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  1. General informacion: IP: mtibia.online Port: 7171 Worlds Firtera, fast rates online since 27/09/2018 Soon we are launching other world just client 11.82 low rates. And in the future, we are launching other worlds with client 10.00, low and/or fast rates, hardcore and/or open-pvp and/or non-pvp. We are prepared to have multiple worlds with world-transfer system. Client: 11.80 (Recommend to download our client here) Uptime: 24/7 since 27/12/2016 Host: Brazil, on a dedicated server with 1 Gbps Internet connection. Website: https://mtibia.online Map: 100% global ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Access: All spawns for free. NPCs: All NPCs for free. Runes: Not ∞ Ammunition: Not ∞ Loot rate: x4 Skills rate: x10 (Staged: easy till 80, medium till 100 and then hard) Magic rate: 5x (Staged by vocation) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server PvP Style: Retro Open-PvP (8.6) Experience Stages: 15x (Stages: starts on x50, finish on x2) Level Style: Trailer:
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    [USA] mtibia 8.6 - mtibia.org

    Come one guys, log in!
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    [USA] mtibia 8.6 - mtibia.org

    Added language button
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    [USA] mtibia 8.6 - mtibia.org

    Recently online with 200 players! Come on!
  5. Hello members of Otfans, today I invite you to my good and known server called mtibia, now it is international, hosted in USA for all america! mtibia site: mtibia 8.6 - International! ~ Information in mtibia ~ ? Website: mtibia 8.6 - International! ? IP: mtibia.org ? Port: 7171 ? Client: 8.60 ? Uptime: 24/7 ? Hosted in: USA ? Exp Rate: Stages ? Map: Mtibia/Global/Custom (Global Map RL + Gengia, Pyre, Oken y Enigma) ~ Novedades en mtibia ~ mtibia 8.6 - International! ? Events: - Deathmatch: mtibia 8.6 - International! - Zombie: mtibia 8.6 - International! - WOE: mtibia 8.6 - International! - LMS: mtibia 8.6 - International! ? Website: Hundred of new things OT. mtibia 8.6 - International! ? Quest: More than 200, including some customs. mtibia 8.6 - International! ~ Imagenes/Videos in mtibia ~ Click Spoiler [flash(425,350)] [flash(425,350)] ~ Rewards to Guilds n mtibia ~ mtibia 8.6 - International! It is all fellows! I hope to see you in: mtibia 8.6 - International!
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    [Request] Show rebirths OnLook

    function onLook(cid, thing, position, lookDistance) if(not isPlayer(thing.uid)) then return true end if (isPlayer(thing.uid) == true) then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You see "..getCreatureName(thing.uid).."(Level "..getPlayerLevel(thing.uid)..") [Reset "..getReborns(thing.uid).."]. "..(getPlayerSex(thing.uid) == 0 and "She" or "He").." is a "..getVocationInfo(getPlayerVocation(thing.uid)).name..".") end return false end
  7. kito

