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    I'm Yorick, as you probably already noticed :p. I've been around at the Otserv happening since approx. June 2003, became a moderator of the old forums at WorldofTibia in September and didn't leave from that moment ;)
    After Otserv had to leave WoT I've been on OtCom for a little as moderator, in March 2005 I decided together with Verkon and Nuker to start up a new Otserv related website, we started small on a free webhost but as soon as I told Tliff about it he offered us webspace on his server (that is also hosting the official website, Otserv.org) and we moved there so we wouldn't have to be afraid to go over the 10gbyte traffic limit. Right now we've got about 100gbyte a month to burn and a shiny .net domain (Tliff registered it)...
  1. Omg, your alive!


    Wanna add Coryy360@gmail.com ?

  2. Since you're not on MSN and I can't PM due to the quota; http://tortoisesvn.net/howpaypalscrewsopensourceprojects might be an interesting read.

  3. omfg, you are visiting otfans!

  4. Yorick

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I must say the beta was quite a pain due to all the bugs, but the final version is more than playable. There are some somewhat annoying bugs out there right now, i.e. knifing someone in the back tends to not work 50% of the time, UAVs can still be used to force down choppers - but it's not easy at all. I'd say it's quite a great game, with some luck the 'few' bugs left will be resolved with the next patch and it's probably one of EA's best games so far.
  5. luv u ;)

    2010 happy new yr

  6. Do you still visit us? :)

  7. Evo

    Child Molester ;o

  8. Evo

    I'm still working on your AFK medal of the year.

  9. Yorick come back plax!

  10. And now hes invisible..

  11. I wouldn't mind seeing you a little bit to often...

  12. This is your forum.. You don't seem very active.

  13. TXP

    hej man


    ik heb een kleine gunst te vraag:


    als je mijn naam googled vind je zeg maar o.a dit



    er staat daar een domme tekst met mijn naam erbij gepost door heracles, ik zelf dus


    ik wou dit graag weg hebben zou jij die post van mij uit het archief weghalen? of gewoon de naam weghalen :D


    mijn naam is i-a-n h-u-pkes


    als ik t normaal zou type zou je dit ook weer op google vinden :P


    als je dit zou willen doen, zou ik het erg waarderen


    alvast bedankt,

  14. Don't you think it's supercool? Anyway, I think we've had plenty of slowchat in here, so I'm closing this topic. In case anyone still has doubts, use the Feedback forum.
  15. The staff at OpenTibia Fans would like to wish all our posters (and readers!) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy yourselves and hopefully 2009 will turn out to be a great year!

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