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  1. Re-opened today! Level 50s with reduced speed Knight and Paladins now balanced Reworked soul Added Fibula and Dwarf Bridge Area to the map rotation Added more rewards for kill streaks (skulls) and rewards for 'shut downs' (killing a player with a killstreak/skull) Added PvP Arenas Added Event; Players level 52+ or with Green, White, Red Skull will have items in their body when they die (You will not lose anything when you die) ... A few lootable items are; BOH!, SSAs with random charges (max 6), fire mushrooms (brown mush = 4 clicks, fire = 2), Soul orbs (poisons you and gives 4 soul in 3 minutes), a lighter shovel, and equipment. Check out the server information for more details!
  2. Old School War War and only war! Map changes every 30 minutes. Real tibia map with custom areas.*1 see below Custom anti-bot client, smooth running while using items Very small decrease in attack spells. (1.6 seconds) Extra cap for leveling up Soul points for kills, use them for powerful spells*2 see below Items for kills No donor items 1 * The maps currently include; Thais, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Edron, Darashia, Fibula, Dwarf Bridge Area, and Rookguard. There are plans to add at least 1 custom map. 2 * 2 soul point for each frag. 5 soul points for ultimate explosion, 2 for energy wave, 2 soul point for poison storm, and 1 soul point for paralyze. IP = oldschoolwar.zapto.org Port = 7171 Client = 7.4-7.72/Custom Hosted = PA, USA Exp rate = Staged/Custom Runes/Ammo = Infinite Loot rate = 1x Server Type = War Skills/Magic = 0 Tips & Tricks Try out our target practice dummies to practice your aim ! and make sure to check out this website! Tips & Tricks

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