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  1. Sluttet for 2 dager siden. Gidder ikke, starta med coding :-D

  2. Yeah. Starta nettopp igjen etter en lang pause!

    Der a?

  3. weeey! Kult :-D


    Mapper du enda eller?

  4. Heyhey! : ) Jeg har ikke glemt deg, vettu!

  5. Hei Flamo!


    Hva skjer? Husker du meg enda? :-)

  6. Hey Fauzi :D


    How's it going in Woensel?

  7. Could provide assistance, with easy mapping bits and stories. Perhaps some easy scripting? :-)
  8. Sanjis

    [Refugia] Zisly's RTS

    You're 110 now. gz. I have a 854685464168456486548561648514634158465416416351464165413464164 Amera. beat dat. jk;; Damn! You're leveling like a baws, nicely done Zisly! Keep it up
  9. Sanjis

    I'm back!

    I know you! I read your "GM does and don'ts" Well written! hiho.
  10. Do you have to know me? :)


    I said only yo biatch:)


    What's up?

  11. Keep it up! I think Mazen is working on a AAC as well.
  12. Sanjis

    Mystic's Corner

    Good working Zysen!
  13. Sanjis

    RME 3.0 [9,31 ->] With a LIVE function!

    Yes it does work! You will have to port forward port 31313. I guess I will talk to you more on facebook or skype?

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