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    Article Editor for OTFans. PM/VM me if you want an article added or written.... need some help? PM/VM me with either link, or details on what your problem is.

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  1. Toskalyn

    Anyone still here?

    Decided to log in, anyone still here?
  2. Toskalyn

    Hey Otfans! From back in the days!

    Does anyone still use this site?
  3. Toskalyn

    RL MAP 10.99 MIDRATE

    SilverStone RL MAP RPG IP: silverstone.zapto.org Port: 7171 Client: 10.99 Rates: 1 - 50 level, 100x 51 - 80 level, 75x 81 - 100 level, 50x 101 - 200 level, 25x 201 - 300 level, 10x 301 - 350 level, 5x 351 - 399 level, 3x 400+ level, 2x Skill: 40x Magic: 20x Loot: 2x WHAT DO WE OFFER? ALL QUESTS FROM REAL TIBIA NOT PAY TO WIN ALMOST 100% BUGLESS FREE PREMIUM NO LAG PLAY REGULAR UPDATES SERVER EVENTS: Zombie Event Capture The Flag Battlefield Last Man Standing War Anti-Entrosa GLOBAL SYSTEMS: BOUNTY HUNTERS GUILD WAR CAST SYSTEM LOTS MORE COMING....
  4. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    How is the inactivity of staff going to help OTFans now, meaning how are they helping by being staff and inactive?
  5. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    Haha, I was just thinking that Pietia.
  6. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    Wow, 46 staff members 2 Administrators 4 Board Moderators 10 Global Moderators 30 Official Developers 8/46 active staff members I counted. Now you tell me what's wrong with that. Okay, let's take out the official developers; 8/16, still 50% and some just sign in and post once in awhile, not really fully active. So 5/16 is actually active on the staff.
  7. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    What you guys need to do, is re-do the staff. >Put all inactive staff in their on user-group 'OTFans Rememberable Staff' (or whatever, hide all inactive staff members) >Hire active moderators (of course keep the active ones) - already on that one I see. >Keep all Official Developers as they kept Open-Tibia alive. Hire article editors for the CMS section, hire an active board mod for the Open-Tibia / Downloads forum, then you should be set for staff until more people come back to OTFans. Now you look like you got active staff, and you actually have active staff. @Griz Yes I will. Expect a big wall of text soon
  8. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    No Griz, you're a joke.
  9. Toskalyn

    New Global Moderator

    Oh yes, so much activity on these boards we need another board moderator along with the global moderator, and how many staff members do we already have? This is a joke, just like you need more money. Good choice though, and this wasn't anyway towards JDB.
  10. Toskalyn

    We need your help

    @JDB Don't hold your breath.
  11. Toskalyn

    We need your help

    You have excuses, excuses, and excuses. My facts are straight. I'm sure everyone is getting annoyed with your recent trend of getting drunk and replying to an important wall of text. Back to the point: It frustrates me that your attitude, & professionalism is quite shitty, change your attitude and start acting like an administrator! So the OTS-List is completely done? Your not finishing it and putting it up? And again, I'm asking for the fucking third time. CAN YOU TRY TO SWITCH AD PROVIDERS OR SELL AD SPACE? HOLY! So your telling me, your giving up, not finishing the OTS-list?
  12. Toskalyn

    We need your help

    But the thing is I refuse to donate to OTFans when the administrator is only providing hosting for OTFans, that's it. GriZ, atm this is what your only good for. I'm glad Zisly is the project leader of OTFans Official Distro instead of you, nothing would get done. The point of the OTS List, is the POINT that you fucking promised to the OTFans community. You have a lot of dead weight on your shoulders, pick them up! Griz, if your giving up now please tell me, Zisly, or anyone in the OTFans project so we can stop trying because obviously you aren't. My suggestion thread about the Official OTFans Server idea, turned into a project, got activity on the forums, and a community working together in a project. This is what the OTS list would do. If you think I'm going to support, or help OTFans while Griz sits at home, pays hosting and gets drunk and can't read a wall of text, and never get a actual reply...you got another thing coming. If you aren't going to finish the OTS List, I'm leaving, I'm leaving the project, and OTFans can go to hell for all I care. I thought the community showing you support by making a community project would motivate you, but obviously you are too blind to see. It frustrates me that your attitude, & professionalism is quite shitty, change your attitude and start acting like an administrator! It's quite funny when an administrator asks for money to keep the site online, but all you do is fuck all (ok, pay for hosting woopie do, anyone can pay), get drunk, and don't reply to a wall of text. Griz, either sell OTFans to someone who actually gives a flying fuck, or actually starting giving a flying fuck. Finish the OTS list, that's all the community is asking for. You gives us the OTS list, we'll give OTFans support, money, and we'll keep developing new projects. (Notice how I saw OTFans, and not you.) So if you care about OTFans, or the OTFans project. You will reply to my suggestion about an ad-provider switch, and this "big wall of text", hopefully you aren't drunk and can give me an actual reply. Actually, if you aren't going to finish the OTS list, I'll buy it and get it finished.
  13. Toskalyn

    We need your help

    So we wait for a response... *Big Wall of TEXT*
  14. Nice Zisly, and I have seen you moved the boards to OpenTibia.

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