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  1. Tythor Zeth

    [9.6] All monsters from 8.6 to 9.6 for RME 2.2

    Approved, thanks!
  2. Tythor Zeth

    Happy bday TXP

    Happy birthday !
  3. Yeah I'll look into it, thanks for the feedback ;)

  4. Hi, did you see my thread in download section / Open Tibia tools?

    I don't want to be impatient but I am waiting since yesterday and you were online several times.


    I am aware that you might not have the time to approve threads always but you maybe should appoint one or two new mods for that matter, the ones listed in this board are all retired and offline since ages.


    Thanks and please just take it as a feedback not as a complaint.

  5. The scanner is very slow with sending the report back, so I'm still waiting for the results :(

  6. did you scanned the server?

  7. Tythor Zeth

    Tibia loader trojan?

    It's safe. You can add it to the safe list of your anti-virus scanner or you can download another IP Changer here.
  8. Tythor Zeth

    Installing to localhost

    Did you follow these instructions? http://otfans.net/threads/114074-Tutorial-How-to-setup-AAC-%28XML%29
  9. Thought that might be the case, but you know how impatient I am ^^

  10. Sorry, trying to get ahold of GriZzm0 first :P

  11. y u no respond to pm?

  12. Tythor Zeth

    Trying to make a server

    Moved to OpenTibia Support. This thread does not belong in the Tutorial section because it's not a tutorial. You can edit the config.lua with a text reader like Notepad. You also need a database because OTServers now use MySQL instead of XML. To learn how to do that, go to the tutorial section. There are plenty of tutorials that explain how to start up a server.
  13. Hey,


    There isn't a "globalevent" section in the "Lua & XML Scripting" board, can you edit one of the sub-forums? Example of what it could say:


    Action, Movements and Globalevents




  14. Tythor Zeth

    New Global Moderator

    There is no way I will demote any other moderator at this point. The only reason I demoted the three moderators named above are because they haven't done a moderator action over a year and are not likely to come back

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