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  1. We do not stop, just keep going :) Today we added a quest for the second addon to Hunter Outfit which also introduces the long-awaited balance of distance weapons. We cordially invite you on behalf of the crew at http://rookgaard.pl
  2. I've updated first news for all things we have added in last year and just in case you miss it out, here it is: Hello, dear forum members. I would like to introduce to you, operating since January 1, 2017, a server created for players who have fallen in love with the pre-Mainland island - Rookgaard. You will not find here a vocation or a paid store, and to spice up the game next to the island that everyone knows we have added the second, also the starting one - Luminis. Below is a brief summary of the server, followed by a longer description. Server: Website & IP: rookgaard.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 (also for Android platform) (description of Android client) Location: Europe, Poland + USA proxy from players in both America (description of proxy mechanism) Availability: 24/7 Rates: experience: 10x, constant skill: 7x magic: 3x loot: 2x Gameworld: SMS shop: none, points to the store acquired exclusively in the game (description of earning points) PACC: yes, to buy for points earned only in the game (description of the PACC benefit) map: original Rookgaard + modifications (map with spawns) world type: nonPvP with some areas with active PvP starting islands: Rookgaard and Luminis (both do not require PACC and allow you to get the first equipment and experience) (beginner's guide) quests: all like real Rookgaard and many more (list of visible quests) addons: yes, individual outfits with addons give different benefits (list of outfits with bonuses) server save: yes, every day at 06:00 in the morning blessings: yes, up to 24 level free houses: yes spells: yes raids: many bosses and field raids (list of launched raids from a given day) tasks: yes, both for killing a certain number of monsters and for bringing a certain number of items (tasks description) What else you can find at Rookgaard.pl? Daily Bonuses - the ability to earn points for daily login lottery - select 3 numbers correctly to win the pot (lottery description) offline messages - player is out of the game, and you would like to give him a message? use offline messages (description of using the system) bug reward system - report a map error, get 2k; report a game error, you will receive 5k Crafting system - create your armor and make it even better (description of using the system) Paintball Event - meet other players in the arena and show that you have better reflex and a better eye (event description) Minesweeper - think logically and make no mistake (description of the Minesweeper game) tutorials - do you want to know how to start, but not only? check what we had prepared for you statistics - check how you have compared to others in the extensive statistics menu surveys - the best way to influence the server development CAM system - do you want to immortalize a quest or exp with friends? it's there, watch when you want Discord bots - ability to read ingame channels and access to bacis server info (Discord bots description) Contact: Discord: Join link e-mail: info@rookgaard.pl FB: Rookgaard.pl forum: Rookgaard.pl - Forum 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds 2. Starting islands 3. Quests 4. Website shop and points 5. Raids 6. Available areas 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers 1. Legera, Hegera, Fixera, Xyla - all Rookgaard.pl worlds The server started on January 1, 2017 as a hobby project of the Rookgaard player both on RL and on several OTS with Rookgaard. Initially, there were two worlds, Legera with lower exp rate and Hegera with higher. Such action was intentional, because the first two months were to show which version of the world attracts a larger number of players. March 1, due to the lower popularity of Legera was turned off, and all characters were transferred to Fixera, a new server with a fixed exp rate 10x. The levels, of course, have been converted in the way players would gain experience playing 10x from the start. In this way, no one lost his character and there were two servers in parallel - Hegera and Fixera. Such a state of affairs did not last long, because on May 1, Hegera was also closed, and players (also after the conversion of experience) were transferred to Fixera, where as the entire community of Rookstayers continued their adventures. All of these servers were in version 8.60, but to be more flexible we started working on the server in the latest possible version supported by TFS. And so, on January 1, 2018, in other words, on its first birthday, Xyla in version 10.98 started, which is in the public testing phase to this day. 2. Starting islands Creating a character, a player can pick one of two cities. In addition to the Rookgaard island that every Rookstayer knows, the island of Luminis operates. It is not a city for more advanced players, but it was prepared so that both functioned as the first, the initial ones. Each city has its own rulers, initial quests and similar levels of spawns with monsters. 