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Found 4 results

  1. Micool777

    Custom Server - Config.lua Source

    I am creating an Open Tibia server (v 8.62) under the instructions given by Nevermore (http://otland.net/f479/your-first-open-tibia-server-140934/), and I am quite curious as to where the config.lua's variables are being used so I can edit some functions that inhibit smooth usage of the Account Manager and some other aspects of the game. Is there some type of master script that handles all of these variables? Also, how would one create a custom spell? And one last thing - where are the vocations handled? I found the file titled "Vocations.xml" but when I change the name of several vocations, it gives errors when I run the server. Help would be much appreciated.
  2. Seed

    [Lua] Mana Heal display.

    Hi, I'm using OTServ 8.60 r.6052 server and in the Config file I found this: --Displays amount of health healed. --Similar to the way damage is shown, except in green numbers (Example: +17) [default: "no"] show_healing = true As it says, it shows the amount of health healed when you use a health potion or a health rune. To the point, I was wondering if there was any kind of way to make it so it displays the amount of mana you heal when you use a mana potion or spirit potion. I'm a real noob in this but I've tried to change some things like instead of --Displays the amount of Health healed, I replaced Health with Mana. And it didn't work (exactly what my expectation was). Lol yep I'm a noob but in need of help. Thanks in advance, Seed
  3. i was wandering where you can change if prem is needed to make a guild because its not in config and i dont know where else it could be and we need guilds xD edit: distro is the previous patch of the latest tfs
  4. The Jabbawock

    Multiplier in the Config.lua

    umm im new to this lua stuff right now so i need one last thing. as you know that on otservlist.org you look for a erver to play on right? and when you look for a server you look at the exp rate and stuff for example You see Exp rate: X5 if i wanted my ot to have the same exp rate i would go to multiplier in config and put X5 or just 5 OR 5X lol i dont know if i have to include the X or this --> * can anyone help?

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