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Found 26 results

  1. Website: www.Frozeria.net IP: Frozeria.net Client: 8.60 Map: Evo&Custom Rune Type: Limited and Unlimited runes Port: 7171! Looking for a fun custom OT who can bring back your old evolution, armonia, roxor and all other map memories? Frozeria.net from the creators of original Frozeria, HelveticaOT, Loveria, Heroland, Carloria and others! We bring you the most unique and advanced developed custom map ever with over 200 + quests, 500 + spawns, 500 + missions, 100 + bosses, 100 + custom spells, more then 20 diffrent Equipment sets and much more. We also offer alot of diffrent unique Free Points system. For example if you are online for 12 hours you recieve 50 Premium Points, if you complete missions you recieve premium Points from 25-500. You can also kill bosses, do quests, level up, win events and do special stages to recieve Free Premium Points. These Free Points system makes this OT playable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server. (We have more Free Points System ingame) Alot of spawns and diffrent monsters We bring you 1 spawn room for level 100-2000 with 30 spawns, with missions for each spawn. Another spawn room will be unlocked once you reach level 2000 with 10 new spawns. (New missions is also available to get in this spawn room) Once you reach level 3000 you will be ready to enter Chryse. Chryse is a big custom Island where you can gather items to upgrade your Equipment, Gather creature Products to sustain your economy, kill bosses who drops premium Points and chance of dropping donate items. (Required a team to kill these bosses). Chryse also has a unique team hunt system where you can spawn monsters for Money to maximize your exp. (Power Hunting) On chryse you will find alot of unique quests but one outstanding quest is our second hourly furniture quest. You can complete this quest once every second hour. Reward is experience and you can complete and gain this experience every second hour. This is just a few things that Frozeria has to offer.... What are you waiting for invite ur friends and get online now! 1-500 15000x 501-1000 10000x 1001-1500 7500x 1501-2000 5000x 2001-2500 4000x 2501-3000 2500x 3001-3000 2000x 3501-4000 1500x 4001-4500 1250x 4501-5000 1000x 5001-5500 800x 5501-6000 500x 6001-7000 300x 7001-9999 200x 10000 + 100x Exp from players 1.2x Skill rate 20x Magic rate 15x Loot rate 3x Free Points At level : 200 Free premium points at level 3000! 250 Free premium points at level 3500! 300 Free premium points at level 4000! 400 Free premium points at level 4500! 500 Free premium points at level 5000! 750 Free premium points at level 5500! 1000 Free premium points at level 6000! 1500 Free premium points at level 6500! 2500 Free premium points at level 7000! Free Points on missions ! We offer 200 + custom mission who gives premium points. Mission manager I, Mission Manager II, Mission Manager III will give you missions where you can recieve premium points and more. On top of these mission's there is also Stage Missions, Team Hunt Missions, Boss Missions and alot of side mission NPC's all over the map. Completing missions is a great way to recieve free premium points. We offer you lots of different events on Frozeria. Exp event, Fire Storm Event, Last Man Standing, Mini battle event, Zombie event, run event and more. Zombie Event is hosted every third hour. Zombie event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against the zombies. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Mini Battle Event: 20:30 (CEST) Everyday. Mini Battle, at 20:30 (CEST) every day we gather up all players with a level of 100 or higher for a big war event. Players will be devided into 2 teams, where the goal for each team is to get 25 frags first. Each player in the winning team is rewarded with 300 Premium points. LMS is hosted every day at random times. Last man standing, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against in the arena against other players. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Exp Event is hosted every sixth hour. Exp Event, 1-5 exp events is spawning in an arena depending on how many players who joined the event. Kill the event bosses and gain exp. Reward: Experience and gold nuggets! Firestorm Event: 20:00 (CEST) Everyday. Firestorm event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor of a fire rain. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Run Event is hosted everyday 17:00 and 22:00(CEST) . Every participating players speed is the same, speed boosting items & spells have no effect. The whole event area is a no-pvp zone. A small tip is to have either "exani tera" or a rope in your hotkeys as you will need it. Crafting System You have the possibility to upgrade your current mythical item (to demonical), and demonical item (to iceborn, forestkeeper or flamebringer) with an NPC at Chyrse Boat, you do however need to bring him some items in exchange, talk to him to find out more. You can also upgrade your legendary runes with a similar system at rune crafter + 1 temple. After this you simply just chose the item you want to craft and type it to the npc.
