3x General Information Hidden quests keeps you motivated. Custom spells, monsters and hard quests keeps you challenged. The server is hosted 24/7. The fraglimit for red skull is 35/day and for black skull it's 50/day. PvP is set to Open-PvP but you gain experience from killing players. Unique features There's a well-functioning guildwar system. House Island The vocations are very balanced. Alot of citites, etc Armonia 500+ and Lavana 700+ and Thais New and custom bosses that are related to the main story! Special war system You can collect free points! Events to win prizes like donation points or coins to spend on different items. Active updating! 1-2 patches every week! And much, much more! Raids & Events You can find different boss monsters in the teleport "Raids" which is located in the temple. These bosses are very hard so make sure you bring a team with high level players. You get a lot of experience and the loot contains very rare items. Check this page for more information: Raids There are seven automatic events; Last man standing, Zombie survival, Egg search, Team battle, Mysterious Island, Lottery system and Fire Storm. Other than those, there are manual events hosted by our staff such as; Football, Tic-tac-toe, Hide and seek, Snake, Castle war and more. Check this page for more information: Events Pictures This server will not let you down. Face your destiny together with us! Yours sincerely, Staff Team of Zavar More information may be added.
  16. PRIORITY-SERVERS Why our servers? 3 servers: *Official *NoCheat (start soon) *FUN (WAR) 4-year experience Custom map Custom, unique systems and scripts A lot of quests Unique graphics Unique reborn system Wiki website Short descriptions: -Type RPG, -Low rates, -More than one year edition, -BOTs are allowed -Type FUN, -Very big rates, -PvP Enfo, -BOTs are allowed (start soon) -Type RPG. -Average rates, -BOTs aren't allowed, -Custom ANTI-BOT Links: http://priority-servers.pl/ http://prioritygame.pl/ http://board.dbp.prioritygame.pl/ http://wiki.dbp.prioritygame.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/priorityservers NOCHEAT SERVER STARTS 10/10/2014 6:00 PM [POLISH TIME] Trailers: Some screens:
  17. Connection: IP: Deathzot.net Website: http://deathzot.net Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Rates: Custom Exp Formula Some areas hard for level 10s, some for level 10,000's Hosting Information: Xeon x3220 @ 3.20GHz (Quad Core Processor) 100/100 MB Dedicated Connection Hosted in Montreal, Canada (Average ping for USA + EU is < 120) Features: 100% Custom Map 12 + Custom Vocations 120 + Custom Spells 14 Tiers of Equipment + Weapons Equipment Merging Enchanting System Equipment Bonuses (+% Dmg, Regen, Protection) Automatic Raids + Events Mining System Fishing System No Damage to Party Members Increased Party EXP Region Bosses 100 + Bosses that spawn hourly ALL DONATIONS ARE OBTAINABLE IN GAME! Social Media: Facebook Images:
  18. Welcome to Celestia-Realm.com Server will start 25th of July! Our testserver will start on saturday 22/3 - Old testserver. Website - www.celestia-realm.com You can create accounts and characters. You need our custom client to be able to login: Information You start your journey in the town Stonegate. There is no rookgaard as we believe that everyone that is playing Tibia nowadays already have played it previously. Therefore there is no need for a tutorial-island. Right now we have 5 major cities however 3 of them are opened from start. There are global quests that unlock traveling paths with boat. The server gameplay is based on the 7.1-7.7 which means that both attack and healing share the same exhaust. You can't walk over barrels, tables etc. 7.7 damage values for runes. We have graphics that goes from 7.1 to 10 and also custom. You should give it a try and see what you think. Screenshots and more can be found http://celestia-realm.com/gallery.php Map Custom that is constantly updated. Rates Experience - 2x Magic - 2x Skills - 3x Loot - Custom Got a question? Post a reply here and we will answer it as soon as possible
  19. Anevis

