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  1. Bader

    Bug, suggestion and others

    the only perfect settings of tibia, are the original ones with a slight increase in speed, if bottling was allowed on tibia, no one would play ots The vocs are pretty much screwed XD but u learn to adapt to the server meaning dont lvl past 200 ( if you do stay in pz) create a pk char and a rpg char if you have 3 + use a mage + st if your solo paladin dont play knights unless you plan on rpging it and no matter how much u are tempted to donate, in the end ull regret it ( i dont ) but i know everyone else will just my takes on the server if your curious to why please ask, don't judge there's a reason for everything
  2. Bader

    My quests here

  3. Bader

    How suggest/complain!

    Its hard to connect to your ot. why not add a download page for Nabs such as myself who don't know much bout computers, i cant seem to find a 8.7 client changer
  4. Bader

    News: Winter time!

    hey smoke, Trying to get a hold of you, bout the add for the real map
  5. Bader

    @ smoke

    i found your add online about the Real map, but your pretty hard to get a hold of, id like to buy it please . I'm going jump into your server maybe i can get a hold of you there
  6. Bader

    Loot Rate

    Prolly not the place for this, but not worth making a fourm, is the ot still up ? i cant get onto the site
  7. Bader

    Beta test SS

    looks fun checking out the site now
  8. Bader

    My quests here

    ~ waits ~
  9. Bader


    Lazy, you dont need a tp go learn the map explore have fun move those chubby little fingers
  10. Bader

    Keep in Touch

    fils5000@hotmail.com msn and facebook bdroxursox skype Keep in touch nigglets
  11. Bader

    Mens read this

    You got my support on this one m8
  12. Bader


  13. Bader

    The Solution Everyones been look for

    I try to get people to come and be active on forums but not so to much luck
  14. Heres a new approach If you view the ot right now without the donor eq you would say well its pretty even, a knight without his donor wep wont be dealing out huge amounts of damage, or a paladin without wearing the mage ring wont be healing 1.4k s so whats missing? mage equ? if your going to have knights give out so much damage, give us something to fight back the immense amount of damage thats being delt out give us a way to take down those mini tanks ( paladins ) and i guarantee no one will complain i can 1 hit a lvl 140 and lvl 180 on a knight using just melee and i can block Ek's easily on a paladin help change the server for the better before everyone ends up playing a knight

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