  2. Shadalan server has just been opened, but we only start announcing by today!! Enjoy this beggining!! Be the Top of this hot new Open Tibia Server !! Create your account now! http://shadalanot.zapto.org/?subtopic=createaccount Shadalan, a classic Tibia server. Client Version: 8.60 IP: shadalanot.zapto.org Port 7171 Shadalan OT, the server that includes the balance you always sought between difficulty and joy of accomplishment. With a Full Global Map, Shadalan OT is unique, and will bring you fantastic experiences! Website: http://shadalanot.zapto.org/ Download: http://goo.gl/7NLTUU(ShadalanOT Client) Rates: - Experience starts at: 20x. - Experience Average: 10x. - Skill Rate: 30x - Magic Rate: 10x - Loot Rate: 2.5x. Information: - Server Online 24H, Dedicated Hosted in Quebec, Canadá; - No Resets; - Full Map 100% Global Tibia (Cities, Quests, Spawns, Houses...); - Classic 8.60 Gameplay; - Vocations/Spells/Damages/Runes balanced and 100% Global; - Addons acquired only by items; - Starting Level: 8; - Protection Level: 50 (no loot drop until this level); - Premium Account free for all players; - Shop System for Guilds; Shadalan OT Server!! Global Dedicated 24H Join Us Now!
  3. After almost 5 years, UmbyWAR will return on April 24th, 2015! UmbyWAR is a WAR server IP: war.umbyots.net Supported Clients: 8.60 Custom Clients: Coming Soon! Start Level: 100 Website: http://war.umbyots.net/ Forum: UmbyWAR Forum UmbyWAR will be hosted on a Dedicated Server! Public account information: Account: 123 Password: 123 20 Characters of each vocation available (Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer) About UmbyWAR: UmbyWAR is a very unique war server. We are using an edited Edron map, we recently added most of the Fibula map as well! All characters start at level 100. Skills, Magic Levels, and Exp does not save on death or logging out. Skills and Magic Level increase by leveling not training. We have very balanced vocations and use most spell found in real tibia (8.60 era). There are many weapons and other items you are able to obtain from several NPCs located around town. There is a variety of quests which are very difficult, some which require a group to begin. You will recognize some from real tibia. Quests are a very good way to obtain unique items and rare addons. The first addon of each outfit requires a different item. Addons are added to the player instantly and if it is a Personal Account the addon will save to the player. Soul orbs are used as currency. With each kill, you are rewarded one soul orb. Once you reach 10 kills you may enter a door in the temple and make your Personal Account. Personal Account addons will save, along with whatever outfit you were dressed in when you last logged off. Soul points can be converted into Umby Points at a 1:1 ratio! Earn soul points at 10 kills (without dying) per soul point! Quests: Level 100 Annihilator Level 110 Annihilator Demon Helmet Quest Pits of Inferno Ghazbaran True Hunter Quest The Ancients' Quest Warrior's Steel Quest Jester's Guessing Game Quest (Addon 1 and 2 for Jester Outfit) NOTE: Quests in blue are based on real tibia. Boss Monsters: Jack Sparrow Orshabaal Morgaroth Ghazbaran Ferumbras (spawn and raid) Demodras (random spawn) Dracola (random spawn) Mr. Punish (random spawn) Features: Personal Account System - Accounts are created instantly after speaking to the Account Maker Individual addons - Each addon has a item or set of items you will need to find. Addons will save if you have a personal account. Random boss spawns - Bosses such as 'Demodras' spawn very rarely and randomly. They usually drop addon items that cannot be found elsewhere. Depots - Players are given a single depot slot on creation. Most quests grant at least 1 more slot, allowing players to store items they wish to use later. Custom Spells - Three spells have been added to help keep the vocations balanced. A list of custom spells are available Here: Custom Spells Rules: A list of rules can be found here: Server Rules The UmbyWAR Mission: Since Umby created UmbyWAR, it has been our focus to 1)keep PvP balanced and 2) keep PvP focused on skill rather than numbers. With a focus on involved quests, UmbyWAR has provided both a great PvP environment, and fun, interesting, and challenging quests. None of my (Senior)GameMasters had to ask to be one. Please do not mention it in game.
