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  1. I'm here to present my new project OTRealm.com a new open-tibia server list. I've seen alot of otlists showing up latley, but I've really missed some features such as server categories. The website is still under development, if you got any suggestions on features contact me. Website: www.otrealm.com Some new features Server categories (Custom, Realmap, Evolution, Others) Choose between static or staged experience when you add the server. Notification system incase you need to know something about your own server. Possible to add servers you like to favourites to easily access them from the user interface. Automatic fetched information about each server on the list. On this website you're able to advertise your Open-Tibia for free. Visit www.OTRealm.com today!
  2. HalfAway

    Kiranthyl Screenshots

    - deleted -
  3. HalfAway

    [Latest RTS] Last Poster Wins

    I don't think so.
  4. Awesome! Keep up the good work.
  5. HalfAway

    Can't connect to my OT server

    Do you got this in your config? ip = "90.227.***.***" or
  6. HalfAway

    RPlayOT Map Showoff

    I like your style of mapping, not spammed with details and thats just perfect! Keep up the good job.
  7. HalfAway

    [Latest RTS] Last Poster Wins

    You right!... i think?
  8. There is also one option.. Play as Free Account, and then save money and buy premium account, if you realy need it and loves the server. There is no need to be premium player, the most important thing is that you have fun and like what you do. Keep up the good work real soft, like the server. I will stay till the end. Kind Regards, Half Away
  9. Yes and i hope everyone will try out the server, it is really fun! You will not regret it. Kind Regards, Half Away
  10. Are you stupid?.. Mestera is both fun and a serious server. The premium is not expensive at all, 10-36 EUR is not much. Keep the server updated, I will stay til end. Kind Regards, Half Away.

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