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  1. Az Spr (My Spr)

  2. Contest #16

    Yeah lol and have you actually calculated oz into kilo's? A warhammer weighs around 2kg I think XD !
  3. Contest #16

    It helps people improve, and there ain't no rules about it ;D
  4. Contest #16

    Yeah let's all make dark gothic or rotten pumpkins!
  5. Contest #16

    <- 1 <- 2 Which outline do you guys think is better? Personally I think 1 x) Update:
  6. Contest #16

    <- Pumpkins can be shaped differently, no1 decides what is normal for a pumpkin except the fact that it's not always gonna be perfectly round or sphereish! (Pic from google!) http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Food <- In perspective? yeah I love me some perspective Also, Is this better -> than that ->
  7. Contest #16

    Dude pumpkins grow weird so mine can also be in a good perspective just with the root being on a different position. Stop being so rude just because I point something out.
  8. Contest #16

    @Krisosw IMO, your pumpkin is way too round o.O Pumpkins don't grow to be totally round, that only happens sometimes. It looks like a beachball
  9. Contest #16

  10. Lobster Doll - First sprite

    Also if you dont want to be called a thief then clearly explain what you did with the sprite you used and don't be rude.
  11. Contest #16

    I'll have to work on it some later on I guess Good thing I got 10 days
  12. Contest #16

    1: or 2: Which one do you guys think is better?
  13. Contest #16

    Halloween pumpkins?
  14. Contest #15

    Well I'm not just talking about the contest threads. I'm talking about the forum of spriting overall. Axas is actually one of the people I find to be rather rude and what he just wrote proves my point.
  15. Contest #15

    Well nowadays it's more about how popular the person is on the forum, I see you guys voting for krisosw like every time. In fact you're not even giving new spriters a chance, that's why this forum will only have few good spriters. I might sound a bit whiny but I don't care really. You DO flame and complain when someone new comes to the forum instead of actually being kind. And in these contests it's even noticable that you don't rate because of the quality of a sprite but by how much you know the person. Might be his friend or just someone who wants to be. Still it's getting very disturbing, not only have I recieved bad feedback but also other people. Shame on you!

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