  4. OsoSangre

    Creating an 8.60 Custom Client

    This tutorial covers the following: Changing the client icon (using Resource Hacker) Changing the client's default IP address (using a HEX editor) Adding MC support to the client (using a HEX editor) Changing the client's name (using a HEX editor) NOTES: This tutorial only covers the above for the 8.60 client version. Each step is written so it can be done independently of the other steps. Whether you only want a couple of things, or you had to stop working on it after a step. Each step assumes you have not done the previous steps. Except for step 0. You have to do that... Step 0 - Download Required Programs Before we can get started making changes, we have to make sure you have all the right software. He's a list of the software you're going to need: Download Notepad++ with HEX-Editor Plugin Download Page Direct Download v6.7.4 NOTE: You will need to install the HEX-Editor plugin using the plugin manger: "Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager" Download Resource Hacker Download Page (located at the bottom) Direct Download Download Tibia client 8.60 Direct Download (FYI download is from tibia.com so it's clean) Step 1 - Change Client Icon Now that we have all the required programs, we going to do the easiest step first: change the client icon. Open Resource Hacker Click "File -> Open ..." Navigate to Tibia.exe and click "Open" Click "Action -> Replace Icon ..." Find the .ico (or other accepted file type) and click "Open" Confirm the image on the left is correct, and click "Replace" Save and exit the program Step 2 - Change Client's default IP Address Once we have changed the client icon, we now need to make sure the custom client is sending the players to the right IP address. To do this, we'll first replace the RSA key, and then change the default IP address. Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the unicode string "1247" You should see something like this: Highlight all the numbers, including "1247", and replace them with this: 109120132967399429278860960508995541528237502902798129123468757937266291492576446330739696001110603907230888610072655818825358503429057592827629436413108566029093628212635953836686562675849720620786279431090218017681061521755056710823876476444260558147179707119674283982419152118103759076030616683978566631413What it was before (left) and what it should look like after you replace it (right) Open the Find window(ctrl+f) again and search for the unicode string "cipsoft.com" NOTE: The first string you find should be tibia05.cipsoft.com Starting at the first caracter, "t", type the IP or domain you want the client to default to in the unicode side (right). On the HEX side (left), starting right after the last character of your domain/IP address, set the HEX values to 00 until all the other domains are gone. Save the executable(ctrl+s) Step 3 - Add Multi-Client Support Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the hexadecimal string "755268fc" Replace the hex value "75" with "eb" on the HEX side (left) Save the executable(ctrl+s) Step 4 - Change the Client Name The last step in this tutorial is to change the name of the client, in the task bar and the top left section of the window (near the icon), so it has your custom client name instead of "Tibia". Open Notepad++ Click "File -> Open..." Navigate to the Tibia.exe file (which should now have the icon we gave it in step 1) Click "Plugins -> HEX-Editor -> View in HEX" NOTES: You will only see the HEX-Editor option if you install the plugin with the plugin manager) If it doesn't change the content layout of the page, do this step again and it should work. Open the Find window(ctrl+f) and search for the hexadecimal string "54 69 62 69 61 00 00 00 54 69 62 69 61 43 6c 69 65 6e 74" Starting at the first "T", type the new name for your custom client. Save the executable(ctrl+s) Conclusion Now that we have followed the 4 steps, this is what your client should look like now: If you have any questions, comments, requests, concerns, or issues, please post them below and I'll update this as I answer questions. Thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hoped it helped you on your endeavours!
  5. ~ Tempia OT ~ New Evolution Server >CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE< BASIC INFORMATION IP Adress: TempiaOT.com (Starts 6 March 19:00(GMT+1)) Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Map: 30mb (Evolution) EXP, VOCATIONS & SPELLS Exp: Start at 900x - End at 2.5x Players Skill Rate: 15x PVP Experience Rate: 1x Players Skill Rate: 15x Player Magic Rate: 20x Player Loot Rate: 3x Player Spawn Rate: 2x Vocations: Balanced (done) Spells: Balanced (done) EVENTS & WARS Events: (Works) Zombie Event Last Man Standing Fire Storm Team Battle (with frags) Wars: (in progress) Real Tibia Guild Wars Open Battle Team Battle War TEMPIA SCREENSHOTS (11 IMG) More screenshots will be added later. If you wonder anything, please post or PM. If you have any idéas or improvements, please post or PM! Server Owners Zerak & Zoom Iker