    [Request] Show rebirths OnLook

    function onLook(cid, thing, position, lookDistance) if(not isPlayer(thing.uid)) then return true end if (isPlayer(thing.uid) == true) then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You see "..getCreatureName(thing.uid).."(Level "..getPlayerLevel(thing.uid)..") [Reset "..getReborns(thing.uid).."]. "..(getPlayerSex(thing.uid) == 0 and "She" or "He").." is a "..getVocationInfo(getPlayerVocation(thing.uid)).name..".") end return false end
  8. English: Hi, I own mtibia, and my server has emerged in Chile and is known for being always the best here by far, and this time, I wanted to open the rest of america. The project began on April 1 and is now online, OT 99% is equal to RL (maybe missing some details mappeo), with nearly all the quests and also a bit of improvisation. You have a few stages where players will look normal to see 150-200 at war, and after a month playing a thousand, you will have hopefully a 220 + level (perfect for an OT does not die so fast). Here I leave a small review of the home: - Client: 8.60 - Website: http://www.mtibiaonline.net - IP: mtibiaonline.net Today opens mtibia.org for all america! So I leave a small review and suggestions for its start on the server. To begin, choose one of all cities in RL, either: Thais, Carlin, Venore, Ab'dendriel, Edron Darashia Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Kazordoon Svargrond, Port Hope and Liberty Bay. In every town there is a teleport to go to the island on business, where they can sell all your loot and also will be the trainers, where information on these will appear below, this whole area is protection zone. The items they get from the monsters of Razzachai or Zao, sold in the NPC esrik in Farmine. For players under level 40 (protection system), the die will not lose anything, so invite them to explore more and not be abused in higher Levels. Deeper Banuta is enabled to hunt jellyfish, hydras, eternial guardians, etc, and your income is not necessary however Wrath of quest .. Razzachai have equal access to warm RL, and is not necessary to do the quest in Wrath of Emperor quest to enter. They are also empowered the islands of Pyre, Oken and Gengia. Most of the caves with basic respawns as rats, trolls, dwarfs and others were optimized and you will find dragons and dragon lords, so it's something to explore. About 90% of RL quests are enabled, so get out your items from the quests you know. Hint: Look for your characteres on the website and find "Quest Logs", and also each quest with tibiaml hyperlink to the description of how to do the quest. When starting, begin with a set rather conservative and 500 gps to buy any ring, or a potion. Bonus levels: To exceed level 20, will receive 5.000 gps in their backpacks. To exceed level 30, will receive 10.000 gps in their backpacks. To exceed level 40, will receive 20.000 gps in their backpacks. To exceed level 70, will receive 40.000 gps in their backpacks. To exceed level 90, will receive 60.000 gps in their backpacks. All runes NPCs sell the same, so that anyone they go, they sell the same. About 90% of items in the shop offer you can buy ingame doing quests, so it's not worth much to donate for the items, but it is more worthwhile to donate premiums for days, in order to gain more experience. The only items that do not exist in RL are three and are: Premium Document: Give a Day to use premium. Golem Head: When using recovered 4 hours of stamina, and must be used in protection zone and without X (combat). Black Skull: Kill your network and your black skull skull, besides your frags. The system of trainers is to consume a soul point every certain amount of time, there's one for free and one for premium where the premium takes longer. Once the souls are depleted, you are sent to your city, therefore we will not see players with skills lower Levels Most High, who must be soul points, and these are recharged up Levels. The war system is enabled, where each guild can declare as many wars will he pleases, may bet money and set limit frags, this system wars used to not get frags for black red skull or skull. In addition, guilds can not be erased, and so always keep their scores. When looking for a guild, may see all your scores of wars. The PvP system is the classic PvP Enforced where to kill players on level 40, and 20 Levels of the (upper or lower) will receive experience (all those who are killing) and so may raise level in wars or sneackeos. And for more information remember that you can look it up in server info. And finally, a cartoon quite entertaining: Remember that the guild bonds also apply, so motivense, and play! Atte. Kito And here I leave the general information regarding stages, etc:
  9. Introduction: Hello there, well, I have an OT called mtibia and always with a host at Chile, like around 5 years... The fact is that ISPs here sux a lot and the international conecction are very slow, but now, I saved some money and rented a new host: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz, 12 MB cache, 5.6 G/T. 16 GB RAM DDR3. International bandwidth of 1 GB. Host at Filadelfia, USA. And now just will be lagged for Chile, but from anyone else from all over the world, will be nice! Anyways, I tested it with tibiatunnel + dash and it was pretty cool, but not all people have money to pay tibiatunnel. You can see that mtibia have around 300~450 players a day, and all of them are Chileans, maybe you will find one Mexican or Brazilian, but they will be lagged at all... Information: General No custom items, balanced vocations (as RL). No crashes, since 4 months my OT haven't crashed, I use linux and it goes down only when I do updates, also after every update, there are 10 minutes that if people dies, wont loose anything, that take cares of all players who couldnt leave those caves. Server backup every 1 hour, so if there any problem, I can do a rollback to every hour that I want. Protection system from level 80 or less, this system is pretty cool, if you are level lower than 80, and got killed by a player, you wont loose items or skills, you will appear at temple with full HP and 0 MP, and also the killer wont earn a frag, so noob chars at wars, and if they are there, they get killed instantly. Nice VIP system: just premium account with new addons, extra exp at green stamina hours and access to custom islands. You can donate via SMS and PayPal. Party exp share working. Stamina working and you can refill with a custom item (golem head), the most valuable item on mtibia. Raids all day, you can see people online at 3:00 or 7:00 AM waiting to kill a boss for the addon item! Map: Globa map, with 95% of all quest of RL, like: Dreamers Challenge Quest Annihilator Azerus Banshee Quest Behemoth Quest Blue Legs & Koshei's Ancient Amulet Demon Helmet Demon Oak Inquisition Pits of Inferno Arena WARLORD: Gold medal Arena SCRAPPER: Silver medal Arena GREENSHORE: Bronze medal The Hidden City of Beregar Quest etc... [*]No bugs, full zao and yalahar, and other RL cities. I spent around 500 hours of mapping searching for any kind of bug and them all are full fixed. [*]Custom VIP zone, around 5~6 island very big with nice respawns. Global saves: 06:00 am. You character saves every 40 minutes online. Rates: Skills x10 Magic Level x5 Loot x10 Rates: There are some bonus that increase experience rate: Premium account, hour 40~42 stamina = 50% extra exp. Winning WOE guild = 15% extra exp. [*]Stages: 1~19 exp x256 20~49 exp x128 50~79 exp x64 80~119 exp x32 120~149 exp x16 150~179 exp x8 180~219 exp x4 220~269 exp x2 270~289 exp 1.5 290++ exp 1.2 Skulls: Red skull last 2 days, and black last 4 days. Frags Frags for red skull: 10 daily, 75 weekly o 250 monthly. Frags for black skull: 20 daily, 130 weekly o 450 monthly. Bans Having 3 notations, will be 1 warning and a normal ban of 7 days. Having 4 warnings, will be final ban of 7 days. Having 5 warnings will be deletion. Battle PvP 24/7. Hunting duration of 1 minute. Critical chance 7%. Wasting ammunitions. White skull last 15 minutes. Stairhop delay of 2 seconds. Push in 1 second. Fightback abled. And thats all, would you play it?
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    Vip system

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    Slot machine

    Nice Idea, I like that!
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    It seems be a nice idea, bump for you.
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    Downgraded to lvl 1 when dying

    Edit your dabatase loss_experience to 100.
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    Script for vocation

    You will have to make a new client O:

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