3. Quests On the server, in addition to all the quests available on the real Rookgaard (along with those involving the exchange of items) is available fully operational Quest Log. In addition to them, there are also added quests with better weapons, or to buy better quality potions and many more, specially adapted to the needs of the islands. 4. Website shop and points On the server does not exist and there will be no SMS (or any other real-currency based) store, and players can earn points only for their activity in the game. Points are awarded for participation in events on the server, bosses and as well as daily logging. A wider description is available on the server forum in this thread. 5. Raids On the server at the moment there are several dozen invasions of bosses on both islands and several field raids. The invasions are drawn with the start of the server, and on the Rookgaard.pl page appears an hour after launching it on the server. Participation in raids, in addition to strong and useful items, is also rewarded with points - the appropriate % for taking part in the fight with the boss and points for killing the monster during a field attack. 6. Available areas On the server, in addition to the fact that the entire Rookgaard is added, many new hunting areas are added. To preserve the balance of both islands, the following are added: - Dwarf mine south of the Rookgaard Temple - Elven village, further south than the mine - Cyclops cave in the east of Rookgaard - Rotworm caves under Katana Quest - Tarantul caves with the giant spider respawn deep in the underground of Posion Cave on Rookgaard - Amazon village east of the city on Luminis - Minotaur fortress to the north-east of the city on Luminis - Orc fortress north-west of the city on Luminis - Dworcs mine near the Minotaur fortress - Wyvern hill to the north of Luminis - and much more In addition, there is the ice island Glacius, which can be reached by ships from both islands, which include Mammoths, Frost Giants, Chakoyas, and after performing the more difficult quest Ice Witches and Crystal Spiders. The map with the location of the monsters can be found here. 7. Counter and online chart, bookmark of completed quests and powergamers On the server there are many statistics available to players, and one of them is the tab for how much the player is online. The system downloads a list of players every 3 minutes and lists them here Rookgaard.pl, and additionally on the online list Rookgaard.pl is a graph that measures the players' activity. The bookmark of completed quests Rookgaard.pl includes all possible quests that are constantly being developed with new entries. Every day during server save the powegrames rankings for both worlds are generated, where everyone can check how high the place occupied on a given day and the Top100 Powergamers list is updated. See you in the game, hear you in the chat! Rookgaard.pl
  3. Hello after nearly four weeks of break. This long distance was mainly due to my two weeks vacation, but in the meantime I had time to add new things. During this time: The Barbarian Test Quest has been added, which is a direct introduction to Ice Island Quests, and subsequently to Norseman Outfit Quest. Along with Quest, a large area on Glacius has been added. The Barbarians have found their place in the new area. There have been a lot of bug fixed reported over the past few weeks, including unpacking of Robert's packs, Stuffed Dragon animations, tasks, Dharalion boss, and some other. The full support for all channels for bug reporting and reporting has been added. You can now report errors using the shortcut CTRL + Z by filling out a brief description in the new window. Every player can additionally submit a report in 3 categories: against player name against player statement using cavebot by the player Of course, you can still send reports to tutors, on Game-Chat, Help, offline messages, email or Facebook. See you in the game, hear you in chat! http://rookgaard.pl
  4. Welcome to another small update. 1. Stolen Armory Quest has been added. There are rumors that there has been a robbery in the armory, and one of the guards may know something. Will you be the one who will recover the stolen weapon? 2. We fixed the bug that caused the monsters on some resps (mainly on Luminis in the jungle) respawns longer than they should. The problem has already been eliminated on all spawns. 