  6. Tibia Server Lych This server focuses on a storyline with lots of quests and incoming sidequests as well to level up. We have added dungeons and a petsystem and are going to add more dungeons ,quests and raids. Currently we have also added a starter tutorial island wich should clear up most of the functions we have. It's still in beta, because we haven't had any time to look for all the bugs, but currently we can't find any. I hope to see you in-game and please report it to the bugtracker on the website if you find anything wrong. Suggestions are also welcome there. Thank you! Student Company Lych We are using the name of our officially registered Student Company name at Vlajo: Lych This Student Company Is currently in on two projects: Tibia Server Lych Android game: Panda Muffin Wars ~*Ip*~: lych.servegame.com ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.60/own client ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Belgium, on a dedicated server with 125 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: http://lych.servegame.com ~*Exp rate*~: Stages: lvl 1 to 100 = x40 lvl 101 to 200 = x30 lvl 201 to 300 = x20 lvl 301 to 400 = x10 lvl 401 to 800 = x100 ~*Map*~: Real Tibia map with self custom made dungeons and raids ~*Runes*~: Normal charges and prices ~*Loot rate*~: 5x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. 20 frags to red skull ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 10x Skill and 3x Magic. ~*Losses*~: You won't lose items or levels on death, but you do lose skill levels ~*Pets exp rate*~: x80 ~*Protection level*~: you are protected untill you are lvl 100 giving you a chance to do our quests in peace. you can make your pets battle each other, there is no level restriction to that. ~*VIP System*~: VIP currently only gives you 200% exp, but we'll be adding more VIP features later. Currently we are not focusing on paid features. for more server info visit: http://lych.servegame.com/?subtopic=serverinfo More Features: ~*Dungeons*~ ~*Questline*~ ~*Storyline*~ ~*Working Pet system*~ ~*Addons system (rl tibia)*~ ~*Upgrade (armor&weapons) System*~ ~*Working Shop System via website*~ ~*Weekly updates on Quests and Dungeons*~ ~*Client installer with Launcher/Updater*~ ~*Normal Client installer*~ Upcoming Features: ~*Raids*~ ~*More Quests*~ ~*More Story*~ ~*More Dungeons*~ ~*New hunting areas*~ ~*New Epic and Legendary armor & weapons*~ ~*NPC for raid and dungeon system*~ ~*More VIP features*~ *adding snapshots later* Come check it out, and please keep in mind that it's BETA so there will be ALOT of changes later on, on the actual opening of the game, beta testers who aren't bugged or something will keep all they own. Also this Tibia server is my integrated Project for school, so I will be working on it whenever I get home. (It's a wonder they let me use a Tibia server as integrated project, I love it! ) Hope to see you ingame! [GOD] The Pony of Doom
  7. Wielki start nowego Ziberia Rl Map OT www.Ziberia.pl Exp stages: - 1-50:100x - 50-100:50x - 100-130:40x - 130-150:35x - 150-170:30x - 170-200:25x - 200-300:20x - 300-400:10x - 400-600:5x - 600+ 2x Rate: Skills: 40x Magic level: 30x Loot: 3.0x IP: Ziberia.pl PvP level: 80 Skull System: Red Skull (48h): 15 unjustified kills per a day, 80 per week, 280 per month White skull length: 5 min Mapa - Real Map + Oken, Pyre, Newest. - Yalahar, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordon, Thais, Venore, Darashia, Ankramun, Goroma, Edron, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Cormaya, Tiquanda, Razachai, Zao, Farmine, Zenit, Vinea, Ilania. + Points For Guilds: Każda gildia licząca minimum 10 osób ( osoby muszą być online i mieć minimum 100 lvl), po wpisaniu komendy !guildpoints przez Leadera Gildii, każdy członek gildii dostaje 30 Punktów Premium, a Leader 50 Punktów. + Cast System + 100% Bless Chance + PvP Bless + Real Addon System + Task System + Pandora box Event + Zombie Event + Good Time Event + Metin2 Stone Event + Capture the Flags Event + Defense the base Event + Hunting Arena Room + Offline Training System + Upgrade Items System + Casino System + Auction System + New npc Jony - Dzięki niemu możesz zdobyć przedmioty z Sms Shop. + Darmowe punkty: po wbiciu 300 lvl - 10 Punktów, 400 lvl - 15 Punktów, 500 lvl - 20 Punktów. + 30 Nowych Questów ! +1000 Domków ! Galeria ! Zapraszam do Rejestracji, Oceniani, Komentowania, Oraz zapraszania znajomych! Do zobaczenia w grze!
