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  1. Xaar

    Sexy guys or GTFO

    HELP! I'm being forced to do this... I didn't even want to!!!
  2. Xaar

    Website help

    A good way to get started is by following video tutorials on YouTube (It's as simple as searching for "PHP Tutorials", there's quite the lot of them out there) and Tizag's online tutorial (text-based). Once you actually start to get the hang of it, I would recommend the official PHP documentation. It may look off-putting at first sight, but it really is great. I have too much on my plate right now so I will not be able to "mentor" you like mentioned in the original post, however you are more than welcome to send me private messages whenever you get stuck or just need a second opinion on something. I will answer it as soon as I read it, and have the time to actually reply.
  3. Xaar

    Guild Creation Issue.

    Please share your guild creation page with us (preferably within PHP tags as well), and I'll attempt to assist you later tonight when I get back home from work.
  4. Xaar


    Running e.g. Skype before running Apache will set the port state to 'busy' as Skype in this case, uses port 80 as well. Could be the reason.
  5. Why not print it as a poster and pick a green paint afterwards (as you can more easily determine whether the greens actually match or not)? This would save you tons of time. And the logo would turn out pretty much exactly like you see it on your computer screen. If you'd paint it, you would either have to draw an extremely simplified version of it, or hire a professional painter. In other words, the margin for error is A LOT larger if you print it as a poster/tapestry.
  6. Xaar

    Website(How can make it so people can access??)

    Glad you managed to solve it!
  7. Xaar

    Website(How can make it so people can access??)

    Do you have a router? If so, you have to portforward port 80 for other people to access your website.
  8. Xaar

    @Recover Account :)

  9. Xaar

    @Recover Account :)

    # Example configuration for gmail # Don't forget to enable extension=php_openssl.dll in php.ini $cfg['SMTP_Host'] = 'smtp.live.com'; $cfg['SMTP_Port'] = 25; $cfg['SMTP_Auth'] = true; $cfg['SMTP_User'] = 'Zelot@hotmail.com'; $cfg['SMTP_Password'] = 'PASSWORD'; $cfg['SMTP_From'] = 'Zelot@hotmail.com'; OpenSSL: http://www.openssl.org/ To activate it, shutdown your webserver (most likely to be Apache), locate the php.ini file for your PHP installation within your webserver and then locate the row with extension=php_openssl.dll. If there is a semi-colon ( ; ) in front of that line, simply remove it. If there's nothing in front of it. Leave it as it is. Start your webserver again and you should be set to go.
  10. Xaar

    what am i doing wrong?

    If a moderator feels that my post is inconsiderate in any way, they have my full blessing to delete it. Better yet, they can simply move the topic to its rightful place. No need to be cocky about it as I was trying to assist the topic starter with his problem. And for your information, I just spoke to the swordman through PM where he had a similar problem. He was unable to login, yet everyone else was able to. By connecting using his local IP (not and not the global IP, but rather the local IP) he was able to login as well. The topic starter in this case, did not supply us with enough information to determine whether other people were able to connect or not. Thus my reply was indeed appropriate.
  11. Xaar

    what am i doing wrong?

    Despite this being the incorrect forum board, I will attempt to give you a straight-forward answer. Use or localhost rather than your global IP and see if that works (in the IP Changer, obviously).
  12. Xaar

    Making my own Server

    Hi Tim! I would like to start of by saying that I am not even close to as experienced as I once was when it comes to OpenTibia. I have lost most of my interest over the years. With that being said; the general public seem to be using The Forgotten Server for the time being. I am not in liberty to discuss whether that is the best option or not. The reason is mentioned above. When it comes to opening up your ports however, that is a subject I am well versed about. Two of the main reasons for your ports being blocked are; 1) You have a router and 2) You have a firewall. If you do indeed have a router, the easiest way to open the required ports (80 for website and mainly 7171 for your server) would be to follow the guides found on portfoward.com (after you have chosen the router that you posses). If it still does not work, or if you do not have a router. I would advise you to add an exception for port 80 & 7171 within your firewall (might also need to do this in your virus program). If you have any other questions I'd be glad to assist you further! Thank you, Chris.
  13. Xaar

    AAC page error!

    You do not have a name field within your accounts table. The problem lies with your database rather than your website application.

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