3. The holiday season began, so we started work on a new version of the game - 10.98. Just like last year, the 8.60 server launch was preceded by a few months beta-tests, so it will be the same for the new version. However, before we get to the beta we need to put some work into preparation, so more information will be in future news. Due to the forthcoming changes, we have prepared a separate Login Server, an independent application that primarily serves to display the player's list of characters from all worlds in which he or she has a character. Thus, regardless of whether the game server is turned off or Server Save is on, the player will always see his character list. 4. At the same time we are working on a mobile client for the Android platform. Currently, we have managed to implement character control using the arrows displayed next to the game window. Mod comes from GitHub. Period after holidays is very promising. Nevertheless, the development of new functionality does not cause a decrease in the speed of changes in the current version of the game, which will be active simultaneously with the new client. One big quest has been added, the bigger, new area is in the final stages of development, and hopefully we will soon be able to add the expected changes to Glacius. See you in the game, hear you in chat! http://rookgaard.pl
  5. Welcome to the next update, where we focused mainly on PvP. 1. A new, larger arena by Nie Gap Sie has been added. To get to it, you must go to the temple to the city where the player is assigned and execute command "/arena". Then, the character moves to the center of the island. On the island, as in the arena over the Rookgaard's temple, it is impossible to die. In case of a defeat, the player is teleported to his own temple where he can go back to the arena again using command. Back from the arena is also possible with the command, but the character can not be in the battle. 2. For the needs of the new arena, we have changed the behavior of all ladders and other items moving players upstairs. From now on, the character will appear not only above / below the hole, but also right / left if there is no other option. 3. Last days I managed to properly compile the OTClient (project available here https://github.com/edubart/otclient) on the Android platform and configure it to connect to our server. The client requires some fixes to be comfortable on it, including character control, zoom icons in the main menu, chat support. The current client is running very smoothly, so after our internal testing, I hope that at the end of August, I will be able to upload client for public. 4. We decided that today, a team of tutors will supply Thrax. He has been on the server a long time (even on beta-tests) and he is very supportive on Game-Chase and beyond, so we thought he wiuld be good at a new position. See you in the game, hear you in chat! http://rookgaard.pl
  6. Welcome in the short but informative news we have worked on for a couple of days. The server has been added the ability to stream your game using the cast system. The list of all options is available through the !cast command, and a bit more information can be found in this guide. The limit for depot items has been increased to 2,000 for premium account players and to 1,000 for free accounts, and we also fixed some bugs on the map. See you on the stream, hear you on the chat! http://rookgaard.pl
  7. Welcome to the next, lesser update. From now on, to see if the boss has not yet been defeated, you can ask the King of the city. Just say hello properly and ask for "monsters", and the King will tell you what monster is still on the map. We have implemented the results of the last two surveys: from now on, you can perform Annihilator Quest multiple times, even if the character in question has already done Quest before limit of allowed characters to MC is reduced from 4 to 3 - we remind you that on events or boss raids there is still a limit of one character per game and we will look at it more closely See you in game, hear you on chat. http://rookgaard.pl
  8. Welcome to the next portion of news. The server has been working almost continuously for 5 months, there are 950 characters in 750 accounts, many things have changed in that time, but also many things will change in the future. 1. As it happens at any major disadvantage, we activate additional bonuses as compensation. Recently this break took place on 16 May and was caused by a bug only on the server provider side. In addition, with regard to yesterday Children's Day, for the next 3 days (from Friday 06:00 to Monday 06:00) we have prepared the following bonuses: 1,5x more experience 2x bigger loot than every day (4x instead of 2x) skill rate 9x instead of 7x 2. Added long awaited and by you and by us tasks. Their more detailed description is in the guide under this link. 3. Prizes have been added for advance every 50 levels. Currently the list is as follows: 50 level - 10,000 gp 100 level - 30,000 gp 150 level - 50,000 gp and Stamina Potion 200 level - 100,000 gp, Stamina Potion and 1 point to any skill (player will receive a special papyrus in which to enter the name of skill) Players who are currently at a higher level than one of the thresholds will have to get any level advance and the system will compensate for the level. 