  8. Welcome to Tibia PlayRÖK Access our website: tibia.playrok.com OR tibiaplayrok.no-ip.info IP for IP-Changer: tibiaplayrok.no-ip.info Port: 7171 We are a group of private servers trying to bring what is the best on the world of Online Games, without the abusive donate and stuffs that make our loved gameplay, sad. And with NO LAG! Tibia PlayRÖK has a full new map with all new quests, cities and places to go. We want to bring back the old spice of Tibia, bringing always great updates with great story quests and new bosses. Server Rates: Exp: 20x - 3x (Stages) Magic: 10x Skills: 30x Loot: 2x Spawn: 1x FULL MAP PICTURE
  9. Information about the server: Evolutions is a Custom Server, Map is evolution, There is a maximum of 8 public spawns (other spawns you will have to walk there) There is 11 quests (More are being made). -Server Information- IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Site: Experience Stages: Exp: 300x - 8x at level 301+ Skill rate: 50x Magic rate: 25x Loot rate: 5x -PvP- Protection Level: 100 Red Skull: 12 frags in 24 hours, lasts 24 hours PZ lock: 60 seconds White skull: 7 minutes Experience gain from PvP: 5x Black Skull: Disabled Free Points Level 150 15 Points Level 200 25 Points Level 250 35 Points Level 300 45 Points Level 350 55 Points -More Information- Over 100 houses 20x Training Spots 8 Public Spawns (Max 12) 11 Custom Quests (More being made) (Max 20)
  10. daniofordon


    Zapraszamy na Najlepszy Server Evo 8.6 Start Niedziela 27 Kwietnia o godzinie 18:00 Xatoria.pl to jeden z najpopularniejszych i najbardziej dopracowanych serwerów evolution. Start Niedziela 27 Kwietnia o godzinie 18:00 - Brak lagów/crashów/freezów - zasługa nowego servera dedykowanego. - Pomoc ze strony Administracji - Systematyczne aktualizacje - Eventy z których można zdobyć itemy z SMS Shopu - Informujcie znajomych o starcie Xatori! - Po starcie serwera zapowiadane beda ciągłe aktualizacje. - Juz wkrótce nowe forum xatori! - Domki będzie można zakupić po osiagnieciu 200 lvl. - Zaraz po starcie przeprowadzimy nabory na stanowisko tutora. - Ogromna ilość expowisk i questów - Takiej mapy nie znajdziesz na żadnym innym serwerze! - Masa expów i questów - Real Paralyze - Swim, Metin, Rain, Run i wiele wiecej ciekawych eventów. - Unikalny Training System - Task addon system. - Ogarnięty balans miedzy profesjami. - Fast Shop. - Prawie wszystkie temki z SmS Shopa dostepne w Questach! - Odświeżyliśmy nowy wygląd strony. - Pvp Arena. - Miasto Thais War. -Duża ilość miast, wszystkie na wysokim poziomie mapperskim. W każdym mieście można zamieszkać. W dniu startu o godzinie 19:30 kazdy zalogowany gracz z minimum 100 lvlem otrzyma 100 darmowych punktow premium! Exp Rate: 1-100-x90 101-150-x70 151-200-x35 201-250 -x20 251-280-x10 251-300-x5 301-350-x3 351-400-x2 401-++-x1 Zapraszamy na evo wiecej info na stronie Xatoria.pl jutro godz 18:00 nie przegap! Pozdrawia Xatoria.pl
  11. Aashora.net Starts 1st September 18:00 CEST!! Server Information Like Our Facebook Page!! Introduction, Dear Visitors! Aashora - The Final Version is the last launch of Aashora.net, it is an 8.60 Real-Map server with all towns (full zao), unique events & almost all of the quests are done, we also have Gengia, Oken & Pyre (Revamped)... do you want to experience this??! Then what are you waiting for? Go create your account now! And don't miss the opening date! Also we would like to tell you that there is plenty unique features in progress that will be published in further updates. General Information, IP: Aashora.net Website: Aashora - Latest News Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Game type: Low Pvp-enforced with skulls! & GUILDWAR system! Online 24/7 No Lagg & 100% free from bugs!! Rates, Skills: 40x Magic: 30x Loot: 2x Exp Stages: (Can be changed) 1 - 50lvl = 600x 51 - 130lvl = 280x 131 - 150lvl = 140x 151 - 170lvl = 70x 171 - 200lvl = 40x 201 - 230lvl = 20x 231 - 260lvl = 10x 261 - 300lvl = 5x 301 - ~~ = 2x What Is So Special About Aashora? - Working hard on everything thats needed to be fixed or are being request! - A loyal & respectfull team working (Staff) - Custom Quests! - Marriage system! - Unique house system, by that we mean if a player doesnt enter in-game within 7 days.. the house will go lost. - Balanced vocations - A great training system (15min afk kick if not using any bot) - 99% uptime (Only offline when updating) - KillingInTheNameOf Quest tasks with npc!! - Aashora - Guildwars - Guildwar System - Aashora - Top fragers - Top Fraggers System(Only unjustified will counts) - Aashora - Lottery - Lottery system(Every 6 hours) - Aashora - Events - LastManAlive Event! - Aashora - Jail Records - Jailsystem (12h jail for any rule-violation!) - Aashora - Addon Bonuses - Benefits when wearing full addons! - Aashora - Raid Schedule - Raids everyday like real-tibia! - Aashora - Character Auctions - You can sell your character for gift points! The PvP System, Low pvp-enforced with skulls! Thats mean youll get frag when killing people and just recieve an amount of experience when player dies at yours level range! The red skull will remove within 24hr The black skull will remove within 2 days Frags for red skull = 7 Frags for black skull = 14 Frags are removed every 24 hour PZ Time is 10 minutes The Quests, -Annihlator 100% -Demon Helmet Quest 100% -Inquisition 100% -Demon Oak 100% -Banshee Quest 100% -Pits of inferno 100% -Yalahari Quest 100% -Hat of the mad 100% -Behemoth Quest 100% -Firewalker Boots Quest 100% -Ultimate Challange Quest 100% -Blue Legs Quest 100% -Banshee Quest 100% -AND OFCOURSE MORE! So we hope you'll enjoy this server & will bring your team to play against other teams, We can promise that you'll not regret it. Sincerely, Aashora team.
