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  1. Holy fuck That is some quality brah!!!
  2. Assassina I remember I was really curious about you, was messaging you if you are a girl or not, only because you had female citizen avatar and a girl alike name.
  3. I've been playing the server made by Tala and Hani for a couple of months, quit due to slow/no updates, then I had a break from the Internet, went to visit France and after that I moved to Hungary. I have started to play Conquer Online again, for 5 straight months, quit due to the fact that the company who created one of my favorite online games has turned it into a time consuming non-sense with horrible not the actual fantasy related updates. Now I am trying, again, to play this game called real life and since then it turned out pretty good! X'D
  4. Yoyoyo! Evo and lution, such great memories. SAM THE MAN ALSO, WOW. You are making my girlfriends panties wet. Actually not, but my right hand is sweating real badly at the moment. Nice to see you both fuckers here!!!
  5. Amazing, as always. Nice to still see you around, even tho I only come and check this forum once in 3 months. Kind regards, a friend that you used to know.
  6. Nicely done!
  7. I am in. I will mostly help with buildings, so I won't map certain areas, just houses, shops or anything like that. My questions are Who will lead this project? This question is really important because the whole project is standing on this pillar. Where do we submit our work? Should we have an online storage where people can put files into categories and write a description to it?
  8. I would like to know if you guys wanna give the map out public or at least to me?
  9. Some places are really weird because of the items that don't match the environment but overall all your photos look good.
  10. Simple and nice
  11. For suh're
  12. Yuvbeen, you've been inactive, been you've have mapping?
  13. Thanks macemate, I'm happy you're older!