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  1. Is there only a Tibia flash client now or what happened to that?
  2. Hey, SimOne; I'm looking for programmers that are trustworthy and competent. Please check out my staff request post and tell me if you're interested.

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you could give me a hand with OT item editor 0.2.2 I can load the files, but I can't see their stats or anything, and all I can export is the item names, which I can assume you would agree is kinda useless to me... hehe. Any help you could provide would be awesome. Thanks.

  4. If the items show up correctly in the otitemeditor, do they show up normally inside the game aswell? Otherwise its pretty easy to conclude the issue is within the mapeditor.
  5. I would be great if you could check the current otb for 8.7


  6. If you get on tonight, get on IRC. :)

  7. It calculates the fourier transformation of each color (R, G, B ), then calculate a signature based on euclidean distance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euclidean_distance then it compares that image signature with all the other sprites.

    It's not 100%, but it works (sometimes).

  8. i compile the otserv under Ubuntu, and tryed to find the folder data,but i can't find it, i tryed to do this:[cd /path/to/otserv;

    svn co http://opentibia.svn.sf.net/svnroot/...ia/data/trunk/ data;], but i writed cd /path/to/otserv in terminal , but says bash: cd: /path/to/otserv: No such file or directory, can you help me?

  9. I mean, how do you manage to use Fourier transform to recognize what?

  10. Hey Sim0ne,

    how Fourier recognition exactly works on OTItemEditor?

  11. Im running NaxedOT for client 8.55, therefore I'm using you previous version of the Item Editor 0.3.8 for 8.55.


    After editing the my items.otb I cant run my server, I just get this error msg:

    [Error - Items::loadFromOtb] Another (client) version of items.otb is required.


    And my items.xml file that i get from the export looks like this (all the way through):


    instead of how it looked before i edited it:


    I just added one item btw, and I've tried on Win7 64 and WinXP 32, same on both.



    I Really need help, without an itemeditor i cant progress in my developing

  12. Lets b friendz!!1

  13. In the config.lua change the ip to dynamic.no-ip.org instead of the numeric ip.

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