  12. I have my 8.0 server and I would like to upgrade it to an 8.6 server, but I also want to keep all the players and their levels, skills, houses, etc. So is it possible? Can I just export the database from my 8.0 sql server and then later load it in my 8.6 server with the same map (which I will also upgrade to 8.6) If I just upgrade my map to 8.6 and download an stable 8.6 sql server will I be able to load my database too? Will there be any problems with upgrading from 8.0 to 8.6? Thank you!
  13. Vightrain.net Starts 6th May 20:00 CEST!! Delayed to 16th May 17:00 CEST!! Introduction, As many of you know, we started this server before at 4th May 19:00 CEST.. but we failed & closed it directly so no one would be mad & we decided to work on it more, therefor we decided to move the release date until 6th May 20:00 CEST. So now after many many hours of work non-stop, we are finally done with the testing. Atleast with the big bugs/issues. So we hope you will enjoy this server since it's going to be awesome! Website & Login, We have a website for our server called Vightrain.net where you can create account & character to join the game. You will need tibia client 8.60 & IP-Changer to join this server, You can ofcourse download it on our site. To join in-game, please use, Vightrain.net as IP & 7171 as PORT. Server Uptime, We would like to present you a server without bugs/laggs or crashes, therefor we have bought a very good dedicated server with very good specifications, ddos protection and high network connection.. So we hope that the pros wont attack with thier heavy attacks:rolleyes: Otherwise the server should have 100% uptime with only update restart once in a while. Map Info, When it comes to our server we do NOT have any custom continents/towns, We stick to the real map which includes, Thais, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Venore, Kazordoon, Edron, Port Hope, Cormaya, Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Goroma, Darashia, Farmine, Svargrond, Northen Zao & Okolnir. This is becouse we want people to hunt more on these places more than only Gengia, Pyre & Oken. Also this brings a very good RPG feeling. We have also fixed boat & carpet NPC's like real-tibia, included kicks. Gameplay, Once you enter Thais temple you will not see any teleports so don't get any panic... We do have training monks but NO custom events. We are mostly aiming for Hard Work & Guild Wars, So we have made some changes to the PVP System. First is that there is protection level until level 8 & we will not use black skull at all so there is only red skull & to gain red skull you need 3 frags & to gain banishment you need 15 frags, PZ time is 15 minutes to. Secondly once you are in a guild war you can't leave or delete the guild within 1 week from the start. Thirdly we have remapped the original defences in Thais & some other places, we like it to be more open wars. Spells, When it comes to the spells on our server we find it very important since without good spells there is no balanced vocations and no good wars so we have tested the runes & spells. We made so ues & waves hits a LITTLE less than normal with more exhaustion. We don't want people to run into a war and ue & then run from there, where brings us to the paralyze rune that paralyze you 2 seconds with no possibilities to cure, but you can spell spells. Also we have made so you wont be able to mana pot other players BUT you can heal pot them. Other changes is small spells changes like "Aaaah..." mode & exura sio which you'll notice later. The mana regain is 15mana/sec on unpromoted players and 30mana/sec on promoted players. Rates, Since there is a training room/trainers, we have lowered the skill rates, skill rate is 15x & magic rate is 7x. We also have 3x loot rate which is needed to gain faster(?) money & items. Additional Changes/Info, We have additional changes like Soya npc is removed from the whole map, Rashid Npc moved to port hope, You can only buy bless at Henricus Npc outside Inquistion reward room in south thais, You will only be able to buy Amule of loss at Eremo Npc at Eremo island, Stone skin amulet & Might ring effects are removed from the server, You will recieve 5 crystal coins at level 45 & You need level 100 to buy a house. Shop, We only have the shop mostly becouse to keep our dedicated server that makes it possible for us to have this server online & ofcourse to gain money from it so therefor we have a unique payment/shop system that saves all purchases made. So there is no way to be scammed or being scammed. So we hope you'll enjoy this server & will bring your team to play against other teams, We can promise that you'll not regret it. Sincerely, Vightrain team.