4. Tom has expanded his offer with more monster items, and referring to forum suggestions, Rashid is buying some of the items at a new price: Double Axe will be purchased for 420 gp Dwarven Shield will be purchased for 200 gp Orcish Axe will be purchased for 400 gp Plate Legs will be purchased for 250 gp Scale Armor will be purchased for 200 gp To the team has joined the mysterious Gamemaster. When there is no me, Mistrz Zen or Criss, he will randomly check whether the players is Cavebotting and appropriately reward the trip to prison. 6. In characters view on the page we added information about the house and membership of the guild. In the near future there will also be a separate bookmark dedicated to houses in both cities. Fixed bug with rewards in Lotto, fixed some monster stats, removed or changed restrictions on certain weapons and armors, error with password change, and several other minor bugs. In the near future we will focus on extending the tasks with the ability to fight the bosses and the remaining points described in the guide, as well as a new area and quest for access to Ice Spiders and the rest of Glacius. As always we encourage you to play, thanks to your activity and presence here we are constantly in the top 20 Polish Open Tibia servers (based on the list from https://poland.otservlist.org) See you in the game, hear you in the chat! http://rookgaard.pl
  9. In today's update we have added a few things, but one of the most important things is the tasks, so in this post I would like to explain to you what are tasks, who is getting them, how to do them, what are the rewards, and everything else is associated with them. Tasks is managed by NPV Volvig, who is located on Glacius. After the greeting, we choose the only possible "tasks" option. The NPC currently offers two types of tasks: kill a certain number of monsters bring a certain number of items By selecting the "kill" option the NPC will ask us about the difficulty of the monsters to kill. Currently there are 4 levels of difficulty: "easy", "medium", "hard" and "titan". Depending on the level you choose, you may receive a number of reputation points, followed by 1, 2, 3, and 4 points for a given category. You can have up to 3 active jobs from any category. To quit a quest before it finishes, go to the NPC and ask for the "reject" option. Then the active number of tasks will decrease and you can start another one. Warning! The rejected job is reset, which means that progress on its re-start will be counted from 0. You can find out about your character's tasks using the !tasks command (also /task, /tasks, and !task). You can check your rank and points (!tasks rank) and the list of active tasks (!tasks check). Each task involves defeating another number of monsters or delivering items. Only kills are counted to the required number for the given task, above no. To complete the quest, go to the NPC, say "done", and then follow the instructions. The reward for doing a task related to killing a certain number of monsters is 10% of the value of the experience that a player won during his execution. For example, if a quest involves to kill 150 Dwarfs and a player gains 450 experience points for one (45 exp base *10 for exp rate), then the player gains a total of 67,500 experience points. By returning a quest, the player receives from the NPC 10% of this value - 6,750 experience points. The reward for doing a task of delivering a certain number of items is 120% gp of items sold at Tom's NPC, and from 1% to 4% of the experience points required for the next level. For example, if the task involved delivering 100 Wolf Paws, which the NPC Tom collects by 70 gp per one, their total value is 7,000 gp. The example player level is 30, which means he needs 40,700 experience points to the next level. The Wolf Paws task is one of the easiest, category so you will receive 8,400 gp (7,000 * 120%) and 407 experience points (40,700 * 1%). Different tasks belong to different categories, so the experience bonus varies between 1% and 4% of the experience needed for the next level. What will change in the near future: [*]each task can be run multiple times, after 24 hours since its completion [*]the ability to fight one of the many bosses in the arena after reaching specific rank, with each boss will be able to face once every 3 days [*]on the website you will see a character ranking with a number of points for tasks [*]in Quest Log you will see the number of completed tasks [*]on the character page you will see the number of completed tasks with the date of the first completition and the sum of how many times the task was completed See you in game, hear you on chat. http://rookgaard.pl
