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  1. Pablol

    hello OTFans :) 2014 and memories...

    Omfg..was cleaning out my email and i saw that the forums had been restored... the nostalgia i'm going through right now is unbelievable.... Does anyone remember me, i just went through this entire thread and i remember you all... IT HAS BEEN SOOOOO LONG Super Kakan, SamDaMan, Ruperr, STiX, Arkold Thos and so many more
  2. meow u remember me old chick

  3. lol are you still alive :D

  4. hey


    can you found me server rl map 8.60


    no error


    please try help me i canet found it :P

  5. Dude? Where the fuck have you been?... Been missing you over here, lemme know when you're online, wanna talk to u about something. ;)

  6. Pablol

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everyone ^.^ Sincerely, Yours Pablol
  7. haha thnx, happy birth day to you too

  8. Pablol

    Happy Birthday Tythor Zeth!

    Happy Birthday Tythor !! Sincerely, Yours Pablol
  9. Pablol

    Black Ops Gameplay by me 29/4 KD

    Actually its PS3, at 4:12 to 4:14 a friend comes online which shows its PS3 ;D It also looks like its recorded through the theater mode since at 2:37 he calls in a morter strike, and if it was being recorded as he was playing it would show where he is calling it in but it dosent. Sincerely, Yours Pablol
  10. Pablol

    Black Ops Gameplay by me 29/4 KD

    That Crossbow kill at 5:25 was pretty sweet , nothing you really need to improve on that i saw. It was nice Sincerely, Yours Pablol
  11. Nuub, check you PM inbox. I have been waiting for you a LONG time now :P

  12. hey, i would like to advertise my server here, i think i am aloud... please send message back


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