  14. Hello. I'm trying to get some npcs to the editor but it doesn't work. When I enter a npc name in the creatures.xml I have to restart the editor 20 times for the changes to work. But if I remove a npc from the creatures.xml it never dissappears from the editor. Can someone please help me to get this right?

    Need help with lagg.

    Hi So, A friend got a new server ( 8.6) and it's lagging more than the other one he had, mostly when using spells. He had another server before that also 8.6 and that one didn't lagg at all. It has probably nothing to do with his computer, cuz its really good. So what can the problem be? Any suggestions to make it less laggier or faster? I think its Heavenly Island i think.
  16. Hi! I want do make an OT-server ( 8.6 ) and I´ll need help. Which server is good, could you post a link for it? ( Virus free ofc ). If I just want to try it myself, do I have to open the ports if I haven´t done it before. After downloading the server, do I just have to change the Ip to try it ? Or something else? When I want to make it online so other players can play, how do I do ? Any links to a good tutorial? Ty for answers
  17. ~Boondocks Custom RPG 8.60~ Yep, Boondocks is once again open! Now with a little bit higher rates than before. Rates: Exp stage level 1 - level 50 = 100x level 51 - level 80 = 70x level 81 - level 120 = 50x level 121 - level 150 = 40x level 151 - level 180 = 30x level 181 - level 200 = 20x level 201 and up 10x ------------------------- Loot: 3.0x Uptime: 24/7 PvP: level 1 Skills: 35x Magic: 15x ------------------------- Server information: The map is old Relencia remade into six cities, every city with their own personal teleport room. *100+ hunting places *40 + side quests *Annihilator, DHQ, Pits of Inferno, Inquisition *Big training room *Burst arrows work for mages, and deal about the same damage as a great fireball. *Paladins have bullseye star for level 110+ and a holy beam spell at level 80. 'Exevo san hur'. *Knights do not need any level to use melee weapons. *Sorcerers and Druids can wear heavy equipment (dsm,crown set,golden set etc) *Daily updates based on players ideas and own thoughts which can be seen on the site. *More quests for lower leveled players to help them get started. *IP - boondocks86.no-ip.org *Homepage - Boondocks - Lives again!
  18. Tnecniiv

    how do i get tfs

    how do i get the forgotten server 8.60 for the server i can get 8.54 it just that i really dont know any link or the forum to find it can some1 send me a link
  19. remove thread please.
  20. Dreamot

    Mapper needed for 8.60 ot

    i am starting my own 8.60 project and i need a mapper....im looking to do a 80-100% custom map depends on how the mapper feels....were joined with the gaming community thasource.org im not the owner but my friend is....we have a teamspeak server the info is on the site. Please get back to me via private message or add me on msn at cooldude13126@hotmail.com.
  21. Hey guys.. It is like this. I want to add new items to my 8.60 server so i edit my items.otb in my itemeditor and when im done editing i save the items.otb and when i try to load my server i get an error saying Unable to load items.otb What is the problem? Im using otitemeditor-0.3.9 and i think it is supposed to work on 8.60
  22. I have completed my website and everything but suddenly i get an critical error while trying to access my character in-game. Something about the map maybe, i have actually no idea... Can the map make the client crash?
  23. ZionOt

    [USA] ZionOnline 8.60

    ZionOnline To make account Visit our website: http://ziononline.no-ip.org/ OR use 1/1 to make an account in-game! Thanks for participating in our 2 day event! Now, a new Offer! If you bring your friends, you can earn Donation points for each person! Limited Time Offer! (1 week) Lets Begin, Welcome to Zion Online. A new adventure. Here in Zion, we try our best to make your dream, come true. Days, Months, Years of fun to come. wether it be a tricky quest to a hard boss, to a team game, to wars. Its all here. I have been working very hard on this server come and enjoy it. I guarantee satisfaction if you like challenging low exp servers, this is the one. As i can imagine, many of you don't want to waste your time to find yet another lame open tibia server. Well in order to help you evade that mistake here, i will tell you everything you need to know. At the end of our session, you can decide :]. Ok, Enough small take, i want to know what makes this so "Great". Well, you can read my words, but you decide to agree. The Server is TFS 8.6, Fully made custom map, made from scratch. 