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  1. Bump ! - Fixed all the bugs !( Teams started to do bosses ! )
  2. Lastly after a year of working CarcooIzx OT is ready to be out now! CarcooIzx OT took a long time to be customized 90% and to balance vocations while it is high experience tibia server, we have friendly staff to do daily events and we also have 5 different types of events lets talk about it. Events : 1. Firestorm event: You must be lucky to survive in this event, the storm kills randomly players in the event and the last one stays without death will be the winner. 2. Trivia event: it is very easy questions about individual things and any player can answer it, this event depends on how fast are you. 3. The last man standing event: this event is free for all deathmatch event you must be the last one stays after the rest players death. 4. Zombie arena: in this event, we can say it like a zombies raid and all the players are versus the zombies and they must kill all the zombies in order to win the event and who stays alive will take the reward. 5. Tower of defense event: this event is hard to be explained 100% correct so there will be a video explaining it later. Note ( event reward is 300 premium points ) Some Systems : 1. Looting system: to make it easier to loot rare items now you can loot them by auto looting system but unfortunately, auto looting is exclusive so we have added loot channel to be able to know what you have just looted and a broadcast on killing monster contains a rare item. 2. Crafting system: after a poll, we found that 57% of players like crafting instead of quests so we made 2 ways to get items you must do tasks to get some ultimate rare items and there are quests to do too. 3. Tasks System: our task system got ranks to know more about it create your character now! Rates: Skills rate: 500x Magic rate: 100x Exp Stages : 1-50k = 1,200,0000x 50k-100k = 1,100,000x 100k-125k = 1,000,000x 125k - 150k = 800,000x 150k - 175k = 600,000x 175k - 200k = 450,000x 200k - 225k = 300,000x 225k - 250k = 150,000x 250k - 275k = 75,000x 275k - 300k =37,500x 300k - 325k = 18,750x 325k - 350k =10,000x 350k - XXX = 5000x Map: Crafting : Skills Window : Depot : Offline Trainers : Temple and Reward Chest : Hunting Area : Quests : Connection Information: IP : carcooizx.zapto.org Port : 7171 Client : 10.95 / Custom Client Website : http://carcooizx.zapto.org/ Server Type : PVP Map Type : Customized 95% Release Date : Jul 27 2018 17:00:00 CST Patches Every Month There are too much more things to do in CarcooIzx OT, to celebrate our first hours in CarcooIzx OT the first 10 players will join will be awarded! See You There ! CarcooIzx OT Started !

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