    Anevis's Thread

    Hello, dear Opentibia users! I remember this forum as otfans. Recently I saw it's back under new name and I decided to make here account. As in past, I made here topic for my sprites. Some of you probably know me or remember. Important: This topic is just for show-off. You are NOT allowed to use any of my sprites in any way. Did you ever seen a sprite car before? DRAGON!! 89 frame animation (quite old): http://s4.ifotos.pl/img/Animecomb_xaappwn.gif ENVIRONMENT OUTS/MONSTERS other/oldz: http://s6.ifotos.pl/img/SPRITYpng_xanrera.png ________________ FAQ: Q: Which program do you use to make these sprites? A: Basically, simple mspaint and GIMP. It's important to have hotkeys and comfortable color editor. Q: Can you help me improve my sprites? A: Sure, just send me pm. I will reply you Q: How long does it take you to do one of this set? A: It's hard to tell, but I think, if I don't struggle with color choosing, I paint in decent speed. ________________ I'm available for sprite work (paypal). Just PM me and we will talk about prices etc. For now, I prefer to do: weapons, items, sets, environment stuff. Comments and critique much appreciated!
  20. The server opens the 4th of July IP: - Port: - Server Information * 100% Custom map * Possibility to teleport and walk to spawns and quests * Exp rate x130 - x2 (27 stages) * 50+ Quests * 150+ Spawns * 9 Towns * A lot of custom items and monsters * 100+ Achievements Events * Capture the Flag * Deathmatch * Falling Skies * King of the Hill * Last Men Standing * Left 4 Dead * Push the Cart * Reaper * Snowballer * Team Deathmatch * Tibia Kart Good to know * Paladins can equip both shield and a crossbow * Some spawns and quests are only found by exploring * You can create your own teleport to the temple and teleport back whenever you want, using a portal rune * Treasure Maps can be obtained by killing monsters (Harder monsters are more likely to drop a treasure map) * Gold looted from monsters can automatically be transfered to your bank * No areas for donators only * This server has been in development for over 1 year You can find more screenshots of the server on our Facebook page.
  21. SilverOts is based on Tibia 8.6 but with alot new features and new quests & citys! Information on SilverOts Server Hosted on Dedicated Server (24/7)!​ Fully Custom Map Based on the Real Map with 5 added City's (Vikia, Pyre, Germilia, Arturia and Angard)!​ Custom bosses and new orginal quests!​ Casino Open and Ready for Buissness. Addon Bonuses that give Skills - with addon dolls rewarded at level's 100-150-200-250. Private Rooms with Bosses. Runes and Potions bought at the Dark Magician with one simple click. Free Blessing's and Pvp Protection until level 70. Custom Commands to buy Blessing's, Aol's and Repair Soft boots, Firewalker boots. Fully working Enchantment System so you can upgrade your items up to +7 for added Armor, Attack, or Defence! Events Such as Survival- Surviving gruesome waves of monster till the end. Team War- Pvp (5v5), and More to come! Serious Staff (Gm Acubens, Gm Sigma, and Rhodos)Message us in game if you are in need of any assistance! Expierence Stages 1 -> 50, Experience: 360x. 51 -> 100, Experience: 280x. 101 -> 130, Experience: 180x. 131 -> 150, Experience: 140x. 151 -> 170, Experience: 100x. 171 -> 190, Experience: 60x. 191 -> 200, Experience: 50x. 201 -> 230, Experience: 36x. 231 -> 250, Experience: 28x. 251 -> 260, Experience: 20x. 261 -> 270, Experience: 16x. 271 -> 280, Experience: 14x. 281 -> 290, Experience: 12x. 291 -> 300, Experience: 10x. 301 -> 320, Experience: 8x. 321 -> 330, Experience: 6x. 331 -> 350, Experience: 5x. 351 -> Infinite, Experience: 4x. SilveOts is Already open and awaiting new players. Website- http://rolnetworks.com/ Ip- rolnetworks.com Port- 7171
  22. Welcome to Tibia PlayRÖK Access our website: tibia.playrok.com OR tibiaplayrok.no-ip.info IP for IP-Changer: tibiaplayrok.no-ip.info Port: 7171 We are a group of private servers trying to bring what is the best on the world of Online Games, without the abusive donate and stuffs that make our loved gameplay, sad. And with NO LAG! Tibia PlayRÖK has a full new map with all new quests, cities and places to go. We want to bring back the old spice of Tibia, bringing always great updates with great story quests and new bosses. Server Rates: Exp: 20x - 3x (Stages) Magic: 10x Skills: 30x Loot: 2x Spawn: 1x FULL MAP PICTURE
  23. Micool777

    Custom Server - Config.lua Source

    I am creating an Open Tibia server (v 8.62) under the instructions given by Nevermore (http://otland.net/f479/your-first-open-tibia-server-140934/), and I am quite curious as to where the config.lua's variables are being used so I can edit some functions that inhibit smooth usage of the Account Manager and some other aspects of the game. Is there some type of master script that handles all of these variables? Also, how would one create a custom spell? And one last thing - where are the vocations handled? I found the file titled "Vocations.xml" but when I change the name of several vocations, it gives errors when I run the server. Help would be much appreciated.
  24. http://otfans.net/threads/184891-Official-OTFans-Distro-Applications
  25. Hello OTFans! Demonika is finally finished and now it's 24/7 online hosted on dedicated server! Demonika map is detailed RPG 100% custom and made by Demonika Staff Members: Kroax, Sanjis, Ante and myself Sotonik. Demonika map is 15MB big! It took us 1 full year to make it! We have many custom own-made unique quests with custom bosses! Our quests are original and exciting! Most important custom quests on Demonika are: The Osirian Portal, Seeds of Doom, Fusion & Illusion, Dante's Inferno, Cryptona Island,... Demonika Minimap: Part of huge "The Osirian Portal" quest: Spider Cave: Swamps: Exp stages: 1-15 30x 16-50 20x 51-100 10x 101-150 5x 151+ 3x After you create your account and character your journey will begin on island of Catasia until you reach level 15 and head for mainland. Demonika website: http://demonika.no-ip.org/ Demonika IP address: demonika.no-ip.org Tibia Client: 8.0 My goal was to make 8.0 client alive once again, and for that I need your support so make a character and login to Demonika and you won't regret it, I promise you that! I only wanted to make a custom map and try to fight with all the RL maps out there, if you wanna beat all those RL map servers too then come to Demonika and we will fight them together! Demonika will be updated with many future updates, Have fun on Demonika! - Sincerely yours Sotonik

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