100%. Scripts made by OT land, friends, or myself. You wont find another like it. I could tell you how great it is, but everyone does that. The rates are balanced, and don't ruin the gameplay and PvP. Starting Point/Ingame ---------------------- The word "Rook" may bring terror to your mind. "NO NOT GOING TO SPEND HRS IN ROOK!". Fear not! It only takes about 2 min to get out of rook and on your way to main! :], The reason there is a rook is because IF there was not a rook, It would be very confusing. Joining a custom map in which you have never seen nor played before, can be really tricky. You will just acquire equipment in rook, talk to the oracle and WOOT! you are in mainland. Zion Rates ---------------------- Experience Stages: 100x(8) 80x(9-25) 60x(26-50) 40x(51-100) 20x(101-125) 10x(126-175) 5x(176-200) 3x(201+) Skill Rates: Skills: 16x Magic: 14x Loot: 2x Vocations ---------------------- In Zion, You pick your vocation once you have finished getting your equipment in rook. You can use the oracle to pick from the 4 vocations. Regain and Skills will change, depending on the picked vocation, and yes everything is balanced. Knight Druid Paladin Sorcerer Uptime ---------------------- The uptime is 24hrs a day. Everyday of the week. Every week of the year. The only time we go off, is for updates, or a crash, crashes are extremely rare and wont happen very often. When that happens, the server is back up in less then 10 seconds. PvP Fun: Please, come back! ---------------------- We all miss the great 7.6 wars and pking some would say 8.1 but we can agree it was better in the past. I am slowly bringing it back. Slowly. I have been modifying scripts, movements, and allot of other things. Here are some bonus's to PvP. Runes dont have a "Level Requirement" Equipment does not have a "Level Requirement" OR "Vocation Requirement" Only regular potions are ingame, unless you loot it. Otherwise, you use regular potions and runes. And More.. Ammunition ---------------------- Most of the ammo never runs out. Assassin stars do run out. Runes also run out. Potions run out as well. Quests ---------------------- There are many quests to keep you busy. More to come.. NOTE: There are multiple quests in the quests! Games&Events ---------------------- We have games and events! Many of which players love, here is a list. Bomber Man Arena Wars Kill that creature Exiva Football Raids Last man standing More to come.. Map ---------------------- The map is 100% custom made by me. Hundreds of monters to kill, and lots of quest to complete. If you like to explore, you will be busy :]. Miss anything? ---------------------- If i missed anything, or have any errors, let me know. Ill add it OR fix it Connection Information ---------------------- Ip: ziononline.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 NEW!: PS3 GAME TOURNAMENTS! Games we have tournaments in: Split Second Battle Field Bad Company 2 Sol Caliber 4 More coming soon. Rewards to winning teams/player! At least give us a chance. I really think that This server has potential.
  24. First of all, I am using Tibia 8.60 protocol What will the script do: When I use the command /raid it will summon monsters in a random position, for example here: data\raids\dragonwyrms.lua Everything works fine, the only problem is, I want a teleport effect to appear when you summon the monsters, according to the monsters NAME For example: When I summon Wyrm the magic effect is BIGCLOUDS When I summon Dragon the magic effect is TELEPORT data\globalevents\scripts\raid.lua data\raids\raid.lua Do you know what I mean? A script like that was never released, at least a script that sends effects to a random position... So if anyone could help me, please, I've been looking for this scripts, and I just can't find it... Thanks
  25. EmporiaVAPus Otserv based on Real Tibia - 8.60 features & more :thumbup: Connection Info: IP: emporia.vapus.net Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 [LINK TO WEBSITE] Dedicated Server: - Intel Core i7-920 Quadcore incl. Hyper-Threading Technology - 1 GBit Shared connection from monday. - Hosted from: Falkenstein, Germany by Vapus Networks Quests - Annihilator Quest, Elemental sphere quest, Inquisition quest, Killing in the name of... quest, Pits of inferno quest, In service of yalahar quest, Shadows of yalahar quest, Demon helmet quest, Tome of knowledge quest, The New frontier quest, Demon oak quest, Firewalker boots quest & More! *Our quests are now fully working. Server Features - Great PvP experience - Balanced vocations - Real guild war system - Bank system via Talkactions and Npc's - Raid system and Boss spawns - No overpowered donation items - All Monsters with their respective loot - New Autostack has been added - The attack/follow cancel attack is now working - Pickup from distance just like real tibia - Push just like real tibia - Hotkey is fixed so it propperly display potions Stages Information: Level: 1 - 50 : 150x Level: 51 - 100 : 80x Level: 101 - 130 : 70x Level: 131 - 150 : 50x Level: 151 - 170 : 40x Level: 171 - 180 : 25x Level: 181 - 200 : 20x Level: 201 - 220 : 15x Level: 221 - 230 : 10x Level: 231 - 250 : 7x Level: 251 - 300 : 5x Level: 301 - 0 : 3x - Skills: 30x - Magic: 25x - Loot: 3x -- Red skull: Daily 6 | Weekly 35 | Monthly 50-- Screenshots Emporia's Gallery For more information go to our website!

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