  10. Welcome to a little bit smaller news. Little, because a lot of things are in progress, but all are slowly coming to an end. In spite of this, a few things are already on the server: 1. Points were changed for some bosses. The Dragon gained 100 points more, and the Zahgigoth 50. Also the loot of non-standard bosses (Zahgigoth, Ezio Auditore) was slightly increased to encourage hunting. In addition, there are two unique new and three normal Tibia bosses in preparation. 2. Online and highscore listings show the experience gained and level with respect to values during Server Save. The change is highlighted in the yellow line in case of increase and red in case of player death and loss of experience. 3. All bookmarks on the player statistics page have been optimized, so maybe with the current traffic on the page, the difference will be imperceptible, but this change will definitely pay off in the future. In addition, next large part of the site has been translated into English. In the near future news will also be available in English and the entire site will be fully available in two of the three languages (Brazilian version will be also available). 4. Minor bug fixes and "immunity" error have been corrected when monster enters different types of fields. Another update should include a longer quest and addons for Nobleman, Wizard, and Oriental outfits. See you in the game, new quests are on the horizon! I would like to invite you to play the game and I encourage you to advertise the server, we would also be happy to discuss all your comments and suggestions here, on the forum or by email / FB. http://rookgaard.pl
  11. Hello after a long break. The server has come so many new things over the last few months, compared to its basic version, that I had to rewrite a few things to improve the quality of the game. All changes were thrown on the fly, and now it's time to make a summary: 1. Guides have been added, at this point they are available 5 (How to start the game, Lotto Draw, PACC, Offline News, Mines), and every tutorial is available in Polish and English. The full list of all is in the top bar of the page. I would like to invite you to read, the new tutorial will be added on average every 2 days. 2. Quest Log has been fixed for all current server quests, including: Annihilator, various outfit Quests, Postman. 3. The shop has been expanded with new options (including PACC for 30 days) and the next ones are in preparation. 4. The option of playing with an unactivated account is added. Just register an account for your email address and for 3 days you can without any limits create a character and play on the server. After this time, if the player does not activate the account by clicking on the link in the email, the account is blocked until activated. This will help newcomers test the server and convince you, without having to check your mailbox. 5. A live stream has been added for main square of Rookgaard, located under the Community tab on the website or directly at this link. Access requires login on the site. 6. Offer of Obi, Sam, Rashid and Tom NPC have been expanded to include items requested by players. 7. Fixed a lot of minor bugs such as ignoring the blessings for characters without PACC, moving items by butterflies, formatting messages at NPCs on ships after Postman Quest, Rachel's spell casting, offline messages, use of beds with combat status, in-house commands, griffinclaw restoration, account recovery from the website, some monster spawn changes, and many other minor fixes. 8. I have created a better translation panel, so soon the whole site will be fully translated into English, and where possible, also in Portuguese to fully open to players from other countries. In the near future I will focus on developing a PVP system, adding a cast system, fixing monsters, and a number of longer quests (such as Norseman and Hunter outfits, which will have additional prizes in addition to the addons). Further news on the site should also appear in English. I would like to invite you to play the game and I encourage you to advertise the server, we would also be happy to hear all your comments and suggestions here, on the website forum or by email / FB. http://rookgaard.pl
  12. From now, you can become a Postman! Yes! Quest with 12 unique missions was added today to the server. You will have to proove your skills in delivery fragile packages, repair things and even warm up some mailboxes. Don't lose any minute more, join today and enjoy new adventures. http://rookgaard.pl
  13. Today we have added few more Addon Quests and every outfit and its requirements are adapted to the conditions of the Rookgaard. For now, you have an option to get benefits from: Citizen Outfit Hunter Outfit Mage Outfit Knight Outfit Nobleman Outfit Summoner Outfit Druid Outfit More quests are coming, so don't miss your chance, join today and be the first who will wear them! http://rookgaard.pl
  14. Today we will start second edition of Hegera while all old character was moved to Fixera. First post has been updated with new information, so don't hesitate more - see you layter
  15. Yesterday we have added new area. Desert is located to the east from Elf village. Come and discover what you will meet deep underground of the pyramids - http://rookgaard.pl

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